Top 50 Trending Products To Sell Online 2022

Sharline Shaw

The market gets filled with new trends every day. We come across new gadgets, appliances, treatment good, and much more that are redefining the market.

These trends and products are defined based on customer demands, and businesses are utterly focusing on customer’s preferences to launch new products.

Trending Products

What is Trending Products?

Something popular among the common is called trendy. It can be a product, a fashion line, a hairstyle or anything. Trending products are those that are being used by several people and are trending on social media and digital media.

These products are wild in demand as consumers are buying them based on their utility functionality and trendiness. Having such products at your place gives you a sense of elevation since you are living with what’s trending in the market.

Characteristics Of The Best Trending E-Commerce Products In 2021

One can think of several metrics that make a product eye-catching and trending. However, here are some of the competitive features that are helping some of the best trending e-commerce products in 2021 rule the market:

Unique, or Eye-Catching

One of the many features for any product to become trendy is to be unique and eye-catching. The product should be designed, formed, painted, etc. in a way that it should pose uniqueness to the customers.

In addition, make sure that there are no substitutes for your product in any brick or mortar markets.

Difficult to Find

When your product is unique, people will try to find it. This will add to the demand for the product, which will automatically increase the price for it. You will be contacted by a number of e-commerce markets for the product. This will allow you to seize the market, and get a head start.

Price Is Not Available

When the customers don’t find the price of the product, they won’t be able to sell the product even if they get it from other vendors somehow.

This is very common with drop shippers as they buy products from Ali Express, and then sell them on their e-commerce platforms at higher rates.

Not Sold Within Country

Everything is connected with the demand for the product. If the product is available in the country, people will be able to purchase it somehow.

But if the product isn’t available, and only your store is selling the product, people will be opting for your e-commerce site to buy the product.

Available for a Healthy Markup

The value of the product is also important. Buying impulse is something that concerns people in buying the product. If they aren’t expecting any value from the product, they won’t be buying the product.

On the other hand, if they find the substitute of the product from other platforms, they will be comparing prices with your site. Finding others more friendly, they will not opt for your site and loose buying impulse for your platform.

How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online

Here are some key elements to find yourself trending products that would sell online:

Brainstorm Ideas

One of the primary aspects of finding yourself a key trending product to sell is by brainstorming ideas. This is necessary since you need to look in the market to see what the customer’s preferences are.

You need to think like a customer and think about the products that you would need. When needing the products, make sure to assess the utility of those products.

Gather information about what new products can be launched, and how can you innovate any given product in the market.

Brainstorm Ideas

Find Market Data To See If The Industry Sales Are Growing

Data is important, and it is viable especially when you are about to invest in selling a trending product. Even if a product is trending it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be trending all the time.

That is why you need to gather the data regarding the sales of your interested industry. You need to see the sales growth, the average of the people now buying the product, and the possible growth in the future.

This will allow you to have insights on whether the product is worth investing in or not. In case you can think of new ideas that can help innovate the product under focus, you need to evaluate the trend in order to take measures for its market sales.

Find Low Competition Niches Within Growing Industries

Another competitive way of finding a trendy product is to focus on markets and niches with low competition. Finding niches with low competition will help you get a market edge in case your product kicks off.

Moreover, you’ll be able to find innovation chances in the products in such markets too. Using innovation will help you get a better market edge since you’ll be able to sell the product innovatively.

Collect Data Such As Amazon Sales, Search Volume, Keyword Difficulty, Etc.

Using the data from the existing sales can also help prove beneficial in assessing the product that will fit the best for you to adopt. You can easily opt to browse for Amazon’s best sellers that are arranged category wise.

The list provides Amazon keyword research results on how much the sales of a certain product have grown, by what volume it has been searched, the keywords that have been used for the product’s search, and other metrics.

All the information can help decide the best product to choose for your business. In addition, this will also allow you to focus on the customer’s preferences since you’ll know what the customers are searching for.

You can visit new releases, movers and shakers (the products with the highest sales), most wished for, gift ideas, etc. Ensure visiting the list for most wished since these are the products that the customers most wish and opt for.

Research Ideas In Google Trends

Google Trends is a great place to find some new ideas, especially regarding new products. You need to see what current searches are taking place in the market, and how can you innovate them. In addition, go through some ideas yourself and try to generate something of your own.

This will help in promoting cognitive ability as well as boost your brainstorming, resulting in producing an innovative product of your own.

Moreover, you can use Google Trends to see if the product is trending or not over the course of 12 months. Google Trends also illustrates information regarding how the product is functioning in your country.

