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Wholesale yoga mats

LeelineSourcing Find The Best yoga mats Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline guides you to choose the best yoga mat supplier for your product sourcing. 
  • Leeline ensures the quality of yoga mats before shipping them from Chinese yoga mat suppliers. 
  • Leeline makes it easy for you to bulk ship wholesale yoga mats from China. 
  • Leeline gives you hassle-free Amazon FBA Prep services for yoga mats supplies.
  • At Leeline, you can directly ship yoga mats from supplier to customer end. 

Leeline performs factory auditing before ship yoga mats.

yoga mats

Best 10 yoga mats To Sell Online

1. Traditional Yoga Mat

Importing Traditional Yoga Mat From China

The traditional yoga mats are usually made of cotton. These eco-friendly mats are made in China. They are used for absorptions of moistures and thus provides extra grip to the user. These mats are available in bulk rolls. Also, a person can take the mat anywhere due to its lightweight and small size. The mats are made custom with 100% certified unbleachable cotton. Also, the dimensions are 187x70x1 cm. Users can also wash and thus can be washable at 30 degrees. It has a weight of 1 kg only and easy to roll up and fold for transportations. Traditional yoga mats made in China have no chemicals and synthetics.  

2. Oval Yoga Mat

Wholesale Oval Yoga Mat From China

An oval yoga mat is another one of the best mats, acceptable as life’s energy. This mat is organic, zero waste, and sustainable. Also, it provides superior compression set resistance and is non-allergic with exceptional durability. They are chlorine-free and have antimicrobial properties.

In previous reports, the global yoga mat industry grows with a CGAR of 5.6% from 2020 to 2026. China Guangdong eco-friendly yoga mats manufacturers produce different designs. They aim to the first-quality service to meet customer expectations.

3. Square Yoga Mat

Buy Square Yoga Mat From China

A square yoga mat is made of 100% organic cotton or rubber. People use it for yoga as well as many other sports aids. This square mat is eco-friendly with a net weight of 500 grams. Also, it is available in multiple colors with product dimensions of 37*47*6 cm. The global square yoga mat wholesale market expects to gain market growth from 2020 to 2027. Zhejiang in China is known as one of the best yoga mat suppliers.

4. Natural Yoga Mat

Wholesale Natural Yoga Mat in Bulk From China

Natural Yoga mat applies to all age groups. It composes of TPE material, a combination of natural rubber and nontoxic PU. It has no slippery surface, and thus it has a strong grip on moisture as well. So, it is waterproof, and a user can take it anywhere due to its small net size. Its original size is 173x183x61 cm. China is representing net yoga mat suppliers with a wide variety of net yoga mats. They all are also available in various styles and colors.

5. Printed Yoga mat

Wholesale From China Printed Yoga mat Suppliers

Another best yoga mat is a Printed Yoga mat. The surface of this type is ultra-soft with a suede material which is the best absorbent. Also, it has a high density and suitable thickness. Thus, the mat’s material is Microfiber Suede and TPE with 183*80 cm. Different printed designs can be custom orders. The wholesale printed yoga mats market size is valuable at $13.3 billion in 2018. This mat is made on the mainland in China that provides different colors and styles of mat.

6. Eco-friendly Yoga Mat

Wholesale From China Eco-friendly Yoga Mat Manufacturers

These yoga mats wholesale is available in different materials like rubber, cotton, TPE, PVC, etc. Also, this type is waterproof with Hight friction force in water or moisture. So, it has a non-slippery surface to prevent it from slipping. This mat’s dimensions are 54 × 41 × 71 Centimeters with a net weight of 1.5 kilograms. The factories in China are great eco-friendly yoga mat manufacturers. All have a vast range of eco-friendly yoga mats to offer.

7. Smooth Yoga mat

Importing Smooth Yoga mat From China

Another best wholesale eco yoga mat is a smooth mat. This mat is of high density made of PVC, TPE, cotton, or other stuff with 183*61 cm. The origin of this product is Fujian, China, the best yoga mat supplier across the globe. 

8. Textured Yoga Mat

Wholesale Textured Yoga Mat From China

The Textured Yoga Mat is comfortable and is also optimal with a no-slip surface. Also, its size is 1830 X 610 mm and available in 18 different colors. It is an excellent moisture-resistant and anti-skid texture. It is waterproof, eco-friendly, and comfortable. Textured yoga mats are in high demand in the market. You can find suppliers in the Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces of China.

