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Wholesale eyeglass

LeelineSourcing Find The Best eyeglass Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline sourcing helps traders and importers to wholesale source eyeglasses from China.
  • Leeline searches for the best wholesale eyeglass manufacturers in China. They also set a profitable deal for you in your absence.
  • Leeline is the best sourcing company as it performs factory audits for you.
  • It negotiates with the suppliers to set a deal at a reasonable price. Hence, the contract will be profitable for both parties.
  • Leeline always inspects the products before shipping them to you.
  • Leeline manages the safe and sound delivery of the products worldwide.

10 Most Profitable eyeglass In China

1.Corrective Glasses

Importing Corrective Glasses From China

Corrective glasses have been used for ages to correct defective eyesight. These glasses refract or bend the light to focus it on the retina. It makes the image clear. An optometrist recommends corrective glasses. People use these glasses to correct their issues of nearsightedness and farsightedness. These glasses are now available in different shapes and stylish designs.


Wholesale Sunglasses From China

Sunglasses provide your eyes protection from bright light. They also protect eyes from harmful UV light. UV-400 blockers offer the most significant protection to your eyes from sunlight.

Sunglasses also polarize the light. Sunglasses are either made to polarize horizontal or vertical light rays. This decreases glare produced due to sunlight.

3.Safety Glasses

Buy Safety Glasses From China

Safety Glasses are made to protect your eyes from various conditions. They are made up of unbreakable plastic. These glasses are used mainly by construction workers, lab workers, or factory workers. Wearing safety glasses protects eyes from flying debris or chemicals from entering eyes. Dentists and surgeons are also required to wear safety glasses during work.

4.Blue-light blocking glasses

Wholesale Blue-light blocking glasses in Bulk From China

These glasses remove the blue light coming from screens. They block blue light coming from tv, computers, mobiles, and tablets. As blue light overexposure is becoming a concern nowadays, people use to solve this issue. Professionals also recommend using blue-light blocking glasses to be on the safer side.

5.3D glasses

Wholesale From 3D glasses Suppliers

3D glasses are now becoming a fashion. These glasses are widely used in cinemas to produce 3D imaging. These glasses are usually polarized green, red, or blue. These glasses create 3D polarized vision. It increases the film experience effectively.

6. Gaming glasses

Wholesale From China Gaming glasses Manufacturers

They have a slight yellow tint over them. They reduce eyestrain due to lack of blinking. You get eyestrain from not blinking your eye for a long time due to continuous screen usage. These glasses correct this issue.


Importing Magnification From China

Technicians or minor workers use these to make their work easy. Doctors, dentists, and dermatologists also use them. Their old models are very heavy and used mainly by hand. But its new designs are light and relaxed. These magnifying glasses can also be fit into corrective glasses. These glasses are also used in binoculars, microscopes, and telescopes.

8.Anti-glare protection glasses

Wholesale Anti-glare protection glasses From China

These glasses can significantly reduce the glare which is produced due to reflections in the environment. These glasses are very beneficial for pilots, drivers, and paratroopers. These glasses are given an anti-glare coating, so it doesn’t make any glare in your eyes.


Buy Transitions From China

These glasses change their color based on the UV lights coming from the Sun. These glasses are widely used in sunglasses. These glasses significantly reduce glare because they can polarize light effectively. It blocks UV light and protects your eyes.

10.Plastic Lenses

Wholesale Plastic Lenses in Bulk From China

Plastic Lenses are much in demand than glass lenses. This is because of its lightweight and low cost. These lenses are made from a cheap plastic polymer, CR-39. Its 39th formula of thermosetting plastic is developed by PPG Industries in 1940.

Leeline is Your Buy Agent for Importing eyeglass from China

Product Sourcing

eyeglass Product Sourcing

Leeline offers its services at reasonable prices. Its services include buying, checking the quality, order consolidation, and warehouse storage with repackaging and global shipping. You can avail of all these essential services at a minimal cost.

