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How To Sell On Tiktok

Social media has dominated all aspects of our individual and professional lives in the past two decades.

Health divisions use social media to distribute healthcare information to citizens.

Social media provides community members with information about different activities.

China’s TikTok is a popular micro-video sharing platform.

TikTok, also referred to as Duoyin in China, is a Chinese video-sharing service built by business Byte Dance.

Content creators produce a wide range of short-form videos about movement, comedy, and instruction. The maximum duration varies from 15 seconds to one miniature (three minutes for a few clients).

TikTok was subsequently launched in 2017 for iOS and Android in most markets outside China.

It became accessible globally on April 2, 2018, after other Chinese social media services merged.

TikTok’s popularity isn’t as great as modern social media stars, but it’s as big as someone with many followers on social media.


What is TikTok?

The TikTok app allows users to record, share, and edit short videos. TikTok is available to everyone. Tiktok videos are easy to produce due to the tools it offers clients and the wide range of reasons and tips it offers.

There are various soundtracks to choose from, including clips of popular songs, TV appearances, and YouTube recordings. You can take part in a brave challenge, or take part in a moving meme, or just have a great time.

TikTok can be used as a complete video-based stage. The app’s video-altering features incorporate channels, music, moves, unusual activities, graphics, and more. TikTok is the world’s most popular platform for humor videos.

Moreover, it competes with Snapchat and Instagram with its diverse set of features and influencers. TikTokers have the option to have duets recorded with their friends or random users.

You can use this feature to display two videos at the same time. In addition to creating reaction videos and challenging the viewer, duets can also be used for self-improvement.

Why you should sell a product on TikTok

You can sell your products on several social media platforms. Why choose Tiktok? Let’s take a look at the platform features to answer this question. The audience on each platform is absolutely massive.

These users are likely to engage with and interact with your brand daily. TikTok is more popular than Instagram, and users spend more time on it. Your content on Tik Tok has a greater chance of catching their attention.

TikTok continues to gain popularity, with more people downloading it every quarter. During the COVID-19 pandemic, TikTok saw an increase of 115 million users, which some find unusual for a social media platform.

Without a doubt, Instagram gets more engagement and clicks through. Despite that, TikTok recently partnered with Shopify to create a series of marketing tools. Through this step, TikTok makes it clear that they are focused on maximizing their marketing results.

TikTok allows you to sell products to earn revenue through the video-based stage. Several features in the app will allow you to make engaging product videos.

I can edit videos utilizing the essential editing capabilities without any tool. Furthermore, the platform makes it easy to share and store content.

And if you’re looking for a way to finance your capital, getting a loan from secure lending platforms such as GetCash is a good option. There, you will fill in a secure online loan application.

You will be matched with vetted lenders once your application forms have been approved. Secured credit lending platforms are a great way to finance any type of need, including the procurement of the best products to sell.

what tiktok

A step-by-step guide to selling on Tiktok

TikTok allows you to sell products after completing a registration process. To make successful sales on TikTok, you need to take a few steps:

Step1: Create a TikTok account.

I downloaded TikTok from Google Play because I have an Android device. For Apple devices, you can use the Apple App Store.

After downloading the app, open it.
Click on Go to Me to continue.
Finally, choose a method of signing up.
To sign up successfully, you will have to provide basic information about yourself.

In the end, you need to take the following steps to make your brand authentic.

Define your brand and bio:

You can showcase your brand and items on your TikTok account. People will be most likely to see in your bio, so you need to make a good impression right away. It is also important to provide precise information about your brand.

Create content using Emojis:

You can use emojis as visual markings to indicate items and administrations. If you sell products on TikTok, be sure to utilize Emojis to enhance customer support.

Add call-to-action:

Your profile can include a CTA to inform clients what to do and offer assistance to increase conversion rates. Using CTA, you could direct users to your eCommerce shop, web journal, or another social channel where you sell your products. Further, you can post advance rebate codes or deals in your TikTok bio.

Step 2: Switch to a Pro Account

The TikTok application lets customers choose between “individual” accounts or two distinct kinds of Professional accounts: Maker and Business.

