Urban Clothing Vendors

Leeline, the dominant sourcing, shipping, and freight company in the global market, can be your best business partner in sourcing 100% authentic urban clothing products from vendors. Our assistance will not only provide you with affordable prices, but we will also guide you throughout the procedure to avoid repeating mistakes that can risk your business. Beyond that, you will get tips to save about 40% on your budget through our expert supervision.

Urban Clothing Vendors

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Wholesale Best Urban Clothing Products

Women's Designer Wear

Wholesale Women’s Designer Wear


Wholesale Pants

Kids' Urban Wear

Wholesale Kids’ Urban Wear


Wholesale Suits

Plus Size Clothing

Wholesale Plus Size Clothing


Wholesale Hoodie

Our Urban Clothing Manufacturing Services Include:

Sourcing Service

Sourcing Clothing Suppliers

With no MOQ, five quotations and highly professional communication with trusted urban vendors, we will provide you with cheap but high-quality and fashionable apparel. Even if your product is rare, you will get exactly that with our proficient sourcing. These facilities will let you grow your business and gain your customers’ trust without any hurdles.

Clothing Quality Control

We are famous for our product quality control. Our team has designed a particular quality inspection procedure to deliver you paramount and error-free wholesale clothing for design and fabric inspection. Furthermore, you will be free to assess our quality control method based on internal and external factors.

Product Quality Control
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Clothing

Getting private-label wholesale urban clothing from vendors is the essential factor where most buyers strive hard. However, with Leeline, you will get accessible private label services whether you are looking for OEM or Amazon private label. When your stock arrives at our warehouse, we will do all of the logo printing, packaging, and supplies following your specifications.

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

With our proven track record of serving 2k+ happy customers in the past two years, you will have access to high-quality dropshipping and fulfillment services. In addition, you will receive the most affordable services at your doorstep with the assistance of our experienced team. Understanding the process ensures that your sales will increase and your customers will be satisfied. 

Dropshipping & Fulfillment

Source Your Urban Clothing and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality urban clothing to help you boost your business.

Top 15 Leading Urban Clothing Vendors

What can be more difficult for a clothing buyer than searching for a pre-eminent and budget-competitive clothing vendor from the plethora of options? The global apparel and footwear economy, worth approximately 1.9 trillion USD, can make it challenging to find the best vendor according to your choice.

How can you beat that?

This problem is over with Leeline’s professional sourcing team having about 10+ years of experience in adding value to the businesses of apparel retailers and store owners. With our quality dealing with thousands of wholesalers, our top list of 15 leading urban clothing vendors is here. 

Keep scrolling to discover how these clothing manufacturers and suppliers can provide you with the benefits you need.

Top 15 Leading Urban Clothing Vendors

1. TB Wholesaler

TB Wholesaler Urban Clothing Vendors

TB wholesaler is the best vendor to get pre-eminent apparel stock. Their women’s apparel is not only stylish and trendy but also made with high-quality fabric. Durable or best quality products means more customers buy again. It helps you to build a long-term audience. Moreover, you can get price-effective urban wear and hip-hop clothing for people of all ages.

Whatever quantity you need, you can choose from TB wholesalers’ wide range of products. They are delivering at a fraction of the retail so as to provide you with the best customer experience. More than that, they also ensure the provision of brand collections for your brand-obsessed customers. 

Based on our professional experience, we can assure you that they will be your next business partner for ready-to-wear street fashion shirts. 

Primary Products:

  • Accessories
  • Formal Attire
  • Hats
  • Jackets or hoodies
  • Kids’ Urban Wear
  • Ladies’ Shoes
  • Men’s Tank Tops


  • 1 (305) 459-1070

Email Address:

 Hours of Operation:

  • Monday -Friday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


  • Miami, FL 33145, 2901-2999 SW 13th St

2. DNC Wholesale

DNC Wholesale Urban Clothing Vendors

As a commanding wholesale distributor of liquidation merchandise, DNC wholesale is your go-to choice for a wide selection of wholesale urban clothing. They have verified suppliers for individuals and business owners, thus facilitating lower prices than retail stores. 

More than that, they are dominant as a mainstream fashion company for overstock and closeouts. They stock famous brands in the fashion industry and then ship to the US, where they are guaranteed to provide an authentic collection. Their vast collection includes hip-hop and sports-style dresses with elegant designs for men and women.

We like best that you are free to purchase large quantities or can order minimum quantities of clothes from DNC. They ship worldwide due to their partnership with several freight forwarding companies. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on purchasing from them as a licensed business owner, with wire transfer and credit card as the primary payment methods.

