Q4 Dropshipping: One-stop Guide To Earn Money

Many drop shippers treat the Q4 season as a regular month. Making them miss out on HUGE SALES and PROFITS. 

As a dropshipping expert, it frustrates me to see this mistake all over again. So, I wrote this article as a one-stop guide to HELP you earn the most money during Q4. 

Know how to OVERCOME the most common DIFFICULTIES and WHAT events to anticipate. Stay ahead of the competition with hot-selling products. Win more customers than your competitors! 

Ready to DOUBLE your profits during the Q4 frenzy? Keep reading!

Q4 Dropshipping

What Is Q4 Dropshipping?

It is dropshipping during the fourth quarter of the year. 

Q4 dropshipping season begins on October 1st and ENDS on the last day of December. We also like to call it the “best last 3 months” of each year. 

This is the time when e-commerce businesses get seriously BUSY. TOTAL SALES for dropshipping stores shoot up dramatically. All thanks to the holiday season. 

But, it’s not just about Christmas, though. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are like the kick-off events, too. Leading up to New Year’s Eve. 

So, if you’re into dropshipping, Q4 is the jolliest time for your online biz! You enjoy the ride of increased sales and SERIOUS PROFITS.

Changes In Q4 Dropshipping

Changes In Q4 Dropshipping

As expected, your dropshipping business got a MAJOR BOOST in the fourth quarter. You get more customers and more sales, doubling your profit. But guess what? The Q4 festive season also throws some CURVEBALLS at dropshipping businesses. Here are some of the lowdowns we have experienced firsthand.

1. Shortage of Supplies

People go crazy for trendy products during Q4. But I can’t blame them. Peak season and huge discounts make those must-have items VANISH from our shelves. So, demand often outstrips supply since those trending products SELL-OUT in a flash.

2. Delays in Deliveries

You’ll probably find yourself swimming in order. MORE THAN your usual average order value. And it’s not supposed to be a bad thing, except for your logistics

Most of our SHIPPING COMPANY partners, too, feel the heat during Q4. They’re swamped with packages and struggle to keep up, leading to shipping delays. Custom clearance also TAKES LONGER due to the flood of goods moving around. 

3. Customer Service Chaos

One of the things that you should plan ahead during Q4 is your customer support. Customers want their holiday goodies on time. But with all the shipping snags? You’ll be fielding lots of questions and concerns. It’s like being Santa’s hotline for gift delivery updates.

As someone who’s been in the industry for more than 10 years. Q4 is the time when you’ll experience CHAOS the most. So, better be ready for that.

4. Increased Marketing Costs

Q4 season is definitely a marketing frenzy. Companies are ALL COMPETING to attract customers’ attention. So, they go all-in on advertising. 

We, too, actually bid more for keywords and ad visibility on various platforms. So, make sure your marketing budget is ready to keep up.

What Events Should You Anticipate During Q4 Dropshipping?

Acing your Q4 dropshipping game, of course, needs an effective plan. So, my team and I compiled the big events you should keep an eye out for. You’ll KNOW BETTER what’s coming your way. As well as understand the buying behavior of your customers during this wild season.

More insider secrets of Q4 dropshipping will be revealed in the upcoming sections. Keep reading if you want to supercharge your HOLIDAY SALES! 

1. Halloween


Halloween happens every year on October 31st. Mainly an American holiday celebrated. But other countries like Canada and Ireland have hopped on the spooky train, too. 

People GO ALL OUT to buy all sorts of Halloween-related products during this holiday. Our top-selling items are costumes, candies, and pumpkin decorations. Definitely a goldmine for selling these Halloween goodies.

2. Thanksgiving


Time to give thanks and also enjoy a BIGGER PROFIT. Thanksgiving is a big deal in the U.S. The good news is, it’s not just an American thing anymore. Canada, Grenada, St. Lucia, Liberia, Germany, and Japan have their versions, too! Just on different dates. 

So, if your dropshipping company COVERS any of these places. Make sure you’re ready to join the feast. You sell Thanksgiving clothes, decorations, table runners, and bottle labels. These items sell fast in our dropshipping store.

