Customize BEFIT S1 Smartwatch for Vietnam Mobile World

Destination: Vietnam

Client: Retail Chain

Estimated Delivery: 55 Days


Balancing the urgent delivery schedule with the intricacies of the product’s design and functionality.

Appearance Enhancements:

Updates to the watch’s aesthetic components, including the zinc alloy central frame, casing, and strap.

Functionality Improvements:

Tailoring the device’s language settings for the Vietnamese market, enhancing the heart rate monitoring capability, and incorporating additional sports tracking options.

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Customize BEFIT S1 Smartwatch for Vietnam Mobile World

On March 10, 2022, Vietnam Mobile World is considering the development of a smartwatch that could rival the XiaoMi COLOR 2.

The backdrop for this initiative is the strong market performance of the XIAOMI series in Vietnam, particularly the COLOR 2 model, which has gained significant traction on local social media platforms and has emerged as a top-selling item in MWG outlets—the premier electronics retail chain in the country. Motivated by this trend, MWG aims to introduce a comparable product through OEM manufacturing for its BEFIT smartwatch line. The envisioned product will mirror the outdoor and sports-oriented design of the COLOR 2, positioning itself within the mid-range market segment.

Customer’s requirements

Following discussions with the MWG client in Vietnam, specific product requirements were established for the project:

chat record Customize BEFIT S1 Smartwatch for Vietnam Mobile World
  • Customer’s requirements for the product: 
  1. The design should closely resemble that of the XIAOMI Color 2, ensuring visual alignment while maintaining distinctiveness.
  2. The smartwatch will be introduced as an affordable entry in the market.
  3. The planned release of the new product is set for mid-June, necessitating an expedited production timeline.
  • Details of the Order:
  1. Target Market: Vietnam
  2. Product Name: BEFIT S1 Smartwatch
  3. Order Volume: 5,000 units
  4. Price Point: $24 per unit
  5. Quality Expectation: High, within the specified budget constraints
  6. Schedule: Constrained, requiring efficient time management
  7. Project Complexity: Considered high due to the tight timeline and quality expectations

Visit fourth watch factories

On March 14, 2022, we conducted visits to four watch manufacturing facilities. The goal was to assess potential partners for the smartwatch project, focusing on a comparison between our long-standing smartwatch manufacturing partner and a new potential supplier known for OEM production of HUAWEI watches. Following these visits, we convened an urgent meeting with the product development team to thoroughly analyze the client’s specifications and budget constraints.

The companies evaluated during the visits include:

  • Shenzhen *** Intelligent Wear Co.
  • Shenzhen *** Technology Co.

Team meeting to analyze the risks and solutions of this custom watch as well as those responsible

On March 17, 2022, our team convened to deliberate on the various challenges and potential solutions for the custom smartwatch project, post-discussions with the manufacturing facility and detailed dialogues with our client. The meeting pinpointed critical issues that necessitated prompt and effective resolutions.

First, The conflict between time urgency and product complexity

One primary concern was the clash between the project’s tight deadline and the intricacies involved in creating a complex product. Given the stringent timeline set by the client, creating a nearly identical replica to the desired model would necessitate significant time and financial investment, estimated at 7-8 weeks and exceeding $5,000.

To circumvent this, we proposed selecting a similar model from our existing range and customizing it to meet the client’s expectations. This approach was aimed at achieving a balance between time efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and after presenting a detailed comparison and modification plan to the client, we received the green light to proceed.

Second, Modifications to the appearance of the watch

Regarding aesthetic modifications, the primary focus was on ensuring a close resemblance to the Color 2 model while making necessary alterations:

1. Zinc Alloy Center Frame Adjustment:

The client noted the S1’s center frame was disproportionately wide, impacting the device’s screen-to-body ratio. The original frame’s sharp edges also detracted from the desired sleek and premium appearance. Our solution involved redesigning the center frame with a softer, rounded edge and a subtle 0.8 mm indentation at the bezel. Additionally, we planned to replace the sharp decorative grooves with a smoother, raised slope, akin to the Color 2’s design, enhancing the visual emphasis on the screen and improving the overall aesthetic appeal.

Design drawing

The gently sloping decorative groove, the curved design of the bezel, and the reduced width of the center frame allow the visual focus to be more towards the screen. The screen-to-body ratio is increased with a sloping indentation on both sides.

2. Watch Case Adjustments:

Challenge: The initial design featured a plastic back, which did not meet the desired standards in terms of texture and smoothness, giving off a cheap plastic feel. The client was inspired by the IML (In-Mold Labeling) technique used for the Apple Watch case, which integrates the heart rate lens with the case for a seamless finish. However, adopting the IML process presented financial and logistical challenges, including a $3,000 mold cost, an additional $0.50 per unit, and an extended production time of 10-15 days.

