14 YOUTUBE STATISTICS: You don’t even know about them

Sharline Shaw

YOUTUBE is my PERSONAL favorite. What is your favorite? 

Youtube STATISTICS indicate how big this platform has become. From 2005 to 2023, it has GAINED over 2.5 billion users WORLDWIDE

In June 2021, YOUTUBE shorts passed around 50 billion daily views. The ad revenue is above 29 billion USD.

Customer Satisfaction INDEX is 76/100 as per the ACSI scale

Do you want to KNOW more Youtube statistics like that? 

Get yourself READY! 

Our exprt DEEP DIVE into youtube statistics. And explain different Statistics. 

Let’s START. 


YouTube Overview 

Youtube— Do you think Google INTRODUCED it? 

Nope. It was FIRST LAUNCHED in 2005 by THREE DEVELOPERS. Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim are the earliest FOUNDERS. 

Just like Meta Acquired Whatsapp, GOOGLE acquired YouTube. 

Since then, it has been one of the MOST popular Youtube platforms. 

Here are DETAILED youtube statistics. 

YouTube User Statistics 

Do you know the TOTAL population of SOCIAL MEDIA? 

There are around 4.76 billion monthly active users all across the world. 

And guess how much percentage would be using YOUTUBE? 

  • There are more than 2.1 billion monthly active users solely on Youtube. It becomes around 44% of the TOTAL population. 
  • It has shown a GROWTH of more than 100% of users in five years. 

Almost HALF of social media users use Youtube every single day. The number of Youtube users shows: 

  • How Giant is youtube? 
  • The engagement status of this platform. 
  • How big can it be a target for marketers? 
YouTube Usage Statistics 

YouTube Usage Statistics 

Do you know the MOST SUBSCRIBED youtube channel?

It is a T-series sharing over 200 million YouTube users. 

Here are more exciting Youtube Usage Statistics. 

Youtube is the Second Most visited Website 

Youtube is the SECOND LARGEST SEARCH engine. 

After Google, it is the second largest search engine. And Google Bought Youtube also. That means Alphabet Group is at the Top with the number of visits. 

Source: Statista

Baby Shark Dance is the Most Viewed Video, with 12 billion views 

Baby Shark is the MOST viewed video on YouTube. It has even crossed the music videos with billions of views. 

T-Series has over 230 million Subscribers 

Do you know the BIGGEST channel on Youtube? 

Earlier, it was PewDiePie. 

But now, Indian Music Channel T-series has crossed it. It has 238 million subscribers on Youtube

youtube 02

500 Hours of video are uploaded Every Single minute

How many youtube channels are THERE? 

Honestly speaking, there are countless channels with thousands of subscribers. 

But one crucial thing is the NUMBER of hours uploaded. 

It is around 500 HOURS of video UPLOADED on Youtube every single minute. 

500 hours of VIDEO make Youtube one of the MOST POPULAR social media platforms. 

YouTube Demographics Statistics 

How many users does YOUTUBE have? 

Can you answer this question? It is not AS SIMPLE AS you guess. We have to divide our research into demographic views. 

For example, Youtube has MALE USERS around 62%.

Do you want to know the DETAILED youtube statistics based on Age, gender, and location? 

Get them here. 


Male or female? Can you guess which one has the MORE SHARE in the TOTAL Number of Youtube accounts? 

Let’s know the fact. 

  • 62% of MALE users use YouTube either daily or monthly. 
  • 38% of the TOTAL women share the Youtube gender statistics. 
  • YouTube male users have increased OVER the years from 56% in 2020 to 62%. Such statistics are astonishing. (A report from Statista)


Guess the MOST POPULAR age of Youtube users?  

I am 100% sure you will have the wrong guess. 

Think and check the key youtube statistics. 

  • Users with the age group of 18-24 have a share of 11%.
  • The 25-34 years old group has the second most share. It is around 23%.
  • The largest share is by the 35-44 years age. It is 26%.
  • From 45-54 years old, people have the THIRD MOST share. It is 16%.
  • 50-64 age people are Youtube viewers, with a share of 8%.
  • 65+ age has a 3% share in Youtube user statistics. 
  • 14% goes to the UNKNOWN group. Kids watch Youtube and belong to this group. 

The 35-44 years age group is the MOST popular group for Youtube videos. 

youtube 03


In demographic statistics, we consider the LOCATION to be an important fact. 

  • Youtube is available in more than 100 countries. 
  • Youtube is available in 80 languages and is expanding its network. 

Sooner or later, it will be dominating all around the GLOBE. 

youtube 04

YouTube History Statistics 

When Google Bought Youtube, it had EXPONENTIAL growth. 

Before that, you must know the DIFFERENT statistics that are ESSENTIAL. 

These are: 

  • Youtube was founded on Feb 14, 2005.
  • The First Youtube video is “Me at the zoo.” The earliest founders uploaded it, and it has over 100 million views. 
  • Google Purchased Youtube in 2006 for 1.65 billion USD. 
  • The First Youtube video to reach a MILLION VIEWS was from NIKE. 
  • BTS song “Dynamite” has the RECORD for the most number of views in 24 hours. 
  • The most liked video on Youtube is a Song by Daddy Yankee. Its name is “Despacito.” It has over 51 million likes on Youtube. 

