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1688 Agent Help You Buy From 1688

LeelineSourcing is best China 1688 Agent and Shipping Agent to help you buy products from 1688.com or other China-based websites like Taobao, Tmall, JD.com, Dangdang, Mogujie, Kongfz, Amazon.cn and Banggood etc. and shipping to more than 200 countries worldwide.

Advantages of 1688 Agent

Abundant Choices

Biggest Online Trading Platform Worldwide

Direct Sales from Manufacturers

No Extra Cost by Middlemen

Safety Guaranteed

Quality Assurance from Large Trustworthy Platform

1688 Things to Note

You should know how to buy from 1688 safely

Research, compare, and then choose the best deal

Shop around and find the product with best price and quality through comparison. Surely, you can always consult LeelineSourcing, we are happy to give you reasonable advice.

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Check the threshold and rules for wholesales of the seller

If the quantity you order does not meet the minimum requirement of the seller, LeelineSourcing will judge your order to be invalid and you will need to place a new order.

Contact US

Choose sellers granted with “TrustPass”

“TrustPass” sellers are more reliable in terms of quality and return/exchange service. Please consult LeelineSourcing if you can not tell whether a seller has “TrustPass”.

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Final arrangements matter

Remember to settle the rules of return and exchange with your seller and clarify things like under what circumstances you can return or exchange the products.

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If you want to sourcing products from 1688 to Amazon FBA , Leelinesourcing will be your best 1688 sourcing agent.
shopping 1688 com

Shop in 1688.com

Shop now in 1688.com.com. Choose from the wide variety of items and send us the links. Then sit back and relax, let 1688 Sourcing Agent, do the rest!

quality check

Quality Check

Our QC team inspects each product to ensure it is in good condition and it conforms with specifications. We make sure you get the right product.

consolidate order

Consolidate Orders

Combine orders into a single package or cargo & save up to 70% in shipping cost! We use box that has never been used and make sure goods are protected!

Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Shipping

We ship your goods according to your chosen shipping method. We ship by Air Express, Air Freight & Sea Freight. 


Gain competitive advantage and buy bulk from China with your Best 1688.com Agent !

Basic Service

We help merchants like yourself in procuring products from 1688.com. Our focus is centered in making available quality and reliable service at reasonable cost. We offer basic service package which includes purchasing, product check, warehouse storage, order consolidation, repacking, and global shipping. You can avail all these services for a minimal fee!

Factory Sourcing

Most businesses obtain and evaluate different manufacturers of a product as part of their internal quality system in supply-chain management. 1688 buying agent is offering factory sourcing service, where we provide three trusted factories in China producing the subject product. Being proactive in all ways is the best approach to your business success.

Product Sample

Having apprehensions in paying for bulk orders? You can significantly lower your risk by examining product samples first prior to bulk buying. 1688 Agent helps you obtain product samples from different suppliers, deliver them to our warehouse where you can have your samples checked, and combined in one parcel. Then we ship to your address.

Factory Audit

We help you save time, travel costs and other expenses by inspecting your chosen factory in your behalf. Our Team shall visit the site in China, inspect the facility, verify license and certifications, observe production, check quality management system, in order to provide an independent evaluation, as well as assurance that goods produced meet quality standards.

Amazon Seller FBA Service

Tell us what you need and your products will soon deliver to your warehouse! We offer Amazon Seller FBA Service including Product Sourcing Service, Amazon FBA Prep Service ,quality inspection, brand labeling, FBA bundle packaging services, products photography, and shipping to FBA warehouse.Source From 1688.com and Sell on Amazon will be easy for you!

Custom Product & Sample

We help you achieve total success in your special order. Our Team shall work closely with manufacturer to ensure that final product conforms to your specification and meets your expectations. Before any request for production of special order, you may use 1688.com sourcing Agent service to help you obtain Factory Samples so you will know how your final product should be made.

1688 Agent Service Fee

No upfront fee is charged when we start the sourcing service, we only charge when you are satisfied everything with us from sourcing, quotation, order following to shipping. We are committed to source high quality products with a best possible cost via a complete transparent process; NO HIDEEN FEE will be charged.
Order AmounService ChargePayment Term
Less than $500$100
$1,000-$2,00010.0%$2000 or less 100% payment when placing order
$15,000-$20,0006.5%$2000 above 30% paid as deposit and balance paid before loading
$100,000 Above4.0%

Tips:If your order is big enough and amount is far higher than $150,000,service charge and payment terms are negotiable.

1688 Sourcing Agent FAQ

How to find best 1688 agent in china


What is the general purchase process?

The general process is the following:

1.Choose the products you want to order at 1688.com
2.Send us your request on our page LeelineSourcing.com
3.Make the first payment, which includes products, commission and domestic shipping within China.
4.Wait until all the products arrive at our warehouse.
5.After having all the products ready, we will pack them and we will let you know which products had stock as well as the international shipping cost.
6.You must make the second international shipping payment, only for the difference after we adjust the domestic shipment (what the seller actually collected), the commission (we do not charge you commission for products that were not in stock) and the products in stock.
7.When making your second payment we will send the products to the requested address and 1 or 2 days later we will provide the tracking number so you can track your cargo.
8.You just have to wait for the products to reach their destination to continue with the customs clearance process that changes in each country.

How long does the whole process take?

After making the first payment, it only takes us 1 day to make the order to the factories or sellers, it depends on them the time it takes to send us your products or to manufacture them (it can be 3 days or up to 15 days if they have to produce them). We also have to consider the shipping time between the city of origin and the city of our warehouse. In regular conditions this process takes 10 days from the receipt of the order until it is packaged and shipped to your country. Regular conditions means that the products are in stock or take 2 or 3 days to produce.

What are the costs involved in the process?

The costs are the following:

Payment of the value of the products

Commission payment for the products

Payment of national shipping (from the manufacturer to our warehouses)

Commission for payment either through PayPal, bank transfer or western union

International shipping payment


What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment we accept payments through international bank transfer, Western Union or Paypal.

Can I use different payment methods on each purchase?

You can choose the payment method that suits you every time you make a payment.

How much can I buy?

You can buy the amount you like, the limits of both transfer and payment by PayPal should be checked with your bank.

Do you accept a Visa or MasterCard?

You can use Visa or MasterCard through a PayPal account.

What are the fees for payments?

The commissions vary depending on the type of payment, in the case of Paypal is a commission of 5%, bank transfer is 15 dollars and for Western Union there is no commission fee.

Why do I have to pay commissions for the payment?

Our profit is only in the commission that we charge for the total of your purchase in CNY (products only), the fees for payments are the charges that the companies charge us for processing the payments and we do not receive any benefit from those fees.

Are the payments safe?

All types of payment we handle are safe, to make payments through PayPal, you checkout directly on their payment gateway, while in the bank transfer or Western Union, it is very important that you verify carefully the data you provide for making the transfer.

Why do I have to pay in dollars if the prices are in Yuan?

Bank transfer and Paypal transfers must be made in dollars. Since in China there is a limit amount to receive dollars, international bank transfers have to be sent to Hong Kong and as for Paypal, it does not accept international payments in CNY, so both types of payments must be made in dollars. Payments can be made directly at CNY through Western Union.


Is there a minimum order?

