TOP 20 China Manufacturing Cities

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China is basically the number one location for big manufacturing industries to locate their factories, and this is due to favorable Chinese policies that favor the manufacturing industries.

It is no news that China is now the entrepreneur’s haven. As an entrepreneur or business person, looking to get quality products, at a fairly cheap price, and manufactured when you need them, the best place to head to is China.

The country is large geographically, they have a good business philosophy, and the government support an open border business policy, no wonder they have a thriving trade industry.

More and more people now see China as the best place to source their products, importers all over the world troop to China on a daily basis to get a slice of the Chinese manufacturing cake.

As a new or inexperienced importer, importing from China is a big field of study, you need to learn everything about the Chinese manufacturing cites.

How the importation process works, finding the right supplier in the right location, the best location to source for a particular product, and another important one, industry clusters.

If you don’t know the answers to all these, this article will help you understand china manufacturing cities, the business geography, and industry clusters.

The advantages of finding the right supplier in the right location are numerous, they are

Production cost advantages

Finding the right supplier located in the right production environment will surely help you reduce production cost.

The supplier in the right location has access to cheaper raw materials, and the cost of manufacturing your products is always cost sensitive because of the competition.

Reduction in mainland transportation charges

 Finding a supplier located in the right manufacturing zone will help you reduce transportation charges from the mainland.

Let’s say you didn’t know that Shenzhen was the best place to get electronic products, and your source from mainland China. Transporting the finished products from mainland China to the ports will make you incur extra expenses.

More substitute suppliers

In the right manufacturing environment, or industrial cluster, there are lots of factories manufacturing the same product, so you have access to different options.

If the supplier you have in mind is not agreeing to contract terms favorable to you, you have the option of getting another supplier in that location with ease.

Saving visit time from different suppliers

Going to the right location to get a supplier will help you save visit time to different suppliers as most of the suppliers are in the same location. So visit time will take less time, and your production process will be easier and faster.

TOP 20 China Manufacturing Cities

Zencheng city

 Xintang town located in zencheng city in the Guangzhou province. This town is well known for its famous jeanswear.

TOP 20 Industry City In China

More than five thousand factories for the manufacture of denim wears are located in this town. Xintang produces no less than 2.5 million jeans wear every day, making it the largest producer of denim clothing in China. Accounting for over 60% of the total jeans supply in the whole of China.

Also in this province is the xintang international jeans city, which is a very large scale wholesale jeans market, where denim clothing are exported to hundreds of countries globally.


The capital city of the Guangdong province, Guangzhou has a large population, a booming economy, and thousands of factories located in it. The most famous industry there is the garment industry.

TOP 20 Industry City In China

Fast fashion clothing manufacturers and large wholesale clothing market are located here, with lots of foreigners like Americans and Europeans among the buyers and sellers.

The clothing factories in Guangzhou are mostly located in different districts like: share district, west district, shisanhang district, and Eight children’s clothing. Located in the city is also a large fabric market, The Guangzhou International Textile City.

The Chinese like to call it the Zhongda fabric market, and most factories prefer their customers come here to choose the fabric they like.

If you’re interested in high-end female clothing, then the Nanyou wholesale clothing market adjacent of Shenzhen city is the place to be, with millions of choices to choose from, you surely will be lost for words.


Shenzhen city in the Guangzhou province is the largest electronic manufacturing city in the world. And Huaqiang Bei has the largest concentration of electronics products in the world.

TOP 20 Industry City In China

More than 10,000 high-tech electronic manufacturing factories are located in this region, and any type of mobile phone component and accessories will surely be found here.

Any electronic product you want will surely be found here, and lots of westerners have their designs sent down here for manufacturing.


Dalang located between Hong Kong and Guangzhou, is the largest producer of sweaters in China and probably globally. The industry sources its wool locally as the largest wool wholesale market is also located in dalang. For foreign buyers, such an arrangement is very convenient.

leelinesourcing lulu sweaters1

Thousands of importers source sweaters from this region because they are more experienced with swearer production than anywhere in China, their products are of more quality, and they maintain great control of the production process.


Foshan which is also located in the Guangdong province is in close proximity to Guangzhou. Foshan is a very large manufacturing city, with Shunde district as the main area to import furniture of any kind.

leelinesourcing lulu furniture%201

The people of Foshan are skilled in the manufacture of quality and aesthetic furniture, the best in China.

Foshan has the highest number of registered trademarks in China, and they own over 1000 brands. Foshan is also known for its pillar industries, ceramics products, children’s wear, building materials, and appliances.


 Zhongshan city is known as the lighting capital of China, and one of the largest manufacturer of lighting products in the world.

leelinesourcing lulu lighting%201

Guzhen town in Zhongshan city has the highest number of lighting production facilities in China, and the largest wholesale market, accounting for over 70% of the lighting products in the whole of China.

Lighting products manufactured here are exported to countries all over the world, and a lighting fair is held in Guzhen every year, from March 18 through to March 21.


Looking to import your toys from China? Your first point of call should be Chenghai in the Shantou city, also located in the Guangdong province. Chenghai started as family workshops in the 1980s and 1990s but has gone on to be the toy capital of China.

TOP 20 Industry City In China

More than 4000 toy manufacturers are located in this region, with their productions centering around Christmas crafts, remote control toys, and all kind of creative toys you can think of.

A toy fair, the annual Chenghai International Toys, and Craft Fair also attract a massive number of both local and foreign investors to the city.