YouTube Growth Statistics 

Youtube active years have INCREASED over the years. From 2005 to 2023, we have different growth STATISTICS. 

Do you know the BIGGEST reason for the growth? 

It is the Videos uploaded to Youtube every day that engage 2.1 billion active users. 

Here are the detailed statistics from 2016-2022.

  • In 2016, Youtube’s active user growth was the HIGHEST. It was around 13%.
  • In 2017, Youtube’s active user growth increased by 9.2%.
  • In 2018, Youtube’s active user growth was 7.5%.
  • In 2019, Youtube’s active user growth was 6.6%.
  • In 2020, Youtube’s active user growth was 5.6%.
  • In 2021, Youtube’s active user growth was 4.9%.
youtube 05

YouTube Trends Statistics

The current TRENDS are in favor of video platforms like YouTube. 

eCommerce integration has emerged as a NEW topic of discussion. 

Here are more statistics. 

  • YouTube is testing the NEW features for shopping. Active users will be ABLE to buy products from the Youtube app directly. 
  • 80% of parents allow their CHILD to watch their videos. 
  • 53% of parents enable watching VIDEOS daily. 
  • 31% of parents allow their USERS to watch a few times weekly. 
  • 19% of parents do not allow their children to use YouTube. 
youtube 06

YouTube Subscription Statistics 

Youtube has BILLIONS of active users. But do they all subscribe to the channels? 

Nope. Never. About 70% of the active users subscribe to a CHANNEL. 

You have to determine the subscription statistics. Here are some stats. 

  • Youtube has 321,000 influencers with over 100K subscribers. 
  • Youtube has a PREMIUM section for a paid fee. Youtube premium subscribers are over 80 MILLION.
  • The highest-paid INFLUENCER on Youtube is Mr. Beasts. The annual earning is 54 MILLION USD
  • The highest SUBSCRIBED individual channel is PewDiePie. It has over 111 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS
  • T-Series is the MOST subscribed channel, with over 238 million subscribers

YouTube Search Statistics

Different Youtube users have other preferences. 

Some search Youtube music videos. Some consider educational videos, especially the STUDENTS.

In short words, Youtube is the SOURCE for everyone. 

What do you search for most often? 

However, we have listed the TOP searches with statistics on Youtube. 

  • SONG Leads the chart with an INDEX of 100.
  • SONGS is the second most searched term. It has an index of 39.
  • DJ is the THIRD MOST searched term with an index of 22.
  • The word DANCE has an index of 16.
  • The word NEW SONG has an index of 15.
  • The other five popular searches are TikTok, Karaoke, Minecraft, Cartoon, and Free Fire
youtube 07

YouTube Channel Statistics 

Can you guess the MOST POPULAR social media platform? 

It is Facebook. But when it comes to video content, Youtube is AHEAD of Facebook in many things. 

Here are the Youtube channel statistics. 

T-series is the BIGGEST channel. 

When you consider the companies, T-series takes the lead. 

The other MOST popular channels list is here. 

  • T-series has the BIGGEST youtube users with 237 million. 
  • The second number is the channel Youtube movies. It has over 163 million subscribers. Just think for a moment. How big is the difference between the number and the number 2 channels? 
  • The third number channel is not far away. Only a difference of 8 million subscribers. Cocomelon—Nursery Rhymes has the third most subscribers. These are around 155 million. 

PewDiePie is the Biggest Individual Channel 

Different channels on Youtube have other video content. Youtube VIDEOS play a crucial role in attracting internet users. 

For example, T-series publishes music videos. Their main target is India, the SECOND LARGEST country with over 1 billion population. 

PewDiePie is the 7TH biggest Youtube channel. But it is the NUMBER 1 youtube channel by a single creator. 

Some other channels create how-to videos and such video content. The engagement brings more subscribers to a user. 

youtube 08

YouTube Mobile Statistics 

Since the INCEPTION of smartphones, everything has become EASIER. 

Get your phone ready. Turn it on. Install Youtube. And Boom! 

You can start watching Youtube shorts or videos. 

What is the biggest YOUTUBE TRAFFIC SOURCE? Can you guess which one it is? 

Let’s know. 

  • 63% of the VIDEOS VIEWS on Youtube come from mobile devices. That means most Youtube users access Youtube through mobile devices. 
  • 40% of traffic is from MOBILE USERS. 
  • In general social sites, Youtube mobile Traffic is the WINNER. 37% of total social MEDIA users use smartphones. 
  • Facebook traffic through it is just 8.4%. Just notice a four-times difference between FACEBOOK and Youtube. 
youtube 09

YouTube Video Statistics 

Most creators create; 

  • How-to-video. 
  • Movie Reviews 
  • Pranks 
  • Hacks

How long have you been watching videos on Youtube?

I have a QUICK QUIZ for you. Can you guess the FIRST video? Do you know the one-day view record? 

Do you want to know all these FACTS in this article? 

