Private Label Manufacturers in Canada

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Private Label Manufacturers in Canada

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Our Private Label Services Include:

Product Development

Product Development

Increase the value of your product by addressing more PAIN POINTS. Create a customer-focused product with our team. Create a devoted following for your goods.

We negotiate CUSTOMIZATION at a lower cost with the manufacturer on your behalf. Boost sales with customized products at a high-profit margin.

Confirming Samples

Save TIME & ENERGY by seeing detailed video reports of samples on your mobile. Through us report the functionality and quality of the samples compared to competitors.

Making sound price and quality decisions to help your business grow quickly.

Confirming Samples
Following Up Production

Following Up Production

Our on-site professionals inspect the Quality & standards of industrial facilities. Get production follow-ups on your smartphone.

We COMPARE your Items in PRODUCTION with the SAMPLES. Proper production inspection helps you to avoid product damage. 

Quality Inspection

Your customers receive high-quality goods. Every PRODUCT in every batch is inspected for Quality and performance. We ensure customer satisfaction and replace damaged products with working items.

Create a VIBRANT RELATIONSHIP with your customers.

Quality Inspection
Fulfillment and Shipping

Fulfillment and Shipping

Entertain your consumers across boundaries With our GLOBAL WAREHOUSES. We also drop tags and combine many items into a single pack for a better customer experience.

Fast delivery with elegant packaging helps you create solid customer relationships.

Why Choose Us?


You get free sourcing agent service until you find the PERFECT vendor. No hidden fees and all processes are transparent. We have a customer-centric approach because Our top concern is you.

Control and Profit

Quality attracts customers. We help you to find quality PRODUCTS for your customers at better prices. Many quotations and prices. More room for profit but without compromising on Quality!

Easy Customization

Target more pain points in your product with Customization. EASY CUSTOMIZATION from our network of factory owners. Our design team helps you to customize by addressing more pain points. Strong product development results in a loyal audience

Easy to Expand

AUTOMATE your business from production to delivery to your customer. Manage all things on the smartphone. It saves time and energy for marketing and expansion. EXPAND FASTER with automation!

Hear it from fellow Private Label Wholesaler

It was difficult for me to get started as a newbie. It was challenging to find a suitable supplier for my brand. Leelinesourcing’s private sourcing agent assisted me in selecting the finest supplier for me. He assisted me in negotiating a better price. I suggest their services. 

– Jerry, USA

Source Your Private Label Products and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality private label products to help you boost your business.

Top 5 Private Label Manufacturers in Canada

Private Labeling of unique and customized products is the best way to build a BRAND. But sourcing customized private-label products takes a lot of work!

Most people still need to learn about sourcing products. Sourcing with better prices & high quality. If you are one of them, then we have SOMETHING FOR YOU! 

Our sourcing experts have compiled this ULTRA GUIDE for sellers from Canada. Here are the top 5 private label manufacturers in Canada. By the end of this, you should be able to outsource high-quality products at low prices from Canada. 

Please keep reading to Discover our Ultra guide on Manufacturers in Canada. 

Top 5 Private Label Manufacturers in Canada

1. Delon


Delon Laboratories is a cosmetic and pharmaceutical production company. They are offering contract manufacturing services for private-label products. 

Delon manufactures different Personal Care Products. They have a complete line of high-quality skin-care products. 


  • Their quality inspection helps your customers to get only quality products. You won’t have to SPEND EXTRA for a quality inspection! 
  • Easy way to create a brand with them. They have a good product development team ready to focus on unique skincare products. Uniqueness leads to brand development. Increased audience trust and brand authority
  • They have all certifications to produce skincare products. You won’t face any legal problems with the government and users. 


  • They are a single company. So you won’t get many quotations and better-negotiating power. 

2. Victoria 


Victoria Cosmeceuticals provides a wide range of cosmetic products. They have contract manufacturing services for skin care and PERSONAL CARE products. They are working with the largest private-label brands in the country.

They have sound knowledge of the latest trends. You get innovative skincare products due to their exceptional R&D capabilities. You order in different volumes and quantities. So if you plan to order in bulk, then they are your guys. 


  • Very SOUND Product development knowledge. Easy way to build unique products with strong Product development. You can test ideas with them. 
  • They manage huge bulk orders with different volumes. You may get a discount on their bulk orders
  • They have a GOOD QUALITY product with all certifications or licenses for manufacturing. You will get quality skin-care products at good prices


  • SMALL orders may need better price tags. The deep Product development process could cost you a lot with small volumes.

3. MFG 


MFG is another US-based B2B platform that connects MANUFACTURERS AND BUSINESSES. They also have a good number of manufacturers from Canada. 

Sourcing from the US is much more cost-effective than other countries. Easy shipping to Canada. 

MFG has community features, including an activity feed and forums. Best way to network with other fellow brands in North America. 

It is an easy-to-use platform. Reliable manufacturers for the health and skincare niche. You can request a custom formulation for your cosmetic products. 