Factory Audit

eyeglass Factory Audit

Factory audit is a pretty drastic experience for business owners. Considering Leeline and its services, it is the best reliable company. The reason is, they do the factory audit for their customers for fixing successful deals.

Product Inspection

eyeglass Product Inspection

Leeline agents inspect and replace the defective products if they find such.

Amazon FBA Prep

eyeglass Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline offers reliable Amazon Prep services, where they label your products and then photograph them.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

eyeglass Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline ships your products to Amazon FBA, where they keep those products safe and secure. Then Leeline ships those products overseas to you.


eyeglass DropShopping

Dropshipping is the primary concern of every business owner who is importing. But Leeline agents have made overseas sourcing easy through their professional working attitude.

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale eyeglass From China

  • Leeline Sourcing is the most reliable shipping company in the China section. Leeline sourcing company has some of the most experienced and loyal agents. These agents will help you in sourcing products from China.
  • Leeline Sourcing is not only fixing deals for the established importers. But also help to set sales for small and medium businesses. Leeline understands that every investment is essential for you. So Leeline agents negotiate with the wholesalers for decreasing prices.
  • The services they offer are sourcing, shipment, direct factory audit, and quality inspection. Leeline also provides an inspection report to their customers with a report on the quality of the products as well.
  • Leeline, save your time and extra effort that you put in for sourcing products from China.
  • Leeline sourcing also helps you cut down your shipment costing up to 50%.

Leeline is Your Best China Freight Forwarder

eyeglass Sea Freight Shipping from China

eyeglass Sea Freight From Shipping

Sea Freight Shipping is an essential method of shipping. Here the consignments and sourced products are shipped through the sea routes. Leeline offers high-quality sea freights. They can easily export more significant consignments of wholesale eyeglasses across the world.

eyeglass Air Freight Shipping from China

eyeglass Air Freight From Shipping

Air Freight is an urgent way of sourcing the products. You can adapt this method when you cannot afford delay in your eyeglasses import. The Leeline air freight shipping is quite expensive than other forms of freights.

eyeglass Rail Freight Shipping from China

eyeglass Rail Freight From Shipping

If the eyeglasses shipment is going to arrive in a city, it is better to avail of rail freight. Leeline also offers this method as shipping means.

eyeglass Door to Door Shipping from China

eyeglass Door to Door From Shipping

Door-to-door shipping is the best shipping way for the people who want their consignments delivered to their doorsteps. It is best for the ones who are natives.

Best 10 China eyeglass Suppliers

1. D & L Industry And Trade (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd

1. D & L Industry And Trade (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd


D & L Industry and Trade (Xuzhou) is a China-based company in this business for a long time. They have earned a reputable name in the industry of producing and supplying wholesale eyeglasses. It is an onsite verified company by Intertek, which is a leading inspection company in the world.

The manufacturer has a long-time professional history and skill in eyeglasses production. Also, the company has got a rich experience in overseas trading. They are still in progress for making their services satisfactory.

Main Products

The products company produces magnetic clip-on glasses, blue-light-blocking glasses. They also manufacture fashion sunglasses, sports sunglasses, customer glasses. They have a professional approach in the manufacture of these products. The company also provides products at wholesale with a warranty.

Why Choose D & L Industry and Trade (Xuzhou)

The company has a unique approach to manufacturing and sourcing different designs of eyewear. They produce and supply wholesale eyeglasses across the world at reasonable rates. Their eyeglasses are used worldwide by optometrists for creating cheap and valuable eyeglasses.

Contact eyeglass Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

2. Zhengzhou Stripe E-Commerce Co., Ltd

2. Zhengzhou Stripe E-Commerce Co., Ltd

Zhengzhou Stripe E-commerce is a professional wholesale eyeglass supplier company in China. They design and produce high-quality optical frames. The company started its Alibaba store in 2019 as a manufacturer and supplier. This factory is verified onsite by Intertek.

