The Latest Guide of Sourcing Toys in Chenghai

While Shenzhen is the world’s largest electronics market, Guangdong is the leading toys and gifts industry gathering place.

Chenghai toys wholesale market is a well-known market for toys. As a mainstay industry in Chenghai, the toys and gifts industry is the most energetic and special industry at here.

Toys and gifts in this market are not just sold to all parts of country, but also to all over the world. The market attracts thousands of toy men that come here purchasing toys.

Today, the Leelinesourcing‘s senior buyers will share with you a purchasing guide for buying toys in Chenghai. It is our hope the guide will help you.

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If this is your first time to go to China, you may feel unfamiliar with the place and the people. You might have some worries on the best way to arrive in Chenghai? Well, take it easy, we have made some plans for you:

1. Non-stop Flight

Take America for example, the following cities in America all have non-stop flights to Guangdong: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Washington, Boston, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, Hawaii, Saipan, Dallas, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, Denver, Orlando, Portland, Manchester, San Jose.

2. Transfer

If there is no non-stop flight in your city, we suggest you transfer your flight in Shenzhen or Hong Kong.

1) Shenzhen airport – Shantou in Guangdong Province – Chenghai

Take a train : whole journey is about 7hours and 45 minutes. Costs about $13.

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The distance between Shantou and Chenghai is about 18.3km. So after you arrive at Shantou, you can take a taxi to Chenghai. The whole journey is about 30minutes.

2) Hong Kong airport – Shantou in Guangdong Province – Chenghai

There is a long distance between Hong Kong and Shantou. The most convenient and economical way is to take the airport express. The ticket price is about ¥190. After you arrive at Shantou, you can take a taxi to Chenghai.

Two Toys Markets in Chenghai

Chenghai Toys Wholesale Market does not refer to a certain market, but the general name of the numbers of toy markets in Chenghai District. There are various types of toys in Chenghai wholesale market such as remote control toys, intelligent toys, doll toys, plush toys, and much more. The most famous toys wholesale market in Chenghai District is the Baoao International Toys City.

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There are two main purchasing sections in Baoao City: Baoao International Toys City Phase I and Phase II and the Baoao Raw Materials Trade Zone.

The market has more than 2,000 shops in the finished products trade area of Baoao International Toys City. There are about 300 shops in the raw materials and auxiliary materials business districts. There is an estimate of more than 800,000 different kinds of products in this market making it the one-stop trading market for all your toy products and raw materials. The market attracts excellent Chinese and foreign toy brand merchants that have settled here.

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Apart from the Baoao International Toys City, there is also the Chenghai Plastic City. Chenghai Plastic City is located in the center of Chenghai District, Shantou City. It is famous for its plastic toys and gifts production base. It also includes the Chenghai Toys Wholesale Market, Central Freight Station and Chenghai International Toys Exhibition Center.

The shops in Chenghai Plastic City replenish their stock directly from the factory so that they can offer cheaper price than Baoao International Toys City. If you need several toys in wholesale, then Chenghai Plastic City is definitely the place to go.

About logistics

There is a logistics centre in both Baoao International City and Chenghai Plastic City. There is also an international toy trade logistics city near Baoao City which provides buyers with a series of services such as retail distribution and large-scale freight transportation.

About language

Then there is the question of language barrier. What do you do if you do not speak Chinese and cannot communicate with merchant smoothly? Of course, you can always seek help from Leelinesourcing. We have professional purchase agents to guide you. They will help you purchase quality products, keep you safe from scams and negotiate good prices with merchants to maximize your cost savings. If you have any issue you need help, please leave a message and let us know. We are more than happy to help you.

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When you came to Guangdong, make sure you taste the special Chaoshan cuisine. We recommend a few famous Chaoshan snacks below. Let’s see what are they!

1.Bean Cake Kuih

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Bean Cake Kuih is one of the famous snacks in Chaoshan. You will need a bamboo chip to peel of the chuck before eating the snack. This is an ancient snack that bears the memories of several generations in Chaoshan.

2.Chaoshan Glutinous Rice Cake

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Chaoshan glutinous rice cake is a unique pastry made with glutinous rice, white sugar, lard and sesame seeds. The fresh glutinous rice cake is white, crystal clear and translucent as amber. It is delicate, smooth. Sprinkle a few drops of sherbet on the cake to make it sweeter while adding some fragrance.

3.Spiced goose

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Spiced goose has had a long history in Chanshan. This is a plump and delicious meat that you must try. It has a smooth and great fragrant but does not feel greasy. It is a local flavored food that foreigners must at the least try when they go to Chaoshan.


1.Chenghai Haoting Grand Hotel: This is a comfortable modern hotel which located in the central area of Chenghai District, Shantou City, with elegant environment and high cost performance.

House types: Double-bed room, queen-size bed room and suite

Room facilities: Free Wi-Fi, hair dryer, 24hours hot water and heating.

