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Wholesale Baby Clothing

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Baby Clothing Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline will connect you with the best baby clothing suppliers.
  • If you want high-quality wholesale baby clothing, Leeline will make a follow up with your manufacturer and help you get the best.
  • Leeline can do a factory audit for you for your wholesale baby clothing in China.
  • Leeline will act as the quality control agent.
  • If you want to sell baby clothing on amazon, leeline will provide you with an Amazon F.B.A. prep service.
  • Leeline will also ship the baby clothing from China and offer you the best shipping rates.

Let Leeline find you excellent baby clothing suppliers.

Baby Clothing

10 Top Selling Baby Clothing From China

1. Baby Romper

Importing Baby Romper From China

Rompers are a must-have for every newborn baby. Thus, China baby clothing manufacturers produce them in high quality. You can get high-quality and cheap baby rompers from Guangzhou, Taian, and Henan provinces.


China has been booming in the market supplies of the baby rompers and leads as of the largest baby clothing suppliers in China.

2. Organic Baby Clothing

Wholesale Organic Baby Clothing From China

Organic baby clothing ensures that the babies wear pesticide-free clothes or those with substances that may harm the baby’s skin. Shangdong province produces high-quality and affordable organic baby clothes wholesale.


The top supplying country of organic baby clothes is china leading with a market supply of 100%. From the industry, one can get organic baby rompers and other organic baby clothing sets.

3. Smocked Baby Clothes

Buy Smocked Baby Clothes From China

China has also been leading as a smocked baby clothing supplier globally with a 100% supply rate. It incorporates the latest technology in producing high-quality smocked clothing sets.


You can get this product in Yiwu province at affordable prices. The needlework on smocked baby clothes and its classic design makes it worth the coin one spends buying it.

4. Baby Boy Clothes

Wholesale Baby Boy Clothes in Bulk From China

If you are looking for cheap baby boy wholesale clothing, you can get them from Guangdong province at affordable rates. China ranks among the top wholesale suppliers and manufacturers of high-quality baby boy clothes.


Depending on the size you want, you can be sure that you will get that from China. Also, they have the latest technology that facilitates the production of unique baby boy clothes.

5. Private Label Baby Clothes

Wholesale From China Private Label Baby Clothes Suppliers

You need not worry about personalizing your brand with the design and type of baby clothes you want. Fujian, Shandong, Guangdong, and Zhejiang provinces got you covered in making custom baby clothes for your brand.


Private label clothes assure comfort and quality of the products, and China baby clothing manufacturers also lead this supply.

6. Baby Girl Clothing

Wholesale From China Baby Girl Clothing Manufacturers

It is always important to define your brands with the type of baby clothing you offer; that is why China clothing manufacturers are there to give you any kind that you want.


The baby girl clothes manufacturers in China have been leading in high-quality and affordable clothes. The supply chain has been certified, and their prices are reasonable.

7. Trendy Kids

Importing Trendy Kids From China

Guangdong province is among the top in supplying trendy kids wholesale clothing in China. The 14.3 percent increase in kid’s wear in china is seen by the big sale of baby clothes, among the top being trendy kidswear.


Trendy kids’ wear assures comfort, and your baby will also be up to date with the current trends. Also, the quality of their fashionable fits is perfect.

8. Bamboo Baby Clothing

Wholesale Bamboo Baby Clothing From China

The quality of bamboo baby clothes is always splendid and durable. You can get different kinds of high-quality bamboo baby clothes from Guangzhou province in China.


Selling bamboo baby clothes in China has seen an immense increase in the number of sales. The price of the baby clothing product is also affordable.

9. Baby Girl Dress

Buy Baby Girl Dress From China


You can get cheap baby girl dresses in China, and they are of high quality. China wholesale manufacturers and sellers have been leading in the supply of different children’s dresses for a long.


You can get the dresses in different designs, and you can also customize them to satisfy your needs.