No Minimum Order.

How many pieces per product should I order per product?

The number of pieces you must order per product is based on the rules of each store and each product on 1688.com, so you must follow those rules or minimum order requirements.

Are there discounts for buying a larger quantity of a product?

Each product has a price list depending on the amount you purchase, so you should check on the information provided for each product within 1688.com

What is the difference between shopping cart and wish list?

In the shopping cart you are adding the products you are going to buy. The wish list is a list where you can have products marked or saved without the need to buy them, you can use it to store those products that interest you or products that you buy constantly, and from the Wish list you can add products to the Shopping Cart.

Can I place an order on different days?

If you are adding products to your shopping cart on different days, this may be lost in the future or the products may be canceled at 1688.com, so we recommend saving the products in Excel and then making the bulk purchase or you can also add the products to the Wish list and after add them to the shopping cart.

How long do the products last in my cart?

There is no set time since it depends more if those products are erased from 1688.com, if they change the price or rules, so when changing any of these factors your carts may be affected, we recommend ordering in the shortest amount of time.

Can I remove products from my cart?

Of course, you can adjust the quantities you want for each product before checking out and paying. If you adjust any product you must follow the rules of both minimum order quantities as well as price list depending on the quantity you buy.

How to place the order in Excel?

To place an order through Excel, you only have to write down all the links of the products you want in column A, then upload the file and choose all the products of those links.

What is the use of ordering through Excel?

Ordering through Excel helps you choose products in bulk and not 1 for 1.

Why I can’t add products from links I saved before?

If you had a product’s link and can no longer add it, it is due to two different reasons, the first is that the product no longer exists and was deleted from the page, and you can verify the link yourself. The second reason is that there are not enough stocks of that product, we recommend to review this data with more detail.

How is domestic shipping calculated?

In the domestic shipment each seller has different costs and shipping rules, it is impossible for us to know exactly this price, for which we charge an estimated average of most sellers and adjust the actual price that was charged before you made the second payment. There is a shipping cost for each vendor, so it is advisable to order more products from a single store so that the price of the domestic shipment does not impact the cost of the product.

What happens if the seller does not send the products to your warehouse?

If the purchase is made and the seller does not ship the products, then we request the refund of money by means of buyer protection at 1688.com

What happens if you detect a defective product?

If we detect a defective product at a glance, we will let the seller know and request for a refund, change or compensation.


What is domestic shipping?

The domestic shipment is the shipment made by each store or factory from its place of origin to our warehouse, each store charges a domestic shipment, which is why it is convenient to order more products to a single store than to several in order to avoid an important increase on the product’s cost.

Can you send to any country?

YES, we can send to any country, however, not all transport companies send worldwide, if you need to know more details of a particular company please contact us.

How is domestic shipping calculated?

The domestic shipment is calculated by each seller within 1688.com, sometimes it is by weight or piece, but all sellers have different shipping rules.

How much does international shipping cost?

The cost of the national shipment depends on the weight and dimensions of the product, to give an idea of the shipping costs to your country please enter the following link

Can I use my own shipping agent?

Of course, we can consolidate your merchandise and send it to wherever you like, the transportation costs to the address that you want are on behalf of the client.

How can I track my shipments?

After sending your cargo, we will provide you with your tracking number with which you can track your shipment with the carrier of your choice.

Do the products include taxes?

No, the products do not include any taxes.

Is there any size limit?

If you need to buy a product with large dimensions, please contact us to be able to contact the transport companies and verify if the shipment is possible.

Can I send to different names?

Yes, we can divide an order into different shipments, as you request.

Can you declare a different value on the invoice?

If you wish to declare another value on your invoice or need special specifications on your invoice, please request it within your order.

Can you make the customs release?

No, the payment of taxes and customs clearance is made by the client.

What products are not allowed in international shipments?

It is part of your responsibility to know what products can be imported into your country, there are some products that have restrictions and others that can not be sent.

Prohibited items are drugs or narcotics, weapons and flammable items.

Items with restrictions are products that contain batteries, liquids, powders and trademark products.

Can I request a special packaging?

If you require special packing or packaging and it does not imply a higher cost, we can gladly offer it to you, in the same way you can request boxes of some special size or extra protection insert for the box. We will try to pack the products as best as possible so that they do not suffer any damage.

What happens if my package is lost?

If your package is lost, we will try to request compensation from the company, but there is not always an answer. Shipments are made through third parties to have a low cost per kilogram, so if you require insurance, it is better that you request it.

Can my cargo be secured?

If you require insurance for your cargo, it is necessary to request it to be able to quote the shipment with these requirements.

What happens if not all the products that I ordered arrive?

We will send proof photos that your products have been shipped complete, but there are occasions that the transport companies or the customs take products from the inside of the boxes so we can not take care of this type of situations, if you have a similar problem, please contact the courier company in your area.

ABOUT 1688.com

What is 1688.com?

1688 belongs to Alibaba group, which owns alibaba.com and Aliexpress.

Currently, more than 50,000 vendors are concentrated on 1688.com, each vendor or factory has its own store and offers its products. It is the largest wholesale site within China due to its low prices.

The providers on this site need to have a commercial license issued by the government to be able to sell here. Many companies buy their products on this page and then resell them internationally and even do dropshipping.

Why I can not order directly at 1688.com?

The form of payment is through Alipay or in some cases bank transfer between banks in China.

The payments are in Chinese Yuan or renminbi, for which it is necessary to have a CNY account in order to transfer the money.

Most salespeople only speak Chinese.

Within the platform of 1688.com there are no shipments abroad, all quotations of shipments are domestic.

What are the risks of ordering directly at 1688.com if I do not live in China?

If you contact a factory and you are lucky enough that they speak your language, receive international transfers and they can ship to your country, there is a risk that they will not send you the complete products or even that they will not send you anything, for which you would lose your investment.

Is it reliable to buy at 1688.com?

If you live within China and place orders directly, it is totally reliable as there is buyer protection that 1688.com provides to their customers.

How do I learn to navigate on 1688.com?

If you want to learn to navigate within the page 1688.com as well as to know the important points, learn how to choose between one vendor and other, know which supplier is better for me, to receive shopping tips and other concepts, you can acquire the course in the following link


Do you accept returns of the product?

We can´t receive product returns since we only provide the international shipping and purchase service. If the seller agrees to receive the product back, all costs related to the shipment returns of the products will be paid by the customer, so we always recommend asking for product samples before making large purchase.

Is there any quality guarantee?

For our part, there is no guarantee of quality since we are not the producer, it is important that you ask for samples to verify that your quality requirements meet your expectations.

How can I know the quality of a product?

You can request photos of products from vendors and mainly by physically checking the product through samples, one tip is not buy the cheapest product because if they sell it at a low price, it should have differences in quality with respect to other products.

What happens if the seller does not have all my products in stock?

If the seller does not have all your products in stock, we will let you know in your order, showing the stock and the no stock products. At the moment of making the second payment of the international shipment, both the commissions and the sum of the products in stock will be adjusted, paying only the difference.

Will you open my products?

It is necessary to open the boxes or bags where your products arrive to be able to package them correctly and with your specifications, so when transferring the products from one package to another we will see your products, but we do not check each individual package.