Google Trends

Compare My Ideas Using Actual Data

If you want, you can also opt for actual data and compare your ideas with it. This will allow you to take measures on whether your product is going to trend or not. Searching for long-tail keywords can help minimize the risk of choosing an incompetent product.

Moreover, you need to keep searching for new data since everyday sales go up and down. The more accurate the information you have, the more accurate you’ll be able to orient your information and choose a trending product.

What Types of Trending Products to Sell Online?

Here are some types of products that you can sell online:

Selling digital products Online

Different digital products can be sold online such as music, videos, wallpapers, ringtones, websites, etc. With the advent of digital media, almost all transactions are taking place online, and people often opt for online platforms to buy digital products too.

Platforms such as SendOwl, FastSpring, Selz, etc. are some of the platforms that you can easily opt to sell your digital products.

Selling digital products Online

Selling physical products online

Another niche that you can adopt is the niche of physical products. Physical products can be any products that you should choose based on their demand and sales. From beauty products to clothing, skincare to accessories, you can easily opt for different products that fit best to your needs.

One competitive thing to consider is that the products you will choose to sell will need physical inventory. For that, you will need to contact a manufacturer that supplies the products you need. There are other factors that you need to assess as well as such as quality of the product, the minimum order that you need to make, the price that you need to set, etc.

Unique products or Commodities

Unique products or commodities are those that are rare in the market. These products are either imported or sold only by specific vendors. When one needs to sell these products, they need to strategize effectively in terms of the product they want to invest in.

For starters, one can sell a customized range of bags, watches, clothing, etc. In order to do so, you will need to assess what brands are currently offering such kind of merchandise. In addition, you will also need to evaluate the initial costs, including manufacturing, marketing, pricing, etc.

Dropshipping or Carrying Inventory

In case you’re planning to invest in dropshipping or carrying inventory, you need to make sure that the products you’re choosing have a stable demand in the market. Since you’ll be paying for the warehousing costs, the costs or transporting the goods, and other costs, you’ll need to make sure that the goods you’re supplying will result in more profit than your carrying inventory.

Dropshipping or Carrying Inventory

50 Trending Products to Sell Online in 2021

Top 10 trending products on Amazon

1. Car Phone Holder

If you are looking for an ultimate solution for your mobile placement in the car, Beam Universal Smartphone Holder is here. This car phone holder is compatible with a wide range of phones including Phone XS, XS, Max XR, X 8, 8+, 7, 7+, SE, 6s, 6+, 6, 5s, 4, Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8, S7, S6, S5, S4, LG, Nexus, Nokia, and more.

With its simplistic installation and single-handed handling, you don’t need any extra tools. Just insert the ball into the slot, tighten the lock washer with the mount back, and adjust it in your desired position.

It can rotate 360 degrees to provide you with the perfect view at every angle. There is a quick-release button on the back sides of this car phone holder that helps you clamp and release the phone in one-go.

It is made with high-quality material and a soft-padded interior that keeps the back of your phone protected from heat. For the best handling of your phone, while you drive, this one is an excellent choice.

2. Home Security IP Camera

Are you worried about the security of your home or office?

Not as long as you have the YI 1080p Home Camera. This surveillance system features night vision so that any unusual activity can be captured even when its pitch darkness. The F/2. 0 aperture, 112 wide-angle lenses, 1080P/15Fps perfect capturing lens helps it record 24/7 in HD.

There are 8 individual 940Nm infrared LED’s allowing the camera to record and capture in low-light. Another great feature that makes this camera one of the best trending products to sell in 2021 is cloud storage.

It supports the YI cloud that keeps all the videos and footages safe in 32GB Class10 micros cards. With the YI Home app, you can share this camera with 5 family members or friends.

3. Wifi Repeater

TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender is currently one of the most popular products to sell online because of its high ratings, demand, and low price.

Customers are always in search of products that offer convenience and functionality at a budget-friendly rate. This Wi-Fi repeater offers Covers Up to 800 Sq. at a speed of up to 300Mbps.

This repeater offers expanded coverage for phones, laptops, and computers for easy web streaming, gaming, and browsing. What makes it special and trending is the ease of set up.

4. Drone Camera

Modern age demands for modernized gadgets, which is why everyone wants to own a drone camera. This very reason has made Foldable Drone with 1080P HD Camera one of the most trending products on amazon. People are ordering this device because it is extremely user-friendly.

Both kids and adults can use it easily because of its simplistic system. This product is the best for beginners who are planning to master the drone flight. 2 high-performance rechargeable batteries make the flight last for 15 minutes.