Primary Products:

  • Men’s Casual Clothing
  • Women’s Designers Wear
  • Handbags and Accessories
  • Women’s Suits and Dresses


  • 954.300.1855

Email Address:


  • 3350 NW 22nd Terrace #200B, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069, USA

3. DHAgate

DHAgate Urban Clothing Vendors

DHAgate, as the name shows, eliminates all the hurdles in the e-commerce industry by providing a gate for global sellers and buyers. Their innovative use of technology facilitates the purchase of all kinds of urban wear at low rates.

You get a variety of sellers, which makes it easy to compare quality and pricing. Shop around and compare samples and then start negotiating with them. 

 With over 22 million product listings and 26 million enterprise and individual buyers, they are probably the world’s leading vendors, opening doors for merchants all over the globe. They also have an in-house quality control system for inspecting wholesale clothing quantities.

Their core values include efficient customer assistance and fast and easy shipping. With no custom duty and no MOQ, you can purchase items at low rates of as much as 0.01 dollars. 

Above all, they offer deals and clearance sales on all apparel items and facilitate selling and buying in your currency. All their new arrivals and dress categories have many variations to meet expectations.

Primary Products:

  • Accessories
  • Handbags
  • Women’s Dresses
  • Boutiques Stock
  • Outerwear
  • Pants
  • Jackets
  • Children’s Clothing


  • Jiangsu Province, China (Mainland)

4. Chic Lovers

Chic Lovers Urban Clothing Vendors

Chic Lovers is a B2C retail store for brand owners and individual buyers of wholesale clothing from the magnificent apparel industry. They have been the lead suppliers of women’s wholesale clothing for the last 8 years. The company does not just sell fashionable dresses but also high-quality products.

Around 200 countries receive chic lovers’ business supplies. Their extensive knowledge of new wholesale clothing styles will benefit your business and customers. If you need any product in a rush, they can even restock it in 48 hours, including large and small orders. 

With 3% discounts above $500, they can also offer quick customization and accessible OEM services. I share my designs and build my product independently to build a brand. Meanwhile, their customer service is available to assist you in any case of a defective item.

Primary Products:

  • Plus Size Clubwear
  • Wholesale Lingerie
  • T-shirts
  • Wholesale Jumpsuits
  • Wholesale Jeans
  • Wholesale Dresses
  • Plus Size Wholesale
  • Wholesale Women’s Clothing
  • Teen Lingerie


  • MOB: +8615306967910
  • WhatsApp/Skype: +8615306967910

Email Address:

5. Makobi Jeans (USA)

Makobi Jeans (USA) Urban Clothing Vendors

Makobi Jeans USA is family-oriented wholesale urban clothing distributor. Their apparel line includes classy streetwear and denim ready to go with every outfit. They own a warehouse in the heart of Los Angeles, from where the worldwide shipping is done. 

To facilitate their clients globally, they offer a vast range of payment methods. They have aesthetically curated hip-hop clothing and streetwear, enabling humans to live with style and comfort.

Their chic women’s apparel includes all the ultra-modern varieties of jeans that your customers will surely love. 

Additionally, they aim to deliver long-lasting denim merchandise at lower rates than the global market and offer special discounts to their registered customers. Marcobi is undoubtedly the best choice for jeans brand owners as they also offer a refund in 3 to 5 days in case of any dispute.

Primary Products:

  • Outerwear
  • Shorts
  • Bottoms
  • Frosts
  • Sets of Poly Polo Shirts


  • +1-323-235-0000

Email Address:

 Hours of Operation:

  • Monday 9:30 AM–05:00 PM
  • Tuesday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-17:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: CLOSED
  • Sunday: CLOSED


  • Los Angeles, CA 90061, 13012 SOUTH SPRING ST

6. EPTM Women Wholesale

EPTM Women Wholesale Urban Clothing Vendors

EPTwomen came into existence 20 years ago, enabling women to create their style. From casual women’s wear to exquisite dress, they have built their value in the magnificent fashion industry. 

With their colossal fashion apparel line, they empower women worldwide to live with their elegance. Dresses from their collection are uniquely designed and made to fit women comfortably.

 They are keeping up with the most up-to-date fashion trends with their high-quality apparel line. Moreover, their years of experience can provide long-lasting benefits while providing customer satisfaction. 

Primary Products:

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Trousers
  • Women’s Dresses


  • 213-747-1223

Email Address:

 Hours of Operation:

  • Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. PST


  • Los Angeles, CA 90021, 927 S. McGarry St.

7. Suit Supply

Suit Supply Urban Clothing Vendors

Where most vendors supply only women’s apparel, suit supply is designed for men’s outfits. Suits Supply‘s vision is to provide the latest styles in men’s suits and dresses to keep up with the latest trends. 

Even if you lack a design part, they will help you. Consult with them and see what designs are trending in fashion. 

They have supremacy and elegant dress coats to be wearable at parties and weddings that are very rare to find. They also offer a made-to-measure personal tailoring program to present you with clothing according to your expectations. Suit Supply offers several payment methods, including some local payments too.