10. Baby Pants and Shirts

Wholesale Baby Pants and Shirts in Bulk From China

You can never go wrong with a good-looking pair of pants and a shirt for your baby, especially during summer. China produces such in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and other provinces, and they rank as the most prominent suppliers.


Children’s wear by 2018 in China was accounting for 10 percent in the goods market. The sale of such clothes has been increasing by double digits, making China rank top in its supply.

Leeline Ensures that You Can Buy Baby Clothing from China Smoothly

Product Sourcing

Baby Clothing Product Sourcing

Leeline will help you find the best baby clothing suppliers with legit products and ensure that you get products at a competitive price.

Factory Audit

Baby Clothing Factory Audit

We will do the necessary inspection at the baby clothing manufacturer’s company to ensure that we verify the quality of the product you will get.

Product Inspection

Baby Clothing Product Inspection

Let us do a quality inspection for the baby clothing to ensure that it meets the standards and that there are no inferior goods which will save on costs.

Amazon FBA Prep

Baby Clothing products Amazon FBA Prep

We will inspect the quality of the product, add a private label to it for easy identification then package it according to your specifications.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Baby Clothing Shipping To Amazon FBA

We will arrange the shipping of the kids’ wholesale clothing from China to the Amazon F.B.A. warehouse and assure you of timely delivery of the products.


Baby Clothing DropShopping

Leeline is here to see growth in our baby clothing business by shipping your customer’s order from our warehouse direct to their doorstep.

Why Choose Leeline To Buy Baby Clothing From China

  • Leeline offers the best shipping services and guarantees you timely delivery.
  • Moreover, Leeline will give you the best baby clothing product sourcing, verify the baby clothing manufacturers in china for you and ensure that you will be receiving quality goods.
  • Leeline will do a follow-up on your purchase, and in case of an issue with the supply, they will help you solve it.
  • We offer different packaging services, and you get to choose one that suits your budget.
  • Leeline offers amazon prep services if you are looking at selling your products on amazon.
  • Leeline will find you the best dropshipping suppliers and wholesalers.

Let Leeline Help You Ship Baby Clothing From China

Baby Clothing Sea Freight Shipping from China

Baby Clothing Sea Freight From Shipping

If you want to ship your baby clothing supplies at a reduced cost, leeline will do that for you to get a much better profit.

Baby Clothing Air Freight Shipping from China

Baby Clothing Air Freight From Shipping

Though air freight shipping is pretty expensive, leeline will help you ship your urgent baby clothing order quickly.

Baby Clothing Rail Freight Shipping from China

Baby Clothing Lighting Rail Freight From Shipping

It is ideal for shipping the bulk baby clothing order through rail since it will reach you after 15 to 20 days, and you also get to save on costs.

Baby Clothing Door to Door Shipping from China

Baby Clothing Door to Door From Shipping

Leeline will provide a door-to-door shipping service of the baby clothing using rail transport, ensuring the goods reach directly to your warehouse.

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Best 10 Baby Clothing Factory In China

1. Guangzhou Huanyang Fashion Co., Ltd

1. Guangzhou Huanyang Fashion Co., Ltd


The company has been in the baby clothing industry since 2015, specializing in different kinds of baby clothing.


Its location is in Guangdong, China, and has about 50 qualified people who make their manufacturing successful. If you are hunting for wholesale baby clothing from China, this company got you covered.


Main Products


You can get dresses, pants, shirts, rompers and other kinds of baby clothes from them. From infants to toddlers and four years kids, the company can offer baby clothing wholesale supplies. They also offer customized logos and packaging for their products. 


Why Choose Guangzhou Huanyang Fashion Co., Ltd?


Most customers trust this company for its excellent services. Moreover, the quality of their products is as precise as you see it and diversify their designs to fit your specifications.


The company is also private label baby clothing manufacturers; therefore will give a customized logo for your order.