Main Products

Zhengzhou Stripe E-commerce produces optical glasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, blue light blocking glasses. They design and manufacture high-quality optical frames of TR90, Acetate, and Metal Frames.

Why Choose Zhengzhou Stripe E-commerce

It is a world-renowned eyeglasses brand with a unique style and reasonable price. The company always tries to update its eyeglasses according to trends. They have over 1,000 different models in their stock, which they keep updating as well. They have factories in Xiamen, Wenzhou, and Shenzhen of China. That’s the reason millions of customers recognize them for manufacturing high-quality eyeglasses.

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3. Yiwu Guyuan Eyewear Co., Ltd

3. Yiwu Guyuan Eyewear Co., Ltd

Yiwu Guyuan Eyewear has been in the trade market for years. They are highly professional, considering the designs and sales of wholesale eyeglasses. They have their production houses in China. This company is verified onsite by the SGS group.

Main Products

Yiwu Guyuan Eyewear company manufactures wholesale sunglasses and sunglasses case. They also produce sunglasses lens and optical frames. They import eyewear at a reasonable cost. Millions of people trust the company for high-quality manufacturing eyeglasses and other accessories. They also offer customization logos at minimum quantity. 

Why Choose Yiwu Guyuan Eyewear

Yiwu Guyuan Eyewear provides high-quality tested products. They have advanced equipment for designing the product, experiment, and developing the latest technology. Logo customization is also available. Due to their reliable services, Yiwu Guyuan Eyewear has gained recognition from customers. They offer fast service with reliability with competitive shipping prices. They provide direct contact for asking any query.

Contact eyeglass Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Danyang Ronghao Glasses Co., Ltd

4. Danyang Ronghao Glasses Co., Ltd

This company has got 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying eyeglasses. The company has rich experience in foreign trading of wholesale products. They also offer reliable shipping services. This is an onsite verified company.

Main Products

Danyang Ronghao Glasses produces all types of eyewear. Some of them are eyeglasses, lens, metal glasses, and Titanium glasses. They use high-quality raw materials for manufacture. The company focuses on producing the latest designs with a high demand ratio.

Why Choose Danyang Ronghao Glasses

With 20 years of experience, Danyang Ronghao Glasses offers reliable services. Due to their reliable services, customers trust them from all over the world. Their market share is as high as 50%. They have rich experience in foreign trading and wholesale marketing. They have ten years of cooperation experience with Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and many other countries.

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5. Guangzhou Jami Optical Co., Ltd

5. Guangzhou Jami Optical Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Jami Optical is a professional supplier company of wholesale eyewear. The company is located in Guangzhou city of China, with a booming trade industry. The supplier is onsite verified by TUV Rheinland, which is a leading inspection team in the world. Due to their reliable services of high-quality manufacture, they have gathered a large number of customers.

Main Products

Guangzhou Jami Optical produces optical frames, sunglasses, reading glasses, eyeglass cases. The company supplies stock spectacles, sunglasses, eyeglasses cases, and lenses in various materials. Their products are reliable with competitive prices and warranty.

Why Choose Guangzhou Jami Optical

They have built long-term connections with their regular customers due to their reliable services. They provide many advantages to their regular customers. One is the multi-selection advantage, as they have 15,000 different styles in stock. They always offer new stores to their customers. The company recognizes quality as the critical factor to increase competitiveness in the trade market.

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6. Taizhou Baolai Glasses Manufature Co., Ltd

6. Taizhou Baolai Glasses Manufature Co., Ltd

Baolai is a reliable china sourcing company for sourcing optometry equipment. They supply the best medical, dental, and optometry supplies. They have professional medical and dental engineers in their staff. All of their products are manufactured according to American standards and specifications. It is TUV Rheinland verified on-site company.

Main Products

The company’s main products are Face Shield, Goggles, Eyewear, Safety glasses. All the products are made with warranty and latest designs. They produce many medical and dental equipments. Their main products are optometry ones like wholesale eyeglasses.