9. Sticky Yoga Mat

Buy Sticky Yoga Mat From China

Sticky Yoga Mat forms basically of Thermo Plastic Elastomer TPE, rubber, or any other kinds of stuff. T has a size of 1830*610 mm with a 4mm thickness. Also, it is used both in yoga studios or other fitness centres. It is light and anti-bacteria, soft and is also sticky. Its main origin is Xiamen, Fujian in China, where yoga mat manufacturers have professional equipment. It has been used to manufacture different kinds, colors, and styles of yoga materials.

10. Acupressure Yoga Mat

Wholesale Acupressure Yoga Mat in Bulk From China

Acupressure Yoga Mat can also act as massage pads that can relieve pressure, pain, and blood circulations of the users. Also, on each mat, there are acupuncture points on the surface with thick foam inside. Similarly, it is made of silicon and cotton material in multiple colors. This wholesale yoga mat has 22.5 × 22.5 × 43 Centimeters with a net weight of 1 kilogram. Thus, thousands of high-quality eyelet eco-friendly yoga mat manufacturers are present in China. All have a vast range of Acupressure Yoga mats to offer.

You Need Leeline To Help Buy yoga mats From China

Product Sourcing

yoga mats Product Sourcing

Leeline works as a product sourcing agent in helping you find the best quality yoga mat supplies at low cost from the best yoga mat manufacturers or suppliers in China.

Factory Audit

yoga mats Factory Audit

Leeline follows all standardized processes in determining if your yoga mat supplier or manufacturer is capable of producing or supplying high-quality yoga mats. Leeline also examines and checks if the yoga mat supplier or manufacturer conforms with the required business-standard.

Product Inspection

yoga mats Product Inspection

Leeline’s well-qualified team deeply examination of wholesale eco yoga mats. Thus, they make sure to serve you with the best yoga mat supplies before leaving the yoga mat supplier.

Amazon FBA Prep

yoga mats Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline helps you to print labelling services and ensure you give packings details of your yoga mats supplies. At leeline, you don’t need to worry about shipping your good from the amazon facility, as they come with a suitable shipping solution.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

yoga mats Shipping To Amazon FBA

At Leeline, their brilliant customer support team assist you in shipping your wholesale yoga mat from china. They come with providing you with amazon shipping at a reasonable rate.


yoga mats DropShopping

If you need shipping of your products from wholesale yoga mat supplier to direct customer end. In that case, they arrange a smooth shipping service of your yoga mat supplies directly to the final destination. 

Why Choose Leeline To Import yoga mats From China

  • At Leeline, you will get unlimited services to importing wholesale yoga mat supplies
  • Leeline gives you the best varieties of yoga mats and performs a quality check to guarantee 100% quality yoga mat supplies. 
  • Leeline serves you with both retail and wholesale yoga mat supplies. They have the best yoga mat wholesalers to ship product from china. 
  • Leeline assists you to communicate with Chinese yoga mat suppliers directly.
  • Apart from all features, Leeline helps you store your bulk shipment of yoga supplies in their dedicated warehouse facility in China.
  • Leeline also helps you ship your wholesale yoga mats from the most famous yoga wholesaler worldwide.

Leeline, give you 120 days moneyback guarantee if you are not satisfied with yoga mat supplies.

Leelines is the Best Choice to Ship yoga mats from China

yoga mats Sea Freight Shipping from China

yoga mats Sea Freight From Shipping

Leeline is capable of making every effort when it comes to wholesale shipping of your yoga mats from china. Leeline is confident in its ability to fulfil your sea freight transportation needs.

yoga mats Air Freight Shipping from China

yoga mats Air Freight From Shipping

For quick delivery and a high level of consistency in the arrival and departure times of your wholesale yoga mats, Leeline offers the most reliable air cargo shipping services available.

yoga mats Rail Freight Shipping from China

yoga mats Rail Freight From Shipping

Leeline transports your high-volume wholesale yoga mats supplies by train, which is the safest mode of transportation. Leeline promises a delivery time of 15-20 days.

yoga mats Door to Door Shipping from China

yoga mats Door to Door From Shipping

Leeline purchases your wholesale yoga mats directly from the manufacturer. They handle customs clearance from the point of origin to the final destination.

Best 10 China yoga mats Manufacturers

1.Shanghai Topko Industry Co., Ltd.

