White Labeling

Receive top-quality PRIVATE label products WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK. Our white-label solutions are the cheapest. We handle the product sourcing until the white-label BRANDING of your goods.

You ESTABLISH your own brand without stress! 

White Labeling

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Our White Label Services Include:

Product Development

Product Development

DEVELOP new products to sell with ease! Our procurement experts compile the TOP-SELLING white-label products suitable for your business.

Every white-label product you receive is top-quality. You boost your customer satisfaction! 

Confirming Samples

Enjoy AFFORDABLE product samples from reputable white-label brands. Our negotiation experts ask for samples from various companies.

You see them first-hand or through media files. Your BULK order only proceeds once you give your approval. 

Confirming Samples
Following Up Production

Following Up Production

NEVER stress while waiting for your goods. We send experts to white-label brands’ factories as they create your goods. They GUARANTEE that the quality of your products’ materials is up to your standards.

You EXPAND your customer and client base in NO time. 

Quality Inspection

GUARANTEE a positive customer experience with our EXTENSIVE quality inspection process. YOU receive every finished product without DAMAGES or flaws.

You establish your OWN BRAND with high-quality goods immediately.

Quality Inspection
Fulfillment and Shipping

Fulfillment and Shipping

Our fulfillment and shipping process is the FASTEST in the country. You receive every white-labeled product in your OWN branding package. Our experts handle the consolidation and CUSTOMS clearance.

Ship throughout the world WITHOUT doing the hard work alone! 

Why Choose Us?

Save More Time 

Our WHITE LABEL SOLUTIONS include every e-Commerce services you need. We HELP YOU develop your company’s branding. From sourcing, designing, packing, and shipping. We’re an all-in-one company. You don’t waste energy.

On-time Delivery

YOU never receive your white-labeled products and services LATE. Every aspect of your process is done efficiently. You START your selling and gain LOYAL CUSTOMERS in no time. 

Earning More Profit

EVERY white-label product you receive matches the quality of other branded products. You become a CORE business in the industry. Other companies can’t compete with your business model. You also lower your digital marketing costs with our graphic designers’ help. Earn more profit! 

Unmatched customer support

We’re a white-label service provider that CARES. Our experts answer ALL your questions and concerns within 24Hr. You always get a WHITE LABEL SOLUTION that works wonders for your business!

Hear it from fellow White Label Wholesaler

I had a hard time finding decent private label brands. But when I found LeelineSourcing, white-label branding became a walk in the park. It’s the one company you must never miss. It’s the best out of all the white-label partners you can find. I highly recommend this sourcing company!

– Albert , Florida

Source Your White Labeling Products and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality white labeling products to help you boost your business.

How to Find the Best White Labeling Company?

White labeling GOODS for your business isn’t child’s play.

Lots of SUPPLIERS will try to rip you OFF. And not all white-label services you’ll find are HIGH-QUALITY. 

LeelineSourcing has HEARD this problem countless times from our clients. Our EXPERTS gathered together. And they compiled this ARTICLE for you to know exactly how to find the BEST white label company. 

You don’t need to come up with EVERY white-label solution alone! You save energy and enjoy a stress-free process. 

Don’t miss this article to become a private-label branding expert yourself! 

How to Find the Best White Labeling Company

What is White Labeling?

It’s the PRODUCTION of a product or service that is then SOLD under a different brand. 

White-label goods are IDENTICAL products. The packaging and BRANDING requested are the only difference. 

A white-label service provider SELLS to any business. You’ll have many competitors selling IDENTICAL goods under various brand names. 

Fun fact: PRODUCTS from big box retailers are usually white labels. Take the KIRKLAND brand from COSTCO, for example. This NATIONAL brand buys white-label goods WORLDWIDE. Then, it simply places a KIRKLAND packaging to make KIRKLAND products. 

How does White Labeling Work?

How does White Labeling Work

Step 1: A supplier makes a generic product or service

Let’s say a company created a white-label bottled water product. This good is COMPLETELY unlabeled or unbranded. It doesn’t have any LOGO, name, or packaging. 

Step 2: The supplier sells their product

White-label goods usually have DISCOUNTED SALES. So many companies choose white labeling. Instead of CREATING their own product from scratch. 

There aren’t any limitations to how many companies white-label platforms SELL to.

Hence, it’s common to see dozens of businesses selling IDENTICAL products. 

Step 3: Businesses sell the goods under their own brand names

Resellers now SELL their products to the customers. The secret to succeeding in white labeling is SECRECY. Don’t let your consumers know that you’re selling WHITE LABELS. Always make them THINK that your product lines are UNIQUE. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of White Labeling

Benefits of white labeling

1. You save time

You don’t SPEND TOO MUCH energy coming up with new product ideas. All YOU have to do is pick from pre-existing white-label designs. 

There’s ALSO no long period of waiting time for the production process. MOST white-label platforms SHIP goods immediately. Because they mass produce them in advance. 

2. Save money

White-label products are CHEAP. You don’t need your own pieces of machinery and design team to create your goods. 

3. Lower transportation costs

SHIPPING every material when product-making is EXPENSIVE. You don’t worry about this process when white labeling. Because ALL you have to do is PAY for the shipping costs of the FINAL PRODUCTS. 