Why Choose Baolai

Baolai have almost 20 years of experience in this field. They are a massive family of developing and supplying wholesale eyeglasses. They have 25 years of experience in the development and sourcing of eyeglasses. Their customers’ number is increasing on daily basis. They source their wholesale products worldwide at reasonable prices. Their shipping methods are also reliable and easy on the hand.

Contact China eyeglass Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

7. Taizhou Jiaojiang Zhameng Trade Co., Ltd

7. Taizhou Jiaojiang Zhameng Trade Co., Ltd

Taizhou Jiaojiang Zhameng Trade is a leading eyeglasses company in China. They have reliable sunglasses and eyeglasses to supply all over the world. They have rich experience in manufacturing and supplying eyeglasses. They are verified onsite by TUV Rheinland. Their workers make their work reliable and up-to-date. Having the latest designs and technology gives them an edge over their competitors.

Main Products

Their main products include all types of glasses. Some of them are sunglasses, eyeglasses, and optical frames. They have many experienced persons for developing and designing optometry paraphernalia. All of their products are updated with the trend. Their customers like their designs and manufacturing.

Why Choose Taizhou Jiaojiang Zhameng Trade

They have more than 1,000 models available in stock. This enables them to source trending designs of eyeglasses. They also keep updating their plans every week. They always set long-term healthy relationships with their customers. This puts a favorable and trustworthy image in their customers’ minds. They have a high-speed and reliable shipping facility with competitive prices.

Contact China eyeglass Manufacturers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

8. Wenzhou Union Fashion Co., Ltd

8. Wenzhou Union Fashion Co., Ltd

Wenzhou Union Fashion is a leading fashion products manufacturer in the China section. They also export their accessories worldwide at a reasonable cost. They have been launching their eyeglasses and sunglasses since 2000. They also manufacture winter soft accessories and bags. Intertek verifies this company. They source their products worldwide with quality services.

Main Products

The main products of this company are Sunglasses, Reading Glasses, anti-blue Ray Glasses. They also manufacture Kids Glasses and Sport Sunglasses. All their products focus on quality and unique latest designs. They have many latest designs which they keep updating every week.

Why Choose Union Fashion

Union Fashion has earned a good name in the market of eyeglasses and sunglasses. They have rich experience in this field. That’s why millions of customers trust their services. Union Fashion has seven self-owned factories. They also have QC teams in their China headquarters. Union Fashion has an in-house designing team with the best designers from the world. They keep updating their designs all the time to meet their customers’ needs. Their hard work is the main guarantee of quality, strategies, and prices of their products.

Contact China eyeglass Suppliers Now!Contact eyeglass Suppliers Now!

9. Taizhou Lieyang Glasses Co., Ltd

9. Taizhou Lieyang Glasses Co., Ltd

Taizhou Lieyang Glass is the leading eyewear supplier in China. They have been providing their services for many years. This company is located in a professional base of glasses. It also integrates productions and sales. It is a verified company with quality work.

Main Products

The remarkable products of this company are Optical glasses and Optical frames. Sunglasses is also a specialty of this brand . They also manufacture ad source Reading glasses and Sports glasses. They provide a full range of eyewear and eyeglasses. Their glasses stock is enormous with the latest designs.

Why Choose Taizhou Lieyang Glasses

Taizhou Lieyang Glasses has earned a good name in the eyewear market. They can also make customized logos and repackaging them for customers’ satisfaction. They always try to introduce designs of eyeglasses in the market. They source their products in Thailand, Korea, and Japan. They prefer quality service over quantity.

Contact This Suppliers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

10. Quick Wonder Glasses Hangzhou Co., Ltd

10. Quick Wonder Glasses Hangzhou Co., Ltd

The company specializes in manufacturing eyeglasses with new designs. They make eyeglasses and sunglasses with unique and attractive designs. TUV Rheinland verifies this company.