1.Shanghai Topko Industry Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Topko Industry Co., Ltd. is the branch of TOPKO PRODUCT GROUP. TOPKO office is located in Shanghai, China, and in Florida, US. Their high quality, competitive, and best-priced products are in demand worldwide, and their diligent staff will keep on tracking the product until it is in their customer’s hands.


Main Products: 

This company manufactures a yoga mat, yoga towel, yoga wear, yoga ball, and more. They have made exports to North America, Western Europe ad Oceania. TOPKO is experienced at selling high-quality yoga products at a competitive price. 


Why Choose Shanghai Topko Industry Co., Ltd.?

High-quality product design and after-sales services are compelling factors of this company. Quality is their priority. They have an excellent product development team that provides you with trendy and hot selling products depending upon your demands and interest. With their excellent customer-oriented services, TOPKO always gains buyers’ confidence that is acknowledged through their good ratings. They have a buyer interaction of 96.53% response rate and less than 4 hours response time.

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2. Shaoxing Amy Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. 

2. Shaoxing Amy Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing Amy Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. They are one of the leading fitness product manufacturers in China. Their office is located in Zhejiang, China. They have up to 50 diligent employees providing 24 hours service for customer care.


Main Products: 

They supply a yoga mat, yoga bolster, yoga bag, yoga blanket, yoga strap, and much more. After years of offering high-quality products, they cover markets like North America, Domestic Market, and Southern Europe.


Why Choose Shaoxing Amy Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.? 

The company is mainly focusing on producing high-quality and trendy yoga products. They also offer a full range of yoga equipment. Shaoxing Amy has a 5-star rating with excellent reviews, showing their perfect service for customers. They have good buyer interaction of 88.34% and less than 7 hours of response time.

Contact yoga mats Manufacturers Now!Contact yoga mats Suppliers Now!

3. Suzhou Everise Fitness Co., Ltd. 

3. Suzhou Everise Fitness Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Everise Fitness Co., Ltd is located in Suzhou city, nearby Shanghai. They have 8 years experience in exporting fitness products. Their strict internal management system and talented technicians consistently fulfil the expectations of the customers. The company have an excellent design team that aims at producing high-quality products that sell globally.


Main Products: 

They are engaged in producing yoga products, massage sticks, latex bands, rope skipping, and more depending upon their customers’ demands. It also manufactures houseware and tools. Their main trading markets are North America, South America, Eastern Europe, and more. 


Why Choose Suzhou Everise Fitness Co., Ltd.? 

Their quick and all-time service is satisfactory for buyers. The company also has trendy and unique products with competitive prices depending upon customers’ needs of all ages. Suzhou Fitness have separate departments for including purchase, sales, and services, with talented staff. They have maintained a response time of fewer than 8 hours and an 89.3% response rate. With a rating of 4.9, buyers believe in them.

Contact yoga mats Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Changzhou Beststar Tourist Products Co., Ltd 

4. Changzhou Beststar Tourist Products Co., Ltd

Changzhou Beststar was established in 2004. They manufacture the outdoor product and have more than 50 employees, including five-plus technicians. Their output reaches 3 million pieces, bringing sales turnover up to USD 1.5 million. 


Main Products: 

They aim at manufacturing yoga bags, hunting bags, and more. The company is also producing stadium seat cushions, sports chairs, and covers. Their primary markets are the domestic markets, North America, and Western Europe. 


Why Choose Changzhou Beststar Tourist Products Co., Ltd?

They are the leading manufacturers of wholesale yoga mats in China. Changzhou maintained a 4.8-star rating and good customer reviews. Their buyer’s interaction is at a 99.23% response rate and less than 3 hours of response time. Customers find their 24 hours services always helpful.

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5. Shanghai Vim Sports Co., Ltd. 

5. Shanghai Vim Sports Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Vim Sports Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of sports accessories. The company believe in producing its best quality products with eight years of experience of excellence. Their hardworking team is working all the time to satisfy their buyers. They are one of the leading industries of China.


Main Products: 

They deal in yoga mats, yoga wheel, yoga pillars, yoga brick, massage roller, and many more. The company do export to all over the world. Their primary markets are the domestic markets, North America, and Western Europe. People have easy access to their products through their website.


Why Choose Shanghai Vim Sports Co., Ltd.?