Contact Baby Clothing Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

2. Guangzhou Petelulu Apparel Co., Ltd

2. Guangzhou Petelulu Apparel Co., Ltd

The company has a whopping 15 years of experience in baby clothing, and they rank among the top in selling wholesale baby clothes in china.


Their 1800 square meters factory is in Foshan Guangzhou, China. The company was partnering with Disney, and its design, sales, market, and factory departments are highly efficient.


Main Products


They diversify their products to different baby clothes such as rompers, pajamas, and baby leggings. 


Also, you can get baby boutique clothing wholesale from them, outdoor and indoor clothes for the babies. It provides high-quality products with its delivery services allow you to save a lot.


Why Choose Guangzhou Petelulu Apparel Co., Ltd?


The service team of this company is there to attend to all your issues. Also,  their products are of good quality, and you have the opportunity to order wholesale children’s clothing in bulk because of their diversification.


Moreover, their shipping services are quick, and you get an easy time working with them.

Contact Baby Clothing Manufacturers Now!Contact Baby Clothing Suppliers Now!

3. Fijian Nan’An Huangda Clothing Co., Ltd

3. Fijian Nan'An Huangda Clothing Co., Ltd

This company was established in 1992 and has been successfully designing and manufacturing different kinds of baby clothing.


It has a workforce of 300 to 5oo people who closely work together to ensure the customers gets what they want. Its location is in Fujian, China.


Main Products


They deal in knitted baby blankets, baby rompers, baby sweaters, and baby blankets. Also, they produce hats, dresses, two pieces, and shoes for babies, but they engage in scientific research before making any product to the market.


The company has been successful in selling wholesale children’s clothing in bulk to international markets.


Why Choose Fujian Nan’n Huangda Clothing Co., Ltd?


The company deals with 100% pure cotton baby clothing, and its quality is excellent. Moreover, they deliver the products quickly to the customers, and their team is always in communication with the customers.


According to the review and rating, almost all of the customers are happy with what they get.

Contact Baby Clothing Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Foshan Xiaomaya Clothing Co., Ltd

4. Foshan Xiaomaya Clothing Co., Ltd

Its location is in Foshan,  Guangdong province, specializing in children’s clothing since 2014. It has a solid workforce of about 100 people and over 40 registered trademarks.


The company’s mission is to see the kids shining by wearing clothes that are up to date with the fashion trends.


Main Products


The company excels in supplying both baby girl clothing wholesale and those of the boys. Some clothes it deals with include dresses, two-piece sets, pants, and baby jumpsuits.


The company’s recognition is both locally and internationally due to its efficient production technique and provision of high-quality products.


Why Choose Foshan Xiaomaya Clothing Co., Ltd?


They operate under the principle of customers; first, employees second to give you the best services. They make your order available early enough but still ensuring that they maintain the quality.


They engage their customers throughout the production process when you place your order until you get it to provide a win-win situation.

Contact Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

5. Anyang General International Trade Co., Ltd

5. Anyang General International Trade Co., Ltd

This company has been a baby clothing wholesale distributor since 2004, with its location in Henan Province. They rank among the top wholesale and private label baby clothing manufacturers in China.


The company has been famous since 2005 for passing the authentication international quality system.


Main Products


The company passes the quality test in the production of baby clothing such as rompers and dresses. They are also a smocked baby clothing supplier who can create different designs of the smocked baby clothes.


They have successfully sold their products in 31 domestic provinces, districts, and cities in China and succeeded in selling to over 80 international markets.


Why Choose Anyang General International Trade Co., Ltd?


The company successfully supplies baby clothes to the local markets, and they work closely with them to ensure excellence in the production.


With them, you can get baby boy wholesale clothing at affordable rates. Moreover, their services are to die for and will ensure that they deliver the products on time.

Contact Manufacturers Now!Contact Baby Clothing Suppliers Now!

6. Huzhou Yishiyuan Clothing Co., Ltd

6. Huzhou Yishiyuan Clothing Co., Ltd

The company has close to 12 years of experience in baby clothing manufacturing. It has a total of 101 to 200 employees, and its location is in Zhejiang. With 50 to 100 seats, the company can maximize its production all year round.