Main Products

They manufacture all types of glasses. Their glasses include Optical Frames, Sunglasses, Blue Light Blocking Glasses, sports glasses. They manufacture, market and source all their unique designs worldwide. They serve people with quality glasses and superior services.

Why Choose Quick Wonder Glasses

The company has a team of 600 complex working individuals. They have rich experience in this field, including manufacture, research, and development. The company emphasizes creativity and innovation in its designs of eyeglasses. Customers; satisfaction is their top priority. That’s why millions of importers trust them while importing eyeglasses from China. Their head office is located in Hangzhou. They always try new methods to bring innovation to their eyeglasses.

Contact this suppliersGet Best Shipping Price

Best 5 UK eyeglass Suppliers


1. Optik Stockert

11.Optik Stockert

The company was founded in 1975. This is a verified company. It manufactures wholesale eyeglasses and sources them worldwide. Their customers are pretty satisfied with their services. That’s why millions of importers trust them across the globe. Its mission is to provide high-quality eyeglasses to its users.

Main Products

The top products the company manufacture and source are Eyeglasses – frames and accessories. They also manufacture contact lenses and many other optical instruments. They focus on quality over quantity. All their products, including contact lenses, are made of high-quality raw material. They also provide a warranty on their accessories.

Why Choose Optik Stockert

Optik Stockert is the most trusted brand in UK. It has numerous outlets and resellers across the UK and other states. Their services of producing high-quality eyeglasses are unbeatable. That makes them one of the reliable wholesale eyeglasses manufacturers to trade with.

Contact eyeglass Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

2. Wholesale Clearance UK

12.Wholesale Clearance UK

This company has rich experience in the production of sunglasses and general optical accessories. They manufacture products wholesale and source them worldwide. Millions of customers trust them across the globe. They set long-term relationships with their customers.

Main Products

Their main products of this company are sunglasses and all the related products. They manufacture all the general types of eyeglasses with a warranty of high quality. They focus on quality more than quantity. Their customers trust their quality.

Why Choose Wholesale Clearance UK

Wholesale Clearance UK is the biggest eyeglass manufacturer in its region. They manufacture high-quality eyewear. Their sunglasses are the top product in their items—the source in bulk to many countries. Now it is quite the known brand for its luxury eyeglasses collection.

Contact eyeglass Manufacturers Now!Contact eyeglass Suppliers Now!

3. PS Wholesale Ltd

13.PS Wholesale Ltd

PS Wholesaler provides wholesale sunglasses and many eyewear at a reasonable cost. Their sunglasses are of great significance in UK. Many wholesale buyers across the globe appreciate their quality. They have set exemplary standards for manufacturing and supplying eyeglasses. This is an onsite verified company with unique and attractive designs of eyeglasses.

Main Products

They supply wholesale sunglasses and steampunk goggles. They provide wholesale wayfarer sunglasses. The wholesale aviator sunglasses and wholesale Lennon sunglasses are the specialty of this company. They also supply wholesale ladies’, men’s sunglasses with affordable prices. They also supply wholesale novelty sunglasses.

Why Choose PS Wholesale LTD

The company has set its core principles of manufacturing fine-quality sunglasses. They also provide wholesale buying services with a warranty. They produce some of the most exemplary pieces of sunglasses in UK. Their products are used by the residents in the UK and also export the eyeglasses to other countries. They have expanded their range of various eyeglasses to make them available for styling your outfits. Their eyewear and sunglasses are also available to be purchased online.

Contact eyeglass Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Accent Fashion Accessories

14.Accent Fashion Accessories

This company has gained so much popularity across the globe since the day of launching in 2004. They manufacture and high-quality source eyeglasses with reliable quality and at lower prices.

Main Products

They produce high-quality eyeglasses in UK. It is the best manufacturer of sunglasses and many other fashion accessories. Their sunglasses have gained so much popularity because of their attractive designs. Their wholesale rates are pretty affordable. They stock a varied selection of eyeglasses from many international manufacturers.