It features a 120°Wide-angle 1080P HD FPV Wi-Fi Camera for perfect vision and high-quality video capturing. People have gone crazy over this drone camera because of its voice command operation.

Drone Camera

5. Posture Corrector

Every other person has a back pain issue due to a misaligned spine or wrong sitting position, but everyone desires a perfect posture. The Posture Corrector by MARAKYM has brought a revolution on Amazon because of its amazing features and qualities.

This one is definitely among the list of trending things to buy for the people who are used to slouch. Good posture is healthy and desirable and this posture corrector does exactly that. The adjustable Clavicle Brace improves the bad posture and balances the spine by reducing backaches.

It is made of high-quality Neoprene to keep your back comfortable.

6. Electric Soldering Iron Gun

The NEWACALOX Soldering Gun comes with an automatic hand-held solder iron kit. It is one of the most trending products to sell because jewelry repairers are always in search of welding tools that are fast and safe with metals.

This one is an all-in-one tool kit for soldering that includes soldering gun, disordering pump, and 2 tweezers and solder wire. No wonder why this product is a trending choice for consumers. This featured-packed electric soldering iron gun has a natural mica heating core, easy assembly, aluminum body, and a de-soldering high-pressure vacuum pump.

This machine is widely appreciated by home DIYists and jewelry welders.

7. Pump Wedge Locksmith

The major reason why this one tops the trending consumer products is that people who drive regularly, often find themselves in trouble of getting locked out of their cars.

The ARISD Car Air Wedge Pump Wedge Kit is a high-quality inflatable pump wedge locksmith for your home and auto needs.  Polyurethane rubber material and double side TPU pouring make it durable and safe to use.

This product opens up your car locks easily without damaging the car door and handle. It can lift 200ib-300ibs with superior pressure resistance. The easy to use squeezing pump is why it is widely used and loved!

8. Bohemian Earrings

Women love to wear jewelry, especially when it is trending, safe to wear, and beautiful. The Bohemian Acrylic Dangle Beads Earrings are made of eco-friendly material that protects the skin from any harm or allergies.

Not only are these earrings safe, but stylishly designed. They are almost weightless with 2cm to 3.5cm diameter. Their drop-down design and light-weight feature make them one of the most loved jewelry articles sold on Amazon.

These bohemian earrings are an ideal choice to gift because of its nice packaging and a mini nosegay that comes along in the box.

9. Manicure Milling Drill Bit

What more can a woman want than perfectly manicured and shiny nails? Germiston 5pcs Bullet Tungsten Carbide Burrs Nail Drill Bit has become the number one choice for not only the best beauty salons but for women who like to do their manicures by themselves.

The bits are made of Tungsten steel material that is not easily rusted. 2.35m handle shank diameter can easily foot to most of the machines.

Manicure Milling Drill Bit

10. Flexible Garden Hose

Perfect for watering your garden with a high-pressure spray nozzle, the Expandable Garden Hose by GrowGreen Hoses is the new trend on Amazon.

This space sufficient water hose can expand up to 50 feet when needed and can return to its original compact size after that.

The spray nozzle comes with 8 high-quality adjustable patterns that are all rust-resistant and corrosion-free. Another great thing is the lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Top 10 trending products on eBay

11. One Piece Swimsuit

The one-piece swimsuit is currently a trending product because several females have started wearing them on their beach trips. These backless swimsuits are a perfect option to enjoy beach strolling and parties with added comfort and ease without compromising on style.

You can sell these swimsuits under the tag of the perfect beach part wears to grab customers’ attention. The price per swimsuit ranges from $6-$25, and you can easily find them on eBay.

12. Fly Fishing Quick Knot Tool

Flyfish quick knot tool is another trending product to sell due to their high demand. These are unbreakable fish hooks that help to tie the hooks easily.

You can easily sell it with a combo with fish gear and it will surely prove to be a success. Because this tool comes with fastening travel bags and belts, they are more popular among people who are fond of fishing.

These fishing knot tools can be sold regardless of any season. You can find this product on eBay at a price range of $7-$10.

13. Breathable Mesh Running Shoes

Breathable shoes are a desire of every athlete, which is why Breathable Mesh Running Shoes can be an ideal product to sell.  The trend of breathable mesh shoes is increasing fast because of their increased comfortability and light-weight.

People are looking for shoes that won’t make their feet swell even if the wear it for a whole day. These shoes are made up of reachable organic materials, which is why customers rush to buy these.

Just add this to your product list and watch your sales increase. The price of this product is $7-$25.