3. Black Friday

Black Friday

Ever heard about the Black Friday hype? Well, it’s one of the MOST ANTICIPATED holidays for American consumers. Dropshipping suppliers offer discounts right after Thanksgiving. I’m not talking about simple discounts here. They create big discounts you’ll definitely love.

Shoppers go nuts for GREAT DEALS. Making it the perfect time for your dropshipping business. And offer some great bargains.

4. Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

If you think you CAN’T COMPETE with other retailers’ special discounts on Black Friday. Don’t sweat it – Cyber Monday’s got your back. You sell ANY dropshipping niches during this holiday. But I recommend electronics. As it sells like pancakes in one of my retailer Shopify dropshipping stores. 

Fun Fact: The sales of electronics hit a whopping $11.3 billion in the U.S. in 2022. So, if gadgets are your jam, mark this one on your calendar.

5. Christmas 


Christmas is the ultimate Q4 dropshipping JACKPOT. People start hunting for gifts weeks before the big day. So there’s a lot of opportunity to ring in the eCommerce sales!

Most of our American customers have spent an average of $870 on Christmas gifts alone. An indicator that with the right product, you’re more likely to EARN SIGNIFICANT PROFITS!

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What Are The Winning Products To Sell During Q4?


Running a clothing dropshipping store during Q4? You’re in for a treat! 

Clothing items are the absolute GOLDMINE during the Q4 season. And since customers anticipate different significant events. You have the flexibility to TAILOR your product listings. 

You offer quirky Halloween costumes for both kids and adults in October. Keep shoppers cozy and stylish with winter clothing in November. And don’t forget the festive spirit with Christmas-themed pajamas in December.

Do you see the profit opportunities during this jolly time of year? It’s endless!

Baby Products

The baby products niche is a bustling one on Amazon

You’ve got a whopping 50,000+ results to choose from. Making it one of the most profitable niches to sell this Q4.

Here are the lists of TOP-SELLING PRODUCTS I always like to recommend: 

  • Newborn baby wrap blankets
  • Baby carriers
  • Nappy backpacks 
  • Newborn photography props 
  • Mini nebulizers. 

These items are hitting the sweet spot with parents and caregivers. Make them hot picks for your online store. 

Entertainment Items

Entertainment Items

The entertainment products gift category is another treasure trove for drop shippers. Whether you’re into gadgets, games, or good old-fashioned fun. There’s always something for EVERYONE. Making it our third GO-TO recommendation this Q4 season.

The winning products you should be eyeing out in this niche are the following: 

  • Wireless gaming controllers 
  • VR headsets 
  • Unique home theater accessories
  • Outdoor sports Equipment

The key here is to STAY ON TOP of what’s hot and in demand. Guarantee you’ll have a blast entertaining your customers and boosting your sales.

Car Accessories

There are over 100,000 car accessories waiting to be explored on Amazon. A good indicator that the car niche is a profitable investment this Q4.

The demand for car goodies is NEVER ENDING and continuously GROWING. So you won’t have a hard time selling these items during the holiday season.  

Offer some cool car decal stickers for a personal touch. Or a custom bumper sticker to make a statement. The handy cell phone mount for a safer drive is also a profitable addition. And, of course, top-notch auxiliary cables for the ultimate road trip tunes. 

It’s like riding the wave of success in the dropshipping game in 2023. You have a VAST OF OPTIONS ensuring you thousands of profits.

Beauty Products

Beauty Products

Well, who doesn’t want to feel fabulous?

When you dig into the beauty products niche. You’re stepping into a world of ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES.

A quick search on Amazon shows you over 100,000 products. And that’s a CLEAR SIGN that the demand for all things beauty is SERIOUSLY HIGH.

Imagine offering top-notch hair growth essential oils. Game-changing Hyaluronic acid face serum. And premium makeup brushes. These goodies are already making waves, with 2,500 to 12,000 sales on AliExpress alone.

So, if you’re thinking about the best product to offer this Q4? The beauty niche is the treasure chest you want to have in your store.

