Fitness Clothing Line

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Fitness Clothing Line

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Wholesale Best Private Label Fitness Clothing

Adidas Fitness Clothing

Wholesale Adidas Fitness Clothing

Kids' Fitness Clothing

Wholesale Kids’ Fitness Clothing

Men's Fitness Clothing

Wholesale Men’s Fitness Clothing

Nike Fitness Clothing

Wholesale Nike Fitness Clothing

Plus Size Fitness Clothing

Wholesale Plus Size Fitness Clothing

Women's Fitness Clothing

Wholesale Women’s Fitness Clothing

Our Private Label Services Include:

Product Development

Product Development

YOU get packed and labeled your own fitness clothing line products. We put your COMPANY’S LOGO on the product’s enhancing branding. You get developed products to add to the website and sell.

Leelinesourcing SAVE your time, freeing YOU for planning marketing.

Confirming Samples

You test samples at home before selecting a product. Negotiating with manufacturers, we get you cut-rate samples. YOU focus on the target audience to choose a product.

Enjoy a successful clothing line business selling top-level products.

Confirming Samples
Following Up Production

Following Up Production

Leelinesourcing ensures your order’s fast production to avoid inconvenience. Our QUALITY CHECK TEAM visits the manufacturer to confirm quality production.

YOU get HIGH-END fitness apparel for your small business. Win YOUR customer’s heart, increasing customer loyalty.

Quality Inspection

We check the fitness apparel of the shipment from the manufacturer. YOU get worth-it products boosting YOUR fitness apparel business. OUR quality check follows the target market standards.

Leelinesourcing SENDS you quality reports to ensure authenticity.

Quality Inspection
Fulfillment and Shipping

Fulfillment and Shipping

Store your products FOR FREE in our warehouse for 30 days. We manage your inventory shipping orders to the customer’s destination. YOU get quick and safe deliveries avoiding delays.

YOUR fitness apparel line boosts sales with LOW TRANSIT TIME on shipments.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Confirmation

YOU get quality reports of sourced products, ensuring the BEST quality. Our quality checking team passes products through GIVEN criteria to check the quality. Great chances of the repeat customer with premium workout clothes.

HIGH Profit

YOU get LOW-price fitness brand products boosting profit margin. Spend LESS on buying, saving more money in your business bank account. Have chances of selling MORE products and attracting MORE customers.

Less Effort

Maintain a fitness clothing line business with fewer efforts. We source and quality check products REDUCING your time served on them. YOU sell target market products sitting from the comfort of your home.

Trendy Products

Our global industry analysts help find current sportswear fashion focuses. Get MORE sales by aligning YOUR inventory with target customers. 

Hear it from fellow Private Label Fitness Clothing Wholesaler

Leelinesourcing resolved my question of how to start a gym clothing line. They helped me source high-class fitness apparel. Since then, my fitness clothing line business has been rocking the sky. Leelinesourcing is awesome!!!!

– Philip, USA

Source Your Private Label Fitness Clothing and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality private label fitness clothing to help you boost your business.

How to Start A Fitness Clothing Line?

Having trouble starting a fitness apparel business?

Many things count for an established business plan for an online store. Sourcing, checking the quality, and maintaining industry standards are CHALLENGING.

The never-ending headache! Indeed.

Leelinesourcing helps store owners to establish a brand identity. This guide shares our RESULT-ORIENTED experience in managing complex businesses to help you.
So are you ready to MAKE your place in the saturated market? Keep on reading.

How to Start A Fitness Clothing Line

Types of fitness clothing

Types of fitness clothing

Knowing about the types of fitness clothing is essential for your success. Explore what type of products people prefer to wear and buy. This helps choose fitness clothing to sell in the industry and target market. 

  • Activewear

According to statistics, the demand for activewear will increase by 25% in 2027. 

Because this type of clothing helps with active outdoor activities. Jogger pants, sneakers, and yoga pants are examples of activewear. Starting a business with activewear fitness clothing will increase earning potential.

  • Sportswear

With the increasing demand for sportswear, you can enjoy high-revenue selling them. The application of sportswear spreads from belly dancers to swimmers. Making it a good niche to select for adding to your existing fitness clothing line. New businesses will take advantage of the expected $267 billion sportswear industry.