Main Products


Generally, it deals with baby clothes such as dresses, baby rompers, trousers, winter coats, and much more. The company is among the top baby boy boutique clothing wholesale manufacturers of China


While working with them, you can get a customized logo for your baby clothing brand and do packaging at affordable rates.


Why Choose Huzhou Yishiyaun Clothing Co., Ltd?


The company offers fast shipment of products which assures you that you will save on costs. Their service team is in constant communication with the clients, and they will guide you in designing clothes for your brand.


Moreover, they excel in selling boutique baby clothing wholesale whose quality is high.

Contact China Baby Clothing Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

7. Foshan Chancheng Kangkang Garment Factory

7. Foshan Chancheng Kangkang Garment Factory

The company has been active in the baby clothing market since 2009 and has 51 to 100 employees who aid in the production process.


They have been specializing in different kinds of children’s wear and have been attracting many potential customers. Its primary location is in Chnagcheng, Foshan, Guangdong province.


Main Products


This company has gained recognition in the children’s wear sets such as t-shirts, sweaters, leggings for kids, pants, and skirts. The company also produces hoods, rompers, and dresses for kids.


They conduct a scientific quality assessment of the products to ensure the quality is perfect. 


Why Choose Foshan Chancheng KangKang Garment Factory?


The company operates under three principles: Integrity, strength, and product quality. They assure you that what you order is what you get, and their prices are pocket-friendly.


Their team will guide you on the kind of products you can get depending on your budget. Their terms of service are super flexible and always communicate on time.

Contact China Baby Clothing Manufacturers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

8. Shanghai Jingzhi Apparel Co., Ltd

8. Shanghai Jingzhi Apparel Co., Ltd

This company has been in operation since 2011 and has a workforce of 500 to 1100 employees with Its main office is in Shanghai, China. 


It has a qualified technical force and quality testing equipment. The company has been selling its products both locally and internationally.


Main Products


They deal with trendy kids wholesale clothing and fashion accessories for kids. They also stock different baby products that babies require.


Their products are of various designs and will even help you in customizing them for your brand.


Why Choose Shanghai Jingzhi Apparel Co., Ltd?


While working with them, you get your wholesale children’s clothing in bulk at reasonable rates. Their designs are stylish and have been gaining a good reputation from customers all over the world.


They work following the latest technology to ensure that you get clothes in line with the current fashion.

Contact China Baby Clothing Suppliers Now!Contact Baby Clothing Suppliers Now!

9. Shangqiu Ankamiya Garment Co., Ltd

9. Shangqiu Ankamiya Garment Co., Ltd

The company has close to two years of experience in baby clothing designing and production. It covers an area of 1500 square meters and has between 50 to 100 employees. Its central location is in Wangying Village, Henan, China.


Main Products


They excel in producing children’s short-sleeved suits, underwear for kids, outdoor clothes, pants, and shirts.


Their products are of high quality and even have pure organic baby clothing wholesale from them. They will also customize your design to satisfy your desire.


Why Choose Shangqiu Ankamiya Garment Co., Ltd?


Are you wondering where I can buy baby clothing wholesale at reasonable rates? This company got great deals for all their wholesale customers.


Moreover, they are easy to engage with, deliver products fast, and ensure they have excellent customer reviews for their top-notch services.

Contact This Suppliers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

10. Yiwu Do like Clothing Co., Ltd

10. Yiwu Do like Clothing Co., Ltd

The company came to be in 2015 with its main office in Yiwu City, Zhejiang. It has close to 50 qualified professionals who aid in the production of baby clothing. The company adopts modern technology in the production of its goods.


Main Products


The firm has been importing locally and internationally baby clothes such as socks, hats, leg warmers, socks, and many more.


Their products are of high quality and comply with the production standards. They are a successful baby clothing wholesale supplier.


