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You should know how to buy from 1688 safely

Research, compare and then choose the best deal

Shop around and find the product with the best price and quality through comparison. Surely, you can always consult LeelineSourcing, we are happy to give you reasonable advice.

Check the threshold and rules for wholesales of the seller

If the quantity you order does not meet the minimum requirement of the seller, LeelineSourcing will judge your order to be invalid and you will need to place a new order.

Choose sellers granted with “TrustPass”

“TrustPass” sellers are more reliable in terms of quality and return/exchange service. Please consult LeelineSourcing if you can not tell whether a seller has “TrustPass”.

Final arrangements matter

Remember to settle the rules of return and exchange with your seller and clarify things like under what circumstances you can return or exchange the products.


If you want to source products from 1688 to Amazon FBA, Leelinesourcing will be your best 1688 sourcing agent.

shopping 1688 com

Shop in 1688.com

Shop now in 1688.com.com. Choose from the wide variety of items and send us the product link. Then sit back and relax, let 1688 Sourcing Agent, do the rest!

quality check

Quality Check

Our QC team inspects each product to ensure it is in good condition and the final product conforms to specifications. We make sure you get the right product.

consolidate order

Consolidate Orders

Combine orders into a single package or cargo & save up to 70% in shipping costs! We use a box that has never been used and makes sure goods are protected!

Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Shipping

We ship your goods according to your chosen shipping method. We ship internationally by Air Express, Air Freight & Sea Freight. 


Gain a competitive advantage and buy bulk from China with your Best 1688.com Agent!

Basic Service

We help merchants like yourself in procuring products from 1688. com. Our focus is centered on making available quality and reliable service at a reasonable cost.

We offer a basic service package which includes purchasing, product check, warehouse storage, order consolidation, repacking, and international shipping. You can avail all these services for a minimal fee!

Factory Sourcing

Most businesses obtain and evaluate different manufacturers of a product as part of their internal quality system in supply chain management.

1688 buying agent is offering factory sourcing service, where we provide three trusted factories in China producing the subject product. Being proactive in all ways is the best approach to your business success.

Product Sample

Have apprehensions about paying for bulk orders? You can significantly lower your risk by examining product samples first prior to bulk buying.

1688 Agent helps businesses obtain product samples from different suppliers, deliver them to our warehouse where you can have your samples checked, and combined in one parcel. Then we ship products to your address.

Factory Audit

We help you save time, travel costs, and other expenses by inspecting your chosen factory on your behalf.

Our Team shall visit the site in China, inspect the facility, verify license and certifications, observe production, check the quality management system, provide an independent evaluation, and assure that goods produced meet quality standards.

Amazon Seller FBA Service

Tell us what you need and your products will soon deliver to your warehouse!

We offer Amazon Seller FBA Service including Product Sourcing Service, Amazon FBA Prep Service, quality inspection, brand labeling, FBA bundle packaging services, products photography, and shipping to the FBA warehouse. Source From 1688.com and Selling on Amazon will be easy for you!

Custom Product & Sample

We help you achieve total success in your special order. Our Team shall work closely with the manufacturer to ensure that the final product conforms to your specification and meets your expectations.

Before any request for production of special order, you may use the 1688.com Sourcing Agent service to help you obtain Factory Samples so you will know how your final product should be made.


No upfront fee is charged when we start the sourcing service, we only charge when you are satisfied with everything with us from sourcing, quotation, order following to shipping. We are committed to sourcing high-quality products with the best possible cost via a completely transparent process; NO HIDDEN FEE will be charged.

Order AmounService ChargePayment Term
Less than $500$100
$1,000-$2,00010.0%$2000 or less 100% payment when placing order
$15,000-$20,0006.5%$2000 above 30% paid as deposit and balance paid before loading
$100,000 Above4.0%

Tips: If your order is big enough and the amount is far higher than $150000, service charges and payment terms are negotiable.

Ready to get started?

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Best 10 1688 Sourcing Agents in China

With the advancements in online trading and e-commerce, Alibaba is also struggling hard to kick its business to the heights of glory. 1688.com is one of the most reliable and famous B2B e-commerce platforms for local Chinese entrepreneurs and manufacturers, where you can find products and suppliers through reliable 1688 agents.

Most of the suppliers on 1688.com are direct suppliers and manufacturers. 1688 is just like Alibaba, but here you can find products, factories, and suppliers together. These suppliers provide both wholesale and retail prices, which are the cheapest and most affordable in China.