The company have a thorough inspection process for online & final inspection. They also do a 3rd party inspection to make sure of good quality products. Shanghai Vim have a talented design team that makes product artworks and 3D designs for products. Timely shipment and excellent reviews are making them popular. Their buyer interaction is at a 95.38% response rate and less than 5 hours of response time. The 4.9-star rating shows customers’ faith.

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6. Nantong Golden Baodi Trade Co., Ltd 

6. Nantong Golden Baodi Trade Co., Ltd

The factory deals with sports products. Their office is located in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China. With over ten years of development, they have introduced advanced technologies and equipment. They run a joint venture factory that professionals drive.


Main Product: 

They have a wide range of sports equipment like fitness machines, exercise mats, yoga mats, boxing goods, and more for their audiences in different areas. The factory also deals with pharmaceutical chemicals, apparel, and fashion, etc. Their main trading markets are in Eastern Europe, Northern America, and Mid East.


Why Choose Nantong Golden Baodi Trade Co., Ltd? 

They aim at the customer first and quality foremost. Along with it, they have skilled professionals that provide extraordinary quality. The company offer every single item related to sports with the best quality, classical designs, soft texture and competitive price. They have a 5-star rating with excellent reviews. Their customer support team welcomes new customer with having a 95.2% buyer interaction response rate and less than 9 hours response rate.

Contact China yoga mats Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

7. Yangzhou Chenhong Plastic And Rubber Products

7. Yangzhou Chenhong Plastic And Rubber Products

Yangzhou Chenhong Plastic And Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is located in Yangzhou city, Jiangsu Province, China. They have an annual output of more than 18000 cubic meters of foaming material. Their management system is in strict accordance with ISO9000 standards. They have more than fifty workers.


Main Product:

The main primary products are the TPE yoga mat, yoga wheel, foam roller, yoga block, balance pad, and much more. Their main trading markets are the Domestic market, North America, Western Europe, and more, with their buyers’ best shipping services. They are experienced in selling the best yoga products worldwide. They manufacture high standard products for their audience.


Why Choose Yangzhou Chenhong Plastic And Rubber Products? 

They have high standards of production, and all the products are non-toxic and eco-friendly. They ship satisfactorily throughout the world. The company have eighteen sets of professional equipment with mature techniques. Yangzhou Chenhong also maintained less than 7 hours of response time and an 85.71% response rate. They guarantee the quality and price of their products. That is the reason they are enjoying a 4.8-star rating and appreciating reviews from their customers. 

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8. Hubei DM Eco-Friendly Material Co., Ltd.

8. Hubei DM Eco-Friendly Material Co., Ltd.

Hubei DM Eco-Friendly Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. They are professional in making TPE Yoga mats. Their skilled employees are providing quality service. They have introduced advanced designs in this field. They have ISO9001 standard.


Main Products:

They are manufacturing yoga mats in different layers. They are also into yoga block, yoga set, cork sets, fitness strap, and much more. Their primary markets are Western Europe, North America, and Mid East.


Why Choose Hubei DM Eco-Friendly Material Co., Ltd.?

They aim at their buyer’s choice; that’s why they produce customized mats and logo. Their logo technique includes a debossed logo, printing logo, and laser logo. Hubei DM also gives custom yoga mats wholesale facility to its customers. They enjoy a 4.8-star rating, good reviews, and buyer interaction at a 93.8% response rate and less than 4 hours of response time, showing their buyers’ faith.

Contact China yoga mats Suppliers Now!Contact yoga mats Suppliers Now!

9. Suzhou One Two Three Sports Goods Co., Ltd.

9. Suzhou One Two Three Sports Goods Co., Ltd.

Suzhou One Two Three Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou city, near Shanghai, at 30 minutes. They have around 2000 molds and 1-3 days sample time. The company have a skilled development team that manufactures a wide range of products and makes this company one of the leading companies in sports good production.


Main Products:

Their main products are a cork yoga mat, cork yoga, hula hoop, and sports bottle. They also manufacture football, basketball, dumbbell, and some sports supports. Their trading markets are North America, Western Europe, and Oceania.


Why Choose Suzhou One Two Three Sports Goods Co., Ltd.?

They always offer new designs along with manufacturing innovative products. The company ensure competitive products with the best prices. By providing the best quality, they win customer’s hearts and has a 4.7-star rating. They have a buyer interaction of 87.42% response rate and less than 8 hours of response time, and good reviews of their valuable customers.