14. Waterproof Eyebrow Liner

No woman will like to wash off her whole makeup just because here eyebrow liner wasn’t good enough to shape the perfect brows.

You can give them the right solution by selling the most demanded waterproof eyebrow liner. These eyebrow liner pencils have a perfectly-aligned tip to give the perfect brow shape.

Even if they wash off their faces, the eyebrows will stay in shape. Add this product to your e-commerce site to increase the number of your customers.

15. Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Children’s health is always a major concern of responsible parents, and the Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer keeps them covered.

These thermometers are non-contact so that children will not get uneasy. This product is highly trending on different e-commerce websites because they can check temperature from the distance of 12inches.

Many people are searching for it which means its popularity is still growing. Try selling out this product and you’ll get a decent sale.

16. Cat Massage Comb

Cat owners will do anything for the comfort of their cats and rubbing is something that cats do a lot. No one wants their cats to shed their hair everywhere, which is why they search for cat massage combs.

This trending e-commerce product is the best option to add to your online store if it is related to pets. Cat brushes are being sold in a good number recently because pet owners have started to consider the needs of their pets.

This product is going to get the eyes of your customers for sure.

Cat Massage Comb

17. Portable Electric Ionic Hairbrush

Who doesn’t like to have a nice relaxing hair massage wherever they want? The portable electronic iconic hairbrushes are in high-demand.

People are searching for it widely because these brushes claim to inherit the meridian principle of traditional Chinese medicine.

Anyone who needs to improve his sleep quality, balance the blood circulation, or relieve fatigue would rush towards buying this brush if you enlist to sell it on your e-commerce store. This product can be easily bought at $10.

18. PVC Inflatable Beer Pong Ball Table

This product has become a trend worldwide, which is why selling them will prove to be highly beneficial for your business. They come at a price as low as $20, but if you promote it by highlighting the right features, your business will reach another level of popularity.

All you have to do is target the right customers who are searching for these beer bong tables online. These pong ball tables are a source of adding to the enjoyment of pool parties.

19. Home Ice Cream Makers

This product gets sold easily because they are not so costly, and then no one can resist deliciously cool ice-creams without stepping out in the heat.

Focus on the features of your product and promote these ice-cream makers and see how people will go crazy to have one of these ice-cream makers in their homes.

The price of this product is only $30, but you can sell it by keeping a margin of your profit.

20. Beach Towels

A tip to become a successful marketer is to start up by selling simple products that are trending fast. Although selling beach towels might not sound as impressive, but the trends of this product are higher than your expectations.

Beach towels are a must-carry when people are going to the beach. These towels keep them dry and prevent the dust and sand from sticking to their wet bodies.

Get these towels at only $10 and sell them after keeping your margin.

Top 10 trending products on Shopify

21. One size fits all sofa and couch covers

Furniture like sofas is a huge investment, which is why people are always looking for a product to keep them safe and covered.

Why not add the One size fits all sofa and couch covers to your product list to sell while the trend is so high?

Statista predicts the market will grow 0.6% annually, which means this thing is going to ear you a lot. This product is cheaper for the customer because they don’t have to bu a three-piece cover set. This makes these covers easier to sell with a higher profit margin.

22. Waterproof Shoe Cover

The perfect solution for the rainy season is to get the shoes covered with the waterproof shoe covers. Dirty shoes leave a bad impression of one’s personality; that is why people are concerned about their shoes.

This silicon made waterproof shoe covers are the top-selling product because of their low cost and high convenience.

Highlight the features of this product that it keeps the shoes perfectly clean and dry, and sell this $2 shoe covers on your margin.

23. Hooded Raincoats

The people who live in tropical countries where it is common to rain are the major customers of hooded raincoats. These raincoats keep them dry and warm.

Being highly in demand, this one is an ideal choice to sell for your online business. You can easily get these hooded raincoats at a low price of just $2.

24. Cable Chompers

People care more for their mobiles then they do for themselves, especially when it comes to making them look presentable. Different mobile retailer shoppers buy these cable chompers in bulk, which can increase your chance to get your profit from selling this product online.

The price of a single cable chomper is only $1 that leaves a large margin for you to earn.

25. Plush Blankets

Plush blankets are the perfect option to sell when the fall season knocks at the door. Everyone loves to feel warm and cozy while the cold wind is blowing outside.

Adding these blankets on your product list will instantly boost your sales, especially when the season is on. Get these blankets at the price of $11 and sell them by keeping your profit margin.

26. Pet bed 

The perfect gift for the purring fur balls is buying them a comfy pet bed. Cat lovers treat their cat companions as their babies that increase your chances of success rate by selling pet beds.