When entrepreneurs think of sourcing from China, Alibaba is the first name that hits their memory. 1688 is a complete Chinese site where most Chinese manufacturers and business holders stay active to supply their products in bulk all over the world.

If you are planning to ship products from the China section and are not aware of the services of 1688.com, you lack behind them! But no worries! This article contains the list of the most reliable 1688 agents and many other FAQs that will help you find the best suppliers for sourcing a bulk number of products.

For bulk sourcing, 1688.com is a much better site than Alibaba.com. The reason is its reliable agents and the pricing they provide as prices are already low and affordable, often negotiable as well. The only problem you sometimes face while negotiating with clients is the communication gap as most of the suppliers do not speak English well. 1688 isn’t like Alibaba, which is designed with an international focus in mind (and thus almost all suppliers on Alibaba.com speak English). But this thing can be overcome by hiring a professional dealer.

Not only do prices tend to be lower than on Alibaba, but the minimum order quantities (MOQ) also tend to be lower than on Alibaba as well.

1. LeelineSourcing

Leeline Sourcing

LeelineSourcing is one of the best 1688 agents in the China section. This shipping agent helps you buy the best products from 1688.com with quick and reliable service. Currently, Leeline Sourcing is shipping to more than 200 countries with their reliable trading community.

Leeline Sourcing is the most reliable 1688 agent in China, so most entrepreneurs choose bulk sourcing from China. This in-demand shipping agent is even trying to expand their company services all over the globe. It was the first company that offered purchasing services at Alibaba and many other websites like Kongfz, Amazon.cn, and JD.com.

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Main Products

Leeline Sourcing agent source almost all the products from 1688.com with high-quality services at a reasonable cost. Their basic service package includes purchasing, checking the product, order consolidation, and warehouse storage with repacking and global shipping. You can avail of all these services at a minimal fee. Products Leeline Sourcing sources include household items and accessories along with large-scale factory machinery with a quality manufacturing guarantee.1688 buying agent is proactive in offering factory paraphernalia sourcing services globally. Warehouse 30 days of free storage for your multi-goods.

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Why Choose Leeline Sourcing Agent

LeelineSourcing is the most reliable and international shipping agent in the China section. Today, Leeline Sourcing is not only dealing with established importers but also with small and medium businesses. Importers get all the services from the Leeline Sourcing agent because customer satisfaction is their top priority.

The import services they offer are sourcing, shipment, direct factory audit, and quality inspection. When you contact them to provide you with the required services, their agents start contacting a suitable manufacturer or seller. In this way, you can import products from the best manufacturers in China without much stress and enjoy reliable and safe transport measures for shipping your packages to your doorstep. Their shipping partners are DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS, ePacket, etc. Their 1688 sourcing agent reliable service makes your drop shipping business simple and fast.

2. Superbuy:


Superbuy is a leading 1688 agent since 2012, and it is formerly called Dotdotbuy. Superbuy is a popular and the most trusted 1688 agent as their customers leave good reviews for them. Superbuy accomplished a good company name within a short period of working as a 1688 agent. In this guide, we’ll show you the main products of Superbuy source and the pros of using this agent for reliable importing and shipment.

Main Products

Superbuy is well-known for sourcing warehouse storage and domestic items. You can also order in bulk without any minimum or maximum quantity limitation. The domestic shipment fee is almost none, and you can also apply for the exchange and return of the bought item. Other sites like you don’t provide this facility for returning and exchanging the products. Small business owners can take this advantage of returning their items if they find anything unsuitable or expensive.

Why Choose Superbuy

Superbuy has earned a good name in sourcing, and millions of buyers trust them. Their exchange offer only works for buyers approaching 1688.com with applied terms and conditions. Customers can return or exchange products without any reason. So it is a blessing for their customers along with other services they provide. While considering sourcing from China through 1688, Superbuy is a good option.

3. Lovbuy


Luvbuy is a professional 1688 agent site with a big China warehouse and the capability to deal with bulk orders. The best thing about choosing Lovbuy as a shipping agent is their good communication support and time-to-time updates.

Main Products

Lovbuy deals are sourcing all the domestic products and appliances with the best quality control experience. Domestic appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and LCDs are provided cheaply with furniture, home decor, and wall designing items.

Why Choose Lovbuy

The main advantage of choosing Lovbuy as a sourcing agent is their best online system to manage orders for dropshipping. Buyers get an on-time reply and expert guidance from their team. Their shipment methods are reliable and quick, they ship your goods according to your chosen shipping method like shipping, third-party shipping agents, air express, road and sea freight.