Their 150 stores are spread all over the USA to provide customers with an accessible shopping experience. You can also use their services for corporate outfits or legal dresses for employees. An appreciative feature of their website is their freestyling build, which is exceptional. 

Primary Products:

  • Pants
  • Cotton Shirts
  • Suits
  • Jackets
  • Fashionable Clothes for Men
  • Bottoms


  • WhatsApp: +31 655 110 516
  • Telephone: (844) 328-9234

Email Address:

 Hours of Operation:

  • Monday-Sunday 10 am to 8 pm

8. Wholesale Fashion Trends

Wholesale Fashion Trends Urban Clothing Vendors

Wholesale fashion trends is a premium wholesale supplier of women’s apparel and accessories. Their contemporary collection is just beautifully styled to be appreciated by women all over the globe. 

Besides, they are the pioneers of state-of-art and fashion-oriented clothes. Their collection is designed for boutique owners who can stock their selected products with merchandise assistance. You are also free to pay in installments between the purchase of $50 and $3,000.

To offer budget-friendly apparel lines to their customers, they have long-term relationships with manufacturers and brand suppliers.

Primary Products:

  • Bottoms
  • Outerwear
  • Jewelry
  • Streetwear
  • Pants
  • Jumpsuits
  • Denim
  • Skirts


  • +1 (321) 387-3851

Email Address:


  • 2416 East 16th Street, Los Angeles, CA, US 90021

9. Tictoc Wholesale

Tictoc Wholesale Urban Clothing Vendors

TicToc is a wholesale company in Los Angeles that is the supreme supplier of fashion apparel. They offer their products under two labels, tic toc and Basic Bxxch. With their long-term dealings with different clients, they have meticulous women’s clothes and dresses ready to supply for your retail store.

Different celebrities appreciate their in-vogue fashion collection as they deliver comfy and sophisticated outfits globally. You can order from their wide variety of women’s wear, and it will be shipped to your doorstep in the next few business days.

One downside is that they do not provide dropshipping services and do not send samples before ordering. They are only dealing with registered suppliers and boutique owners.

Primary Products:

  • Jumpsuits
  • Rompers
  • Outerwear
  • Jackets
  • Streetwear
  • Hip Hop
  • Dresses

Email Address:

10. Wishlist Apparel

Wishlist Apparel Urban Clothing Vendors

Wishlist’s modest and comfy collection is tailored while keeping in mind the desires of young women. This clothing company is a brand constantly striving to create what every lady desires; their wholesale prices are the best advantage they give to their customers.

Wishlist is arguably winning ladies’ hearts worldwide with its eye-catching clothing and aesthetic design. Truth to be told, they are also the leading supplier of women’s bralettes all over the globe. 

As my niche is mostly women-dominant, it always gives a sense of relief to consult with them. 

They want women to feel confident and comfortable in their clothes while still expressing their individuality. Also, thanks to their new accessibility settings on their website make it more useful for visually impaired people.

Primary Products:

  • Bralettes
  • Streetwear
  • Bottoms
  • Cardigan
  • Loungewear


  • 323-232-3000

Email Address:


  • Commerce, CA 90040, 2300 Garfield Ave

11. Ameritrading

Ameritrading Urban Clothing Vendors

Ameritrading is a wholesale company that specializes in liquidation merchandise – it collects stock from renowned and brand-oriented retailers and sells it to distributors. You can get the most current stock at the best prices with Ameritrade. 

It also does not matter whether you are an established trader or a micro-entrepreneur; they have all kinds of packages. They place a high value on quality, accountability, and communication. 

If you want to add other lifestyle products to your brand or store, we would suggest that you get a quote from them. They are globally dealing through Zoom, chats, and calls and satisfying their customers’ needs with pics and videos of their stock.

Primary Products:

  • Fragrance
  • Kids Collection
  • Women’s Collection
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Bags


  • (+407) 698-0075

Email Address:

 Hours of Operation:

  • Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm.
  • Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


  • Unit 424-432, 2166 Orinoco Dr., Orlando, FL 32837

12. Streetdeal Inc.

Streetdeal Inc. Urban Clothing Vendors

If you are looking for an ocean of streetwear, then look no further than Street deal, as they are the prime supplier of urban clothing worldwide. From hip-hop to t-shirts, they are the number one supplier in all these categories. THEIR design team is professional and eager to help with my product customization.

Their affiliation with different brands has earned them unbeatable recognition in the high-competent apparel industry. Whether you are looking for kids’ wear or stylish adult arrivals, you must be happy-go-lucky with street deals. They have accessible terms and conditions for long-lasting and efficient dealings. You can avail of their discounts on call-to-order methods.