Cat beds have a monthly search of 60,500. Similarly, the trending volume of the keyword “dog bed” has a monthly search of volume 234,000.

Pet bed

27. Minimalist jewelry

Minimalist jewelry has become the most trending product to be sold online. With an annual growing search rate by 2|%, these products are designed to boost your sales.

Being one of the most trending products on Instagram, you can easily promote your jewelry store by adding videos and pictures of your products.

28. Beard straightener

Men are becoming more cautious about their grooming, which has made men’s grooming market more progressive over the years. With a monthly search rate of 37,000 on beard straighteners, you can guess how far you can go by selling this product.

The growth and demand for this product are evident to be in the limelight for years to come. Try out your luck by selling these trending consumer products, and make gold out of the profit!

29. Massage guns

When you hit the gym hard, you need to relax with something to keep your sore muscles intact. That is why the demand for these massage guns is quite high.

These are one of the trending products and you can choose these to sell with quite a profit margin since they are available at above $100.

30. Athleisure

It is one of the trending products that are here to stay. It’s activewear that provides an athletic look even for everyday use. It is a wide category for itself with several products including sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings, sports bras, and much more.

You can easily opt for the product to sell since its market is set to be worth more than $500 billion in 2024.

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Top 10 Trending Products On AliExpress

31. Baby Kids Water Play Mat

You can’t stop your kids from playing but you can give them water to the mat to play. Baby Kids Water Play Mat is an innovative product that is currently trending for its huge sales. It is fun, easy to deploy, and children can also use it for exercising.

Moreover, the water mat also allows developing fine motor skills of the children that are using it for exercising. You can get these at $10 choosing the ones that have more than 100+ reviews. Buy them in small bulk and sell them at a 50% margin.

32. Pocket Scarves

People need items that add a style statement to their profile. These pocket scarves are just the thing for it. These can be used to put money, cellphone, and other small accessories that one needs to carry with them.

You can buy these at $3 and sell them with a 100% margin on your e-commerce site. In addition, you can also choose to buy different colors that will attract the customers to your site.

33. Winter Coats

The fashion industry spends millions on producing a range of new winter coats. And with their sales, they can double their investments too. With winter approaching, you can expect to have a whopping demand for these coats.

The one thing you need to make sure is to promote a good view of the products. You need to promote the quality of the coat as given so that the customers find it easy to view and choose.

These vary in the range, starting from $3 and you can also buy small quantities to test their sales. But it’s highly recommended that you buy in bulk since they will be sold quickly in winter.

Winter Coats

34. Shoe Dryer

Who doesn’t want to keep their shoe long-living, especially when you are quite comfortable in them? That is why choosing to sell a shoe dryer is a good option for you. The product works wonderfully, cleaning and drying shoes while making their quality intact.

You can purchase these at $25 and sell them with a 50-100% margin easily. Just make sure that the ones you’re buying are working so that you don’t sell faulty products to your customers. This will send a negative impact, and you’ll lose your customers.

35. Touchscreen Gloves

When one needs to protect their hands but still have to suffer from the inconvenience of taking their gloves off for using their cellphone, this product comes to their saving. The touchscreen gloves are quite popular and can be opted for one’s site to sell.

They don’t scratch or damage the touchscreen as well as provide an effective response for the users too. You can easily buy these at $2 and sell them at a 100% margin. Make sure to buy different colors that will be attractive for the buyers.

36. Waterproof Pants

Another winter product that you can invest in buying is the waterproof pants. Not only these serve as insulators but they also prevent frost from staying on your pants. The reason to choose these is that people continuously look for waterproof jackets but can’t find waterproof pants.

You can buy these at various costs starting at $25 and sell them with 50-100% margins easily. Make sure to check their utility as well as include insight on how much waterproof will the pants be.

37. Bear Claws

Good for BBQ parties, the bear claws are an essential part for any expedition, wildlife or travel enthusiasts. They help shred the meat easily so you don’t have to hassle bringing a shredder with you.

They are available starting from $4 and you can charge extra margins to sell them on your platform. However, ensure that the ones you buy offer maximum utility and are of high quality too.

38. Hiking Backpacks

Another product that you can include for your e-commerce site is the hiking backpack. This product is popular among those that want to travel into the wilds. You can get these in different ranges and options starting at $30.

39. Hair Wig

Hair wigs are a new trending product that has entered the market. These are widely used in the fashion industry and you can easily opt for them to sell on your e-commerce site.

You can buy this starting from $50. However, you need to see the quality to make sure your customers get the best products.