Why Choose Accent Fashion Accessories

They produce eyewear with creative and artistic craftsmanship along with brand loyalty. They grew for their varied selection of best eyewear manufacturing raw product. They offer competitive rates than other brands in the market. They quickly make it to the toper’s list of candles’ manufacturing and supplying in the UK.

Contact Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

5. Macahel


Macahel is a renowned company in the manufacture of fashionable eyewear. Millions of buyers across the globe purchase their products. It is a London-based company which specializes in manufacturing fashion eyeglasses and other products. It is an onsite verified company.

Main Products

Their fashion sunglasses are the leading product among their supplies. They manufacture quality eyewear with a warranty. They produce updated eyewear designs. People in the UK like their products for their quick and reliable services.

Why Choose Macahel

This company is highly reputable when it comes to the latest eyeglasses designs. They make high UV Protected sunglasses with beautiful and elegant designs. Their services make them highly reputable wholesalers and reliable eyewear manufacturers in UK.

Contact Manufacturers Now!Contact eyeglass Suppliers Now!

Best 5 US eyeglass Suppliers


1. CTS Wholesale Sunglasses

16.CTS Wholesale Sunglasses

CTS wholesale eyeglasses firm is a renowned company in the USA. It manufactures wholesale eyeglasses with quality insurance. It has been manufacturing and supplying eyeglasses for more than 20 years. Their eyeglasses are renowned all over the world. Top inspection teams of the world verify this company.

Main Products

The most iconic product of this company is their sunglasses brand. Their sunglasses are manufactured on a large scale keeping the quality high for meeting the orders from the market. Their sunglasses range from plain to trendy designs. All their products are pretty comfortable. This company also specializes in other optical instruments’ manufacture as well.

Why Choose CTS Wholesalers

They are in this field for quite a long time. Their customers trust them for providing high-quality sunglasses and much other eyewear.

Contact China eyeglass Factory Now!Get Best Shipping Price

2. Sunny Sunglasses

17.Sunny Sunglasses

This company owns a good name in the market for supplying high-quality eyeglasses. This company is offering its services for many years. Their customers trust them for providing reliable services with a warranty. This company is also onsite verified in the USA.

Main Products

Sunny Sunglasses company provides many eyeglasses products, including Sunglasses, Reading Glasses, Fashion Accessories. Professional technicians and workers always manufacture their products. They aim to switch to the latest designs every month.

Why Choose Sunny Sunglasses

It is a noble brand in the USA market of eyeglasses. Their designs are always the latest, stylish and trendy. Their customers trust them for manufacturing and supplying wholesale eyeglasses with quality and competitive prices. They source their products all across the world.

Contact China eyeglass Manufacturers Now!Contact eyeglass Suppliers Now!

3. Eason Eyewear Inc

18.Eason Eyewear Inc

Eason Eyewear Inc. is a noble brand of eyeglasses USA. They manufacture and source wholesale eyeglasses. Their products are manufactured with outstanding quality and quantity assurance. This company is onsite verified by the noble inspection team of the USA.

Main Products

This company specializes in manufacturing and sourcing eyewear and its accessories. Their main products are Sunglasses, Reading Glasses, Frames, and other Fashion Accessories. Quality is their topmost priority on which they make no compromise. Due to this motto, they have become a leading eyewear brand in the USA.

Why Choose Eason Eyewear

This company is trusted by millions of wholesale buyers and purchasers all over the world. Their customers try to develop long-term relations with the due to their reliable services.

Contact China eyeglass Suppliers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Dynasol Eyewear

19.Dynasol Eyewear

Dynasol Eyewear has been offering its services for many years. They manufacture high-quality eyeglasses in the USA. Authentic inspection teams of USA onsite verify the company.

