Private Labels Fitness Apparel

We help you find HIGH-QUALITY fitness apparel with Customization. We inspect to filter out damaged items. So your customers get top-notch items for use.

More loyal customers with good profit margins. Build your own fitness brand with us!

Private Labels Fitness Apparel

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Wholesale Best Private Label Fitness Apparel

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Wholesale Nike Fitness Apparel

Men's Jogger Suits

Wholesale Men’s Fitness Apparel

Yoga Leggings

Wholesale Yoga Leggings

Children's Tracksuits

Wholesale Children’s Fitness Apparel

Women's Tracksuits

Wholesale Women’s Fitness Apparel

Plus Size

Wholesale Plus Size Fitness Apparel

Our Private Label Services Include:

Product Development

Product Development

Our team increases your fitness product’s value by addressing more PAIN POINTS. We work on design & functionality. We negotiate CUSTOMIZATION with the manufacturer at a reduced cost on your behalf.

Customized fitness CLOTHING has huge sales with high-profit margins.

Confirming Samples

Our staff provided a full video review using a fitness sample. SAVE TIME & ENERGY. Making smart pricing and quality selections from the customer’s perspective.

Boost your business’s rapid growth.

Confirming Samples
Following Up Production

Following Up Production

Receive production FOLLOW-UPS on your mobile to ensure on-time Delivery. Our factory inspection ensures that you get promised quality fitness goods.

Our on-site specialists check industrial facilities for quality and STANDARDS. Proper production inspection helps you to avoid bad reviews.

Quality Inspection

We inspect every PRODUCT in every batch for quality and function. We ensure that customers can begin their fitness journey as soon as they receive the item.

Make a VIBRANT RELATIONSHIP with your customers.

Quality Inspection
Fulfillment and Shipping

Fulfillment and Shipping

Fast Delivery of your fitness products with our GLOBAL WAREHOUSES. Your customer gets on-time delivery and elegant packaging.

We also drop tags and combine many items into a single pack for a better customer experience. You create solid customer relationships.

Why Choose Us?


Branding stands you out from the crowd. Our design team gets you ELEGANT BRANDING focusing on your customer’s fitness journey. Get returning customers and build a unique brand identity in the fitness domain.

Control and Profit

We help you to find quality PRODUCTS for your customers at better prices. Many quotations and prices. More earning potential, yet without sacrificing quality!

Easy Customization

Customization can boost your business in a short time. Target more pain points with Customization. EASY CUSTOMIZATION from our network of factory owners and design team. Get repeated customers with Strong product development


AUTOMATE your business from production to Delivery to your customer. Save time and energyfor expansion. Manage all things on the smartphone. EXPAND FASTER with automation!

Hear it from fellow Private Label Fitness Apparel Wholesaler

It was a dream to convert my passion into a business. Yet I was not good at business. Leelinesourcing has helped me to build my private label brand. Sourcing is all automated, and I only have to focus on my Community. Highly recommend Leeline sourcing.

– Carrie, USA

Source Your Private Label Fitness Apparel and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality private label fitness apparel to help you boost your business.

Top 5 Private Labels Fitness Apparel Suppliers

Fitness products need durability and quality for repeated use. But Quality does not come with a reasonable price tag

If you plan to start your fitness brand and have the same concerns, then we have SOMETHING FOR YOU! 

Our sourcing experts have compiled this ULTRA GUIDE for private-label clothes sellers. Here are the top 5 private label fitness apparel suppliers. You can outsource high-quality fitness products at low prices after this article. 

KEEP READING to Discover our Ultra guide on fitness apparel manufacturers or suppliers.

Top 5 Private Labels Fitness Apparel Suppliers

1. Tokalon Clothing

Tokalon Clothing

Tokalon offers manufacturing services for private-label clothing. They have their complete clothing line in sportswear and FITNESS clothing. They also manufacture custom products with different fabrics for you. Easy to offer a variety of fabrics to your audience.

If you are looking for strong design, then they got a team of designers for CUSTOM clothing styles. You get benefits from their strong nerves over product development. In fact, they have experience working with big brands around the world. So, you are satisfied with their service!


  • Easy Customization. They have a strong product development team. You DEVELOP your own product with their team focusing on your audience.
  • Quality inspection is great. They have fewer ISSUES with quality and functionality due to their inspection. Quality boosts customer satisfaction.


  • Lack of variety. They specialize in only a few fitness clothing. It’s challenging to expand beyond these PRODUCTS.

2. Fitness Clothing

Fitness Clothing

Fitness clothing is USA based company with many offices in Australia. They offer products from gyms or sports clothing, fitness clothes, and gear

You have access to their FITNESS clothes, proactive fitness costumes, and gear collections. You also request custom items that are handcrafted with cutting-edge techniques.

They have large production facilities, so you won’t face issues with your bulk order. Bulk orders come with good pricing.


  • They have a VARIETY of sportswear and fitness clothing. The best option for variety in the same niche. Easy for expansion and testing new products. 
  • Easy to order in BULK. You get better prices with bulk orders. 


  • They need a strong product development team for design. Yet, you can request CUSTOMIZATION without any issues. Remember, You have to do your own product development. 

3. Alibaba


Alibaba is the choice of many private-label brands. This is a WHOLESALE platform with suppliers of different accessories. They offer manufacturing services in fashion garments, sports, hoodies, shirts, and many more. You would get a lot of variety in product selection. 

