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Leelinesourcing is a great resource for locating TOP quality private-label products. Rely on us to care for ANY of your sourcing requirements.

All the way from product conception and production management through distribution. Streamline your operations and take it easy in the economic world.

Private Lable Package

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Wholesale Best Private Label Package

Chipboard Boxes

Wholesale Chipboard Boxes

Foil Sealed Bags

Wholesale Foil Sealed Bags

Paperboard Boxes

Wholesale Paperboard Boxes

Plastic Boxes

Wholesale Plastic Boxes

Poly Bags

Wholesale Poly Bags

Rigid Boxes

Wholesale Rigid Boxes

Our Private Label Services Include:

Product Development

Product Development

Leelinesourcing makes all your product source wishes come true. We help you make your ideas a reality. Your business efficiency and originality may reach NEW HEIGHTS.

You source products from private label manufacturers. And sell under your own brand with our private-label options.

Confirming Samples

We deliver a sample DIRECTLY from the manufacturer. Check Every single item to ensure it meets our exacting standards. Maximum bang for your money is what you get.

Confirming Samples
Following Up Production

Following Up Production

Our experts perform stringent quality inspections at each stage of production. Professionals track the process and carefully check all the products we deliver.

You have the highest quality products. 

Quality Inspection

The quality control systems that we have in place are quite rigorous. Experts check sizing, color, form, and quality before sending an order.

Check manufacturing procedures thoroughly and on a regular basis. Absolute guarantee of superb quality.

Quality Inspection
Fulfillment and Shipping

Fulfillment and Shipping

Maintained inventory and on-time shipment of client orders. We take care of both stocking and shipping to save you the hassle. You put your brand on any packaging, whether custom-made or off the shelf.

In all, you choose from 18 different methods of shipment.

Why Choose Us?

Shipping Security

Our delivery process is not only safe but also quick. Send all our shipments through reliable carriers. We guarantee all your packages reach their destinations safely.

Private Label Services

We are the one-stop agent that includes all private-label solutions for you. From sourcing to dropshipping, we do it all. Our qualified private label experts assist you in saving money. Sell private-label products and Boost your sale with our services.

Attractive Product Photography

Our graphic design and product photography make you stand out. You attract more clients and improve your business image.

Hassel-Free Services

Every day we upgrade our services to provide you with the finest results. As China’s number one sourcing firm and provide the most effective services in every way. Have designed a simple system that allows you to do your tasks quickly.

Hear it from fellow Private Label Wholesaler

I partnered with Leelinesourcing at the beginning of my private label journey. This company has helped me achieve a significant profit margin. Also, take my business to the next level. They are multi-taskers and have solved all my problems with private labels.

– Priscilla, New York

Source Your Private Label Package and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality private label package to help you boost your business.

Top 7 Private Lable Package Suppliers

Want to make extra money with your EXISTING company? You must consider selling private-label products.

We live in a world where consumers are SPOILED. They get what they want and don’t settle for second best. You need products and services that stand out to survive in this market.

Our sourcing experts have compiled some of the most reputable private-label package suppliers. They help you to launch your own private label brands.

Read a brief description of their offerings HERE…

Top 7 Private Lable Package Suppliers


ActionPak inc is an award-winning packaging manufacturer that delivers customized products for clients. These packages are SQF and PCO organic certified. 

You will get all sorts of packaging here. Manufacture bottles, jars, bags, pouches, flow wrapping, shrink wrapping, military, and export packing.

The company specializes in low-budget packaging and delivers great quality. They have a good grip on labeling and marketing as well. 


  • They manufacture high-quality packaging. It creates a great brand image for you. 
  • The packaging comes at a reasonable price. Saving you money. 
  • Here, the production is fast. You don’t have to wait long to get your products.  


  • You have to request a quote to know the price.

2. Blue Label Packaging

Blue Label Packaging

Blue label packaging has been manufacturing packages for years. They hear your need and understand your business before starting production. 

Their priority is customer satisfaction. The company uses the most advanced technology to print the packaging. Besides, it takes only 3 to 5 days to deliver your project. You save time as well. 


  • They use advanced and modern technology in manufacturing. You get contemporary packaging for your products here. 
  • They have years of experience. It helps you determine the best solution for your private-label packaging. 
  • The company takes less time to deliver your order. You get your order within a short time. 


  • They have yet not disclose the price of their services.

3. Jonco Industries

Jonco Industries

Jonco Industries is a US company that offers private-label packaging services. They specialize in food-grade packaging and liquid/powder filling. 

A skilled workforce does everything, from making the packaging to labeling. Food-grade packaging keeps the food safe and doesn’t harm its taste. The quality control team is very strict and has a keen eye. 

They ensure package quality and deliver on time. You request a quote from their website and get detailed information. 


  • They have a quick turnaround time. You don’t have to worry about product delivery. 
  • They offer reasonable prices for private-label packaging. Help you cut your packaging costs.
  • The quality control team checks every packaging. Thus, you get the finest packaging.


  • They respond slowly and have management issues.

