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Which Payment Methods Is Suitable For Your Amazon Account?

Which Payment Methods Is Suitable For Your Amazon Account?

It is a dream of every business or entrepreneurs to sell their products through Amazon platform as it will assist you to reach to more prospects and customers all over the globe; hence, improve your sales and profits. However, some individuals, such as the newbies may not be aware of the available money transfer method Amazon offers to its client, for the payment of goods and products. The various accepted money transfer methods, besides PayPal, accepted by Amazon include the Payoneer, Worldfirst, United States bank card, Hong Kong account transfer settlement, and the Currencies Direct.

PayoneerWhich Payment Methods Is Suitable For Your Amazon Account?

The Payoneer is one of the most popular payment methods all over the internet as it is enabling millions of professionals and businesses in more than 200 countries to grow globally by allowing a seamless cross-border money transfer to different clients throughout the world. Naturally, most of the leading corporation and marketplaces such as Amazon are relying on Payoneer payouts services to send funds to their beneficiaries.

Typically, the method of funds transfer is fast, secure, flexible, and it offers a low-cost solution to all your payment needs. Additionally, the platform has over four million users, it supports over 35 languages, and you can transfer your money in 150 currencies; hence, a perfect choice for you, especially if you have clients all over the globe.

Usually, you can create a Payoneer account by visiting their website and registering with your name and an email address, and you can either sign up for a company or an individual account. With a Payoneer account, you can receive funds through the US and EU payment service or via Payoneer Mass Payout Companies. Additionally, the platform allows you to withdraw funds directly from the Payoneer account to your bank account within three days.

The charges to receive funds directly from your clients are 3% if you are using a credit card in any currency, and 1% for an eCheck and which is only available for USD currency. Additionally, you can receive finds via Amazon using a Payoneer prepaid debit Mastercard and to your bank account and the charges are usually $29.95.

With a Payoneer account, you can withdraw funds quickly to your bank account at a low-cost rate. For instance, to withdraw money to a bank account in a different currency, the charges are 2%, and you are likely to pay less if you are a high earning customer. Additionally, the withdrawal rates to your bank account in the same currency are $1.50 and £1.50, and it will only apply to USD, GBR, and the EUR.

WorldFirstWhich Payment Methods Is Suitable For Your Amazon Account?

Another excellent money transfer method accepted by the Amazon marketplace is the WordFirst account, it is fast, secure, and you are likely to receive your money in the following business day once a transaction is confirmed. Typically, signing up for an account is free, and you can create either a business, personal, online sellers or a partnership account.

Usually, the WorldFirst account is helping online retailers using Amazon, among other companies, to expand to new markets and it makes repatriating overseas sales process cheaper and faster. If you are an Amazon newbie you can open a local account; hence, enabling you to transfer cross-border revenues efficiently and quickly. The account is also beneficial as it will help you to save money and time in the online stores, especially if you are doing business that involves different currencies.

To get started with a WorldFirst account, it will only take you just a few minutes to register, and the company will confirm your account within 24hours. Then, you can set up your account by selecting the local currency accounts you prefer, and you will be ready to send or receive money to your clients.

Additionally, a WorldFirst account is advantageous as no hidden fees, charges, excuses, monthly fee or transfer fees on any foreign currency exchange transaction. However, if you want to send your money to your home account; for instance, your local bank account, the charges will vary depending on the amount you wish to transact.

United States Bank CardWhich Payment Methods Is Suitable For Your Amazon Account?

Most online transaction all over the internet, especially in the US are done using United States bank card, and you can apply one by visiting your local bank, or you can go online on their websites. The primary requirement when applying for a credit card is your Social Security Number(SSN) which are usually assigned to individuals with a permit to conduct business in the US.

The purpose of a Social Security Number is to report all your wages to the authorities; hence, enabling determination of the eligibility for Social Services benefits. When applying for a credit card you will need to disclose your permanent address, and the chances of acceptance are high if you have an income or you are a business person in the US. Additionally, it is also essential not to register multiple cards all at once as it may lead to a rejection; therefore, you should submit one or two applications.

The process of withdrawing money using a United States bank card from an ATM is merely easy as you only need to go to your local ATM, enter money you need, enter your secret pin for authorization and you will get your cash instantly. The interest fee on the card is usually 2.5%-3.5% monthly or approximately 41.75% per annum, while the transaction charges are Rs250-350 depending on your amount.

Currencies DirectWhich Payment Methods Is Suitable For Your Amazon Account?

Moreover, another excellent method you can you to pay goods and products you bought over the Amazon platform is the Currencies Direct, and it is also a faster way you can transfer your money across the world quickly and securely. Typically, the platform has over 210,000 clients, and it will save you the hustle of dealing with the bank or the shortcomings associated with United States bank card transfer, especially for non-US citizens.

The Currencies Direct allows customers to send money of up to £25,000 over your smartphone, desktop, or via the bank’s app, and the transfer service is available for 24/7. You can register an account with the organization with your name and an email address, and you have the option whether to create a personal, business or an online seller account. The rates to send funds will vary depending on the amount you want to transact.


Whether you are a newbie or an existing client with the Amazon marketplace, you can always select various money transfer methods as they are safe, secure, and faster. Additionally, choosing more than one payment method is essential as it will enable overseas customers to pay for your products with the technique which is more convenient for them in their country.

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