Hotel service: Breakfast, receive foreign guests, baggage deposit and a morning call.

Hotel facilities: Disabilities facilities, conference hall, smokeless room, business center, chess and card room.

Reference price: ¥280

Address: The intersection of Zhongshan North Road and National highway line 324 (next to Chenghai Toys Exhibition Centre)

Tel: (0754)88098888

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2.Shantou Mengshi Kailai Hotel: This is a luxury business hotel with a high level decoration and excellent entertainment facilities. It’s only 40 minutes away from airport.

House type: Double-bed room, queen-size bed room and suite.

Hotel service: Baggage deposit, morning call, safe box in reception, steward service and laundry.

Hotel facilities: Conference hall, business center, multimedia system, function hall, special purpose exhibition hall, administration floor, administration lounge, lobby bar, smokeless floor, automatic teller machine and a disabilities’ room.

Other facilities: parking lot, valet parking, car rental.

Reference price: ¥439

Address: the first floor, Mengshi International Square, China national highway 324.

Tel: (0754)85688888

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3.7 Days Inn: This is a famous economical chain hotel in China with affordable, comfortable and clean rooms. It is a good choice among the budget hotels and a great place when you want to save.

House type: Double-bed room, queen-size bed room and economy rooms.

Net service: Public area and part of room support with Wi-Fi

Room facilities: Broadband network, free local call and 24 hours hot water.

Hotel service: receipt foreign guests, baggage deposit and a morning call.

Reference price: ¥110

Address: nearby Sanqiao Toll Station, Chenghai District, Shantou City, Gaungdong Province.

Tel: (0754)83669777

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Visiting Guangdong Province

You obviously don’t want to waste the opportunity of coming to the beautiful Guangdong and only making purchases. This is because there are beautiful natural sceneries of level 5A and historical sites in Guangdong to explore. If you happen to have some extra time before taking a flight home, we recommend the following scenic spots.

1.Danxia Mountain

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Danxia Mountain is located in Renhua County. It is listed as one of the four famous mountains in Guangdong together with Luofu Mountain in the China South Sea, Boluo Luofu Mountain and Dinghu Mountain in Zhaoqing. The entire mountain appears red glutenite when you’re overlooking it. “The color is beautiful red just like light clouds at dusk”, so some people call it “Red Stone Garden”.

2.Daya Bay

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Daya Bay is located in the town of Aotou, southeast of Huizhou City. The coastline is pure white and majesty. The shapes of the islands and mountains are mostly grotesque and cannot be generalized. Walking along the 52-kilometer coastline feel great and you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset without any disturbances.

3.Chenjia Temple

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Chenjia temple is located in Zhongshan Seven Road, Guangzhou City. It was completed in 1894 and the process of building it lasted for seven years. Chenjia Temple faces south with an open square at the front. There are four courtyards in front, back, east and west. It also has blue brick walls on the outside of the building. It is a typical Cantonese folk ancestral style.

4.Guangzhou Tower

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Guangzhou Tower stands at the intersection of the Guangzhou New Central Axis and the Pearl River Landscape Line. It is the new commanding height of Guangzhou. Each floor of the Guangzhou Tower has a suspended sightseeing platform while the floor is full of transparent glass.

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Ending This Purchasing Trip

As we come to the end of the purchase trip, it is our hope that you had a wonderful time. Remember to take care of your passport, credit card and other luggage. Contact the hotel in advance and book the pickup service. Return the same way you came and have a nice trip!

This is the Leelinesourcing purchase guide to help you have an easy time in China. It is our hope it helped you. If you have any other problems, you can consult us.

Leelinesourcing has 10 years of procurement experience in China. We are based in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Yiwu and other places to help the Chinese locals and foreign customers purchase all kinds of quality products while saving on time and purchase costs.

Lastly, we welcome you to beautiful Guangdong again and hope your business is booming.

If you have any more questions about FBA, please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right information. Leeline sourcing company is involved in different sourcing business that will help your company’s grow, and make your international business better. No matter how big or small your orders are, we will help you source quality and affordable products, and we will ship them directly to you.

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• Product Sourcing: With over 10 years experience in this field, our team will keep your mind at peace, and you will be sure that the products are supplied through a responsible supply chain.

 Amazon FBA sourcing service: We offer you Amazon seller services, from product procurement, to brand labeling, quality inspection, packaging services, product photographing and also shipping of products to FBA warehouses. Just tell us what you need, and we will help ship your products to your warehouse at lightning speed.

• Business and sourcing ideas: If you walk into our office, we will share business and sourcing ideas with you, even if you are importing yourself, our ideas will help you avoid mistakes that will be costly to your business. Our advice will surely help your business turn out better.

We will keep updating new resoures about hot selling item in china, if you are planning to open your online shop and don’t know what kind of products to choose, welcome to subscribe our articles, we will give you some sourcing inspiration.

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