Can I order custom products?

It is necessary to send a request or question to the seller with the specifications that you require, in case the seller can manufacture it, we can gladly provide the purchase and shipping.

I have a question about a product, what do I do?

Contact us so we can send your questions or doubts to the vendors.


What is the cost for storage?

There is no cost for storage during the first month, after one month it will be charged CNY 300 per cubic meter per month or its proportional part in dimensions and time.

How long can I have my products in your warehouse?

The maximum time we can store your products is 3 months, then the products will be used to pay for storage costs.

What happens if I no longer require my products after making the first payment?

Unfortunately there are no cash returns from the sellers without a justified reason, in case they do not require the products will be given as abandonment and there will be no economic refund.


How can I contact you?

You can find us through Facebook in the following name LeelineSourcing

In the same way you can send us a WhatsApp to +86 13986152456

Or by email to the following address: [email protected]

In what languages​​can I contact you?

You can write us in English.

What are your schedules?

Schedule of our warehouse in China, Shenzhen time from 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.

Schedule of attention in English and Spanish through WhatsApp or Facebook, Shenzhen time from 9 am to 6pm from Monday to Friday.

Best 10 1688 Sourcing Agent in China

With the advancements in online trading and e-commerce, Alibaba is also struggling hard to kick its business to the heights of glory. 1688.com is one of the most reliable and famous B2B e-commerce platforms for local Chinese entrepreneurs and manufacturers, where you can find products and suppliers through reliable 1688 agents.

Most of the suppliers on 1688.com are direct suppliers and manufacturers. 1688 is just like Alibaba, but here you can find products, factories, and suppliers together. These suppliers provide both wholesale and retail prices, which are the cheapest and affordable in China.

When entrepreneurs think of sourcing from China, Alibaba is the first name that hits their memory. 1688 is a complete Chinese site where most Chinese manufacturers and business holders stay active to supply their products in bulk all over the world.

If you are planning to ship products from the China section and are not aware of the services of 1688.com, you lack behind them! But no worries! This article contains the list of the most reliable 1688 agents and many other FAQs that will help you find the best suppliers for sourcing a bulk number of products.

For bulk sourcing, 1688.com is a much better site than Alibaba.com. The reason is its reliable agents and the pricing they provide as prices are already low and affordable, often negotiable as well. The only problem you sometimes face while negotiating with clients is the communication gap as most of the suppliers can’t speak better English. But this thing can be overcome by hiring a professional dealer.

While considering minimum or maximum order quantity requirements, 1688 doesn’t have such requirements, unlike Alibaba, although the prices are usually negotiable and easy on the wallet.

1. LeelineSourcing

LeelineSourcing is one of the best 1688 agents in the China section. This shipping agent helps you buy the best products from 1688.com with quick and reliable services. Currently, Leeline Sourcing is shipping to more than 200 countries with their reliable trading community.

Leeline Sourcing is the most reliable 1688 agent in China, so most entrepreneurs choose bulk sourcing from China. This in-demand shipping agent is even trying more to expand their company services all over the globe. It was the first company that offered sourcing services at Alibaba and many other famous China-based websites like Kongfz, Amazon.cn, and JD.com.

Main Products

Leeline Sourcing agent source almost all the products from 1688.com with high-quality services at a reasonable cost. Their basic service includes buying, checking the product, order consolidation, and warehouse storage with repacking and global shipping. You can avail of all these basic services at a minimal cost. Products Leeline Sourcing source include household items and accessories along with large-scale factory machinery with quality manufacturing guarantee.1688 buying agent is proactive in offering factory paraphernalia sourcing services globally.

Why Choose Leeline Sourcing Agent

LeelineSourcing is the most reliable and famous shipping agent in the China section. Today, Leeline Sourcing is not only dealing with established importers but also with small and medium businesses. Importers get all the services from the Leeline Sourcing agent because customer satisfaction is their top priority.

The import services they offer are sourcing, shipment, direct factory audit, and quality inspection. When you contact them to provide you the required services, their agents start contacting a suitable manufacturer or seller. In this way, you can import products from the best manufacturers in China without much stress and enjoy reliable and safe transport measures for shipping your packages to your doorstep.

Contact 1688 Agent Now

2. Superbuy:

Superbuy is a leading 1688 agent since 2012, and it is formerly called Dotdotbuy. Superbuy is a popular and the most trusted 1688 agent as their customers leave good reviews for them. Superbuy accomplished a good company name within a short period of working as a 1688 agent. In this guide, we’ll show you the main products of Superbuy source and the pros of using this agent for reliable importing and shipment.

Main Products

Superbuy is well-known for sourcing warehouse storage and domestic items. You can also order in bulk without any minimum or maximum quantity limitation. The domestic shipment fee is almost none, and you can also apply for the exchange and return of the bought item. Other sites like yupoo don’t provide this facility of returning and exchanging the products. Small business owners can take this advantage of returning their items if they find anything unsuitable or expensive.

Why Choose Superbuy

Superbuy has earned a good name in sourcing, and millions of buyers trust them. Their exchange offer only works for the buyers approaching 1688.com with applied terms and conditions. Customers can return or exchange products without any reason. So it is a blessing for their customers along with other services they provide. While considering sourcing from China through 1688, Superbuy is a good option.

Contact 1688 Agent Now

3. Lovbuy

Luvbuy is a professional 1688 agent site with a big warehouse and the capability to deal with bulk orders. The best thing about choosing Lovbuy as a shipping agent is their good communication support and time-to-time updates.

Main Products

Lovbuy deals are sourcing all the domestic products and appliances with the best quality experience. Domestic appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and LCDs are provided cheaply with furniture, home decor, and wall designing items.

Why Choose Lovbuy

The main advantage of choosing Lovbuy as a sourcing agent is their best online system to manage orders for dropshipping. Buyers get an on-time reply and expert guidance from their team. Their shipment methods are reliable and quick, like sea shipping, third-party shipping agent, road and air freight.

Contact 1688 Agent Now

4. Cnebuys

While considering a reliable and cost-effective option for sourcing from China to all over the world, CNEbuys Logistics is an option. They have a spacy houseware where the bulk of items can be stored. If you are sourcing from China through direct manufacturers, then CNEbuys is a reliable option for handling international shipping and imports. CNEbuy agents send shipments to 200 countries with a reliable and safe journey.

Main Products

CNEbuy agents source almost all products available on 1688.com. These items may include furniture, house manufacturing items, clothing, jewelry, electronic equipment, men and women items at reasonable prices. You can order all their items and services at your doorstep at easy prices.

Why Choose CNEbuys

CNEbuy is a top-rated 1688 agent in the China section. They can handle your bulk sourcing by re-packing packages at a China-based warehouse. Especially the international clients enjoy special discounts due to high shipping volumes. Millions of buyers trust their services and leave a good review.

Contact 1688 Agent Now

5. Ezsourcify

EZsourcify is a leading 1688 agent in the China section. This shipping agent has earned a good market name in a very short period with highly satisfying customers’ goods sourcing. EZsourcify is committed to achieving the highest standards in quality, reliable delivery, and affordable pricing.