4. Alibaba


Alibaba has a huge collection of different types of packaging options. You won’t find any restrictions or inefficient designs here. It is the world’s top e-commerce platform.

From food packaging to cosmetics packaging, you find it all. They easily meet the growing market demand.

Here, different suppliers offer different packaging criteria. You order from a verified supplier. Get authentic brand elements for your online store. 

Suggested reading: Alibaba private label


  • Product versatility is huge. You get good options to select your desired product. 
  • You can get so many authentic suppliers under one roof. It helps you enlarge your network as well. 
  • You can order from wholesale suppliers. You get attractive deals and increase your profit margins. 
  • Find your desired store brand products with a few clicks. Don’t have to waste time searching.


  • For good deals, you have to order in bulk. 

5. Accuratebox


Accurate box, a private label business, has been in this industry for over 78 years. This company is in New Jersey and serves all over the US.

They manufacture top-notch mailers and corrugated boxes. Their packaging is litho-laminated, which makes them sturdier. 

Here the packaging is FSSC22000 certified. Also, meets all the requirements of ISO quality standards. 


  • It is a certified private-label manufacturer. Package your own label products confidently. 
  • The litho-laminated boxes are strong. It keeps your foods safe from getting spoiled. 
  • You get first-class graphic designs because of their seven-color printing technique. Your private-label brand stands out with the color. Thus increase your total sales and earn more money.


  • This established brand provides service only in the US. US national brands use them.

6. LBU Inc.

LBU Inc.

LBU inc. offers custom projects to meet your private label packaging needs. You find organic and synthetic materials to imprint your logo and design here. 

They use different imprinting methods to make your brand stand out. This company specializes in creating customized packaging. 

They manufacture bags, cosmetic packaging, and many other staffs. Here, you find a skilled team who assist you in making your brand logo and designing packaging. 


  • The company offers attractive designs. They assist you in building your brand. 
  • They use advanced printing methods. You bit the competition with this unique packaging.
  • Private brands find a range of raw materials. Makes your packaging unique. 


  • They don’t offer food-grade packaging. 

7. India Mart

India Mart

Top Indian brand that manufactures and supplies packaging for private labels worldwide. They offer a range of services to meet your brand’s packaging needs for any niche market. 

Here, you find packaging rolls, plastic packages, and everything required for packaging. You order in bulk for big production and scale your eCommerce business.  


  • The recycled packaging is environmentally friendly. Helps you to increase your brand value.
  • They take orders in bulk at a reasonable price. Increase your profit margin. 
  • You find everything that requires for packaging under one roof. You don’t need to search here and there for different Services.


  • You can’t order a small quantity here.

How do you find private-label package suppliers?

Some of the variables to consider to find an ideal private-label package supplier:

1. Know your target audience.

Find a private-label package supplier that can fulfill your needs. Because a vendor meets your requirements doesn’t automatically make them reliable. Do your target market research. Keep in mind who you’re selling for and what your niche markets want from you. 

2. Suppliers with a good reputation.

Look for a packaging company that has a good reputation. Search the internet for reviews to check if they’re a reliable manufacturer. Contact customers who have purchased private-label products from the supplier.

3. Check the quality of the packaging.

Check the quality to ensure that it meets your specifications. It should be of high quality and sturdy. If the packaging is low quality, the item inside may look cheap and flimsy. Choose a company that offers good packaging, and that is trustworthy.

4. Competitive price.

A competitive price means your product sells easily. Look for a reliable private-label manufacturer that offers the best pricing. Find out whether the supplier offers free samples.

5. Ask for recommendations.

Ask others if they know a good private-label package supplier. They refer you to the best suppliers for your products. You must know your exact vision and the kind of product you want to sell. 

Looking to place an order with a new Chinese supplier?Are you sure they’re reliable?

Secure your supply chain by checking your suppliers’ ethical, environmental, social and manufacturing capacities for compliance through Leeline’s Supplier Audit Programs.

FAQs about Private Label Package

What is private label packaging?

Private Label Packaging is a method by which a company can put its trademark on a product and sell it. It is also known as brand packaging. This allows the company to brand its products differently than its competition. A company with a strong brand identity can use this technique to sell their own product line.

What is the difference between private labels and co-packing?

Contract packaging is often called co-packing. It is the process of putting together the packaging for a product or service. The key distinction between the two is-
• The private label refers to products made by a manufacturer. But rebranded and sold by another retailer. In this business model, the manufacturer produced white-label products. Businesses private-labeled them with their own logo. 
• In co-packing, both the goods and the label belong to you. Here a third-party company helps you to pack your own branded products.

What can I sell as a private label?

Some high-ticket private-label product ideas that have a huge market-
• Clothing
• Beauty products
• Skin Care products
• Bag
• Shoes
• Water Bottles
• Personal care products

What’s Next

The best and fastest way to earn money online is by building your own BRAND. Private labeling may be expensive. But the results are almost always high converting.

Your package suppliers are the most important investment in your private-label product. They only aid you in creating your brand name. So, do yourself a favor, and learn about the best private-label package suppliers.

Do you need private labeling assistance? 

Leelinesourcing has qualified professionals ready to assist you. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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