Why Choose Yiwu Do like Clothing Co., Ltd?


The company has a quality control team that ensures the production of high-quality items.


They are always available to serve you from the start of production to delivery. Moreover, the company has a variety of clothing products to choose from and offers quick delivery.

Contact this suppliersGet Best Shipping Price

Best 5 Baby Clothing Factory In US


1. Winter Water Factory

11. Winter Water Factory

This company came to life in 2005, starting as a silk-screen studio, and it’s where exploration of fabric design began.


Its main office is in New York and specializes in a different kind of kids’ clothing. They manufacture 100% organic cotton clothes for kids.


Main Products


The company excels in selling wholesale baby clothing U.S.A., with its main products being rompers and jumpsuits for babies. They also sell baby dresses, sleepsuits, tank tops, bloomers, shirts, pants, bloomers, and many more. 


The company targets both international and local markets and has been among the top baby clothing manufacturers in the U.S.A.


Why Choose Winter Water Factory?


They operate under three central policies: sustainability, great design, and fair labor. Their products are super soft and of excellent quality. Also, they strive to ensure the production of environmentally friendly products.

Contact Baby Clothing Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

2. Royal Apparel Manufacturers

12. Royal Apparel Manufacturers

The company has been existing since 1992, and since then, it continues to experience tremendous growth in baby clothing production.


Its headquarters is in Hauppauge, Long Island, New York. They make their products bearing the respect of people and the planet.


Main Products


While working with them, you can get infant clothing such as t-shirts, one-piece, sweatshirts, and pants. 


They are also a private label baby clothing manufacturers to design your designs for you. Also, they offer shipping services at affordable rates.


Why Choose Royal Apparel Manufacturers?


Their products are eco-friendly since they constitute 100% organic cotton. Their freight shipments are free, and you get the option to select the kind of carrier for your product.


They do not ask for a minimum order quantity and supply comfortable and stylish clothes.

Contact Baby Clothing Manufacturers Now!Contact Baby Clothing Suppliers Now!

3. The U.S.A. Clothing Manufacturers

13. The U.S.A. Clothing Manufacturers

This company has been in operation for a long time and has a perfect understanding of the customers’ needs. 


They maintain a top rank as baby clothes wholesale distributors in the U.S.A. Their main office is in Beverly Hills, California.


Main Products


They excel in different kinds of kids’ clothes such as bodysuits, dresses, rompers, baby suits, and much more. 


Their designs are unique and match the current trends. The company also produces embroidered baby clothing.


Why Choose U.S.A. Clothing Manufacturers?


The quality of their products is high, and they will do personal branding for you. Moreover, you can get wholesale baby clothing in bulk at reasonable prices. 


The company seems ready to guide you on the kind of baby clothes you want, design, produce and ship them to you are fair rates.

Contact Baby Clothing Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Bambini Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer

14. Bambini Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer

Bambini has been producing baby clothing for 27 years, and its main office is in Orange County, California. The company is well equipped to make infant layette garments and accessories.


The company has been expanding its baby clothes production services and is excellent for many potential customers.


Main Products


This company has one of the best products if you strive for a baby boy boutique clothing wholesale supplier. It also deals with baby girl clothes, summer and winter clothes for babies. Moreover, they specialize in rompers, onesies, pants, knapsacks for both girls and boys.


Why Choose Bambini Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer?


The company is the number one manufacturer and supplier of 100% layette baby clothes.


They manufacture their product using the highest quality materials and with the latest technology. Also, they offer great deals for all their products.

Contact Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

5. Unik U.S.A. Manufacturers

15. Unik U.S.A. Manufacturers

The company has been operating since 2009, specializing in different kinds of baby clothing. It works by the principle of high quality and unique designs on its products. Its’ main office is in Los Angeles, U.S.A.


Main Products


The company leads in producing high-quality baby girl clothing wholesale in the U.S.A., such as dresses. 


It also specializes in producing hoodies for babies in Unisex designs and manufactures shirts, pants, and two-piece sets. 