If you create an account for the first time, it will default to an individual one. The highlights can be viewed in analytics if you change your account sort to Master. It is also completely free to use. The following is a summary of each type of account:

Personal Account: For individuals who frequently view other users’ videos on TikTok.
Creator Account: The Creator account is for clients who are posting gradually and need to extend their following. There are detailed analysis options for nearly all your recordings, such as gathering demographic information on each person.
Business Account: In a business account, Maker Finance will not be able to connect, but you will still be able to view analytics down to the nitty-gritty.

Step 3: Start Making Your Content

After you have created your account, you can start creating content. Consider first looking through the “Page for You” for something to do about it. In no time, you’ll notice viral moves, challenges, comedy videos, and more.

Engage your viewers by producing engaging material without taking a selfie. The idea is to encourage them to watch and share. TikTok will recommend your content to other users the more people see and share your content.

TikTok recommendations occur based on your CONTENT QUALITY. That is why I am consistent and upload engaging content.

You should not copy anything from others. You can brand and turn each recording independently if you need to extend your chances of going viral.

You need to post as much as you like on TikTok. Ideally, you should post 1-3 times daily, at least. Your hashtag should be challenging and interesting, causing individuals to want to participate in your item.

tiktok Making Your Content

Step 4: Stay consistent and engage the audience.

You need to engage effectively with people’s comments as you begin to receive input, likes, and comments. You should respond to the people by commenting and giving them valuable information.

As a rule, posting once or twice a week is probably not enough to cover your need. When you post at least one video every day, at some point, one of them will go viral.

The more you engage in, lock-in, and share true things, the more likely your account will develop. It is much easier to set up a TikTok account than a YouTube account or an Instagram account.

Step 5: Leverage influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is always a HOT CHOICE. I use it sometimes to boost many videos or brands.

Through collaboration with makers or influencers on TikTok, you can advance your brand. Your item will appear in front of an expansive crowd if you influence your niche.

Using tick influencers also reduces ambiguity in marketing by making the branded products seem natural instead of direct advertising.

If you’re in a good location, hunt for excellence and discover clients who distribute content that fits your brand. The TikTok Maker Market is a good platform for making high-impact videos.

Step 6: Encourage user-generated content.

Users took action on engaging content, leading to some items spreading virally. When people showcase certain objects in their videos, they are ensured that they will become viral sensations.

Tik Tok is an app that allows users to make and share videos using their items. You should encourage your clients to make and share videos on TikTok.

Step 7: Explore Tiktok’s other Advertising options.

Brands can advertise via TikTok with a variety of promoting types. You can choose a focus from a variety of options to reach the right audience. You can either use their self-service advertisement platform or speak to one of their administrators to get started based on the advertisement you need to run.

The advertisement kinds that include video ads include feed video ads. These advertisements will appear on the pages of your users.

Step 8: Hone your Marketing skills with Tiktok Resources

TikTok offers an asset eatery for business account clients to help them maximize their benefits from the app. Clients can use the Ticket website to access media content. They can connect to webinars with experts and discover how brands utilize the service for better branding.

You can learn here how to track advertisement performance with TikTok Pixel. If you place a Pixel on your eCommerce website or another website, it allows you to gather information on visitors who get to your TikTok content.

Tips on How to Sell Products on Tiktok

Tiktok offers many ways to maximize the sale of your products. You can use the following features to sell products on TikTok.

Use Sponsor Branded Hashtags

With the Hashtag Challenge, brands propose hashtags for a specific category. They invite the community to record videos on the topic and then stamp them with their seal. Sponsorship of Hashtags lasts for about three to six days and appears within the Disclosure tab.

This is flexible marketing because it uses user-generated content, attracts attention to the brand, and can be more viral if it reaches influencers. According to TikTok, 8.5% of these advertisements are video ads.

Sponsored hashtags have helped me INCREASE MY SALES by 20%. The conversion rate becomes high also.

Use Shoppable Videos

Ads in Shoppable videos are local recordings. TikTok gives clients the option to leave ads whenever they like. It is recommended that local advertising videos not exceed 15 seconds in length and spread across the screens, like Instagram stories.

Clicking on the ad will take users to the website or app. It is possible to make an excellent video advertisement with your products. Upon clicking on your advertisement, your customers are directed to your product page.

If your website provides them with good products, they will make purchases.

shoppable videos

Leverage TikTok for Shopify Features

TikTok has an extremely large and growing userbase. The company has integrated Shopify and Walmart into its e-commerce suite in 2020. Now, the platform is implementing several new tools to facilitate even more e-commerce opportunities and maximize revenue opportunities.