Here are detailed statistics about Youtube. 

YouTube rewind is the MOST DISLIKED video on the Youtube 

Youtube rewind 2018 is a VIDEO on Youtube. 

It was a VIDEO by youtube itself for the celebration. The number of dislikes is around 19 million. Compared to it, likes are only three million. 

Blackpink and BTS have TOP records for 24-hour views 

BlackPink and BTS are the KPOP groups. 

  • BTS holds the record for the most video in 24 hours. Dynamite has over 101 million views in 24 hours on YOUTUBE. 
  • BlackPink also holds a record for many songs. “Pink Venom, HYLT, or KTL” are the most popular videos on Youtube. 

8 out of the TOP 10 videos are from BlackPink and BTS. 

youtube 10

86% of businesses use Youtube videos as the Marketing Tools

Video marketing strategy has emerged as a POWERFUL tool for businesses. 

That is why 86% of businesses use Youtube as their marketing platform. 

YouTube Marketing Statistics

Youtube marketing is not FAR BEHIND from other social media sites. 

Instead, it is LEADING the chart because of Youtube content. 

Here are some facts about Youtube marketing. 

  • Youtube Ranks Number 1 in marketing. 78.8 marketers believe it is an EFFECTIVE platform. 8.7 percent don’t consider it EFFECTIVE. 12.6% haven’t used it. 
  • Facebook is second on the list. 58.5% of marketers consider it to be EFFECTIVE for marketing. 9% don’t find it EFFECTIVE. 32.5% haven’t used this site for marketing purposes yet. 
  • 37.9% consider the WEBINAR to be more effective. 56.5% don’t even use it. 5.6% don’t find it VERY EFFECTIVE. 
  • Instagram is fourth, and LinkedIn is FIFTH on the list. 
youtube 11

YouTube Business Statistics

Youtube is one of the HOTTEST social media platforms for marketing. 

37 million channels. Billions of views every day. Five hundred hours are uploaded every single minute. 

What else do the businesses want to target the audience? 

Youtube Algorithm allows EASY BUSINESS on this social media platform. 

Here are some popular statistics for businesses. 

Youtube’s Net Worth is Around 160 billion USD 

Youtube has gained IMMENSE popularity among people. 

In 2018, it had a WORTH of around 8 billion USD. In 2020, it noticed an INCREASE of more than 100%. Its worth at that time was 19 BILLION USD. 

The current worth of Youtube is around $160 billion. 

Can you IMAGINE? 

In 2005, Google acquired it for $1.65 billion. 

62% of businesses use it as a video platform 

Since Youtube Shorts have dominated, it is an EXCELLENT video platform. 

The easy access to the YOUTUBE marketing is another factor. 

Facebook tops the CHART for video marketing. 

Around 62% of brands use it for VIDEO UPLOADING. It is the SECOND MOST after the FACEBOOK. 

Many popular brands are there on Youtube. 

In the US, around 9% of small businesses use Youtube. HIGH-QUALITY shooting and uploading is the HECTIC TASK but drives results. 

Youtube Ads revenue is 29 billion USD 

Youtube ads revenue is estimated to be around 29.24 BILLION USD. 

It is more than any other social media platform. It is something that makes youtube a HOT site. 

youtube 12

YouTube Ad Statistics 

Whenever I visit a video, the first thing I see is a VIDEO AD.

Sometimes I watch the ad, and sometimes, I do not. 

But do you know the TYPE of ad? Such ads are VIDEO ads engaging more Youtube users. 

There are MANY TYPES of Youtube ads. 

  • Pre-roll Ads 
  • Display Ads 
  • Non-skippable Ads 
  • Bumper Ads 
  • Overlay Ads 

Here are the STATISTICS related to the Youtube Ads. 

Youtube generated 29 billion USD from the ads 

Youtube has a whopping revenue of 29 billion USD through ads. 

It makes a TOP platform among all other social media platforms. 

Source: Statista

Skippable Youtube ads are the MOST popular 

Youtube offers five types of different advertising campaigns. These are often PPC campaigns. That means marketers only pay when the internet users click the ad. 

Here are some more statistics HIGHLIGHTING the popularity. 

  • The most effective ads are SKIPPABLE video advertisements. These have positive reviews from 29% of internet users. 
  • Display ads got 10% votes from the users. 
  • Non-Skippable ads got 7% votes from MOST YOUTUBE USERS. 
  • Bumper ads and overlay ads have 3% votes.
youtube 13

2 out of 3 buyers use Youtube for product recommendations 

2 out of 3 users watch YOUTUBE ads. And think of purchasing the products. 

A report from “Think with Google.” 

50% of marketers target audiences through YOUTUBE ads. 

50% of MARKETERS consider youtube ads as a PREMIUM service. Youtube influencer marketing is their SECOND favorite topic. 

What’s Next

Youtube has a 44% SHARE of all social media sites. It is a GIANT PLATFORM worth billions of dollars. 

If you HAVE started a brand, it can be your favorite site to start ADVERTISING. 

Do you want to know more statistics? 

Visit our website and get DETAILED STATISTICS.

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