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The Amazon Promotion Holiday In The Next Half Year

Although Prime Day has passed, the amazing sales during the promotion period have made many sellers quite envious. Many sellers did miss out on the big promotion. They missed catching the car that leads to riches. But don’t panic! After August, we get to holidays and Amazon promotion days. Sellers can stock up accordingly and seize the opportunity to make handsome profits.

August 8th, the time North American children get back to school

In the United States, the back-to-school season is the second-largest shopping season after Christmas. According to a survey done by the American Retail Federation, the return-to-school expenses of all students last year reached $83.6 billion!

Main site: North America station

Main products recommended: learning items, coloring supplies, clothing supplies, stationery, writing supplies, office software, books, notebooks, sticky notes, pens, pencils, rulers, backpacks, other student-related goods, electronic products, work software, clothes, etc.

August 23rd, Germany has a five-day exhibition

On August 23, Germany will have a five-day electronic product exhibition. The exhibition is much smaller than the size of the IFA international exhibition but a good one to make sells.

Main site: Germany station

Main products recommended: video games and accessories, laptops, PC hardware, educational toys and games, CPUs, hard drives, headsets, input devices, battery-powered and electronic toys, baby electronics, software, hardware and other games.

September 1st, IFA International Exhibition

Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, which is abbreviated as IFA originated in 1924 and had held annual exhibitions from 2005 to 2006. It is one of the largest electronic products fairs in Germany with a large exhibition of consumer electronics goods in the world.

The increased numbers of exhibitors have made exhibitions one of the most important was to exchange information for consumer electronics goods. It is a great platform for understanding the development of goods and consulting.

Main site: Germany station

Main products recommended: Electronic consumer goods which include electronic products, household appliances, mobile devices, home theaters, etc.

September 4th, US Labor Day

The first Monday in September is the US Labor Day. This is a festival held for a maximum of three days. It also coincides with the last day of the students’ summer vacation. Students usually usher in the new school year a day after Labor Day. Most Americans families usually unite with friends and other family members on these three days.

Main site: North America station

Main products recommended: Hiking related products, picnic related products, accessories for camping and outdoor activities, alcoholic beverages, etc.

September 10th, European School Day

Students in Europe usually start school on September 10th. Therefore, sellers need to prepare early. Sales before this day are usually big and not to be underestimated. You will also notice that the hot sale products of the back to school day in Europe are quite similar to the back-to-school season of the US. If you miss the back-to-school season in the US station, you can try the school day on the European site.

Main site: Europe station

Main products recommended: Stationery, writing materials, office software, books, notebooks, pens, school bag rulers, other student supplies, electronic products, clothing and so on.

September 16th, Mexico Independence Day

On September 16th, 1810, Idargo of Dolores, Mexico, launched the War of Independence. This opened the prelude to the Mexican War of Independence, which was also designated as the Mexican Independence Day. Independence Day is of great significance to the Mexican people. Every year, Mexicans celebrate their country’s independence. It is a great day that sellers on Mexican sites should not miss.

Main site: Mexico station

Main products recommended: Mexican flag, whistle, horn, oil paint, ribbons, balloons, dresses, other party celebrations, etc.

September 17th, the respect day for the elderly in Japan

The day Japanese show their respect the aged is celebrated on the third Monday of September each year. This day is also known as the Old Man’s Day. The day was prescribed by the Japanese government to encourage respect for the elderly after World War II. It is also a legal holiday in Japan. On this day, the whole of Japan must carry out activities that show respect to the elderly. These activities include house repairs, free medical checks, giving souvenirs, organizing for condolences, etc. The elderly people also carry out activities that are beneficial to their body and mind. These can be hobbies like swimming, sports and much more.

Main site: Japan station

Main products recommended: Old people’s clothes, shoes, electronic equipment, blankets, slippers and other elderly products, as well as travel goods, family dinner supplies, etc.

September-October, Japan Campus Sports Meeting

The months of September and October are when campus sports takes place in Japan. Japanese students have a greater desire for sports meeting. This is the case, especially in elementary schools. Sellers can take advantage and prepare some cheering products for the sports meeting.

Main site: Japan station

Main products recommended: Children’s sports shoes, digital cameras, video cameras, memory cards, sporting goods, etc.