Why Choose UNIK USA Manufacturers?


The company offers product customization at affordable rates and has free shipping services. Their products are unisex and stylish since they follow the latest trends. Also, their delivery is inexpensive and fast.

Contact Manufacturers Now!Contact Baby Clothing Suppliers Now!

Best 5 Baby Clothing Factory In UK


1. Kids & Co Wholesale

16.Kids & Co Wholesale

The company was established in 1983. It has been among the top baby clothing manufacturers in the U.K. with over 30 years of experience.


They deal with different baby clothes and accessories for infants to slightly older kids. Their main office is in Highmeres Road, Leicester United Kingdom.


Main Products


They produce and supply high-quality baby clothing for both boys and girls. If you want summer or winter style clothes for babies, the company will deliver them to you on time.


They also have knitted baby sets, sleeves tops for boys, rompers dresses, and many more.


Why Choose Kids & Co Wholesale?


They supply a wide range of baby clothes and accessories at affordable prices. Their service is excellent, and customers give them excellent reviews on their page.


You need not worry about the packaging since they will make a perfect package to save on costs.

Contact China Baby Clothing Factory Now!Get Best Shipping Price

2. Clothing Manufacturers U.K.

17.Clothing Manufacturers U.K.

This company is famous in the U.K. for supplying custom garments for its customers. It has been in operation for long and employee many people its premises who contribute to the successful production of the goods. The company’s headquarters is in London UK.


Main Products


They diversify their production to different kinds of baby wear at affordable rates. Apart from manufacturing the baby clothing, the company will also help you plan your brand, give you a strategy for budgeting, send samples, do product grading and ship it to you.


Moreover, they do quality control services for your product before shipping.


Why Choose Clothing Manufacturers U.K.?


While working with them, you get to enjoy excellent services all under one roof, which will help save your brand. The company can work with what you have so to bring your brand to life.


Moreover, the prices for products are ideal for everyone and ensure you get your goods in time.

Contact China Baby Clothing Manufacturers Now!Contact Baby Clothing Suppliers Now!

3. BabyWear U.K.

18.BabyWear U.K.

They rank among baby clothing manufacturers in the U.K. with vast experience. The company has been producing high-quality baby clothing, which has been attracting many potential customers.


It has been in operation since 1978, with its main office in Coventry, where it occupies 8500 feet.


Main Products


The company proactively produces baby sleepsuits, baby bodysuits, cardigans for kids, and t-shirts. What’s more, they excel in making baby accessories, bibs, dresses, and many more.


They utilize the latest technology in producing high-quality clothing and will even customize products to your specifications.


Why Choose Babywear U.K.?


They insist on incorporating the latest technology so that they improve efficiency and productivity. The company uses a C.A.D. Design a facility that allows them to produce customized baby clothes for your brand.


Moreover, they will create, print, modify, package, and ship products, saving on costs.

Contact China Baby Clothing Suppliers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Sheldon International L.T.D.

19.Sheldon International L.T.D.

Sheldon is well known for selling baby clothing wholesale U.K. and also deals in baby beddings. Their main office is in Leicester, the U.K. and it’s pretty big; therefore you can trust them to handle your bulk orders. They diversify the products, and you can get high-quality outfits for your baby.


Main Products 


The company produces infant clothes such as baby dresses, rompers for both boys and girls and also make, Spanish style for kids, winter and summer fits, snowsuits, baby shoes, socks and much more. The company also has gift sets for babies and soft toys ideal for babies.


Why Choose Sheldon International L.T.D.?


You can get so many clothing products under one roof, from premature baby clothes to gift sets, baby suits, and dresses for babies.


They work with up-to-date technology to ensure that you get new fashions for your clothes. Moreover, the company has an excellent reputation for retaining its customers.

Contact This Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

5. Angel Wholesale U.K.

20.Angel Wholesale U.K.

