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Private Branding

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Our Private Label Services Include:

Product Development

Product Development

With over 10 years of experience in sourcing, we help you locate the correct product. Our expert team sources the manufacturers.

Work on the product mockup to establish your private label. And also offer the best deal. 

Confirming Samples

We check through the samples and send you updates from time to time. Only high-quality products get affirmation from us and then proceed to manufacture.

Give your business a jumpup with the best quality products.

Confirming Samples
Following Up Production

Following Up Production

Our QC staff inspects every single detail from start to finish. Also, ensure the product packaging meets all your requirements. We make sure that your products meet ISO standards.        

Quality Inspection

Our specialists check the products and packaging. Removes all low-quality products and puts the best products at NO extra cost. So, you won’t have any problems.

Product Quality Control
Dropshipping & Fulfillment

Fulfillment and Shipping

We are a one-stop shop for your logistical solutions. You take advantage of several convenient shipping options.

Get your own private label goods through Express, Sea, or Air at a competitive shipping rate.

why choose us?

Earning More Profits

While choosing products for you, we focus on a higher profit margin. You achieve up to 40% profit margin with our services. Your private label investment never sees a downfall. 

Saving More Time

We offer the best price for product inspection, labeling, and bundling. You take all these services or pick them up according to your convenience. It surely saves you time.  

Small Business Friendly

Regardless of your business size, we don’t discriminate or limit our service. A small business gets the same priority as a large business. So, feel free to take our supply chain management even if you have a small business. 

One-on-1 Support

Besides sourcing, labeling, packaging, and shipping, we offer reasonable rates. You get all possible services for private branding in our company. We do customization according to your taste. 

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How to Implement Private Label Branding in Your Business?

Have you ever dreamed of launching your own private branding Product? 


You step into the business to make your own brand with minimal capital. Private branding has opened the door for you. 

Ease your private-label branding like a breeze!!

Leelinesourcing experts walk through the process of creating a private-label product line. Help you find the best business solutions to grow your business.

Here we have discussed the key to private label branding for your better understanding. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Private Label Branding

What is private branding?

Private branding is a new drill for business owners. Here, the third party produces the product. And the brand takes the product and gives them the brand’s name while selling. 

Most retailers tell their criteria of private label products to the white label product manufacturers. And they create the product according to the need. 

Through private branding, stores create more opportunities for diversity. This way, they balance out the price and make the most profit. 

Advantages and disadvantages of private branding

People are getting into private-label products to expand their store brands. Besides, the profit margin is also high in this sector. But these are not the only reasons. Let’s check out the advantages of private branding.

  • Selling Private label products increase brand loyalty and goodwill. 
  • Helps extend private label line and increase profits of own brands.
  • Marketing management is more effective with private brand name products.
  • Private label brand allows retailers to offer a variety of products. The products are sold exclusively under the brand name.
  • Although the profit margins are high, the cost will still be reasonable.

In private-label offerings, making the right choice at the right time is important. Not all product stays in demand for long or sustains in the market.

  • Retailers can’t return unsold pieces to the manufacturer. As they have already labeled them with their brand’s name. 
  • Some manufacturers only take bulk orders. In that case, there can be a significant loss. 

How does a private brand work?

How does a private brand work

Private branding makes drastic changes in your offline and online business. When retailers order from the manufacturer, it cuts down on costs.

Private brand source their own products from a third-party white-label manufacturer. After that, the retailer’s brand repackages them with its own logo and brand name. Several businesses sell the same white-label goods under their own brand names.

According to the third-party rule, retailers must order in bulk or make a minimum purchase. Here, sourcing the right products from the right manufacturer plays a vital role.

Before getting into the business, retailers should study trending product lines. You can make a big difference with a small change. 

That’s why product customization is important to make a name in the market. Sort the product and sell it at competitive pricing to sustain in this industry.

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How to implement private-label branding in a business?

You need proper strategic planning to establish your brand. Here, we are going to shed light on this topic.

  • Select the appropriate product

Selecting the right product might sound easy, but it is not. People can lose interest in any hyped product within no time. So, going with the flow might not help you in this case. 