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10. Hunan Greenleader Sports Co., Ltd.

10. Hunan Greenleader Sports Co., Ltd.

Their main office is located in Changsha city, Hunan Province. Hunan Greenleader Sports is an integration of industry, trade, and development enterprise. After ten years of hardworking, they set up a professional customer service, developmental team and control system to acknowledge their good quality products. They trade in over 45 countries all over the world. “High-quality, integrity, innovation and win-win” is their philosophy. 


Main Products:

Their main supplies are a yoga mat, yoga towel, yoga wheel, yoga block, yoga strap, and more. They produce hot selling and trendy designs. Their main trading markets are North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, and more.


Why Choose Hunan Greenleader Sports Co., Ltd.?

Their founder Jenny is a sports fan and practices yoga. Her motive is to provide the best quality yoga mats that are affordable for everyone. That’s why she designed anti-slipping natural rubber yoga mats. Anti-slipping mats prevent slipping even during sweating. They offer flexible customization options and supportive services. The company is enjoying a good reputation with having a 4.7-star rating. They have less than 5 hours of response time and a 95.11% response rate. 

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Best 5 US yoga mats Manufacturers


1. Dusky Leaf

11. Dusky Leaf

Dusky Leaf is a certified manufacturer of yoga mats in the USA. A couple strived hard and established this company. A Dusky Leaf monkey inspires their name. They have a talented and skilled team working with consistency for you. They guarantee environment-friendly products.


Main Products:

Their primary supplies are yoga mats, yoga bolsters, yoga straps, and yoga towels. They also offer yoga mats and other products at wholesale prices. Their offer trade to the Domestic Market in the USA. They offer free shipping on orders $99 and above.


Why Choose Dusky Leaf? 

They offer comfortable, eco-friendly, and well-designed mats. They aim to produce standard items with a satisfaction-guaranteed policy. If the product doesn’t meet your demands, just return them in 90 days and get your money back. Their customer’s reviews have been satisfactory. 

Contact yoga mats Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

2. Wholesale Yoga Mats

12. Wholesale Yoga Mats

Wholesale Yoga Mats has one of the largest inventories of yoga mats in the USA. They are growing day by day. They have an excellent and proficient team. They are the professional manufacturers of fitness products in the USA that run a lean, mean yoga mat machine to ensure the best yoga equipment prices.


Main Products:

They offer yoga mats, yoga towels, kids, yoga mats, yoga straps, and more. They also supply Mexican blankets, Studio resells, and eye pillows with trading in only the USA for the local community’s service at their utmost. They offer free shipping for many products. 


Why Choose Wholesale Yoga Mats? 

Wholesale yoga mats provide best-selling products with quick delivery. They ensure trendy designs with high-quality and flexibility, so one should not worry about their service, diligence, and designs. Wholesale yoga mats have excellent customer reviews. They also offer coupon codes for their new customers.

Contact yoga mats Manufacturers Now!Contact yoga mats Suppliers Now!

3. Mats Mats Mats

13. Mats Mats Mats

Mats Mats Mats is a professional supplier of yoga mats in the USA. With 20 years of excellent experience, they introduced new products in the industry. They guarantee cheap products pricing with the best quality. The factory has diligent, conscientious, and hardworking staff that works irrespective of any gains. These employees don’t work on commission. 


Main Products: 

Their main supply is yoga mats, and they produce yoga mats in different variants. They also deal with gymnastic products, home products, and dance products. They ship in the USA and Canada.


Why Choose Mats Mats Mats? 

Mats Mats Mats have a wide range of products and each product in different forms. In this way, they prioritize their customers. They have manufactured mats for every age group. The company also manufacture customized yoga mats and provide service like wholesale yoga mats with logo. They have a great response rate and excellent reviews. Their buyers believe in them for their remarkable work.

Contact yoga mats Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Pravacana Mats

14. Pravacana Mats

Pravacana Mats is located in the USA. Pravacana is a Sanskrit word that means ‘expression’. In their many years of experience, they always provided innovative and comfortable mats, and their mission was to offer different mats to the USA. Their designing staff aims to produce unique mats. Pravacana mats are created out of a desire to give the community the art of beauty. 


Main Products: 

Pravacana Mats mainly deals with yoga mats. They offer customized mats. They are experienced in making high-quality yoga mats. One can easily have access to their products through their website. They trade in the USA and offer quick shipping. They also provide yoga classes for their customers. 