Primary Products:

  • T-shirts
  • Suits
  • Kids’ Clothing
  • Women’s Dresses
  • Pants


  • +1 213-797-7379

 Email Address:

 Hours of Operation:

  • Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


  • 5716 Alba Street 90058 Los Angeles, California

13. Seven Wholesale

Seven Wholesale Urban Clothing Vendors

By offering the best prices to its customers, Seven wholesale has made a name for itself in full-fledged street-style clothing. Their innovative and adaptable clothing line gives you several options to choose from. Newly launched boutiques must take advantage of their low wholesale prices.

Their 100% authentic and comfy branded clothing will surely let you make your own in the apparel industry. As well as being in partnership with famous brands, you can also check out their other street collections, including bags, leggings, jeans, etc.

Primary Products:

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • T-shirts
  • Pants
  • Bags


  • +1 323-264-5500

Email Address:

 Hours of Operation:

  • Monday-Friday 9am – 7:45pm
  • Saturday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  • Sunday Closed


  • 2835 E. 11th St., Los Angeles, CA, US 90023

14. Feddishi Business And Vendors

Feddishi Business And Vendors Urban Clothing Vendors

If you are a novice entrepreneur and are just starting, Feddishi is there for you to fulfil your expectations. They have covered you with exclusive and innovative policies to help startups convert into brands.

As Feddidhi is operating through vendors, they also offer to resell dropshipping services, and most of their vendors are from the USA. To grow your business and boost your sales, they can be your perfect business partner, and you can get help through their business tools, including digital planners and accessories.

Besides this, they offer a 30-day refund policy in case of any damage or wrong order placement, and you can also exchange your product while following their special policies. More than that, they are offering different payment methods for accessible payment options.

Primary Products:

  • Trendy apparel
  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie
  • Corsets
  • Digital business products.


  • +1 407-906-8298

 Email Address:

15. The Wholesaler UK

The Wholesaler UK Urban Clothing Vendors

The wholesaler UK is a world of corporate and fashion zones founded in 1999. present themselves as the amalgam of a giant industrialist and a trading partner, helping many entrepreneurs to connect. Working with them means no issues in the supply chain, even if you exceed your order quantity suddenly. 

In short, when you work with a wholesaler, you are getting a vendor and an opportunity to increase your sales and show the world your collection.

You can always get stock of your own choice from their professional suppliers. Not only that, but they can be the best advertiser for your new brand. So don’t pass up this opportunity.

Primary Products:

  • Fashion Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Bath Products
  • Kitchen Products
  • Kids Toys
  • Shoes


  • 001-608-662-298

 Hours of Operation:

  • Monday-Friday 7 am-5 pm

How do you find urban clothing vendors?

To find urban clothing vendors, you need to have a simple yet strategic approach. We are penning down some essential steps to find the best vendor for your choice based on our brief expertise.

  • Research Online

Online research is the best way to search for urban vendors as it gives you a choice by providing several options. You can search through the Facebook marketplace according to your location and then take help through google. Nowadays, Alibaba and made-in-china.com are the two most popular wholesale searches for any vendor.

  • Note Down All That Matches Your Interest

After researching online, note down the vendors’ contact info that you find most suitable. Make sure they have your niche products in stock. If you order from a factory, then order in large quantities. I Store my excess stock and order in large quantities. 

  • Get Quotes From Shortlisted Vendors 

It’s time to get quotes from your shortlisted vendors and see are they giving you the offers you need according to your budget and quality. Try to get complete quotes. 

  • Set A Deal

After getting quotes, you will be able to figure out which one is best for you. So contact them again, negotiate your packages and set a deal. Sign your contract with legal consultation to avoid future disputes. 

FAQs about Urban Clothing Vendors

Is the online clothing business profitable?

Yes, an online clothing business is profitable, but only if you build the right strategy. Without perfect planning, no business is booming. While going for e-commerce, the one thing that matters most is marketing and reaching your right audience. in short, it is based not only on getting supply and selling but advertising too. 

Can I buy directly from the manufacturer?

You can also buy directly from the manufacturer at your own risk because there are many factors to consider while going for a direct B2B purchase, y. Youed a freight forward, vendors, suppliers and a customs officer primarily manufacturers, do not offer these facilities.

How do you ask for wholesale prices?

You simply need to send a do professional email to your shortlisted vendor, supplier or manufacturer to ask about wholesale rates. In that email, you can mention your business name, audience and desired clothing stock and ask them to send the list of wholesale prices accordingly.


Our global fashion market is full of online urban vendors who are also doing their duties successfully. However, they will not be ideal for you. You have to determine which one can be your long-term e-commerce partner. We have also mentioned the top 15 vendors in the industry, and you can contact them and get quotes for them.

If you still have any queries and need guidance on how can you start your e-commerce trade successfully, reach out to us. Our super-efficient team will be glad to help you out. 

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