No.Product Name
1.Ring Lights
2.Knitted Dress
3.iPhone USB Cable and Type C Fast Charger
4.Wireless Security Cameras
5.Cordless Electric Drills
6.Ear Plugs
7.Couple Unisex T-shirts
8.Yoga Mats
9.Baby Monitor
10,Rice Cooker
11,Wall Clock
12,Loose Jeans
13,Gaming Headsets
14.Gaming Chairs
15.Portable Air Compressor
16.Board Games
18.Baby Carrier
19.Vacuum Packing Machine
20.Scalp Massager
21.Exercise Bikes
22.Adjustable Nylon Rope Pet Cat Leash
23.Electric Kettle 
24.Hair Growth Oil 
25.Smart Bassinet
26.Electronic Headphones
27.Cream Foundation
28.Repair Tool Kit 

5 Tips for Q4 Dropshipping

Tips for Q4 Dropshipping

Q4 season is your chance to score BIG PROFITS and growth opportunities. So, to help you kickstart and maximize this year’s potential. Below are the tips and tricks you should know about.

  • Keep up with the trends

Q4 is the golden season of dropshipping. But ONLY if you nail down the top-selling TRENDY products. Trends are inevitable, so always keep up with where the DEMAND lies in the market. Doing so keeps you ahead of the game. Letting YOU earn more money than your competitors. 

  • Utilize email marketing

The 4th quarter of the year is the BEST TIME to buzz the email inbox of customers. Everybody’s a bit excited to SPLURGE on stuff. So, keep those marketing emails LURE going. The more effective your marketing strategy is, the more customers you’ll acquire. 

  • Match upcoming events

One of my go-to money making tactics during Q4 is to match upcoming events. GO BIG on Halloween decorations when November comes near. But be sure to pivot to Thanksgiving and Christmas items right after. 

MANY dropshippers adapt to events too late. BE THE KING of the supply chain. Rack up sales like no other. 

  • Find a Reliable Dropshipping Agent

The only way to MAXIMIZE the potential of Q4 is to have a reliable dropshipping agent. Find an agent that SHIPS ON TIME, AFFORDABLE, and prioritizes quality. This way, you build customer loyalty that lasts FOR YEARS. 

  • Good customer service

Always REMEMBER to provide high-quality customer service. Respond to questions, concerns, and FEEDBACK on time. One good review TAKES YOU UP ONE step in the supply chain. But one bad review drags you back 3 steps. 

High-quality customer service means HIGHER CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Encouraging repeat buyers that make EVERY Q4 season a success for your business!

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FAQs about Q4 Dropshipping 

How much money can you make in Q4 dropshipping?

Well, it all depends on how much effort you’re WILLING TO PUT into your online store. Some successful drop shippers that I know succeeded during Q4. Earning them thousands of dollars. But, as with any business, success varies from one person to another.

How do I ship many products from different suppliers and provide an estimated delivery date at checkout?

You’ll want to use a reliable order fulfillment system. The one that integrates with your suppliers. I’ve been recommending this to all of my clients. The results ALWAYS GUARANTEE a seamless Q4 drop shipping experience. No delayed deliveries. Fewer customer complaints.

How do I advertise my products?

Leverage social media advertising, email marketing sequence, and Google ads. These are the most effective ways to get your products in front of potential customers. Another practice in our company is optimizing our product listing. Giving us BETTER VISIBILITY and reaching a WIDER customer base.

Can I dropship in Q4 with little money?

Of course! It’s possible even with your LIMITED BUDGET. Note though that an advertisement is necessary to attract more customers. So make sure you have allotted enough budget for that. 

How can I use my personal account for eBay dropshipping in Q4?

While using your personal account is possible, I don’t recommend it. It’s always better to set up a separate business account to keep things organized. Then, you leverage automation tools like Auto DS. 

What’s Next

Q4 dropshipping is UNDOUBTEDLY one of the most anticipated events for most dropshippers. And with the right product and strategy in place. You’ll gain a significant advantage of higher profits and stay on top of the supply chain.

Excited to hop on the HIGHLY PROFITABLE Q4 dropshipping season?

Call LeelineSourcing! We have discounted product bundles to kickstart this season. Guarantee you only sell the most profitable and in-demand products.

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