Main Products

EZsourcify aims at providing good quality services at a reasonable cost. Their basic services include repackaging, warehouse storage, and order consolidation with global shipping. All the textile, home appliances, home accessories, plastic toys, and shoe factories are directly linked with EZsourcify agent for providing bulk quantity to their customers.

Why Choose EZsourcify

EZsourcify is an extensive and diverse global network with advanced technology and market knowledge. Their on-time delivery and good communication rates their name among other 1688 agents. For this reason, their suppliers’ network and customers relationship are unmatchable

Contact 1688 Agent Now

6. Tanndy

Tanndy is offering its services as a 1688 agent since 2006. They provide a variety of services, including shipping, warehouse storage, consolidation, and inspection. If you are thinking of sourcing from China, then tanndy can be a suitable option as they source from China to many countries worldwide with great ease and safety.

Main Products

Their product list is quite large. Although building materials buying is their main focus, but there are also other products they deal with and provide services upon them are Furniture, Leather Sofa2, Building, wood door, Tiles, Sanitary, bathtub, lighting, Hotel, BBQ Stove, Fabric, fabric4, Gifts, Toys, Clothing, Suit, Shoes, Women’s shoes4, Leather, handbag6, Jewelry, Crystal Necklace 2, Children, kid clothing11, Cosmetic, Auto Parts, car, camera, Electronicphones, over sports, sandbag, Watch with quality warranty.

Why Choose Tanndy

Tanndy is a famous sourcing 1688 agent in the China section. They provide their clients maximum satisfaction and communicate in detail. They deal with almost 20 suppliers and manufacturers and also suggest the best one to you. Check out the above link to investigate further about their services Tanndy agent services.

Contact 1688 Agent Now

7. Yoybuy

You buy a professional 1688 agent in the China section. They provide customized services online through 1688 to many business owners and entrepreneurs. They deal with combining multiple orders and repackaging, so they enable you to save your shipping cost almost 70%.

Main Products

All the products are thoroughly inspected before shipment. The products may include electronic appliances, furniture, textile machinery, and all kinds of clothing items. They also accept or exchange the defective item happily.

Why Choose Youbuy

Youbuy has quite a big warehouse where you can keep your sourced items for 90 days. It saves your time and money so it is a best economical plan for you. They also have more than one payment method and faster and easier purchases. The quality they offer is much appreciable and trustworthy.

Contact 1688 Agent Now

8. Supplyia

Supplyia is one of the reliable 1688 agents that is offering the most professional and transparent sourcing services. It is a best cost-friendly option as four different consultant plans are provided by supplyia 1688 agents with different pay rates and strategies. You can choose a suitable plan for yourself according to your requirement and budget.

Main Products

Supplyia offers a variety of products with quality warranties. Supplyia shipping agents also exchange defective products. A reasonable price is charged for sourcing from China-based factories and manufacturers. The factories associated with Supplyia agent are textile, electronic equipment, heavy machinery, and household goods. All the items are thoroughly checked by the team and shipping agents before sourcing them for international shipping. Supplyia 1688 agent costs are reasonable as they charge 5$ per hour for sourcing.

Why Choose Supplyia

Supplyia is a remarkable 1688 agent with reliable shipping and quality sourcing. The four exclusive plans offered by Supplyia are listed here. The first is a free plan. This can be proved beneficial for local small businesses to expand their business. They provide free consultancy services and also check and repackage your imported items. The basic plan is also quite reasonable and worthy. They charge for product shipping from China to your doorstep, while warehouse expenditure will be minus the total sum. Pro plan provides better facilities and sourcing services. Pro plan may provide free photography as well. While the extra plan for China sourcing services provides product inspection at factories and warehouses facility.

Contact 1688 Agent Now

9. Cnxtrans

CNXtrans is a professional 1688 agent in the China section, enabling importers from all over the world to source from China to more than 200 countries worldwide. CNXtrans also offers minimal costing with quality performance. Their shipping rate is almost 70% less than retail shipping. The best thing about CNXtrans is the free houseware storage and free packaging services for which importers choose their reliable and cheaper services.

Main Products

CNXtrans is associated with many manufacturers and sellers to provide their clients on-time delivery. The products CNXtrans deals with are numerous, like clothing, plastic sourcing, home appliances, and furniture. All the products have a warranty of durability and longevity.

Why Choose CNXtrans

CNXtrans is one of the reliable China-based 1688 sourcing agents. They provide free services like labeling of packages, warehouse storage, packaging services, and free consolidation of packages with reliable product inspection.

Contact 1688 Agent Now

10. Taobaotrends

Taobaotrends is one of the leading 1688 agents among other China-based sourcing companies. Taobaotrends was launched in 2009 and offering its services for the past 12 years. During the last eight years, their customer venue enhanced drastically and served thousands of customers with their best performance and reliable services.

Main Products

They source almost all the goods manufactured natively in China. The items they deal with are heavy machinery, home appliances and furniture, office furniture, and manufacturing items. They have direct sellers to make their customers satisfied with their quality and quick performance.

Why Choose Taobaotrends

They offer quality services with low fees and exchange rates. The service fee they charge are competitive with other shipping solutions and also offer better care and repackaging of products. Taobaotrends charges no hidden fee. They charge only 6% service charges with lower exchange rates. Broken or defective items can be replaced or exchanged on time.

Contact 1688 Agent Now

How to Buy from 1688 : The Ultimate Guide

So you’re wanting to import products from China, but you’re not sure how?

Building a business can be incredibly rewarding, especially when you have an idea and you’re ready to execute.

However, when it comes to sourcing products, most people give up.

They don’t know where to go, they don’t know how to start, and oftentimes it leads to wasted time and money.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way you can source products on 1688.com, one of the most popular Chinese product sourcing sites.

How to Buy from 1688.com: The Ultimate GuideYou can find a vast number of products in all shapes and sizes, with reputable vendors, and all at an affordable price.

But, before you head to the site, you’ll want to follow our guidelines to get the most out of the experience.

In this article, we’ll show you exactly how you can source products from China through 1688.

You’ll learn what the site is, how to navigate it, and how to wholesale from 1688 china, answering your most common questions.

Let’s jump right in!

What is 1688.com?

Whether you’ve been in business for years, or you’re just starting out, I’m sure you’ve heard of Jack Ma.

He’s the founder of Alibaba, one of the most famous companies in the world, and also one of the biggest.

Alibaba is a group of Chinese companies, and 1688.com is a subsidiary of Alibaba located in China.

1688.com called “阿里巴巴批发网” is mainly used in China’s domestic market as the website is primarily in Chinese.

It’s used in both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C), as well as wholesale and manufacturing.

Most people use 1688 as an easy way to find products to source for their businesses.

since it’s very simple to find suppliers, products, and scale up your business with the platform.

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What is the difference between 1688.com and Alibaba.com?

The main difference between 1688.com and Alibaba.com is that 1688 is mostly used for the domestic Chinese market while Alibaba is more focused on targeting international business trade.

In other words, 1688 is knowed as alibaba china website.1688 was made for China while Alibaba was made for the world.

The 1688.com website is in Chinese , suitable for the Chinese market. So do not have 1688 english version website now.

However, when you jump onto Alibaba, since it is an international platform, you can read it in several different languages worldwide.

It’s readable in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Turkish, Arabic, Indonesian, Hebrew, Dutch, Vietnamese and Portuguese.