Yangjiang city is the knife and scissors go to place for importers in China. They have the largest concentration of factories producing stainless steel knives and scissors in the whole of China.

TOP 20 Industry City In China

Almost 2000 knife and scissors manufacturers call Yangjiang their home. The city accounts for over 80% of China’s knife and scissors export, with hardware knives and scissors exported from the city to over 100 countries globally.


Huqiu in Suzhou city, located in the Jiangsu province is famous for its wedding dresses.

Just like wall street in New York, Huqiu has famous wedding streets, and brides in China mostly come here to choose their preferred wedding dresses.

leelinesourcing lulu wedding%20dress%201

It is better to buy in huqiu wedding street than to buy online because the prices are cheaper, and you will feel the quality before you purchase them.

And for importers, huqiu wedding dresses are exported globally through postal services like Aliexpress. Also located in huqiu is the wedding dress market, and most wedding dresses found there are of top quality.

Donghai (East China Sea)

Donghai also known as the East China Sea is the worlds largest center for natural crystals raw materials, it is located in Lianyungang city, in the Jiangsu province.

Donghai crystal is world renowned, with a large reserve of natural crystals. Donghai has the most important cluster of crystal industries in China and the world at large.

TOP 20 Industry City In China

The annual output of natural crystal from Donghai industries is more than 500 tons, which accounts for more than half of China’s natural crystal production. Over 300 crystal processing factories are located in this region, and the area has prospered from its business.

Enterprises all over the world source their crystals from Donghai, the gargantuan volume of crystal trade in that area have made it the crystal capital of the world.


Jinjiang city in the Fujian province is a world-renowned shoe industry center.

leelinesourcing lulu sport%20shoes1

With over three thousand shoe production facilities and management companies in that region, an annual shoe output of over 700 million pairs, an output value of over 200 billion yuan, the Jinjiang sports shoe production industry is the largest in China, and also in the world.

Shoes produced in this region are exported all over the world, and also used in China. Chendai district in Jinjiang city is the largest sports shoe processing, production and trading base in the country.

There are lots of factories in Jinjiang that copy popular brand names like Adidas and Nike, and the copies are of top quality.


 Keqiao district in Shaoxing city has the world’s largest fabric wholesale market.

TOP 20 Industry City In China

With over ten thousand suppliers, more than thirty thousand different types of fabrics, and a traffic volume of over one hundred thousand people, this is the go-to place for any importer in the fabric industry.

The city is just a twenty minutes drive from Xiaoshan Hangzhou International airport, an hour drive to Ningbo, and two hours drive to Shanghai.

Apparel factories all over China, and even business people all over the world come here to source for fabrics for their production process, even factories in Asia Textile City get most of their fabrics from Keqiao district.


Wenzhou is renowned for its businessmen and a large number of industries located in the region, but the most prominent industry there is the footwear industry.

TOP 20 Industry City In China

With over 4500 shoemaking factories and over 900 children shoe manufacturing industries, it is the largest shoemaking industrial cluster in China.

Lots of Chinese popular shoe brands are from Wenzhou, the quality and technology of shoes produced in this region is also of world standard, so their products can be exported to anywhere in the world.

There are also other industry clusters in Wenzhou, like the appliance industry, auto parts and valve production is also popular here.

Zhili district

To get children’s wear in abundance, the best place would be Zhili district, Huzhou city, located in the Zhejiang province. It is the largest children clothing base in China, and one of the largest in the world.

TOP 20 Industry City In China

All types of children clothing are found in this region, and a large children’s wear market is one of the major projects in the Zhejiang province. You can get low to middle-income children’s wear here, and also if you want high-end children’s wear, it can be obtained in this region.


 This region is the center for umbrella manufacturing in China.

TOP 20 Industry City In China

Not far from the Xiaoshan international airport. This industrial cluster has over 1000 umbrella manufacturing factories located there, and almost all kinds of umbrellas can be found and manufactured there.


Yiwu is the world’s largest general merchandise center.

TOP 20 Industry City In China

With over 80,000 stores and thirty thousand different type of commodities, Yiwu international market is the number one place to get anything you want to purchase in China.

With varieties of products, a large international market, thousands of stores, and quality products, Yiwu is the importer’s number one choice, here you can get anything.


 There are lots of trading companies located in Ningbo because of its close proximity to a port. The industrial clusters in Ningbo are divided into three major industries:

1. Portside Industries: Which include the petrochemical industries, steel industries, automobile manufacturing industry, iron production, and ship-repair industries.

2. High and new technology: This includes the biological medicine industry, new material, and electronic information.

3. Traditional superior industries: This includes the textile and garment industry, electric appliances, mold and metal products.

TOP 20 Industry City In China


This city which is located to the north of Wenzhou city is renowned throughout China for its plastic and rubber products. You will find any type of plastic or rubber products here, from PVC, PP, ABS etc.

TOP 20 Industry City In China

Runner products are also manufactured here in large quantity, from rubber gloves to rubber coasters etc. As an importer of rubber or plastic products, this is one place to source your rubber products in China.


Tongkang city located in the Jinghua province, is China’s number one industry cluster for hardware and doors.

leelinsourcing lulu door1

You will get any type of metal door in this region. This region also houses lots of industries, like automobile components, cup industries, cookware, electronic tools, and electronic appliances.

Cleaning product factories are also located here in clusters, and toy can get suppliers for aprons, mops, and cleaning materials in Yongkang city.

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