  • You compare COMPANIES AND PRODUCTS with comparable features. Decide with their track records and reviews. The easy and logical way to make decisions. 
  • Get the CLOSEST MANUFACTURERS with the search by-location feature. Like you find manufacturers from Toronto and British Columbia too. Visit them and inspect their products and standards
  • Best networking platform to get along with fellow brands. Community features boost your networking in North America.


  • Because there are so many suppliers and manufacturers, product quality varies.

4. Thomasnet 


Thomasnet got the best private label manufacturers in Canada & America. Many SERVICES are RELATED TO B2B, like sourcing and marketing services. 

So if you are only looking for a North America-based manufacturing facility, it is for you. It saves shipping time and money from an overseas manufacturer. 

Every company has a detailed page, like in the health and skincare niche. You check their certifications too. 


  • They have a VARIETY of manufacturers. Variety could give you so many options and backup plans. Easy way to create a brand. 
  • The information page of companies has everything you need to know. CHECK their certifications to their track record. Decide before contacting or visiting them.


  • Suppliers prefer BULK ORDERS. It won’t be easy to go for small orders and budget.
  • Quality or pricing varies on the supplier. You will have to call inspection services for them. Extra expenses on inspection service

5. Maker’s Row

Maker's Row

They have a NETWORK of hundreds of factories around the United States. This is the way to go if you’re starting off on a tight budget. They have a large number of small company entrepreneurs. Maker’s Row supplies items to a variety of businesses.

Maker’s Row contains producers in every industry, including health, skincare, and cosmetic products. But, they are ideal for clothes or clothing shop brands. 

They also provide learning resources for NEW BUSINESS OWNERS about sourcing. So, if you’re new, their instructional resources will come in handy!


  • IDEAL platform for small businesses. You can find suppliers or manufacturers on a small budget for a small order quantity. 
  • Best CUSTOMIZATION and Manufacturer in the garment, apparel, and cosmetics industries. Design is their primary emphasis. They provide the greatest product development in design.
  • Professional services for merchants to improve platform quality. It enables you to get high-quality goods with excellent service.


  • It may not be suitable for bulk orders
  • The QUALITY of the Product depends on the individual sellers. As a result, the pricing and MANUFACTURING STANDARDS may differ.

How do you start a brand in Canada?

Starting your private label brand in Canada is super easy. Here is what you should do to start a brand in Canada. 

1) Evaluation of Product idea

So you definitely have an idea about what are you going to sell? Am I RIGHT? 

Now ASSUME we have a product idea. Like you want to sell personal care products or beauty products.

Now check your product on specific requirements. Like Demand and supply of your product. What are the targeted audiences? How will you stand out from the crowd in the cosmetic products market?

In short, you must work on your skincare products’ product development. See the pain points which you can target with your product. You can have formidable penetration as the main feature of your skincare products.

Check every point without attachment to your own products. 

2) Sourcing

Sourcing is important. You could save so much money with the right suppliers. 

Contact different skincare product suppliers on WHOLESALE platforms. Check their track records and see if anyone is offering Customization

Get quotations with a detailed report on Quality. Manufacturers usually offer Customization with low pricing, so you can opt for them. Ask them for samples.

We assumed skincare or personal care products. They need certifications and licenses for production. Ask for a related certificate from your manufacturer. Consult with experts for product improvement. 

Compare your competitor’s product with the SAMPLE. Calculate your expenses and check whether they will be profitable or not. 

Negotiate to price and see if they offer a discount on BULK orders. After production, Inspect product quality with the help of inspection services

Ship your inventory with a freight forwarder to your warehouse or fulfillment CENTER. 

3) Branding and Marketing

Design ELEGANT packaging and logo. See what entices your targeted audience

Decide what core points you want to target in your marketing. In skincare or personal care products, focus on the user. You can decide to target plant-based cosmetic products. 

So make your brand image around it. Start targeting your audience. And I hope you get a loyal customer audience with quality products

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

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FAQs about Private Label Manufacturers in Canada

How much do private labels cost?

It depends on the SCALE. Yet you can start a decent private label brand with 5000$ to 10,000$. It would include the cost of your production, shipping, branding, and some to market them. 

How do I brand my own product?

UNIQUE product is the foundation of your private label brand. Now, you must own patents or copyrights of your product. Make your brand imagery(logo or packaging). Then Source custom-manufactured products. Market them on social media or online. Deliver your orders, and boom, now you own a brand. 

Do you need permission to private label?

No, You don’t need any permission. But you may need certification in sensitive niches like skincare, health, and beauty. You must register your brand and have copyrights for your product. After that, you can build the largest private-label brand ever! 

What’s Next

Finding contract manufacturing services for private labels takes work, especially in Canada. Custom formulation and strong product development are also necessary. 

Also, you must have some bargaining abilities to get Quality at the best price. Low-quality products with high prices could cost you y our business. In short, it involves so much hassle, and it’s a COMPLEX process. This could drain your energy & time

What If someone handles all this hassle, and you get regular follow-ups and updates on your mobile? You have more time to focus on expansion and marketing. 

Contact us! We help you to outsource high-quality products at the best prices. More profit with the low hassle. 

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