Reach Compliant: Discover Essential Process & Benefits

Sharline Shaw

The European market is FULL of products having CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES. So, is it a GOOD business opportunity in the EU? 


But only if those products are REACH COMPLIANT.

Leeline Sourcing is EXPERT in providing REACH COMPLIANT products for years. Our products comply with REACH requirements. 

So, you sell chemical-related products safely and boom your sales by working with us. 

But what is a REACH COMPLIANT product?

In this article, you learn about a REACH-compliant product. And how it works. You also know the BENEFITS, IMPACTS, and STEPS for REACH COMPLIANCE. 

Ready for this EXCITING information? 

Let’s get started. 

Reach Compliant

What is Reach Compliant?

What is Reach Compliant

REACH stands for (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals). REACH regulations ensure safety in EU member states. 

EU REACH certificate ensures safety through the same substance evaluation. Evaluating and registering substances of chemicals in EU member states. 

Registration is mandatory for most companies. Industrial processes must also comply. 

Products like electrical appliances also require a REACH registration dossier. 

It is also a hazard assessment for the European community. It evaluates individual registrations. 

Let’s say you IMPORT sprays to Europe. Can you just START selling it? 

I’m afraid not. 

You will have to get its REACH report.

And if they fail the test? 


You can’t LEGALLY sell any of them in Europe. 

Until you make changes and do a further evaluation to pass the test. 

REACH applies to a WIDE RANGE of products. REACH products have INDUSTRIAL and CONSUMER usages.

Industrial chemicals and consumer COSMETICS, SPRAYS, and TEXTILES involve REACH. 

REACH aims to protect human health and the ENVIRONMENT. This test REGISTERS and EVALUATES the chemical products. 

How does Reach Compliance Work? 

How does Reach Compliance Work

REACH compliance is a COMPLEX process. The process involves several STEPS. These steps ensure that products containing chemicals are SAFE to use. 

The process starts with the REGISTRATION of CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES used in the product. 

You need to provide PRIMARY INFORMATION. 

The information about the CHEMICAL substance used in your PRODUCTS. 

You also provide those chemical substances’ IDENTITY, USES, and potential HAZARDS.

Then, the information you provided is validated by a test. The test checks if the product has potential risks to human health and the environment.

If the product comes out to be safe, it gets an authorization list. Otherwise, the product goes under restriction. 

Or they may ask for further information. 

The European Commission does not allow the use of a product on RESTRICTION.

But, let me tell you something about MY EXPERIENCE.  

I imported a few painted furniture items to France. I didn’t have REACH certification.

I got them TESTED by a local lab in France. I applied for a PERMIT. 

My products got APPROVED. 

Because they had LESS HAZARDOUS substances. 

So, a less hazardous product also gets authorization. 

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How Reach Compliant Impact on Companies?

How Reach Compliant Impact on Companies

Let’s say an EU chemicals industry LAUNCHED a new product. And it does not comply with REACH. 

What will HAPPEN?

I think that the company is in DEEP TROUBLE.


Just because of the FINANCIAL LOSS? 


The company will also bear a REPUTATION LOSS!

REACH has a SIGNIFICANT impact on companies. These companies include MANUFACTURERS, IMPORTERS, and DISTRIBUTORS of products having chemical substances. 

The REACH regulation imposes the following OBLIGATIONS on companies.

  • Registration of chemical substances.
  • Evaluation of risks. 
  • Obey the restrictions. 
  • Authorizations on the use of those products. 

Ensuring REACH regulation can be a time-consuming and COSTLY process. 

The REACH REGULATION requires all the information and proof. It involves money and hassle. 

Small companies often do not AFFORD such arrangements that are NECESSARY for REACH. 

Obtaining AUTHORIZATIONS is also DIFFICULT for small companies. 

The European authorities expect companies to invest in their RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT. 

Companies should find ALTERNATIVE SUBSTANCES that are SAFE for human health and the environment. Otherwise, they have to obtain authorization from the REGULATORY AUTHORITY. 

Non-compliance with REACH results in PENALTIES and FINES from a European court. A company also gets a LOSS of SALES.

I made the same MISTAKE once. The RESTRICTED products became DEADSTOCK. 

I had no PLACE to STORE them without SELLING them.

Failure to REACH compliance also hurts a company’s IMAGE. 

On the other hand, companies with REACH authorization enjoy LEGAL selling. They freely SELL in the HUGE European Union market. The positive image of REACH-compliant companies also increases their REVENUES.  

Benefits of Reach Compliant 

Benefits of Reach Compliant 

Let’s admit one fact. REACH-compliant products are a BLESSING in DISGUISE. 

What do you think happened when I got REACH COMPLIANCE?

My REVENUES and PROFITS quadrupled!

And my customers TRUSTED my PRODUCTS more than EVER!