40. Shapewear

Shapewear is another excellent product to sell on your e-commerce site. These are available at $10 but you can also find them at $60 based on the brand that you are buying.

You’ll have a 50-100% margin window for it too. Ensure quality and different colors while purchasing it.

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Top 10 trending products on Alibaba

41. Eyeshadow Stamp

Who doesn’t like to have fresh juice with them anywhere they go?

Yes, it is one of the most demanded products in the market.

Sports enthusiasts are especially opting for it due to its effective portability option and performance that gives you fresh juice anywhere.

The product costs $10-$20 and you can find it from Afforanay Global Store or MisMermaid Store easily.

42. Spider Nail Gel

Bored of the traditional nail paints and need new designs to make your nails look stylish and elegant? Then spider nail gel is the best option for you. The demand for this $2 product is surely making it quite popular, and worth investing in.

You can buy this in bulk from different retailing platforms and can sell it easily at $8 per paint. This is necessary since you’ll be needing to keep a minimum of 50% of the margin for your e-commerce site to make the profit since you’ll probably be booing these in bulk.

43. Face Shield

Need to go outside but want to keep yourself protected from the dust? Don’t want to buy those old and drab face shields? No worries, this is another trending product that you can opt to sell on your e-commerce site.

Face shields are becoming extremely popular since they come in amazing designs that can be customized accordingly. You can find these from Kaze Velocity or Vexverm for $5-$10, and sell them at 100% margin.

44. Phone Lenses

Buying a new phone can be a hassle especially if you’re running tight on a budget. But when you’ve got phone lenses, you’ll be rooting for these instead of buying a new phone. Phone lenses are becoming extremely popular with their products being sold in bulk volumes.

These can be installed easily on your phone camera and can easily use them for high-quality image clicking. Another intriguing element about them is that they are still one of the trendiest and most selling products for dropshipping products due to their repute in the mobile phone market.

They are easily available at $1-$5 and can be purchased from several vendors too. All you need to do is to find the lenses that have been recommended by others and order them in bulk for your e-commerce platform.

45. Inflatable Pet Collars

If you’re worried that your pets may get themselves injured while playing or sleeping or during any travel, then these collars are the perfect ones to opt for. They keep your pets’ neck protected at all times.

The primary reason for their high sales is the inflatable perk that comes with it. Most of the pet owners are opting for the product, which is why it’s a good option for you to put on your e-commerce website as well.

The product can be bought at $3-$8 in bulk and can be sold with additional margins. You can also address the targeted tags with it to make your platform stand out.

46. Portable Blender

Who doesn’t like to have fresh juice with them anywhere they go?

Yes, it is one of the most demanded products in the market.

Sports enthusiasts are especially opting for it due to its effective portability option and performance that gives you fresh juice anywhere.

The product costs $10-$20 and you can find it from Afforanay Global Store or MisMermaid Store easily.

Portable Blender


47. Strapless Backless Bra

If you want to invest in women’s clothing, then this product is surely the one to include. Women want to move without the shame of showing off their bra straps. That is why the Strapless Backless Bra is a trending product to sell.

The iconic silicon suckers are crafted to maintain a solid grip, helping to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. In addition, it’s a hot cake especially if you’re in the fashion industry. The product can easily be bought at $1-$4 and can be sold at higher margins too.

You can also choose to buy these in different colors and match stockings with them to sell a complete nightmare.

48. Child Wrist Leash

Children are children. They will do things even though they are instructed not to. Such a thing includes running off on a busy road. The prime reason for this product to be a top seller is due to its amazing utility.

The leash is highly sought especially in the US market where women take their children to shopping malls. You can get these at $2-$6, and sell them on your e-commerce site by targeting a certain interest group.

49. Front Facing Baby Carrier

One can’t leave their babies at home, and it’s quite a hassle taking them with you on work or even on shopping. That is why this Front Facing Baby Carrier is making to the top ranks due to its immense utility.

The carrier is amazing and gives competent support to both males and females that are carrying their babies. With their immense utility, these products are sure to be sold in high numbers even for your site.

You can buy these at $13-$16 in bulk and sell them at 50% of the margin to not make them expensive. The perk? These carriers won’t go outdated since babies are born as we speak.

50. Wireless Phone Chargers

With convenience comes innovation, and when the world needed fast and convenient charging without cable breakage, Wireless Phone Chargers were the ones that took the market. These are the next big thing in the world of smartphones, and you can surely buy these to sell on your platform.

Many phone companies have launched their wireless phone chargers. However, you can still buy these at $10-$15 and can sell them with a 100% margin too. Since these products are already coming with expensive phones, you can sell them at minimal rates to increase your sales.