  • Athleisure

The 306.62 billion dollar athleisure market in 2021 will grow fast until 2027. Don’t give it a second thought and find manufacturers to source athleisure. A huge revenue is waiting for you. 

  • Streetwear

Streetwear being casual clothing, sell fast among other types of fitness clothing. That’s the reason why statistics claim the 1.82% increase by 2027. You take your share from this huge industry, starting a fitness clothing business.

Why start a fitness clothing line?

Why start a fitness clothing line

Thinking about starting a fitness clothing line raises many questions. The most common is why to start a fitness clothing business. The answer lies in the following benefits.

  • High Profit

Fitness clothing products are available at AFFORDABLE PRICES giving high-profit margins. Adding your brand to these products, YOU charge as much as you want. Sports bras, polo shirts, and other fitness clothing COUNT in luxury items. This ensures you make MORE profit starting a fitness clothing line.

  • Global Market

You are NOT confined to a physical storefront to sell fitness clothing. YOU make your own website or an account on Amazon to SELL GLOBALLY from your COMFORT ZONE. . You get MORE customers with an opportunity to sell in the global market.

  • Increasing Demand

The use of fitness products is increasing in everyday life. Fitness influences motivate us to wear fitness clothing to maintain body shape. The need for these clothes in the market. You get a high chance of selling MORE products with time.

  • Potential To Excel

New products keep on adding to the fitness clothing line, potential increases. YOU always have to allow FEW PRODUCTS. Instead, YOU add more products and make more profit.

The best thing about the fitness industry is that it’s always growing.

How to start a fitness clothing line?

Starting a fitness clothing line needs to look at your budget, market trends, and more. New business owners need to understand this. But don’t worry, because these steps help you out.

1: Industry Research   

Use the internet to learn all relevant information about fitness clothing. Research what type of clothing is there and what people like the most. Don’t start a business without knowing the details, or else failure will be at your doors.

Successful industry giants rule the industry, and you must make your place. 

2: Finding The Market Gap

Use social media platforms and find what’s missing in the fashion industry. Finding a gap means a product that is still missing in the market. Choosing a niche with already so many competitors is not good.

Find out a niche with more potential customers. A good niche selection ensures your success in the market. Don’t rush towards any without researching.

3: Establish A Business Plan

Make notes on your business plan. Include budget, marketing, and selling details. Add every detail that you want to focus on while starting your business. Check If you need to raise money to establish the business. 

4: Select The Manufacturer

Find out a reliable and affordable manufacturer by researching search engines. Enlist the top manufacturers selling your required product. Get quotes from the shortlisted manufacturers to know which one suits your budget.

Once you select a manufacturer, you need to get samples. Communicate with the manufacturer to get the samples to your address. Check the samples and place the bulk order.

5: Start Selling

You need to package your products with your logo to sell them. Focus on the branding and get professional labels. Make sure your business name and logo represent what you are selling.

Choose a marketplace to sell your product or establish your website. Add detailed images and pricing of the product to help customers place orders.

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

FAQs about How to Start A Fitness Clothing Line

How much does it cost to start an athletic clothing line?

You spend money depending on the demand-focused market. On average, $3000 to $9000 is a handsome investment amount. But it varies depending on the target customer and product range.

Where can you find a fitness clothing manufacturer in China?

You research on the browser by typing the accurate keywords. You’ll find a list of activewear manufacturers helping small businesses. Get quotes and samples from them to find the right one. 
Leelinesourcing helps you find, source, and sell workout clothes. 

How many pieces do you need to start a clothing line?

You add 10-12 styles when starting. Yet under each style, you can add as many pieces as you want. Start with a few and test to find which one’s sell the most.

What is the most popular gym clothing brand?

Sweaty gym clothes have become the most popular in the past few years. Sports enthusiasts love to wear them. They help absorb sweat without embarrassing you in the gym. An example is sweat-proof tank tops.

What’s Next

Starting a fitness clothing line business needs market research to ensure success. You need to add reliable and tear-free clothing with high flexibility. 

Want to rock the industry with quality fitness clothing?

We help you with sourcing and shipping to boost brand equity. SEND US A QUOTE today to reduce the more high-cost risks.

Do you want a successful import business?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  LeelineSourcing. We’ve helped 2000+ customers import from China.

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