I am impressed with this MOVE OF TIKTOK for the sellers. Now selling will be easier and more efficient.

You can integrate Tikitok with Shopify in a few steps. Furthermore, You can manage orders from the Shopify dashboard, track results and create shoppable TikTok advertising campaigns for every product.

shopify tiktok


Many trending products are available for sale. Following are the top 10 bestselling products on TikTok.

1. An AGROSTE Leggings

The agarose leggings are a 4-way stretch, non-transparent fabric that can look thin, fit and contour in every posture and movement. The AGROSTE yoga pants come in sizes S-XXL, using super stretch fabric.

This fabric fits you close to the waist and reaches the ankles. According to users of this app, Sea sum’s high-waisted skinny leggings, also known as “TikTok leggings,”. These leggings have a unique honeycomb texture and hip-lift feature, so no introduction is needed.

AGROSTE Leggings

The no-same shower is my personal choice for selling. TikTok HAS BOOSTED the opportunity to sell it faster.

The No same shower is a high-pressure water-saving three function mode spray hand shower suitable for dry skin and hair. The pressurized hand shower allows you to experience endless fun, eliminate fatigue from working all day, and take pleasure in your shower and enjoying life.

Because the showerhead is transparent, users can see what is inside. It is one of the trending products and bestselling products on TikTok.

No same shower
3. Maybelline Sky High Mascara

The mask began falling off the pharmacy shelves after it went viral on TikTok. The effect is similar to that of extending or lifting natural eyelashes. The first TikTok videos were posted in December 2020, after TikTok user @jessica.c.eid posted one with Maybelline.

TikTokers and beauty influencers help to drive sales with their glowing reviews. The sales volume started in December and has remained stable to this day. Currently, the product is ranked 7th in Amazon’s beauty and personal care category.


Have you heard of Cat Crack? This challenge has been the FIRST ONE to make my sales. I was able to make my FIRST 10 GRANDS with it.

There was so much buzz on TikTok about this tasty cat treat called “Cat Crack Catnip”. There are over 11 million views of the video under the #CatCrack tag-as cats go wild over the snack. Almost all of the company’s inventory was gone.

It is fortunately now possible to get “Cat Crack” online. After the viral spread, the ranking on Amazon rose from 399 to 14. Additionally, this product has average sales between US$10,000 and US$15,000.

cat crack

This LED strip is IP20 and non-waterproof, with unlimited colors. It comes with eight light modes: fast/slow/auto/flicker/3 color jumps/7 color jumps/3 color fades/fade seven colors and R/G / B Increase and decrease. Light strips made of LEDs are a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, under tables, bedrooms, TV backlights, car backlights, balconies, terraces, holidays, or family events.

There is a stronger adhesive on our LED strips (2 x 16.4ft rolls) than on other LED strips. For instance, they can be placed on television screens, cars, cabinets, and walls.

String lights are used in every single home. I have targeted this point to make SALES.


Prep decks are all-in-one solutions for meal preparation. The prep table folds into a cutting board containing all the containers, lids, and cooking utensils needed to prepare all meals. There is no need to use mandolins or zoo machines anymore because the meal prep can be used instead.

It takes up a little space in the kitchen, but it can also replace many other kitchen tools. You can also use TikTok to share household items. Prep Deck would market its kitchen gadgets by stating, “All you need to prepare meals in one place”.



In TikTok videos, people enjoy seeing food they’ve never tried before. Because of this, these oversized fruit jellies are so popular. You can see the same snack pop up all over the place after someone eats a bite.

I created my first video on my TikTok account was Dely-gely fruit jelly. It is a great thing to sell On TikTok.

Jellies with fruity filling are attached to extricable plastics. DelyGely Fruit Jelly contains artificial fruit flavours: pineapple, orange, strawberry, green apple, grape. You need to squeeze the gelatin and refrigerate it for the best flavor.

dely gely fruit jelly

With Cerave Hydrating Cleanser, you’ll be able to cleanse, refresh, and revitalize your skin without weighing it down. In addition to ceramides, it contains hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin.

