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Why LeelineSourcing?


Many customers used to search products from B2B platforms such as Alibaba and Made in China.However,they always met below problems.

Problems you may meet

  • It cost lots of time and vigor to search several kinds of goods cause there are thousands of suppliers for one product on the platform.This situation really drive them crazy.
  • Most suppliers don’t reply in time or even don’t give answers all the time.Very low efficiency when communicating.
  • Their price normally quite high because most of them are trading companies or even third-hand middleman.
  • Quality can’t be guaranteed.We can’t deny that some suppliers load the interior goods as superior items. Receiving second-choice products is really upset,especially pay much money and time.But more frustrated is that you can’t get any compensation from suppliers.
  • Most suppliers are not willing to help customers load goods which come from other manufacturers.If they have to do that,they will ask extra charge or only fill full the container.They don’t make any arrangement for loading in good row.It will make you crazy when you find the fragile goods are loaded on the bottom or much container space is wasted causing the unscientific loading.

Our advantages

  • We have lots of professional suppliers in hand since we work for this field about 10 years.We know who can be chosen to be the right one.
  • We promise to send you quotation within 48 hours when receiving your inquiry.We like replying efficiently to your questions.
  • We know the market well so as to offer you most reasonable price.It may not be higher than the price you search by yourself.
  • We have our QC team help customers to check the goods before loading.
  • We are professional to load the container.We know how to utilize container space and put goods stably.All cartons will be shown the item names.

2.Do you buy products from Chinese trading company?

Recent years many clients buy goods from Chinese trading companies,or from someone who are native but live in China.
However,they always have such problems.

Problems you may meet

  • Many trading companies prefer big orders or high value orders.They muddle through work for small orders.
  • High quoted price,hidden commission,bad price negotiation skills with suppliers.
  • Not professional in building materials.Hard to understand what customers need.

Our advantages

  • No matter big or small orders,we treat equally.Once we decide to accept your inquiry we will try the best to finish perfectly.
  • It is easy for us to find reasonable price but right suppliers because we are in the market about 10 years.Our price don’t have any hidden charge.only goods amount plus working charge(low as 4%).
  • All our service team members have at least 5 years working experience in exportation trade.They have great communication skill and get clients’ requirement easily.

3.Do you buy from local supplier?

Maybe you are running small business now and don’t import from China directly.Probably you have such problems when purchasing from the local wholesalers.

Problems you may meet

  • High price since wholesalers are still middleman.Sometimes their profit is equal to the value.
  • Can only sell others’ brands.You can’t sell your own brand expect you import from China.
  • Don’t know how to import from China and are afraid of being cheated.

Our advantages

  • Since our service charge is quite low and can find the good suppliers,your purchasing cost surely will be less than buying from local suppliers.
  • We accept OEM if you need using your company names on boxes.
  • We are professional in exporting procedures and could help you deal with all matters.As a registered company in China,we comply with laws to do business.Until now,we obtain many praises from our customers and suppliers.

Our Guarantee For Customers

30 Day Money Back Guarantee