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difference between 1688.com and Alibaba


Why do Chinese people like to buy products on 1688.com?

1688 has been around for many years, and it is very well-known in China.

It’s currently the biggest wholesale website available in China.

It’s one of the most trusted wholesale brands in China and has developed a powerful reputation over the years as Alibaba has grown as a business giant.

Chinese people also like to buy from 1688 in bulk since the products are priced so low. A variety of trading businesses also like to purchase from 1688 to then resell them around the world.

At the moment, there are over 50,000 sellers on 1688.com, making it possible to find any kind of product and build a relationship with incredible suppliers.

1688 cheap products


Are the products listed on 1688.com cheaper?

It’s very common for Chinese suppliers to sell their items to Chinese buyers at lower prices.

The main reason isn’t that they’re trying to scam their compatriots. It’s because there are often underlying quality issues.

Chinese suppliers generally understand that they aren’t able to offer worldwide buyers the same level of quality in products that they are offering to their domestic customers.

When selling to European, Australian, or American buyers, Chinese suppliers recognize they need to be able to offer higher quality products, so they will usually quote higher prices overall.

However, shopping on 1688.com doesn’t mean you will automatically get lower prices rather than Alibaba.

It’s not wise to make an assumption that you’ll save on wholesale prices as this isn’t always true.


What do you need to consider before buying from 1688.com?

Stock information isn’t always accurate

When you place an order, You have to first confirm with the seller if the product you are wanting to buy is actually in stock.

Most of the time, stock information is about 90% accurate, so you won’t have to worry.

However, there are certain sellers who sell extremely high volumes of products (especially when they are very low priced) and keep their listing as “in stock” even though they run out.

In order to avoid issues where you’re buying something that’s already out of stock, make sure you pick the right supplier.

Remember to always purchase from a supplier that has bullhead beside the name. This means that the store is certified by Alibaba Group, making it much more credible and trustworthy.

Stock information isn’t always accurate

Purchase Failures & Invalid Orders

If, when you place an order, you run into a purchase failure, 1688 website will notify you that your order is out of stock and you will not be able to add product to shopping cart.

This process is a bit different than Amazon.com or Tmall.com retail inventory.

Since 1688 is wholesale, the system will account for stock issues and continue the purchase, unlike retail websites.

If you keep getting “invalid”, simply search for another supplier and send a brand new order for a similar product.

This usually isn’t a major issue for 1688 buyers since there are over 50,000 vendors to choose from on the site.

One thing you do need to keep in mind, however, is that it can take a couple of days for users to cancel orders after experiencing a 1688 purchase failure.

If you want a refund from the supplier, it can’t be done instantly, and you will have to wait until your money is first refunded to 1688 before being credited back to you.

You won’t have to worry about losing your money as each deal is secured and protected by 1688.

In the meantime, you can continue submitting new orders to new suppliers for any order that has been canceled.

The entire refund process will be tracked and recorded by 1688 for your protection.

Domestic Shipping Cost Adjustment

Domestic shipping is when the provider simply ships products to the LeelineSourcing warehouse. 1688.com will usual adjust domestic transport costs for wholesale orders, which is dependent upon the final weight of each shipment.

For every order on 1688.com, We will automatically complete any domestic shipping with a default amount (15CNY) as its minimum domestic shipping cost (DSC).

This happens since we doesn’t have a full picture of the final domestic shipping or the complete weight details of the shipment when the order is placed.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean the 15CNY is the completed national shipment.

1688 buyers still have to manually confirm the final national shipping when they place their orders to 1688 suppliers. This happens after you have filled out your first payment instructions.

Once the domestic shipping cost (DSC) is confirmed to go beyond 15 CNY, The Leelinesourcing purchaser will correct the real cost by deducting the difference from the balance for you.

They will also notify you, to let you know that the domestic shipping cost has been corrected and that a charge was put on your account history.

If you want to get a better picture to assess the accurate completed price, you can get a rough estimate of your price of your estimated shipping weight by adding in about 8-15CNY per kilogram national shipping.

Generally speaking, the cost and detailed completed price depend on the supplier’s shipping partner.

You usually don’t ever have to worry about any added national shipping unless you are purchasing products that are too heavy or too big in size.

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Professional Packing & Shipping Service

Don’t buy products that are too heavy or too big in size

One of the biggest downsides to making a purchase on 1688 is that you will be penalized in costs by buying products that are either too heavy or too big in size.

If you want to buy very large products like large TVs, sectional couches, or bicycles, you will need to factor in the elevated national shipping charges and global shipping costs.

It isn’t ever recommended to buy such large products unless you also have a low-cost forwarder that you’re working with.

Delays and Timing

Since 1688 is a wholesale site, it’s not going to be as accurate in terms of timing from other retail sites like Tmall.com or Amazon.com. Orders won’t always be on schedule.

Generally speaking, wholesale orders need a bigger lead time, which means that the products won’t always be shipped out right away.

Most order lead times, on average, can span between 1 and 5 days.

A small number of orders can take 5-7 to process.

But it’s important to note that some orders can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month to complete.

During busy seasons like November and December, lead times can be delayed by 1 to 3 days overall.

Plus, it could potentially take up to 3-5 more days for domestic shipping. It often takes over 7 days for products to arrive at the LeelineSourcing warehouse once an order has been placed.

Remember to plan your buying times by considering both the lead times during the slower seasons and busy seasons to avoid any time crunch issues with your customers.

If you find out that your order has stayed on “Ordered” status (which means that the order has already been placed to providers on 1688.com), you can send the buyer an email to cancel the order.

If the supplier hasn’t yet shipped your order, 1688’s buyer can help you cancel the order.

If your order has already been shipped out, you shouldn’t cancel it. If you do, you may be penalized and charged, resulting in losses from the terms of services for canceling the order.

The LeelineSourcing Storage Warehouse

Since most 1688.com orders take over a week to complete, LeelineSourcing allows you to store your products for free at their warehouse for up to 3 months, which is usually plenty of time for most orders.

However, rather than keeping your products in the LeelineSourcing warehouse for too long, 1688.com recommends that you ship your products as soon as possible once they all arrive.

If you do run into a scenario where you have to keep your products in the LeelineSourcing warehouse for longer than 3 months, you will be charged 5 percent of the value of the product as storage fees.

1688 warehouse location

A few tips when you buy from 1688 in bulk

1. Check Threshold First

Before you place your order, make sure to check the wholesale rules and threshold for the supplier.

If your order quantity doesn’t’ meet or exceed the minimum order amount set in place by the supplier, your order will be canceled and you will need to place a new order.

2. Always pick a “TrustPass” Supplier

With over 50,000 suppliers, 1688 has plenty to choose from, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good sellers. Make sure you choose suppliers who have the “TrustPass” badge on their account.

They are usually more trustworthy, reliable, and have better quality products. They also usually have a better return policy.

trust pass

3. Compare suppliers

If you find a good supplier, they have a trust badge, and you can meet the minimum order requirement, don’t place your order just yet.

You should always compare them with other suppliers.

Look for the best deal, or for a better supplier. You might be surprised to find a more trustworthy supplier or someone who has better quality or prices.


Do suppliers on 1688.com speak English?