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser cleanses skin gently, restoring moisture retention and restoring the skin’s natural barrier. Last summer, the product was discovered on TikTok, and it has since been difficult to find in stores.

cerave hydrating face cleanser

This tacky squirm ball toy relieves pressure and unease. Pressed paper is more pleasing to the touch, and the delicate feel is particularly pleasing. Reduce pressure and increase hand adaptability.

You can crunch away your tension if you press and crunch. The hands are more effective at dispersing blood. I have gifted this one to my friends. And quality has been great from my suppliers.

It is the ideal present for your friends or yourself to relax and give yourself a respite. You can use these tacky balls to promote your internal influencer on TikTok.

glow in the dark ceiling balls

Cosmetics Hydrating Camo Concealer is a long-lasting liquid concealer that hydrates the skin and covers wrinkles completely. The rich textures and blends of the elf of full coverage did a great job of capturing the attention of Tik Tok users.

The sales of this popular concealer soared from $ 126 in July 2020 to $ 7,571 in December 2020. Trending products like this are in high demand among TikTok stars and the market.

Suggested reading: Top 50 Trending Products To Sell Online

TikTok – How to Promote your e-Commerce store

You can start creating content to promote your store after connecting the channel to TikTok. Social trade better integrates the web-based media and customer-facing features of the web.

Because of this, businesses can more easily collaborate with clients without them needing to leave the stage. TikTok can help you drive conversions for your Shopify store.

Embed your TikTok Feed on your Website

Some applications (such as Tagembed) allow you to embed TikTok videos content on your sales website through TikTok Widget. This allows you to display your products before your customers make a purchase.

Your TikTok feed can serve as a real, digital, and word-of-mouth advertisement if you regularly display user-generated content. You can increase brand trust by taking steps like this.

The following steps describe how to embed the TikTok video on a website.
1. If you want to embed a video on a website page, enter edit mode.
2. Copy your embed code.
3. Paste embed code into your HTML.

Use Paid Advertising on TikTok

What I like about the TikTok ads is their HIGH CONVERSION. You get more sales for the required clicks.

The paid advertising features on TikTok offer great opportunities to enter this exciting new market. It is important to understand what you’re doing before you start creating an ad.

You must follow specific TikTok content specifications and guidelines. The next step was to create interesting, engaging, and creative ads to attract the attention of young people on TikTok.

You should include an e-commerce link in your Tiktok bio.

It is possible to post a URL on the Tiktok profile. It helps viewers locate your website. There are some profiles on Tiktok that are unable to use the link functionality. At the moment of promotion, influencers post ads with links to their bio.

You can also add a link to your brand’s website to your Tiktok bio. It allows your audience to easily see what you have on your website.

How to track and analyze the sale you received from TikTok

You can track events by adding TikTok Pixel to your website, online store, and advertising campaigns. It is possible to track user behavior during the shopping process. Additionally, you can track when users download your content, click buttons, or view pages.

In this aspect, TikTok is my favorite. I get a chance to improve my sales by spotting the mistakes in my selling process.

If you want to check if the e-commerce link in your profile is valid, you can use this feature. After that, you can decide which strategies to intensify and which ones to discontinue.

How to Track Shopify Sales

You can manage your TikTok sales straight in Shopify using the Shopify dashboard. The process includes creating ads, targeting, optimizing, and tracking.

You can track the conversion of TikTok activities more effectively using apps specific to businesses such as Magic TikTok Pixel. After installing TikTok, you’ll be able to track TikTok account events, track bought Users, and use Redirection for data.

How Leeline Sourcing helps you to Import Products from China to Sell on TikTok

It is common to feel confused and overwhelmed by the process of sourcing products from China. China is a huge country with many manufacturers producing different products. No matter your business needs, you can master how to make more profit by importing from china.

However, you must have the right strategy and avoid common mistakes. If you are planning to import from China, you need a sourcing agent who can guide you in the right direction.

As a sourcing agent for the last ten years, Leeline Sourcing is the best in the business. Here are the best services they offer:

Identifying the right manufacturers

When searching for a foreign manufacturer, it’s best to work with a sourcing expert specializing in your target country/region. Leeline assists businesses in finding the right supplier according to their requirements.

They provide a list of suppliers to choose from. Before making a list of the best suppliers, their experienced staff listen to all your requirements.