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How LeelineSourcing Help You Find Trending Products to sell online

If you want to start your own e-commerce business and need guidance regarding the procedure, you can refer to LeelineSourcing.

The platform offers extensive insight into the retail market and provides a competent sourcing service that you can opt for your business.


Starting an e-commerce business can be hectic but if you have the right guidance, insight on the current trending products, and a strategic way of promotion, you can have a quick growth in your business in no time.

4 Type of E-commerce Platforms Help to Sell Online

E-commerce gains great popularity as it helps millions of people achieve their business dreams and get rid of economic poverty. Supported by the advanced technology, it thrives with its great and flexible marketing.

Growing from the booming of dot-com, to the SEO marketing, the mobile impact, e-commerce has come through a long way. Gradually, it has emerged as the easiest way in our mind to create a business.

As a result, millions of people are busy starting their own business online and involved in the e-commerce industry with great ambition.

E-commerce platforms grow at a fast pace to meet various demand of business types. Wholesale platforms eBay, Amazon, and other brand websites sprung up overnight to make shopping and selling easy for our lives.

The booming platforms make people hard decision-making to choose their business forms.

Opening a store on Amazon? Or beginning a seller on eBay?

Or creating your own business website for your great brand? It always seems that people would like to be hesitating when there is an option for them. It’s quite right to get everything clear before you make your final decision.

We will dwell on major e-commerce platforms in this article, and hope it will be helpful for your business online.

4 Type of E-commerce Platforms

1. eBay

Found in 1998, eBay offers a great online marketplace for the sale of products and services, online payment, etc.

Known as the site where you can post your stuff to auction it off, things have changed over the years. The platform offers various ways to streamline your business. If you want to join in eBay, it’s very easy.

According to the platform regulation, it is free if you plan to list up to 50 items for sale in a month. But you will be charged if you want to list more than 50 items a month.

While for eBay stores subscription, you are allowed to post thousands of items for free in exchange for a certain subscription rate.

Then you will be taken a percentage of your profits when you make a sale each time by the platform. For sellers, you have to take high-quality pictures and for each item to list your inventory.

The platform will help you decide on a competitive price for a better sale. It’s quite easy for sellers as they don’t need to make SEO optimization.

The auction is available on eBay. This is the most distinguishable features of the platform. You are allowed to list your item as an auction or sell it at a fixed price.

When you are engaged in the listing, the platform will help you decide which will better for your sales. It is rather flexible for sellers. For rare items, auction option will be the best one for you to get relative more profit margins.


Being a seller on eBay, you will get paid the smart way. PayPal is the official payment method of the platform regarding its security and safety, though you have to be charged for the handling fee.

As a multi-national marketplace, you will be paid via different currencies from different countries. Another way for payment is using a credit card if you are not willing to use PayPal.

If you do want to tap into the world of e-commerce, but you have little time to work on it, eBay valet will help you to manage it.

What you have to do is to use the site prepaid shipping labels to submit your items to your eBay Valet. In doing such an e-commerce business, you will save lots of time and energy.

2. Amazon

Founded in 1994, Amazon was an online bookstore in its inception stage where enable people to source books on the Internet.

With the great transformation during the past years, it finally grows into a mature business-to-customer platform where people can sell and buy almost everything on its website.

It is a multinational technology company with millions of retailers and sellers. It’s a good choice for people to start their own business on Amazon. However, it may seem a time-consuming work to start a business on Amazon.

Amazon sells its own items and the third-party products. You can find Amazon products like Alexa, tablets and other kinds of household items.


However, there is still big money comes from the third party sellers on the big platform. They sell items they source from other regions.

It is easy for people to register an Amazon seller account if they are over 18 years’ old. You can register an individual seller or a professional seller on Amazon.

For free individual sellers, a maximum of 40 items which must have a listing on Amazon can be sold per month.

Besides, they are prohibited to use the advertising platform to market your products.  While for professional sellers, they have to pay $40 monthly fee.

But they are allowed to sell an unlimited number of items and create a listing for your product, you can choose the Amazon warehouse; make your inventory for sales.

Both the advertising service and fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) are available for you. You can register the Amazon FBA service to make Amazon fulfill your orders and ship for you.

Generally, you will be charged for a small fee for fulfillment and the monthly inventory storage.

Selling wholesale products and private label items are the top two ways to gain great profit margins. For wholesale products, you have to source the profitable products directly from the manufacturer at a cheap price and resell it on Amazon.