Why Choose Pravacana Mats?

Pravacana Mats guarantees unique designs. Their motto is to provide high and distinct quality. Their mats are made in the USA to meet the domestic economy. The company have excellent satisfactory reviews of its customers. Their goal is to provide USA-made, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and recyclable mats. Moreover, their products are fully customizable and as unique as you are.

Contact Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

5. Gaiam

15. Gaiam

Gaiam is a part of the Gaiam Brand. Gaiam brand include Gaiam for yoga and fitness, Gaiam Restore, and SRPI. They are an industry leader in yoga and fitness products. They have a separate customer care staff that is always available for your service.


Main Products:

They offer top-selling yoga kits like cushion support kits, hot yoga kits, cool yoga kits and also sell yoga mats, yoga gear, and yoga apparel. They also deal in meditation collections like cushions, chairs, and blankets, along with recovery tools like hand & foot care, foam rollers, and kits. They ship addresses in the USA, U.S. territories, and U.S. military installations. 


Why Choose Gaiam? 

They aim at improving the well-being of their buyers. They manufacture extraordinary products that are easy to grab and worthy of using. They have 24/7 customer care service. They have a wide range of designs. Gaiam has experienced staff that aims to produce the best quality at an affordable price. They guarantee customer satisfaction, and if your order is unsatisfactory or doesn’t meet your needs, they will help you by quickly re-designing or managing it.  

Contact Manufacturers Now!Contact yoga mats Suppliers Now!

Best 5 UK yoga mats Manufacturers


1. Yoga Direct 

16.Yoga Direct

Yoga Direct was founded in 2006 for the service of people. They are also trading in the US for seven years. Their office is located in James Nicolson Link Clifton Moor, York. They have separate teams for manufacturing, shipping, and services that ensure great control over product quality and price.


Main Products: 

They are experts at manufacturing yoga mats, yoga props, mat bags, and more. The company also supply Swiss balls and Sandbags. Their primary markets are the UK, Ireland, Isles, and more. 


Why Choose Yoga Direct?

They have a direct connection with their customers. They produce eco-friendly, dense, and stylish mats with vibrant colours, so you can quickly get the mat of your choice. Also, their products are from beginners to advanced practitioners. Yoga direct also sells their yoga mats at wholesale prices with volume discounts. They also offer discounts on individual products. 

Contact China yoga mats Factory Now!Get Best Shipping Price

2. Ekotex Yoga 

17.Ekotex Yoga

Ekotex Yoga began in July 2017 in the US. They are certified organic material producers. In April 2020, their cotton goods were moved from OCS certified organic to GOTS certified organic. Their staff policy is to pay a real living wage + 15% as a minimum. In October 2020, they were partnered with Yoga Stops Traffick. 


Main Products: 

Their main products include yoga mats, yoga props, and accessories. Ekotex yoga also does cotton mat bags, straps, belts, and eye pillows. They deal with organic materials. They deliver within mainland UK and worldwide.


Why Choose Ekotex Yoga?

They are experts at producing a simple range of affordable yoga equipment. With minimal packaging, they help reduce both costs and negative environmental impact so that the product you get is friendly to your environment. The company offer shipping throughout the world. Their ‘soft launch’ hit the ground as they use organic materials in their products and focus on ‘touch’ and ‘quality’. They have a 5-star rating and excellent reviews from their customers.

Contact China yoga mats Manufacturers Now!Contact yoga mats Suppliers Now!

3. Yoga Bliss 

18.Yoga Bliss

Yoga Bliss was founded in 2005. With over 15 years of experience, they serve people in the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world. They have extraordinary staff that put their heart and soul into their products. They trade with many companies in different regions of the world. They are running a small and independent business. 


Main Products: 

They are into all yoga and fitness products. Their main products include yoga mats, mat bags, yoga props, and yoga clothing. They also offer unique gifts for their customers for something great and new. They trade in the UK, Europe, Asia, and worldwide. 


Why Choose Yoga Bliss? 

Their products are guaranteed and fabulous. They manufacture products at low costs so that they are in access of everyone with special offers. With 16 years of experience, they earned the customers’ trust and confidence. 