A week ago, I worked with manufacturers sorted out by LEELINE SOURCING. Undoubtedly it was the BEST EXPERIENCE I have ever had.

Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline understands that entering new markets with new products is risky. They provide solutions for implementing private labeling with a lesser minimum order quantity.

Additionally, they use private labels for advertising and sales on TikTok. A sales representative will assist you through each step, from the initial idea to the end product. Leeline provides Amazon FBA shipment preparation and product images for your online store.

Order confirmation and follow-up

When Leeline receives your order, they will send further details on the product. Leeline ensures that clients receive all necessary information.

Leeline carries out follow-up and testing after a while on your product since all products require follow-up.

Benefits of dropshipping

Leeline offers dropshipping benefits. Leeline delivers orders to the final customer’s address when you order with them. Leeline takes care of everything from product packaging to delivery.

Inspection and quality control

Leeline is responsible for clarifying your product requirements to your suppliers. To achieve this, they use quality control (QC) checklists. It includes information about the product as well as special requirements of the product.

Their team is VERY ADEPT at inspection. They inspected my products, and there was no SINGLE ITEM with ineffective quality.

Leeline inspects all products before loading them at the shipping centre.

Expert in customs paperwork.

It is sometimes difficult to import from China since you need a sourcing agent who can provide all Paperwork regarding your shipment. Leeline has an expert team that handles all Paperwork related to your shipment.

Leeline provides easy customs clearance services. They will do all the work once you place your order with them, and you will have no further worries.

I love the Leeline Sourcing team because they cut time with heavy paperwork. They do everything for me when shipping.

Provide the best logistics solutions for your orders

Leeline strives to provide you with the most competitive shipping rates. Leeline is a seasoned agent who has good relationships with shipment forwarders. Their goal is to deliver your shipment to you at minimum cost and time.


1、How often should brands post on TikTok?

As a general rule, it is recommended that you post 13 times each day. Creating TikTok content with an internal social media team is worth the effort since consistency is key.

2、Do people earn money from TikTok?

Yes, there are several ways to make money with Tiktok. Using TikTok, you can promote your brand and services to earn money. You can promote your influencing services to big brands if you have a good amount of followers.

3、How should B2B companies use TikTok?

Like any B2C company, B2B companies can use TikTok. They may work with content creators to develop creative ways of integrating their products into the content. They can identify trends that are most relevant to your product or service.

4.How important are the title, caption, and tags?

It is important to consider these factors when designing a user experience. You can use these factors rather than algorithmic forecasts to increase users’ chances of interacting with your ads. Having a catchy title may result in your video going viral. Adding good tags to your video can help you reach a wider audience.

5、How do I start a business on TikTok?

The best way to market your business on TikTok is to start a hashtag challenge. If you put up a hashtag challenge on TikTok, you encourage users to upload content to TikTok with the hashtag you have chosen.

6、What are the benefits of using Tik Tok ads?

TikTok makes creating great campaigns easy and affordable. TikTok advertising is not viewed as a worthwhile investment for many brands, particularly small businesses.

They say it is too hard to set up campaigns, create authentic videos, and manage yet another platform’s data. Despite that, Tiktok gives you the opportunity to convert good sales through its platform. There is a large segment of the TikTok audience with high purchasing power.

7、In sponsored content, can TikTok’s users use commercially licensed tracks?

Artists and brands can use TikTok commercially licensed music. Presently, TikTok creators have full access to the General Music Library (noncommercial) and the Commercial Music Library (CML).


The content suggestion algorithm on TikTok allows accounts with few followers to rack up millions of views compared to other social media platforms. When the content is targeted correctly, it will receive the views and engagement it deserves.

Through TikTok videos and ads, brands can advertise their products and collaborate with influencers. Your brand will gain visibility alongside thousands of new users worldwide by bringing it to TikTok.

TikTok offers many exciting possibilities, but you need to know how to generate sales. TikTok doesn’t require celebrities or influencers to go viral.

People are more likely to promote your product if they like it, so you could generate more sales. TikTok’s social media engagement allows businesses, brands, and sellers to reach new audiences.

To import good products from China to sell on Tiktok, you need to find a good supplier. Leeline Sourcing can act as your agent, as they are familiar with this business and possess good experience in sourcing services.

To buy amazing products from China, contact Leeline Sourcing today!

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