Main Products

Their main products include sunglasses and reading glasses. Eyeglasses that they manufacture are of high-quality and maximum warranty. The designs of eyewear they adopt are the latest and trendy.

Why Choose Dynasol Eyewear

It is the biggest eyeglass manufacturer in the USA. They manufacture high-quality eyewear. Their sunglasses are the top product in their items—they source in bulk to many countries. Now it is quite the known brand for its luxury eyeglasses collection.

Contact This Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

5. Fairwind Sunglasses Trading Company

20.Fairwind Sunglasses Trading Company

Fairwind Sunglasses trading is a reliable company for sourcing optometry equipment. All of their products are manufactured according to American standards and specifications. It is a verified on-site company.

Main Products

The company’s main products are sunglasses and reading glasses. All the products are made with warranty and latest designs. Their main products are sunglasses which they source all across the world.

Why Choose Baolai

Fairwind sunglasses trading company has been into this field for many years. They are a massive family of developing and supplying wholesale sunglasses. They source their wholesale products worldwide at reasonable prices. Their shipping methods are also reliable and easy on the hand.

Contact This Manufacturers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote


How To Buy eyeglass From China: Super Guide

Introduction About Importing Candles From China

China is well-known for its manufacturing companies. Its trading community is meeting the demands of wholesale products in the market. Are you an entrepreneur or business owner and want to import eyeglasses from China at the best rates? Then this ultimate guide section is for you.

Eyeglasses are widely used by people all around the globe. Today, every other person uses eyeglasses to correct eyesight. Eyeglasses can also be used to protect eyes from the sun and in many different ways.

China has the most accessible payment ways and a variety of manufacturers to set a deal with. So sourcing your products from China gives you two significant benefits. One is the excellent quality of the products imported, while the second one is the flexibility in their rates. You can negotiate with them and earn huge discounts.

How To Establish Your Business By Sourcing Eyeglasses From China? 

What The Eyeglasses Business Is

Eyeglasses business is a successful business around the globe. Their manufacturers, resellers, and traders earn a good amount of profit which statistics clearly show each year.

eyeglass 1

The process of sourcing candles from one country to another safely can be a challenging task for shippers. But, experts can do these problematic tasks quite easily with their expertise and professionalism.

Eyeglasses are used on a large scale by ordinary people, irrespective of the area of the globe.

Who Uses The Eyeglasses?

Everyone around the globe uses eyeglasses. People use it for correcting eyesight and protection from sunlight. In this era of technology, you will see screens everywhere. These screens can be dangerous for your eyes. For protecting your eyes from harmful rays of the screen, people use different types of eyeglasses.

How Importing Eyeglasses From China Benefits Me

There are various benefits of sourcing eyeglasses from China in bulk from wholesale manufacturers.

The main reason is its evolution from the old and boring designs to new and decorative designs. These unique designs attract everyone. People use eyeglasses in both conventional and innovative ways. Some may find them an attractive addition to their outfit. At the same time, others may use it to correct their eyesight.

One fact that weighs out a lot of others is their affordable prices in the China section. Chinese manufacturers produce their goods at a large scale and source them in bulk. Hence, negotiation is possible. They may offer you discounts on their services sometimes. So you can entirely rely on importing eyeglasses from China as they provide pretty satisfactory services.

How to Ship Eyeglasses from China?

The primary and crucial methods of sourcing from China are the following.

  • Sea freight
  • Rail freight
  • Airfreight
  • Door to door shipping

How To Find The Best Eyeglasses Manufacturer In China?

Importing eyeglasses can be a little risky if we consider far-off places with extreme weather conditions. So it is necessary to choose such kind of manufacturers and suppliers who are experts in this task. They also make you aware of each step in the process.

  • Check the experience level of your manufacturer before signing in a deal. This helps you build your trust and eventually a healthy relationship with them. 
  • Check reviews of the company. It plays a crucial role in building trust of the customers. Also, check out negative reviews on their website.
  • Go through their company profiles thoroughly. Check out their information carefully to understand them and their terms. 
  • Ensure the availability of your desired product before signing a deal. This will lead to quick delivery of your consignment if you are in a great hurry.