4. Cnebuys


CNEbuys Logistics is top rated freight forwarder in China offering international customers the widest and most cost-effective range of options for shipping internationally from China to all over the world. They have a spacy houseware where the bulk of items can be stored. If you are sourcing from China through direct manufacturers, then CNEbuys offers international shipping and imports. CNEbuy agents send shipments to 200 countries with a reliable and safe journey.

Main Products

CNEbuy agents source almost all products available on 1688. com. These items may include furniture, house manufacturing items, clothing, jewelry, electronic equipment, men’s and women’s items at reasonable prices. You can order all their items and services at your doorstep at easy prices.

Why Choose CNEbuys

CNEbuy is a top-rated 1688 agent in the China section. They can obtain product samples and handle your bulk sourcing by re-packing packages at a China-based warehouse. Especially international clients enjoy special discounts due to high shipping volumes. Millions of buyers trust their services and leave a good review.

5. Ezsourcify


EZsourcify is a leading 1688 agent in the China section. It has earned a good market name in a very short period with highly satisfying customers’ goods sourcing. EZsourcify is committed to achieving the highest quality standards, reliable delivery, and affordable pricing.

Main Products

EZsourcify aims at providing available quality cheek services at a reasonable cost. Their basic services include repackaging, warehouse storage, and order consolidation with international shipping. All the textile, home appliances, home accessories, plastic toys, and shoe factories are directly linked with the EZsourcify agent for providing bulk quantities to their international customers.

Why Choose EZsourcify

EZsourcify is an extensive and diverse global network with advanced technology and market knowledge. Their on-time delivery and good communication rates their name among other 1688 agents. For this reason, their suppliers’ network and customers relationship are unmatchable

Looking to find a reliable 1688 agent?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

6. Tanndy

Tanndy Limited

Tanndy is offering its services as a 1688 agent since 2006. They provide a variety of services, including shipping, warehouse storage, consolidation, and quality inspection. If you are thinking of sourcing from China, then trendy can be a suitable option as they source from China to many countries worldwide with great ease and safety.

Main Products

Their product list is quite large. Although building materials buying is their main focus, there are also other products they deal with and provide services upon them are Furniture, Leather Sofa2, Building, wood door, Tiles, Sanitary, bathtub, lighting, Hotel, BBQ Stove, Fabric, fabric4, Gifts, Toys, Clothing, Suit, Shoes, Women’s shoes4, Leather, handbag6, Jewelry, Crystal Necklace 2, Children, kid clothing11, Cosmetic, Auto Parts, car, camera, Electronicphones, over sports, sandbag, Watch with quality warranty.

Why Choose Tanndy

Tanndy is a famous sourcing 1688 agent in the China section. They provide their clients maximum satisfaction and communicate in detail. They deal with almost 20 suppliers and manufacturers and also suggest the best one to you. Check out the above link to further investigate their Tanndy agent services.

7. Yoybuy


You buy a professional 1688 agent in the China section. They provide customized services online through 1688 to many business owners and entrepreneurs. They deal with combining multiple orders and repackaging, so they enable you to save your shipping cost almost 70%.

Main Products

All the products are thoroughly inspected before shipment. The products may include electronic appliances, furniture, textile machinery, and all kinds of clothing items. They also accept or exchange defective items happily.

Why Choose Youbuy

Youbuy has quite a big China warehouse where you can keep your sourced items for 90 days. It saves your time and money so it is the best economical plan for you. They also have more than one payment method and faster and easier purchases. The quality they offer is much appreciable and trustworthy.

8. Supplyia

7. Supplyia     

Supplyia is one of the reliable 1688 agents that is offering the most professional and transparent sourcing service. It is the best cost-friendly option as four different consultant plans are provided by supplyia 1688 agents with different pay rates and strategies. You can choose a suitable plan for yourself according to your requirement and budget.

Main Products

Supplyia is offering factory sourcing service and a variety of products with quality warranties. Supplyia shipping agents also exchange defective products. The best price is charged for sourcing from China-based factories and manufacturers. The trusted factories associated with Supplyia agents are textile, electronic equipment, heavy machinery, and household goods. All the items are thoroughly checked by the team and shipping agents before sourcing them for international shipping. Supplyia 1688 agent costs are reasonable as they charge 5$ per hour for sourcing.