You will get many benefits by having REACH-compliant products. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Improved Health and Safety

Health and safety are at the top of a company’s priorities. Your company gets better HUMAN HEALTH and SAFETY for the environment. A company will be beneficial for its EMPLOYEES and CUSTOMERS. 

  • More Sales

REACH compliance is a BASIC REQUIREMENT for a product to enter the EU. If your products are REACH compliant, the sky’s the limit. You will get access to the MASSIVE European Union market. You get a lot of SALES. 

  • Image Elevation

Reach-compliant products improve the image of a company. Be it a MANUFACTURER or a SELLER. A better image wins MORE CUSTOMERS and REVENUES for a seller. 

  • Corporate Responsibility

Every company has a SOCIAL responsibility. To give back to the environment. Using REACH-compliant products will make your customers go SOFT on you. 

  • Avoid Penalties

You avoid LOSSES by having REACH compliance. Non-compliance gives LOSS and HASSLE. Ensuring REACH compliance avoids a penalty. A major portion of your revenue is PROFIT. 

  • Competitive Edge

If you ensure REACH compliance, you get ahead of your COMPETITION. You can take full advantage of SUPERIORITY. Hence, you increase your profit margins. 

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Step Guide to Comply with Reach Compliance

Step Guide to Comply with Reach Compliance

Complying with REACH is a complex and lengthy process. But don’t WORRY yet. 

REACH compliance is no ROCKET SCIENCE! You only need the RIGHT GUIDANCE to achieve it. 

Every company wants to get REACH compliance QUICKLY. It also wants it at the LOWEST COSTS. 

Let me share my HACK for the process I followed. 

Step 1. Identify the Substances Used in Your Products

I had to find what chemicals and other SUBSTANCES were there in my product. These are the most IMPORTANT INGREDIENTS of a PRODUCT. And this is what COMPLIANCE authorities are after. 

Step 2. Match your substances with the SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) List

Now, I started matching my substances with the list shared in SVHC. SVHC is a list of Substances of Very High Concern. 

Step 3. Check for concentration

I discovered that some of my product’s substances were listed in SVHC.  

Now, I had to check for their PERMISSIBLE usage. 

I checked for their CONCENTRATION threshold. 

Step 4. Register Substances with the European Chemicals Agency

Certain SUBSTANCES in my products were above the ACCEPTABLE threshold. 

I applied for the REGISTRATION of those SUBSTANCES with ECHA. ECHA is a European Chemicals Agency. 

ECHA registration asked me to provide some DETAILS about certain substances. The details included the IDENTITY, USES, and HAZARDS of the substances. 

Step 5. Risk ASSESSMENT Report

After ECHA registration, they conducted a RISK ASSESSMENT TEST. This step involves assessing information on your substance. 

Step 6. Necessary Risk Management Measures

The RISK assessment test came out. And it RECOMMENDED using some MEASURES for safety. 

They told me to LABEL the product. The label advised the USERS to use GLOVES while working on the product.  

There may be other safety MEASURES as well. 

Step 7. Authorization for Hazardous Products 

My products had some potentially harmful substances. They asked me to get prior AUTHORISATION before using them. Or I had to use alternative methods for such substances. 

The SAFER alternatives. 

I convinced AUTHORITIES that the potential RISKS linked are MINIMAL. 

Step 8. Obey the Restrictions

Then, I GUARANTEED the authorities that I would not USE the RESTRICTED substances. 

Step 9. Record and Transparency

I got my REACH registration number. The last step for me was to maintain the RECORD of their uses. 

I also had to INFORM every user about the SAFETY MEASURES. 


Provide SAFETY DATA SHEETS with your products.  

FAQs about Reach Compliant

1. Is third-party testing required for Reach Compliance?

You can use third-party testing for compliance on REACH. The European Union accepts third-party test results. Third-party testing is not MANDATORY, though. You just have to produce TEST RESULTS.
Some testing companies are only representative of REACH. The results of those companies are enough for REACH.   

2. What is a Reach Report?

A Reach report is a DOCUMENT that shows the test results of REACH. This report shows that the tested products conform to the EU’s safety REQUIREMENTS. The REACH report contains detailed information on SUBSTANCES used in a product. 
The report also indicates any HAZARDS to human health and the environment

3. Who needs to be Reach Compliance?

Any company that produces or imports chemical substances in the European Union. The substances include finished products that contain chemicals. 
REACH implementation is also required by Non EU countries or a non EU manufacturer. 
Any of the following companies that involve chemicals need REACH. 
· Manufacturers
· Importers 
· Distributors (European chemical agency)
· Retailers and downstream users

What’s Next

REACH certification is quite technical. Every supplier may not know it well. 

So, which suppliers can you TRUST?

Only the EXPERTS!

LeelineSourcing is truly an EXPERT in providing REACH-compliant products. 

You will never have to face rejection in the EU market now!

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