Unlike Alibaba, most suppliers on 1688.com don’t speak English fluently. However, there are ways to get around this.

You will need to contact more suppliers before you find ones who do speak English.

You can also use Google Translate to communicate with your suppliers.

There is also a way to translate the website to English which we’ll cover below.

How can I communicate with 1688.com suppliers?

Since most 1688 suppliers are Chinese, it won’t be easy to communicate if you don’t know the language.

Your best option is to use a China sourcing agent who can speak on your behalf, acting as your translator and will sometimes even offer you basic Chinese lessons so you can order from businesses directly.

It’s always best to use china sourcing agent to help you with the translation barrier so you can source products efficiently.

This will save you time, and help you avoid a world of frustration on both your end and on the supplier’s end.

How can I pay 1688 suppliers?

There are a variety of payment methods you can use to pay 1688.com suppliers. You should use the one that works best for you. Here are the different types of payment methods available:

  • Through AliPay
  • Through Wechat
  • Through your personal bank account
  • Through your company bank account

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webchat alipay

Can I pay 1688.com suppliers in US dollars?

It’s important to note that suppliers do not accept the US dollar. They only accept Renminbi (RMB or CNY).

If you want to pay in US dollars, you will need to use a sourcing agent, We recommed LeelineSourcing as best china sourcing agent.

Sourcing agents can accept payments in US dollars. They can accept payment in USD and then pay the supplier in Renminbi (RMB) directly. Sourcing agents can also accept bank transfers and PayPal.


Do I need an Export License for 1688.com?

Before a Chinese product can ship a product overseas, a business must have an export permit.

The permit can be ordered and is valid for many years. Bigger 1688 providers will function both domestically in China as well as internationally with export permits.

Any vendors on 1688 who are only selling domestically won’t need to obtain an export permit.

However, if they want to sell internationally, there is a way to get the export license.

1688 sellers can use export agents. Sourcing agents will also act as export agents, allowing you to purchase from a 1688 seller, even if they don’t have an export license.

The sourcing agent is able to do all documentation to coordinate shipments, complete the export, and manage payments.

How do I know if 1688.com suppliers are real or scammers?

Contrary to some beliefs, every 1688 supplier is a real, legitimate business.

This is verified since any supplier selling products on 1688 must have a confirmed government business license to create an account.

How can I check a supplier’s information?

If you want to verify a supplier and check their information, you just have to go to their store on 1688:

  1. Open up the home page of the vendor.
  2. Click “Company”.
  3. Click “View Business Registration Information”.
  4. View all information regarding the seller’s business registration.

You can see their date of registration, registered capital, incorporation, and company address.

supplier verification

How do I find a 1688.com sourcing agent for my products?

It’s not always easy to find a reputable sourcing agent to partner with. You need to make sure they are equipped to handle your specific needs.

You need to also make sure they’re a trusted brand with testimonials, and able to meet your demands as you scale.

At Leeline Sourcing, we are dedicated to serving those wishing to compete in the Amazon FBA industry.

Our purchasing agent with over a decade of experience will find the right manufacturer, and within 2 days, find you the best deal possible.

You will receive custom-branding services like ODM, OEM, packaging design, and more.

We’ll also help you with quality control, photography, and factory inspection.

Plus, if you aren’t happy with our service, we’ll give you a full refund. We offer a 120-day money-back guarantee to ensure you’re happy with our sourcing services.

1688 agent

Does 1688 have an app?

Yes, 1688 does have an app but you won’t find it on the Google Play Store.

You can find it by going to 1688.com on your smartphone.

Scroll down to the bottom of the home page. Click on “App” to download.

You can also visit 3g.1688.com .Use your smartphone to scan the barcode and download the app.

If do not have 1688 app, you can use mobile browser app to visit m.1688.com

1688 app

How can I complete a picture search on 1688?

If you’re comparing suppliers and want to search by the product by image, it can help you save a ton of time.

1688 image search
Here are the steps to complete a picture search on 1688:

  1. The image has a white background
  2. There isn’t a duplicate image of the image you are searching for on the page you are searching on.
  3. Save the image.
  4. Go to 1688 and click on the camera icon beside the search bar.
  5. Click the file name of the image you saved.

Keep in mind that this only works on the desktop version of 1688, not the mobile or app versions.

How do I translate 1688.com website to English?

On Desktop:

  1. Download Google Chrome
  2. Go to 1688.com
  3. Right-click on a blank space on the page.
  4. Select “Translate to English” from the options displayed.
  5. The page will refresh and appear in English.

While it is quite simple to translate 1688 to English on the website, the 1688 app makes it very difficult, so you will have to perform a few steps and get 1688.com english version.

On the App:

  1. Install both the 1688 app and Google Translate app on your Android device.
  2. Open the 1688 app. Search for the item you want (you can still search in English).
  3. Scroll down to see the seller’s information.
  4. Screenshot the portion of the page you wish to translate.
  5. Open Google Translate
  6. Click the camera icon and import the screenshot.
  7. Google translate will scan the photo.
  8. You can highlight a Chinese character to translate or select the entire image to translate.
  9. Tap the right arrow icon to see the translation

Buy From 1688 FAQs

Many people wonder about source from 1688.com. But they might have some queries. In this ultimate guide section, we’ll answer your queries.

For What Reason Should You Buy From 1688?

1688.com is a reputable sourcing company where millions of importers and entrepreneurs put their orders for sourcing from China. Like Alibaba, you can also find millions of products in bulk on 1688.com and various suppliers to build connections for flawless sourcing from China.

The benefits you’ll get by importing from China through 1688.com are the following.


1. Good Communication and Negotiation response:

Sometimes you need to import thousands of products at a time, and you might need complete assistance as a small or newbie entrepreneur. 1688.com and their agents provide you complete guidance with time to time replies and expert assistance. 1688.com also helps small business owners by providing them samples of relevant products so they can first check out the product’s quality and their shipping performances.

2. Access To More Products With Better Quality And best-Reviewed Suppliers:

1688.com has plenty of agents and suppliers who complete their work with due dedication and responsibility. You’ll be able to get your complete order at your doorstep with their warehouse-safe storage system. 1688 agents have direct sellers ad manufacturers so that you can get a bulk amount of your ordered product at a reasonable cost.

3. Transparent Prices With No Hidden Charges:

Most of 1688 agents are in direct contact with wholesalers and factory owners. It enables you to purchase or import the products at a lower rate than market rates. 1688.com doesn’t cost any extra or hidden charges as every deal is done transparently and flawlessly.

Can I Buy Products From 1688.Com As A Foreigner Directly?

1688.com has many sourcing agents for foreign importers and business owners. Sometimes, you may wonder if you can buy directly from 1688.com. The answer is an absolute yes! The condition is you should have a Chinese bank account. After opening one, you can register at 1688.com and find your products of your interest at good rates.

The complicated process for you guys can be the payment methodology. You can pay through your Alipay balance as well as your Chinese bank account. But the problem is your Alipay account can only be verified if you have a legit bank account in China. This needs you to be physically in China, which is a huge barrier for most of the importers all over the world.

How Can I Make Money From 1688.Com As A Buyer Or Seller?

Besides offering a wide range of services and products, 1688.com also brings opportunities for making money for commoners.