Contact China yoga mats Suppliers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Yoga Studio Wholesale

19.Yoga Studio Wholesale

Yoga Studio Wholesale came into existence around 2003. They are the distributors for significant yoga brands like Manduka, Prana, Lotus Design, Yoga Design lab, Jade Yoga, and Teeki. They sponsor local people who want to start a Yoga training scheme but can’t afford it in this way. Their team is working for the well-being of needy but passionate people. 


Main Products: 

They deal in yoga mats, yoga bags, yoga props, and yoga clothing. They supply flexible products which ships in 2-3 days working days. They send their reliable and hot-selling products within the mainland UK with quick delivery.


Why Choose Yoga Studio Wholesale? 

They guarantee high-quality, customized products and also do embroidery, screen printing, and heat press. Ethical values are more important to them. That’s why they enjoy good customer reviews. They sell Chinese eco-yoga mats made from latex. They stock quality items.

Contact This Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

5. Yoga United

20.Yoga United

Yoga United is trading since 2003 and is also dealing in India since 2008. Under Yoga United Education, they are contributing to the latest education on yoga. With their talented staff’s complex works, they organize authentic trips and manage yoga training for their buyers worldwide.


Main Products: 

They sell yoga mats, yoga props, yoga books, yoga gifts, and more for their customers. They trade in the UK, Europe, and worldwide for their buyers’ service and deliver within one working day except for weekends that mark their active delivery.


Why Choose Yoga United? 

They are consistently and diligently expanding their product line designs. They are focused on bringing colour, joy, and good feelings to your yoga practice, and along with the products, they also provide safe knowledge to their buyers. The company also supply products at wholesale prices to grow your business. They are enjoying good customer reviews. 

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How To Import yoga mats From China: Super Guide



How to grow your business by importing yoga mats from China

If you’re thinking about importing yoga mats supplies from yoga mat suppliers in China. In that case, you should know what type of yoga mats you want in terms of materials, price and other specifications. This Will help you when choosing the proper manufacturer to buy from. 

Importing yoga mats from China offers you a wide range of opportunities. You have the chance to choose from a variety of yoga mats products that suits your specifications. Although China yoga mat suppliers offer their goods at a low price, you still have the chance to negotiate with the manufacturer to get your yoga mats supplies at a lower price.

Buying yoga mats directly from China might sometimes be challenging. You might experience unexpected delays, regulatory fees, fluctuating delivery cost problems, and delays in the delivery of your supplies. This is why you need to have relevant information and knowledge about China importation before going into it. You may also find it difficult to personally source for best yoga mats manufacturer in China. But with all these, you can get it all sorted out with Leeline extensive services.


What is the yoga mat business?

Yoga mats are fabricated explicitly for use in modern yoga exercise to prevent slipping of hands and feet. Using yoga mats is very important during yoga exercise, and as that, it is in high demand. Investing in yoga is an excellent way to maximize this opportunity, mainly when you import yoga mats from China. You’ll get the best quality yoga mats at a very low price with a wide range of yoga mats to choose from.


What are the benefits of importing yoga mats from China?

There are varieties of benefits you get when you import yoga mats from China. Let’s consider these two main benefits;

yoga mats 1

Low-cost price: China presents you with attractive options in terms of product price. This is what you have to know. You can even bargain the cost of the yoga mats to the very cheap ones. The benefits here is that you can automatically resell your products at your price and make more profit.


Best quality: Yoga mats from China yoga mats manufacturers are guaranteed to have the best quality. There’s no need to get worried about the low price and the quality. Yoga mats supplies from China undergoes all checking process before it leaves the manufacturer or suppliers premises.


Who uses a yoga mat?

Yoga mats are essential and valuable to yoga practitioners to keep their hold strong on the surface during yoga practice, even if it is done on a non-slippery surface. So whether you’re a beginner or a super Yogi, no matter what pose you practice, having a durable mat can make a difference in everything.


How to choose the best yoga mat manufacturer?

Once you know the kind of Yoga mats you need, you can begin searching for the proper manufacturer.


Capabilities: This is an essential aspect to consider when choosing a yoga mat manufacturer. You know the specifications you need for your yoga mats, so you have to determine if the manufacturer you’re sourcing for has the expertise, equipment, and production capacity you need for your yoga mat product.

Price: when choosing a yoga mat manufacturer, you should find a partner that will deliver you yoga mat at a cost that allows you to be competitive. Quality is also essential, and you won’t make good sales of your products if they are of low quality. It is vital to find a reliable yoga mat manufacturer that will deliver you quality product no matter the price.