Why Choose Supplyia

Supplyia is a remarkable 1688 agent with reliable shipping and quality sourcing service. The four exclusive plans offered by Supplyia are listed here. The first is a free plan. This can be proved beneficial for local small businesses to expand their business. They provide free consultancy services and also check and repackage your imported items. The basic service is also quite reasonable and worthy. They charge for product shipping from China to your doorstep, while warehouse expenditure will be minus the total sum. Pro plan provides better facilities and sourcing services. Pro plan may provide free photography as well. While the extra plan for China sourcing service provides product inspection at factories and warehouses facility.

9. Cnxtrans


CNXtrans is a professional 1688 agent in the China section, enabling importers from all over the world to source from China to more than 200 countries worldwide. CNXtrans also offers minimal cost with quality performance. Their shipping cost is almost 70% less than retail shipping. The best thing about CNXtrans is the free storage and free packaging services for which importers choose their reliable and cheaper services.

Main Products

CNXtrans is associated with many different manufacturers and sellers to provide their clients with on-time delivery. The products CNXtrans deals with are numerous, like clothing, plastic sourcing, home appliances, and furniture. All the products have a warranty of durability and longevity.

Why Choose CNXtrans

CNXtrans is one of the reliable China-based 1688 sourcing agents. They provide free services like examining product samples, labeling of packages, warehouse storage, packaging services, and free consolidation of packages with reliable product inspection. CNX trans is your logistics gateway for purchasing and shipping internationally from China.

10. Taobaotrends


Taobaotrends is one of the leading 1688 agents among other China-based sourcing companies. Taobaotrends was launched in 2009 and offering its services for the past 12 years. During the last eight years, their customer venue enhanced drastically and served thousands of customers with their best performance and reliable service.

Main Products

They source almost all the goods manufactured natively in China. The items they deal with are heavy machinery, home appliances and furniture, office furniture, and manufacturing items. They have direct sellers to make their customers satisfied with their quality and quick performance.

Why Choose Taobaotrends

They offer quality check services with low fees and exchange rates. The service fee they charge are competitive with other shipping solutions and also offer better care and repackaging of products. Taobaotrends charges no hidden fee. They charge only 6% service charges with lower exchange rates. Broken or defective items can be replaced or exchanged on time.

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How Can I Buy From 1688?

There are various methods of buying from 1688.com, some are listed as:

Via An Agent:

You can hire a professional 1688 agent to place your order and ship it to your doorstep. We have given a complete list of the top 10 1688 agents in China section with a complete description. You can check them out and hire a reputable agency for importing the shipment. All you need to do is provide 1688 agents with the product information, such as product link, picture, name, etc. They will search best manufacturer and best quality product, negotiate for the best price and stock for you to save time.

Directly Through Wholesale Dealers:

As a foreigner, you can purchase products from Chinese wholesale dealers, but you may face payment and shipping issues. As directly paying your seller may require a Chinese bank account, which is not possible for most entrepreneurs. So, they go for the first option mostly.

How to Choose High-Quality Suppliers On 1688.Com?

1688.com comes on the top while talking about high-quality suppliers in the China section. 1688 has many different suppliers and sourcing agents who offer their services at a very reasonable and negotiable rate. Here I’ve listed some important steps to judge good quality suppliers with extraordinary shipping skills.

  • The one who agrees to ship your order within 24 hours. As most of the suppliers don’t have the relevant product in stock, so they might order from the wholesalers after receiving an order from you.
  • Sometimes, customer satisfaction can’t be earned by the quality of products. So they apply for returning or exchanging the order. Domestic shipping costs depend on the shipping partners of the suppliers you purchase from. In that case, the shipping agent must return the domestic shipping cost to Chinese residents.
  • The most important thing that sets a good name for the supplier is the replacement of products. They might set a restriction that within seven days product can be replaced or exchanged. But a high-quality supplier always exchanges or returns defective goods with applied terms and conditions.
  • On-time delivery of client’s order is a top priority of a good supplier. Such kind of suppliers only selects specific quality manufacturers to satisfy their clients with good performance.
  • A high-quality supplier always supplies your shipment to your doorstep with the maximum facility.
  • A good quality supplier provides further customization services like repackaging and warehouse storage for maximum safety and security.
  • Good suppliers will provide product samples and High-quality custom product photos and videos. You can remarkably lower the risk rate by checking product samples before bulk buying.

leelineSourcing is a leading suppliers company in the China section. A complete description of this agency is given at the end of the article.

How to Pay for Goods on 1688.com?

As 1688.com neither accepts international payment methods nor offers global shipping. Payment methodology is quite simple if a shipping agent is hired. It will require just a credit card or PayPal for paying the associated 1688 agent.

Sometimes, people want to establish a direct relationship with sellers to decrease the rates and extra service charges. In this case, a direct payment method is adopted. But it is not that simple.