Disadvantages of white labeling

1. Hard to stand out

Other companies also SELL the same products as you. It is HARD TO CONVINCE customers choose your own brand instead of others. You must pay EXTRA ATTENTION to your digital marketing process. 

This way, you CONTINUOUSLY entice customers to buy your products. 

2. No control over materials

YOU can’t control the quality of materials used in white-label products. Reputation management is hard to do if YOU contact an unreliable white-label brand. 

White Labeling Products

White LABELING goods doesn’t have to be hard. You BUY from reputable white-label brands. And YOU incorporate your own branding into the product’s packaging. We have an entire article dedicated to this topic. Check it out! 

White Labeling vs Private Labeling

White labeling SOUNDS similar to private labeling. But the TWO are completely different. Private labeling ALLOWS you to customize your goods. White labeling doesn’t, but it’s usually CHEAPER. Want to know which one of the two is best for your business? Click here

White Label Dropshipping

A dropshipping SUPPLIER repackages white-label goods for YOU. You save time by doing the process yourself. A freight forwarder handles the sourcing and order fulfillment process. Here’s our EXTENSIVE article about white-label drop shipping

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

What Businesses need White Label Solutions?

What Businesses need White Label Solutions

Those that want to focus on brand building

Not every business focus on product production. Some COMPANIES prioritize their brand’s image. Hence, they can’t SPEND too much time and energy creating products themselves. 

For these businesses, white-label products are the KEY! You customize the PACKAGING and branding of white-labeled goods easily. 

Note: COSTCO is an example of a business that focuses on BRANDING. Rather than product innovations. 

Small businesses

Creating PRODUCTS from scratch requires a team of professionals. The PROCESS is very expensive. Hence white labeling is the BEST for small businesses. It’s a low-risk and cheaper option. 

Companies that want to enter a new industry 

Businesses that want to ENTER a new industry can opt for WHITE LABELING. This process is FAST and isn’t time-consuming. You won’t need to ACQUIRE new machinery and tech to develop new goods! Even if the industry you’re entering isn’t your specialty. 

Example: Tech brands buy WHITE LABEL garments if they want to enter the FASHION industry. 

Product line expansion

NEW products EVERY MONTH! That’s what white labeling guarantees. So, if you want to EXPAND your product line easily, OPT for white-labeled goods! 

How to Choose a White-Label Partner?

How to Choose a White-Label Partner

Consider these 5 factors when choosing a white-label partner:

#1: Experience in the industry

It’s ALWAYS best to contact private-label brands with more than 10 years of experience. These companies usually work with MASS MERCHANDISERS or big corporations. Hence, you’ll also get the WHITE LABEL SUPPORT big corporations receive. 

#2: Pilot program

Reliable WHITE LABEL COMPANIES lets you order samples before buying in bulk. This is called a pilot program. It’s a major red flag if a white-label firm doesn’t offer samples. MAKE SURE your white label partner can provide you samples! 

#3: High-quality products

ONLY partner up with white-label companies that produce top-quality goods. ASK them for samples and EXTENSIVELY test their quality before buying in bulk. 

You may also ask QUALITY CONTROL EXPERTS like LeelineSourcing. This way, YOU guarantee that you only order the best white-label products possible. 

#4: Scale of their production

Some white labels REQUIRE you to order thousands. Others can’t produce this many products. 

ALWAYS know the MOQ of a white-label store before signing a contract. And ensure that they can ACCOMMODATE to the number of products you need. 

#5: Expertise 

Some white-label companies FOCUS on the tech industry. Others prioritize FASHION or entertainment products. It’s BEST to choose a white label partner that’s an EXPERT in your industry. 

Not only get high-selling products. You also RECEIVE tips and tricks to EXCEL as a business owner. 

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

FAQs about White Labeling

What is a white labeling example?

A water bottle is a GOOD white labeling example. White bottles are usually produced by white-label factories. Other brands then REPACKAGE these goods under their own logo and name. 

Is white labeling legal?

Yes. White labeling is COMPLETELY legal. Even big corporations use this tactic. White labeling is an EASY business strategy. It also allows you to TRY a new market without spending TOO MUCH. Don’t be afraid to try out white-label products! 

What is white-label social media?

It’s when BUSINESSES outsource their social media marketing to white-label companies. These companies edit, design, and update businesses’ social media pages. Their services are SIMILAR regardless of what industry the business is about. 

Is white labeling expensive?

No. WHITE LABELLING is cheap. It’s one of the BEST WAYS to save money as a business owner. You don’t need a big team to sell white-label products. You also don’t WASTE money testing and changing product designs. 

What is a white-label solution?

It’s the PROCESS of one firm creating white-labeled goods for other businesses. It’s the ultimate SOLUTION for the ever-so-hard product designing process. 

What’s Next

WHITE LABELING is a cost-efficient way to establish your own brand. It’s also an EASY way to expand your current product lineups. 

There’s no NEED to wreck your brains coming up with product ideas. It has MANY benefits for your business! 

Still need to contact a white labeling company? 

Let us help you! LeelineSourcing has procurement experts with DECADES of experience. 
Get your free quote today!

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