Factory Audit: In factory auditing, you might likely have to employ a factory Audit agent who will help you inspect and examine your yoga mat manufacturer to ensure they meet all the required business standards. Check Leeline services for your factory Audit agent.


Get Advice: it might be challenging to find the best Yoga mat manufacturer. Therefore, it is advisable to join small business groups or forums or use social media to connect with other Yoga mats business owners for Advice.

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How to negotiate with China yoga mat suppliers?

Before negotiating with your yoga mat manufacturer or supplier, you should first set your objectives, understand your suppliers’ position, and use the right tactics. You should have these considerations in mind – The price you want, the delivery time, the payment term, and your yoga mat products’ quality and quantity.

  • It is best to aim to strike a deal that both parties will be happy with. Work towards a positive development for all parties.
  • Avoid posturing, bluffing, lies and deceit. Be yourself and adhere to your personal and organizational values. Be someone that your supplier would want to do business with. It is good to maintain a good relationship with your supplier. Be sure to pay your bill on time and maintain open communication.
  • Suppliers appreciate bulk load, so they approach customers who will help them reach that goal. During your negotiation with suppliers, make them see you as someone who will give them a repeat business over the long term. 


How to ship Yoga mats from China?

There are many shipping options to consider when you need to ship your Yoga mats from China. Your shipping choice depends on the cost of delivery, delivery time, and quantity of delivery supplies.

You can ship your Yoga mats supplies through air freight if you want a fast delivery of your supplies. Or via Rail freight if you need to ship a higher volume of yoga mat supplies at a cheap shipping rate. You can also consider using a Door-to-Door shipping service for your yoga mat supplies’ best and reliable shipping.


How to Sell yoga mats online to earn money?

To start selling Yoga mats online, you should do the following;

  • Do market research about Yoga mats, their prices online, how competitive it is, and how to deliver to customers. This will help you be on the right track.
  • Find the right online store where you can advertise your yoga mat to the right audience.
  • Create quality contents for your yoga mat products, including the imagery and descriptions.
  • Create a good strategy on how you want to market your yoga mats to your potential customers.




How can you differentiate a yoga mat and a rug? 

The main difference between both is that rug is thick and heavy to e carried anywhere. At the same time, people can take yoga mats anywhere because of their light weights and small sizes. 


Where are yoga mats made?

Our eco-friendly yoga mats are the creation of China. All our mats are made without compromising the quality and quantity of natural fabrics, cotton or rubbers. 


What is the yoga mat made from?

Our mats are made from organic PER, PVC, synthetic rubbers, cotton, phenol, silicon, etc. All fabrics are 100 per cent biodegradable. 


Which side of the mat should we use?

Both sides of our wholesale yoga mats are the same, with non-slippery surfaces and nontoxic. So, a user can use any side.


What are the dimensions?

The dimensions of the different mats are different. Also, they have a variety of sizes and colors. 

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How will the order delivery take place?

The order delivery can be by air, ship, train, or door to door travelling. Also, if you want online, then we will send you through amazon.  


What is PVC?

PVC is Poly Vinyl Chloride. Also, it is an oil-based plastic. It uses in different areas of systems. Similarly, it is also cheap to buy.


What thing should I consider before I buy yoga mats?

The things you must consider are:

  1. Thickness of mat
  2. Material
  3. Texture
  4. Budget
  5. Ease of Carrying


How are yoga mats eco-friendly?

We use 100% organic fabrics materials. Those are also recyclable without any negative impact on the environment. They are also chemical-free.

How will yoga mats benefit my health?

Yoga provides positive energies to the mind, body and emotions of the yoga practitioners. Also, while inhaling, there would be no chemical in the air because of the yoga mats. Thus, inhaling in the fresh air with these yoga mats has many benefits.


Final Thoughts on Wholesale Yoga Mats from China

China is the leading manufacturer of yoga supplies. China provides the best quality yoga mat products. Similarly, the import of wholesale yoga mat helps boost your business in all aspects. New importers have to follow some guidelines to ensure the best importation process from China. 

Furthermore, to make things easier for you, Leeline helps you import your wholesale yoga mats from china. Therefore, with Leeline services, you do not need to travel to China to get yoga mat supplies. Hence, Leeline handles everything without you having to leave your home.

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