It means you are a third-party seller. While sales for the private label item means you buy the item from the manufacturer with your own brand label on the product.

Being an Amazon seller doesn’t mean you just need to upload your items to the platform, create listings for your products, you have to understand the market skills to market your store and your items.

To be a successful Amazon seller, you have to understand what you can do to generate sales.

You have to learn SEO optimization, organic marketing, and paid marketing to reach possible customers and boost your sales. You have to do much more than you imagine after you opening your Amazon shops.

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How to Improve Product Ranking on Amazon-1

3. Personal brand website

With the rising competition between Amazon sellers, and other e-commerce platforms, you find the profit margins get smaller and smaller, and the rules on these platforms have been stricter than ever before.

How could you survive among them?

Is there an uncharted way to manage a business with profits?

If you have your own brand, and wonder if you could create a new website for your own brands for people shopping and having your service. You get the right place.

Do you want to personalize your customers’ experience?

Do you want to understand much more about your customer?

You can get all this done on your own website. Your website will be a integrate community linking yourself with customers based on your products and service.

To build a website for your own brand, you have a lot to do. You have to name your brand, register your brand, get your business license permit, create your logo, start web design, and build your website, and finally publish your website and market it.

Build your Website

Regarding your brand name, you’d better keep your brand name and your website domain related and suitable for your niche. For logo creation, make it innovative and resemble your brand and its value to make impressive for your possible visitors and customers.

While regarding web design, you can divide into different pages to present different parts of your brand and your corporation such as your story, your products, your service, and the shopping regulations. Make use of these pages for your further marketing with well-organized information and compelling content.

Complicated as it is, if you own a website, you will be much free in your marketing and rule settings. You can set up your rule based on your niche and business goals.

It will be very costly in building the website and maintaining after publishing as you have to hire professional experts in computer science and online marketing and rent web service provider.

However, the price on the website will be much higher than on the B2C platforms. And you will get lower competition over your items than the one sold on B2C platforms.

If you already have your own website, you’d better ensure high-quality items and trustworthy reviews to make your business stand out. In addition, curated inventory and robust search, and informative and well-organized product pages will attract people and help market your business.

If possible, you can support mobile shopping with the skyrocketing number of mobile users. Besides, you have to value your customer and offer great customer service to boost your marketing. Make a customer-friendly social community based on your products and service will help you stand out and win customer’s brand loyalty.


4. Dropshipping

Dropshipping emerges quite popular recently which enable sellers to earn the profit without the involvement of inventory. The seller can be regarded as the middleman. It is a retail fulfillment where sellers do not have keep items and have them sold in stock.

Generally, customers place orders for the retailer’s store, while the retailer will automatically forward the order to the dropship service provider, and then the drop shipper will package and ship the order directly to the customer side.

Unlike the traditional retailing merchants, they have to stock or warehouse the sold items until they sold out. This new business model enables retail sellers to purchase inventory as the order needed from a third party – a wholesaler or a manufacturer.

With low threshold, are you gonna to join in such a business? It can be easily set up with low cost and business risk. If you are involved in drop shipping, you will have more time and resource to scale your business.

However, drop shipping will leave you low-profit margins with fierce competition comparing to sourcing from a wholesaler or manufacturer.

You will have lower control of your supply chain and brand control. Certain issues may pop up because of the complexities of the delivery in the middle of the business.

Given its pros and cons, drop shipping is not suitable for all retail sellers. It may get smoothly for the business startups and first –time entrepreneurs to test new products before a heavy investment on this project.

But it may not suitable for brand-oriented sellers or margin-focused businessmen as it is difficult for them to maintain a long-term sustainable brand or create great profit. You have to give full consideration for your business decisions.

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How Dropshipping Works

If you still want to engage in the drop shipping business, you have to do your homework to make a profitable business.

First and foremost, you have to find the right item. You have to consider the retail price and the wholesale price to get the balance that works for you. Besides, size and weight, durability, and turn-over rate should take into account.

This is to have a rough estimation of your possible profit margins.

Then, you have to know your market including the demographics, gender, age range, your niche, your competitive environment. With everything in mind, you can find the drop ship supplier and negotiate with him, and start your business.

To boost your sales, you can market it on your social media, and try to reach possible customers as more as possible.

The rapid development of high tech has transformed both the way how we live and work, and the way how we do business.

In this article, we explore the e-commerce modes in various ways including eBay, Amazon, and the private brand website, and the drop shipping method, and their pros and cons for a business starter.

We hope it will be helpful for your business and know much more about the popular e-commerce modes to better your business idea. Should you have any idea about this top, please feel free to leave us your comment.

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