This company is an award-winning baby clothing supplier UK. The company has been attracting many customers and specializes in providing high-quality baby clothes. Its head office is at the U.K. Shopping mall, Leicestershire.


Main Product


They deal with baby clothes such as rompers, sleepsuits, bloomers, baby dresses, pants, and t-shirts for kids.


Also, they stock a variety of baby gifts and accessories. What’s more, the company offers timely delivery at affordable rates.


Why Choose Angel Wholesale U.K.?


This company will print and personalize your brand according to your specifications. They work to ensure that your brand design comes to file and will do so at throw-away rates.


The company has no minimum order quantity, and they will work with your budget and give you a discount if your purchase is significant.

Contact This Manufacturers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote


Buy Baby Clothing From China: Ultimate Guide

China is one of the largest world importers for baby clothing leading with 26.9 percent in this export. If you are looking at expanding your clothing business fast and getting a high-profit margin, China is the best place to buy wholesale baby clothes in bulk. 

Here the prices for baby clothes are low and most times the price range is competitive therefore giving you a solution to your tight budget.

In China, there are many certified baby clothing manufacturers, each producing different types of baby clothes. From here, you can deal with maybe one manufacturer who offers everything you require or choose different ones for each product

Though China is a leading exporter, you need to do your due diligence before engaging with any manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Importing Baby Clothing From China

1. What Does the Baby Clothing Business Entail?

Every day, new babies are born, which means that they will require clothes that suit them. Baby clothing is garments that most infants wear, and you can also call them infant clothing. 

They include clothes that most newborns wear; therefore, the baby clothing business involves selling infant clothes.

Baby Clothing 1

2. How Do I Start a Baby Clothing Business?

Internet nowadays makes it easier for anyone seeking to start any kind of business, and the fact that you now do not need to have a physical location to operate makes it easy. 

It is always good to start by researching the kind of products you want to deal with; look and create an online platform on Instagram or Facebook or other places you wish to work from, then import wholesale baby clothes in bulk to save on cost. 

You can now go ahead and start advertising your product on different online platforms to attract customers.

3. Can You Import Baby Clothing From China?

You can import baby clothes for resale from china manufacturers; after all, it is the leading baby clothing exporter in the world.

However, before you think about importing, ensure that you engage with a  registered industry, so do proper vetting of the factory before making any purchase. In this case, you can ask Leeline to perform a Factory Audit on your behalf.

Also, you need to verify the availability of the product you want to buy to avoid making mistakes when importing.

4. Where Can I Buy Baby Clothing Wholesale in China?

China is the leading exporter of baby clothes, and they have many industries that design, manufacture, package, and ship baby clothing.

You can get these manufactures from Alibaba, AliExpress, Chinabrands, Global Sources, and much more. Some of these baby clothing manufacturers are in Guangdong, Shanghai, Fujian, and other provinces in China.

5. Where Can I Buy Cheap Wholesale Baby Clothing in China?

As a business person, you quickly make profits by buying in bulk at low prices so that you can have a high-profit margin, and this is what most China manufacturers seek to consider.

Baby Clothing 2

Depending on the type of baby clothing you want, you can get from Guangzhou Fakifii company at as low as $5.

What’s more, Zaozhuang Baoyuan company also has lovely pieces from as low as $ 2.3 and many other companies.

6. What Kind of Baby Clothing Can I Import From China?

It depends on what you are searching for, but China got you covered in pretty much all baby clothing that you can resell. You can get rompers, bodysuits, dresses, pants, t-shirts, hoodies for babies, knitted sweaters, caps, socks, pajamas, and hats. 

You can also get baby sleeping sacks, bloomers, baby blankets, and accessories for babies.

7. Which Baby Clothing Products Are the Best to Sell?

Generally, baby clothing products always sell well, but the accessories sell more. Accessories include petroleum jelly, powders, baby oils, and shampoo, leading in sales in baby products. 

It is also great to note that if you want your baby clothing products to sell well, you need to ensure that you sell them at reasonable prices and, most importantly, sell quality baby clothing.