October 3rd, German National Day

The German National Day is also called the Unification Day. The day commemorates the merger of East and West Germany which took place on October 3, 1990. Germany was established as a unified country. On this day, people have a one day holiday. The capitals of the states on the National Day take turns to hold celebrations. Celebrations are relatively low-key compared to other countries.

Main site: Germany station

Main products recommended: Vintage goods, balloons, German flag, party supplies, etc.

October 7th, German Thanksgiving Day

The Germans celebrate the Thanksgiving Day in a different way from other countries. They rarely do family gatherings or eat turkeys. Most of the celebrations are in the form of singing, dancing, and fireworks in the evening.

Main site: Germany station

Main products recommended: Harvest-related decorations, pumpkin-shaped decorations, kitchen items, etc.

October 8th, Japanese Sports Day

Japan’s sports development has a long history and a wide range of sports activities. On this day, sports sellers can make a good fortune.

Main site: Japan station

Main products recommended: Sporting goods, fitness products, other health-related products, etc.

October 31st, Halloween

Halloween is also called the Holy Day and takes place on the 1st of November each year. It is a traditional festival in the West. October 31st of Halloween is the best moment to sell for this festival. To celebrate the advent of Halloween, almost every household dresses up in ghosts and scary ways. Halloween is also a big opportunity for sellers!

Main sites: Japan station, Europe station, North America station.

Main products recommended: A wide variety of clothing, cosmetics, masks, wigs, drinks, horror movies, horror items (such as fake blood).

November 1st, Northern Hemisphere into the winter

When it gets to November, the northern hemisphere begins to experience cold. Sellers can start preparing for winter clothing just before the month of November.

Main sites: Japan station, Europe station, North America station.

Main products recommended: Down jackets, gloves, scarves, wool hats, other winter clothing, snowboards, and other winter sports equipment.

November 1st – 2nd, Mexico Day of the Dead

November 1st is Mexico’s “Dead Youth Festival” – a memorial to dead children. November 2nd is the “Dead Adult Festival” – to pay homage to the dead adults. These two days are commonly known as “Ghost Festival.”

Main site: Mexico station

Main products recommended: Toys, candy, horror items (such as enamel, coffin), candles, paper wreaths, photo frames, artificial flowers, etc.

November 3rd, Japanese Culture Festival

This is a grand ceremony where medals are awarded. On this day, Japanese hold a ceremony where cultural medals are presented in the Imperial Palace. Those with outstanding contributions to cultural undertakings will be awarded a “Cultural Medal.”

Main site: Japan station

Main products recommended: Cultural products such as books, movies, arts, and crafts.

November 22nd, North American Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is an ancient festival created by the American people. It is a festival where most American families come together. Most family members will usually travel far to be with other family members. On this day, every household has to eat turkey, and some traditional dishes, such as zucchini, creamy onions, mashed potatoes, pumpkins, etc.

Main site: North America station

Main products recommended: Down jackets, gloves, scarves, wool hats, ski equipment, ski wear, turkey baking pans, aprons, food storage supplies, other kitchen items, etc.

November 23rd, Black Friday

The origin of Black Friday in the United States can be explained in several ways. However, this day is an American shopping carnival festival. Sales are usually amazing with big promotions Amazon. This is one festival that sellers cannot miss!

Main sites: Japan station, Europe station, North America station.

Main products recommended: All products sell, but must have a great discount.

November 26th, online shopping Monday

The US “Online shopping Monday” is the first Monday after Thanksgiving every year. It is another big promotion day which is close to Black Friday! E-commerce companies such as Amazon and eBay usually launch large-scale promotions on this day making them the e-commerce version of Black Friday.

Main sites: Japan station, Europe station, North America station.

Main products recommended: All products sell but the discount must be good.

December 25th, Christmas

The importance of Christmas is widely known, and every seller must prepare well in advance. Sellers should prepare for the goods early. This is one opportunity you cannot miss on this big promotion!

Main sites: Japan station, Europe station, North America station.

Main products recommended: Decorations, greeting cards, gift wrappings, gifts and greeting cards, candles, decorations, calendars, and other Christmas-related products for all ages and genders.

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