The market is full of competitors who sell the same product under different names. To make the product unique, retailers should also focus on details. You check multiple platforms to study the market and get a better overview.  

  • Understand your target market and audience

Every product has a certain customer base. It can be large or small. Besides, the tendency to buy a product differs from man to man. 

So is there any chance you can have the data on the customers’ buying patterns? 

Fortunately, the answer is, “Yes, you can.” You can get the data from company supervisors and marketing professionals. This will help you know your target audience and give you the best business opportunity.

How to implement private-label branding in a business
  • Keep track of the national brands

The national brand already knows the things about the business that you are yet to unfold. To establish yourself as a successful brand, you must get the essence from a real brand. 

Social media can help you get customers’ attention through boosts and ads. You can follow the behavioral pattern of the users and implement them in your business. 

  • Offer value with price

The behavioral pattern of buyers shows that value gets the most priority in shopping. Besides, the sales have risen too high on the online platform. 

Customers buy goods only from those brands that have greater value. Besides, it is even more difficult to convince a customer of a bad product because of the competitors. 

Another brand will take over if you fail to provide the best product with reasonable pricing. 

  • Focus on product development

The aesthetics of a product are as important as its quality and price. Think ahead of your competitors to mark your place in the market. Investing in product development is a great way to create your identity. 

It is an integral part of private branding. You won’t be able to catch enough attention in the complex market without creating your own identity. Understand what your customers want.

Where to sell your private brand products?

After all the efforts in brand-making, now it’s time to sell. You can sell your products online, in stores, and through a third-party platform. 

Open your online page on social media or website and list your products. One of the most popular third-party platforms is Amazon

You can list your product on Amazon and sell it online. Amazon is available in most countries around the world. 

So, your product gets more exposure to existing customers. And you grow your business globally. 

Private Branding Examples

Private Branding Examples

Private branding has become a huge business in the retail market. New brands are evolving every day and pushing harder to provide greater competition. Let’s hop on a few successful private label brands’ examples.

  • Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s started its journey in 1967 and expanded its business. This store sells private-label products along with other regular grocery products. They sell exclusive brand goods that you can’t find anywhere else. So, these big business products are one of the best examples of private branded goods. All of the goods come with great value.

  • Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Signature is a widely recognized Costco house brand. Costco sells wholesale products at a discount rate below the name brands. Kirkland Signature sources different products from popular manufacturers. Costco sells these items at a cheaper price with private branding.

  • Morphe

Morphe is the most promising private labeling cosmetic store brand. They have evolved as a private label business. They sell similar products to other competitors, which caused controversy. But now they have also started their own name production line of beauty products.

  • Stone & Beam

Stone & Beam is a private-label furniture brand on Amazon. Although most private brands focus on cheaper pricing, this brand works similarly. This popular brand might not offer you the lowest price. However, the price is comparatively low.

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FAQs about Private Branding

What is the minimum cost to start selling on Amazon?

Most people believe they need considerable money to sell on Amazon FBA. But Research shows that 18% of entrepreneurs start their business with less than $1000. The goal is to earn more and invest less. You should learn about the process and gradually invest in your unique brand.  

How to price private label products?

You should consider all your costs to set up the pricing. Sourcing, processing, shipping costs, and so forth. 
After calculating all your costs, determine your profit margin and set the price.

Do I need an LLC or corporation to sell online?

You don’t need any LLC or corporation. Some platforms simply create your business account and start selling. Make your listing with creativity and compile all the necessary information. 

Is private-label product profitable?

Despite countless competitors, people are making a profit with strategic planning and new business ideas. You can make a good amount if you can understand the market.

What’s Next?

Private branding has opened new opportunities for business owners. Those who never imagined having their own brand are now stepping into success. 

When you have a platform that offers you nothing but opportunities, why not use it? You can start small. Research the market and your customers, and create a blueprint for the next step. 

There are so many successful examples we have already described. You can follow in their footsteps or create your own. 

Visit the Leelinesourcing service page to unravel the secrets to success. Our professional service will help you reach your goal with private labels.

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