A Chinese bank account is mandatory for direct payment, but a few other solutions can also be adopted.

1. Alipay:

Alipay is one of the convenient methods, but as I mentioned earlier, Alipay requires you to open a Chinese bank account. The online system for opening a bank account doesn’t work in China; while the physical presence is not a cup of tea for everyone.

But if you already have a Chinese bank account, you can simply open an Alipay account and clear the dues.

2. Online Transfer:

Online money transfer through bank deposits is also an effective and useable way of paying money in China. However, Chinese bank accounts only accept RMB. Some leading online money transfer ways like transfers and payment are offering their services for payments in China.

3. Via 3rd Party:

A third party can also be involved in paying the dues in China. You can ask any Chinese person in your country to pay in China in their local currency, and you can further pay him/her.

How Can I Search for An Item In 1688?

Before you place an order for importing the products to your country through an agent from 1688.com, you’ll require to create a 1688.com account. Once you are done with your account set-up, you can purchase or place an order for any product without any minimum or maximum sourcing limitation. However, searching for your product of intention requires you to follow some important steps.

Through Image Search:

As 1688.com has already developed product pictures with complete descriptions on them, you can find the relevant product very quickly without any hustle.

Through Proper Keywords:

As 1688.com is an incomplete Chinese language, so you have to translate your relevant product keyword name into at least 4-5 Chinese keywords and search them in the search bar. This will help you a lot in searching for your desired product.

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leelinesourcing messenger 1

Hard to negotiate with suppliers and pay on 1688.com?

LeelineSourcing is ready to help you buy from 1688 at low cost and efficiency.

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FAQs About Best 1688 Agents

How can I communicate with 1688.com suppliers?

Since most 1688 suppliers are Chinese, few suppliers of 1688.com speak English, so it won’t be easy to communicate if you don’t know the language.

Your best option is to use a China sourcing agent who can speak on your behalf, act as your translator, and will sometimes even offer you basic Chinese lessons so you can order from businesses directly.

It’s always best to use a China sourcing agent to help you with the translation barrier so you can be procuring products efficiently.

This will save you time, and help you avoid a world of frustration on both your end and the supplier’s end.

Can I pay 1688.com suppliers in US dollars?

It’s important to note that suppliers do not accept the US dollar. They only accept Renminbi (RMB or CNY).

If you want to pay in US dollars, you will need to use a sourcing agent service, We recommend LeelineSourcing as best china sourcing agent.

Sourcing agents can accept payments in US dollars. They can accept payment in USD and then pay the supplier in Renminbi (RMB) directly. Sourcing agents can also accept bank transfers and PayPal.

How can I check a supplier’s information?

If you want to verify a supplier and check their information, you just have to go to their store on 1688:

1. Open up the home page of the vendor.
2. Click “Company”.
3. Click “View Business Registration Information”.
4. View all information regarding the seller’s business registration.

You can see their date of registration, registered capital, incorporation, and company address.

Does 1688 have an app?

Yes, 1688 does have an app but you won’t find it on the Google Play Store.

You can find it by going to 1688.com on your smartphone. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page. Click on “App” to download.

You can also visit 3g.1688.com.Use your smartphone e to scan the barcode and download the app. If do not have the 1688 app, you can use the mobile browser app to visit m.1688.com

How to reduce your international shipping costs?

There is a base shipping charge (which can be thought of as a minimum shipping charge) for each shipment that you make and shipping multiple packages concurrently (which constitutes a consolidated shipment) ensures that you only have to pay this base charge once instead of paying it for every single package that is shipped separately. Even without repacking them into a single package, shipping multiple packages concurrently helps you save because you are only charged the base shipping weight once. This helps reduce your international shipping costs.

Free Consolidation of Packages does not charge you for consolidating your packages into a single shipment. This is ideal if you’re buying from multiple 1688 suppliers (or other Chinese websites) but wish to have all your goods shipped together as a single international shipment in order to minimize your shipping costs.

What’s the Next

If you’re wanting to start or expand your online business, then 1688.com is one of the greatest options available.

As a subsidiary of Alibaba focused on the Chinese market, they offer an incredible range of products at very low prices.

However, if you’re located outside China, it can be complicated trying to tap into the 1688 market without the right knowledge, and without knowing how to communicate in Chinese.

If you want to buy from 1688 china in bulk, but you want to skip the frustration of handling languages, export complications, or other websites, your best option is to find a trusted 1688 sourcing agent, contact Leeline sourcing right now

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