Be an Agent:

You can be a 1688 agent and offer your services through 1688.com and Alibaba.com. This needs proper planning and teamwork, but 1688.com is there to promote you. So money-making is no more a dream to anyone if you plan to run a shipping business or set up.

Be A Shipping Agent to Amazon:

You can buy products in bulk from 1688.com and then sourcing them to Amazon directly. Millions of suppliers are trying this formula and earning much. If you are confident about dropshipping and shipment methodology, then this trading phenomenon is for you. You can source to Amazon warehouse from 1688.com at a low cost and enhance your earning and name in the shipping market.

How Can I Buy From 1688?

There are various methods of buying from 1688.com, some are listed as under:

Via An Agent:

You can hire a professional 1688 agent to place your order and ship it to your doorstep. We have given a complete list of the top 10 1688 agents in China section with a complete description. You can check them out and hire a reputable agency for importing the shipment.

Directly Through Wholesale Dealers:

As a foreigner, you can purchase products from Chinese wholesale dealers, but you may face payment and shipping issues. As directly paying your seller may require a Chinese bank account, which is not possible for most entrepreneurs. So, they go for the first option mostly.

How to Find Products From 1688.Com?

Before you place an order for importing the products to your country through an agent from 1688.com, you will need to create a verified 1688.com account. Once you are done with your account set-up, you can purchase or place an order for any product without any minimum or maximum sourcing limitation. However, searching for your product of intention requires you to follow some important steps.

Through Image Search:

As 1688.com has already developed product pictures with complete descriptions, you can find the relevant product very quickly without any hustle.

Through Proper Keywords:

As 1688.com is an incomplete Chinese language, you have to translate your relevant product keyword name into at least 4-5 Chinese keywords and search them in the bar. This will help you a lot to search your product and placement of an order.

How to Ship Product From 1688?

Shipping from China is way easy than it looks. Although it may require some traveling and delay, the agents 1688.com is associated with are quite experienced and trustworthy. Two types of shipping methods are there to adopt, Domestic and International shipping.

Domestic Shipping:

Within China, you can get your order almost 24 hours after placing and paying for it. Mostly, the shipment is sent through courier or express, which requires 3-4 days t reach its destination. You can also track your shipping with the help of a tracking number assigned before shipment, that when and where shipping will reach. In this way, a complete, satisfying procedure is planned by 1688.com for its customers.

International Shipping:

As domestic selling and purchasing are quite easy for Chinese residents as they have a Chinese bank account. But international importers may find this situation critical.

Most of the parties hire a professional agent for placing their order and to ship at their doorstep. Before importing from China, you should know at least five mainstream shipping methods to your country so that you can choose the best option for yourself for receiving your shipment in a safe and low-cost process.

How to Choose High-Quality Suppliers On 1688.Com?

1688.com comes on the top while talking about high-quality suppliers in the China section. 1688 has many associated suppliers and sourcing agents who offer their services at a very reasonable and negotiable rate. Here I’ve listed some important steps to judge good quality suppliers with extraordinary shipping skills.

  • The one who agrees to ship your order within 24 hours. As most of the suppliers don’t have the relevant product in stock, so they might order the wholesalers after receiving an order from you.
  • Sometimes, customers satisfaction can’t be earned by quality of products. So they apply for returning or exchanging the order. In that case, the shipping agent must return the domestic shipping fee to Chinese residents.
  • The most important thing that sets a good name of the supplier is the replacement of products. They might set a restriction that within seven days product can be replaced or exchanged. But a high-quality supplier always exchanges or returns defective goods with applied terms and conditions.
  • On-time delivery of client’s order is a top priority of a good supplier. Such kind of suppliers only selects specific quality manufacturers to satisfy their clients with good performance.
  • A high-quality supplier always supplies your shipment at your doorstep with the maximum facility.
  • A good quality supplier provides further customization services like repackaging and warehouse storage for maximum safety and security.

leelineSourcing is a leading suppliers company in the China section. A complete description of this agency is given at the end of the article.

How to Communicate With 1688 Seller?

Communication with your suppliers and manufacturers is a leading key in setting your business name and negotiating for your cause with sellers. For direct importing, it will be mandatory for you to talk to the seller about pricing, shipping details, and time of delivery. While in the case of hiring a 1688 agent, you can skip this process as well. But importing through 1688.com agents may also require you sometimes to talk to the seller if you are not sure about the price details your agent quoted or the seller needs to have a professional talk with you.

For this, you’ll need to learn communication skills with Chinese sellers and some communicating tools all necessary which Chinese wholesalers also use.

Communicating with your seller can be beneficial for you in many aspects.

  • You can bargain for lowering the price if you are purchasing in bulk. If not, then also you need to lower some prices to maintain your budget. If you are ordering for domestic shipment, then a discount or free shipment can be demanded.
  • While directly communicating with the seller, the quality of the product and shipment details can easily be discussed. You can also ask him to send you original product description pictures for a clearer view of your shipment. Also, you can stress them for on-time delivery if your order is urgent.

How to Pay for Goods on 1688.com?

Payment methodology is quite simple if a shipping agent is hired. It will require just a credit card or PayPal for paying the associated 1688 agent.

Sometimes, people want to establish a direct relationship with sellers to decrease the rates and extra services charges. In this case, a direct payment method is adopted. But it is not that simple.

A Chinese bank account is mandatory for direct payment, but a few other solutions can also be adopted.

1. Alipay:

Alipay is one of the convenient methods, but as I mentioned earlier, Alipay requires you to open a Chinese bank account. As the online system for opening a bank account doesn’t work in China; while the physical presence is not a cup of tea for everyone.

But if you already have a Chinese bank account, you can simply open an Alipay account and clear the dues.

2. Online Transfer:

Online money transfer through bank deposits is also an effective and useable way of paying money in China. However, Chinese bank accounts only accept RMB. Some leading online money transfer ways like transferwise and paysend are offering their services for payments in China.

3. Via 3rd Party:

A third party can also be involved in paying the dues in China. You can ask any Chinese person in your country to pay in China in their local currency, and you can further pay him/her.

How to Warehouse and Ship From 1688?

The 1688 warehouses are designed for storing the supplying goods with complete care and protection. When sellers send the products, 1688 agents store them at the specific warehouses for repackaging or customization to make the shipment ready to go.

Consolidation And Customization Of Packages:

The first and foremost benefit that you get from these warehouses is the consolidation of your packages. They receive products from a common seller and ship them to different countries and customers with different locations.

Quality Product Inspection:

At warehouses, items and their packages are thoroughly checked before shipping them to the buyers. Still, you receive a defective piece; you can easily apply for returning it through the same agent.

Customs and Tax for Buying From 1688?

If you are buying via 1688 agents, they’ll guide you step by step about customs clearance. These 1688 agents will prepare all the important documents for you, like an an import declaration for that manufacturing country(China) during an export declaration for the destination country.

A complete product packing list and relevant test reports are attached for legal procedures with import declaration forms.

So, in this way, all of your taxes and customs dues are paid by the hired 1688 agents.

How Can I Buy From 1688.Com Through an Agent?