8. Is It Safe to Buy Baby Clothing From China? 

Most baby clothes manufacturers in China are legit and will produce eco-friendly baby clothes. However, there are some that manufacture clothes containing chemicals that may harm one’s health.

As such, while most baby clothing wholesale suppliers in China ensure that the products you get are safe, it is important to do quality vetting on the factory and ensure that it does not harm people and the environment.

9. Where Can I Get High-Quality Baby Clothing in China?

You can get high-quality baby clothes from different provinces in China such as Fujian, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shangdong, and many others. 

Finding companies selling high quality can be challenging since there exist many of them. So, you need to research the company and compare it with other companies. You can quickly know about the quality of a product by looking at the reviews and ratings from sites such as Alibaba.

Baby Clothing 3

10. How Do I Buy Wholesale Baby Clothing? 

It starts with defining your needs, such as the things you want to stock up for your business, the quality of the product you wish to, and the set budget for purchasing baby clothing from China.

From there, you can choose to do it yourself by researching different companies from China, or you can use an agent who will help you research, verify and ship the products. Leeline sourcing can help you in looking for great baby clothing manufacturers and ship products for you.

11. Is It Hard to Import Baby Clothing From China?

The process is not challenging, but it can be tedious because of the many channels you must pass through before importing. You have to research the products you want, then study different companies that sell those products. 

You need to be on constant follow-up of the production process to get the quality product, and the worst part for many is shipping. Still, you can engage a shipping company like leeline, and they will help you in everything and ensure you get the products at your doorstep.

12. Is It Hard to Sell Wholesale Baby Clothing Online?

No type of selling should be complex when you have the right strategies at hand. It is essential for easy selling to ensure that you properly account for every coin that gets or goes out of the business.

Also, you should be active in the market and ensure that you are advertising the baby clothing products to the appropriate audience.

13. How Much Money Do I Need When Importing Wholesale Baby Clothing From China?

You can have as low or much money if you are looking at importing from china because this goes down to your personal preferences. 

The amount will vary depending on the kind of product you are importing, the kind of manufactures you are dealing with, and other things such as shipping and clearance fees.

You can get cheap baby clothes from china from as low as $2, but most times, this amount necessitates that you buy the product in bulk, so the amount will always vary.

14. Which Are the Most Expensive Baby Clothes?

How expensive baby clothes depend on the kind of brand you want. For instance, Little boy’s quilted leather jacket ranks among the most costly baby clothing going for $2350, and Infant’s Christening Coat from Dolce & Gabbana ranks second, going for $1875.

Also, the quality of the material used may determine the price of the baby’s clothing.

15. How Do I Price the Baby Clothing When Selling?

When pricing, ensure the item is between 50% or 70% below the retail price so that you will realize a high profit margin. 

Generally, always ensure that you calculate the total costs of purchasing the baby clothing products, whether shipping costs or taxes, then set the higher price than the initial cost of the products and any other expenses that come with it.

16. Is Starting a Baby Clothing Wholesale Shop Worth It?

It is worth every setting up a baby clothing shop with every coin you get. You can get so many returns to form the business, and then you know that every day babies are born, you will rarely lack someone to buy your products. Also, you need not have so much capital when starting such a business. 

17. Which Is the Best Way to Ship Baby Clothing From China?

Sea Freight shipping remains to be the best shipping method of baby clothing products from china. It is cheap and will ideally suit bulk orders.

If you do not know how to go about the shipping method, you can use an agent such as Leeline to ship the product for you at affordable rates.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Baby Clothing From China!

China remains to be the best country where you can buy baby clothing products. You have a variety of baby clothing manufacturers there who can manufacture your products.

However, before deciding whether to purchase any product from there, you first verify manufacturers and ensure that you will get high-quality products. 

To make it easier for you, it best you engage a sourcing agent who will assist you in doing a factory audit, solving any issue that the product may have, and shipping your goods to your doorstep.

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