So it is easy to get CUSTOM products in sportswear and clothing. 

Alibaba assures transactions, so better safety for you. The integrity certification is excellent, and the accompanying services are comprehensive. They are the best solution for a major corporation in bulk production.

Suggested reading: Alibaba Private Label


  • Easy to get CUSTOM items while manufacturing. Customization in styles helps with branding. More trust with your consumers. 
  • SAFETY with Return & Refund infrastructure. In case of any issue with a vendor, you are secure with their return and refund policies. 
  • Better QUALITY control with good inspection features. Quality converts your one-time customer into a loyal customer. 


  • Most manufacturers prefer bulk production. So not easy to get custom items on SMALL ORDERS.

4. DHgate


DHgate is a competitor of Alibaba. You can get all collections of private-label fitness clothing from here. They also have a variety of suppliers in t-shirts and compression wear for women. You have a variety of suppliers as a BACKUP. Variety is a perk!

You contact hundreds of retailers for custom styles. You also launch a white-label collection with the trendiest style elements. 

They have different payment methods and a secure environment for buyers. They have large companies as bulk buyers. 

Suggested reading: Is DHgate Safe?


  • The multi-languages feature helps you to understand the product in your own language. Better understanding and COMMUNICATION. 
  • Convenient logistic support for FAST SHIPPING. Their logistic infrastructure is better and more efficient. Save time on shipping! 
  • Variety of sportswear or sports garments. Also, you opt for white-label products due to their variety. Best backup options!


  • Product quality may vary. It depends on the INDIVIDUAL SUPPLIER. So you have to contact quality inspection services. 

5. Global Sources

Global Sources

Global Sources is a well-known B2B sourcing and manufacturing platform. They have helped dozens of sports BUSINESSES all over the world. They got low minimum order quantities for small businesses. But you can also go with a bulk order. 

They have verified the supplier feature. Sellers with a Verified symbol Ensure greater safety for your business. 

You are their only priority because of their customer-centric approach. They have a multichannel B2B transaction infrastructure. So you don’t need to worry about payment methods and security!

Suggested reading: Buy From Global Sources


  • Margin and freight cost calculators for better expense calculation before Delivery. Gives you a general idea about your shipping cost before DELIVERY. So you estimate all your expenses and do better planning. 
  • Multichannel B2B transaction infrastructure ensures a SMOOTH TRANSACTION and payment experience. Less hassle and more security during transactions! 
  • The customer-centric approach gives you priority over sellers. Yet, their policies are going in your favor in any issue with the supplier.


  • Not have better WHOLESALE PRICES. Prices also depend on order quantity. Small order quantities do not have any edge in profit. Keep it in mind. 

How do you start a fitness apparel brand?

The FITNESS INDUSTRY is booming. If you want to introduce your private label clothing collections, it is much simpler and easy now! 

Here are the steps/points to BULID your own brand. 

  1. Uniqueness 

What makes you unique or different from others? It’s crucial because private labeling needs uniqueness. You work on DESIGN DETAILS and style for uniqueness if you have designers. 

Also, the quality of the fabrics you use is important. Check every point where you provide value and uniqueness in your products. Pay attention to product development. 

  1. Sourcing

Sourcing accounts for half of your profit after product Idea contact sportswear manufacturers. Ask for wholesale prices and quality. FITNESS CLOTHING is a huge industry. So you go on wholesale platforms or with private agents. Get samples and test quality. Share your design details and start your production with them. 

  1. Branding

Branding attracts customers. It would be best if you went with appropriate branding. Study your AUDIENCE and see what you want them to feel while wearing your products. Communicate with your branding & logo. Create packaging around that too.

  1. Marketing

Now focus on the targeted audience with your paid or organic marketing. Run ads or PROMOTIONAL campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. They have a huge fitness-related audience. You can also offer discount codes for better kickstart. Mold your strategy from time to time with results.

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

FAQs about Private Labels Fitness Apparel

How much does it cost to start a gym clothing brand?

You need a budget of 5,000$ to 10,000$ for a gym clothing brand. You can minimize your marketing expenses if you have a fitness community or audience. Yet you need a budget for sourcing, branding, fulfillment, and marketing. 5,000 $ to 10,000 $ is a decent budget.

How do I get clients for my fitness business?

Target more PAIN POINTS and bring more uniqueness to your product. DESIGN, FABRIC, and KEY QUALITIES make your product unique. Once you have a unique product, it is easy to get clients.

What should you not do when branding?

Make sure to match YOUR TONE in branding. In branding, you communicate with the user. People interact with your brand’s image first, then your product. So use a balanced tone in your branding. Check your targeted audience and build your brand’s image around them. 

Can you start a brand by yourself?

Yes, All you need is UNIQUE PRODUCTS and an audience to sell to. The best way to build your brand is to build a Community. Work on your audience in a passion-related niche and check what they need. Introduce your brands with those products and scale them with marketing. In the end, you will be proud of your brand. 

What’s Next

Starting a private-label clothing brand in fitness TAKES WORK. Especially if you are converting your passion into a business. Custom items with quality can ease your journey. 

Sourcing quality items is a COMPLEX process that drains your energy & time. What If someone handles all your sourcing and hassle work? 

Contact us! We help you to outsource high-quality fitness products at the best prices. More profit with the low hassle. 

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