Resolution: To achieve a sophisticated, high-quality finish without the drawbacks of the IML process, we proposed an alternative solution involving an oil spraying technique. This method employs a series of over ten layers of color coats followed by a cross-linking paint application, resulting in a hardness level of 3 to 4H. This approach not only enhances the case’s gloss and durability but also offers a cost-effective and timely solution, albeit with a slightly inferior visual effect compared to the IML process.

3. Watch Strap Enhancement:

Issue: The original strap’s thinness caused the watch to shift position on the wrist during movement, affecting comfort and stability.

Solution: We decided to redesign the strap to align more closely with the Color 2’s strap design. While maintaining slight distinctions, we focused on mirroring the feel, comfort, and material quality. The stainless steel buckle’s surface treatment was also meticulously replicated to ensure a high-quality finish and wearer satisfaction.

watch strap

black version is the mold-breaking strap, and the blue version is the original.

Third. Enhancements in Watch Functions:

1. Localization through Language Customization:

To cater to the Vietnamese market, we initiated a comprehensive localization process. This involved extracting all necessary language files from both the application and the watch, which were then translated using automated tools. To ensure accuracy and cultural relevance, these translations were reviewed and refined by our Vietnamese partners. Following their feedback, the Vietnamese language was integrated as the default setting, with the updated software being embedded directly into the device’s motherboard.

2. Upgrading the Heart Rate Monitoring Capability:

The initial heart rate sensor model, HS3330, was identified as outdated and less effective, primarily used in lower-end models and incapable of continuous heart rate tracking or accommodating diverse skin tones and physical characteristics. To overcome these limitations, we transitioned to the VC31 series, also known as “Red Light Oximetry,” which offers several advanced features:

  • Inclusion of a skin tone sensor to ensure accuracy across various skin types and conditions, including darker skin tones and hairy limbs.
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring capabilities, allowing for real-time updates and adjustments during activities, providing a more accurate and dynamic health tracking experience.
  • Improved sensor accuracy to prevent false readings when the watch is not being worn, thereby enhancing the reliability of the data.
  • Enhanced battery efficiency, extending the device’s usage time between charges.

This upgrade significantly enhances the heart rate monitoring function, transitioning from superficial tracking to a more in-depth and reliable health monitoring tool, thus addressing potential consumer concerns regarding data accuracy.

3. Expanding the Range of Sports Modes:

Recognizing the demands of our sporty and active user base, we expanded the S1’s sports tracking capabilities from 12 to 32 modes. This update includes professional-level algorithms for a more enriched and accurate sports tracking experience, enabling users to fully engage with their preferred physical activities. This enhancement not only aligns with the sporty aesthetic of the watch but also adds substantial value for users seeking a comprehensive fitness tracking device.

Initial Sample Preparation:

On March 18, 2022, Colin, a procurement specialist at LeelineSourcing, coordinated a meeting with representatives from **Tech, a motherboard solution provider, and ***Smart Wear Technology Ltd., a smartwatch manufacturing firm. The focus of this gathering was to define and agree on the specifications for the inaugural sample of the watch. Discussions covered a wide range of topics, including the quality of materials, manufacturing processes, specific design modifications, packaging guidelines, and quality acceptance criteria, ensuring all aspects were in line with the project’s objectives.

Sample Dispatch to MWG:

By April 10, 2022, after dedicating 25 days to meticulously refine the client’s specifications, our team succeeded in optimizing every detail of the smartwatch to meet MWG’s demands. The objective was to deliver a product that excelled in providing precise data feedback, an intuitive user interface, and a superior wearability experience. Throughout this phase, every adjustment to the design, functional enhancements, and packaging nuances were thoroughly reviewed and confirmed with MWG through video consultations. Following these confirmations, a pre-production prototype was dispatched to MWG via DHL for their final review and approval.

Order Confirmation and Marketing Preparation:

On April 13, 2022, after reviewing the provided samples, MWG expressed their satisfaction and officially placed an order with LeelineSourcing, with a stipulated delivery timeline of 30 days to their chosen logistics provider.

Sales Contract

Concurrently, MWG commenced the development of marketing and promotional materials in anticipation of the product launch.


Out-of-box video

BENFIT S1 smartwatch LeelineSourcing

Best-selling promotional pic

Project Milestone Achieved:

By April 25, 2022, through effective collaboration and communication between Leeline Sourcing, the smartwatch manufacturing partner, and MWG, alongside the rigorous process of industrial design, prototyping, and sample validation, the product successfully transitioned from conception to production within a span of approximately one month.

Product Shipment:

On May 16, 2022, a final inspection was conducted at the manufacturing site to ensure the quality of each unit. Following the successful inspection, the green light was given to proceed with shipping. The necessary export documentation was prepared, and the shipment was officially declared, marking the final step in the product’s journey from manufacturing to delivery.


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