While sourcing from the China section, most buyers face payment issues with a lot more delivery problems. For overcoming these issues, entrepreneurs and business owners hire a professional 1688 agent for sourcing them from China and also clear payments on their behalf.

Pros of Hiring A 1688.com Agent:

A professional agent will provide you quality and comprehensive performance with multiple other services.

These sourcing and purchasing agents find suitable sellers for you and place your order. They also deal with payment issues. Further payment procedure is listed above in a section.

A product sample is sent to the buyer before placing the order, and also customize your products.

Proper consolidation and shipping methods are used.

Hiring a professional agent enables you to talk to them in English as they hire professional communicators.


Some agents may quote a wrong price by securing their commission or by demanding a discount from the seller.

If your order is not in bulk, they may charge you high compared to bulk orders.

How do I register for 1688?

While making an account on 1688.com, you’ll end up finding two options.

If you are using a laptop or PC, you will be redirected to register in the 1688 member area. Using any web browser, navigate to 1688.com. Translate that link from using google translator from Chinese to the English language. After that, click sign up/Register.

There are two types of accounts to be made on 1688.con. One, the personal account, and the other one is an enterprise account. If you want to import goods through agents or direct relations, choose the personal account. A personal account represents buyers, while an enterprise account is a seller’s or manufacturer’s account.

If you are a mobile phone user, then you can register easily through Taobao.com. Both these sites are under Alibaba, so they work together.

All the pages are in the Chinese language on 1688.com, so you have to translate these pages into English or your native language for convenience and to read the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Is 1688 com legit and safe?

1688.com is a branch of Alibaba.com founded by Jack Ma. Both these sites are legit and trusted by peeps all over the world. Their shipping agents consolidate packages worldwide.

These sites are also famous for their quality performance and on-time delivery. Customer satisfaction and best performance are their top priority. Their customers always leave good reviews for them. Their sourcing agents are legit and fast with various other services like custom paying, consolidation, and repackaging.

Is 1688 cheaper than Alibaba?

1688.com is the best leading site for those who want to source from China in bulk. This is because 1688 has no minimum or maximum sourcing restrictions as Alibaba and other famous sites.

Also, the products you buy come from direct sellers which cost low prices. So, it is a blessing for small businesses and entrepreneurs to establish their business at cheaper and quality sourcing.

Is 1688 The Same as Alibaba?

Alibaba is a larger group of companies and businesses. Many other sites work under it and also uses its name. There is major four platforms run under Alibaba right now.

1688 is one of the platforms, which is owned and run by Alibaba.com. The second name that comes after 1688.com is Taobao.com. Taobao.com is also a leading branch of Alibaba. These two sites are the most visited sites of Alibaba in China and other countries.

Alibaba is a good site, but when entrepreneurs or business owners order, they prefer 1688.com. The reason is, 1688 has wholesalers and direct manufacturers which gives the buyers a chance to bargain or negotiate for the rates.

Is 1688 The Same as Taobao?

Taobao.com is one of the 4 leading platforms of Alibaba where you can find a variety of products and sellers. This is one of the most visited Chinese sites where you can find millions of products.

1688.com and Taobao.com, both come under Alibaba.com. people from all over the world hire agents from both sites for sourcing from China.

Taobao is the Chinese largest retail store under Alibaba while 1688 is a famous wholesale online store. Both these sites work as a child under Alibaba which acts as their parent.

Which Site Is Known as Chinese version of Alibaba.com?

1688.com is the Chinese version of Alibaba where you can find quality with discounts.. This site is completely in the Chinese language and all the agents, wholesalers, and suppliers are Chinese. 1688 works under Alibaba and also one of the most reputable Alibaba sites.

How Can I Search for An Item On 1688?

Before you place an order for importing the products to your country through an agent from 1688.com, you’ll require to create a 1688.com account. Once you are done with your account set-up, you can purchase or place an order for any product without any minimum or maximum sourcing limitation. However, searching your product of intention requires you to follow some important steps.

Through Image Search:

As 1688.com has already developed product pictures with complete descriptions on them, you can find the relevant product very quickly without any hustle.

Through Proper Keywords:

As 1688.com is an incomplete Chinese language, so you have to translate your relevant product keyword name into at least 4-5 Chinese keywords and search them in the bar. This will help you a lot in searching your desired product.

How Do I Add the Shipping Address To 1688?

First, make a personal account on 1688.com. when the registration is done, they’ll ask you to add your shipping address in the given box.

A shipping address is necessary for consolidating your shipment at your doorstep. Also, through your shipping address, you can track your order anytime and be able to know details of the arrival of your package.

Ways to Avoid Scam While Buying From 1688?

Most of the suppliers are legit and also have safe account information and market value. But placing your order, always make sure that your 1688 agents or suppliers have a government business license to create a legit account.

For checking the supplier’s information, follow these steps.

  1. Open the home page of their site and click “company”
  2. Click there “View Businesses Registration Information”.
  3. Here you can thoroughly view the seller’s information
  4. Always have a look at their date of registration and reviews.

How LeelineSourcing Help You Buy From 1688?

LeelineSourcing is one of the best 1688 agents in the China section. This shipping agent helps you buy the best products from 1688.com with quick and reliable services. Currently, Leeline Sourcing is shipping to more than 200 countries with their reliable trading community.

Leeline Sourcing is the most reliable 1688 agent in China so most of the entrepreneurs choose them for bulk sourcing from China. This in-demand shipping agent is even trying more to expand their company services all over the globe. It was the first company that offered sourcing services at Alibaba and many other famous China-based websites like Kongfz, Amazon.cn, and JD.com.

Leeline Sourcing agent sources almost all the products from 1688.com. Their basic service includes buying, checking the product, order consolidation, and warehouse storage with repacking and global shipping. You can avail of all these basic services at a minimal cost. Products Leeline Sourcing source include household items and accessories along with large-scale factory machinery with quality manufacturing guarantee.1688 buying agent is pro-active in offering factory paraphernalia sourcing services globally.

LeelineSourcing is the most reliable and famous shipping agent in the China section. Today, Leeline Sourcing is not only dealing with established importers but also with small and medium businesses. Importers get all the services from Leeline Sourcing agent because customer satisfaction is their top priority.

The import services they offer are sourcing, shipment, direct factory audit, and quality inspection. When you contact them for providing you the required services, their agents start contacting a suitable manufacturer or seller. In this way, you can import products from the best manufacturers in China without much stress and also enjoy reliable and safe transport measures for shipping your packages to your doorstep.

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Final Words About How To Buy From 1688

If you’re wanting to start or expand your online business, then 1688.com is one of the greatest options available.

As a subsidiary of Alibaba focused on the Chinese market, they offer an incredible range of products at very low prices.

However, if you’re located outside China, it can be complicated trying to tap into the 1688 market without the right knowledge, and without knowing how to communicate in Chinese.

If you want to buy from 1688 china in bulk, but you want to skip the frustration of handling the Chinese language, the export complications, or the website, your best option is to find a trusted 1688 sourcing agent, like Leeline sourcing.

At Leeline sourcing, we will partner with you to help you navigate the complex, yet profitable world of Chinese suppliers.

We will guide you every step of the way from contacting suppliers to negotiating better deals, to branding, and FBA solutions to ensure your business takes off easily and is profitable from the start.

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