How to Negotiate with Wholesale Chinese Eyeglasses’ Manufacturers?

Here are a few things to keep in mind while negotiating with your manufacturer for a successful and profitable deal.

  • If you are sourcing any product, search for it online or in the market. You will have an idea what you are dealing for.
  • Ask your supplier first for the price. This will set an authentic impression of. This will set an authentic impression of your budget. Go for an authentic approach. Select you desired deal and wait for the reply of the manufacturer.
  • If you think that client is now offering a suitable price according to the market rates, then agree on the rates and set a deal.
  • If the supplier has substantial grounds, then leave and hunt for a new manufacturer. As wholesale trading is for the benefit of both parties, so go for such rates that benefit you in every aspect.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

eyeglass 2

Is Importing Wholesale Eyeglasses From China Profitable?

Yes, it is profitable. There is not even a single person on earth who has not eyeglasses in his life. It is a part of the necessities of every human being. So, sourcing any product which is used commonly by people can be proved very beneficial.


Importing all the types of eyeglasses like plain ones or maybe stylish sunglasses or corrective glasses, each has the same market value. If you are a local reseller, then you can import eyeglasses from China in bulk at wholesale rates. This will save your time and effort, plus the wholesale rate will be cheaper than typical market rates. This will enable you to save your money and effort.


Will Importing From China Be Beneficial For Me?

China is a destination for many buyers to import their products at profitable rates. Millions of customers trust the Chinese wholesale market. Buyers source their desired products at cheap rates with great convenience. Sourcing products from China will help you to grow your business.

Entrepreneurs sourcing from China enjoy two significant benefits. The first one is the reliable quality and the second one is cheaper rates. Both these aspects make sourcing from the China section the best in the world.


What is the Best Way To Source Wholesale Eyeglasses From China?

There are generally four major options to source eyeglasses from China. Airfreight, sea freight, and rail freight are the most common and the best.

Since eyeglasses are delicate products to source, the above three methods are most convenient for the buyers. The reason is, products are well packaged and taken with great care to other countries.


How to Find Eyeglasses’ Suppliers In China?

Alibaba.com provides you a list of suppliers on its website. It also gives you complete details that you would need to proceed with the deal. Search for the product you want on alibaba.com and choose the supplier that seems suitable to you.

You can also hire agents through Leeline if you can’t handle direct sourcing from China. Leeline is the most reliable agent of alibaba.com for sourcing products from Chinese manufacturers. They also deal with manufacturers and suppliers of eyeglasses. These manufacturers provide wholesale eyeglasses at a reasonable cost. Leeline helps suppliers and buyers to fix a deal.

eyeglass 3

How Can I Import Eyeglasses From China?

Are you planning to import eyeglasses or any product from China? Then read and follow the following guidelines to register yourself.

  • Prepare all your documentation for the registration and getting the license for importing from China
  • Search your desired product, go to the manufacturers’ profile and read it out.
  • Contact the relevant supplier and negotiate with him for setting a deal eventually. 
  • Discuss all the specs beforehand, like production and delivery of the product.
  • Select your preferred shipping method.

Final Thoughts On Wholesale Eyeglasses From China:

Eyeglasses are a basic necessity of many individuals around the globe. Everyone uses it daily. Some use them to correct the eyesight. While others use them for protection against sun and UV light rays. Such kind of product that is a part of people’s daily life generates a handsome income.

If you source eyeglasses from China at wholesale rates, you will have a good deal in hand. This is because rates are cheaper than in other countries. Also, buying in bulk amount proves very beneficial for businesses.

For availing of this opportunity, find yourself a good manufacturer or supplier. Find such who is reliable and trustworthy, and you can also negotiate with him for the rates.

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