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Alibaba Private Label

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Alibaba Private Label

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Alibaba Private Label: Ultimate Guide 2021

Alibaba private label products allow you to establish your brand name in the market. Reliable suppliers can provide competitive rates with high-quality products that can give a great advantage for sales.

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Private labeling is increasing with many people now outsourcing their production to reduce their costs.

While private labeling reduces your production costs, it also comes with identity risks. A company is manufacturing goods for your brand. This means that the company can easily launch their product in the market.

This guide will show you how to establish an Alibaba private label business. In addition, it will also answer the related questions to private labeling.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Alibaba Private Labeling

What is Alibaba Private Label?

Alibaba private label products are those that are manufactured by suppliers. These products are then labeled with your brand’s company name.

In short, the products are sold under your name. the suppliers that sell their products with your labeling set an amount for it.

The production costs, including materials, are the responsibility of the supplier. In the end, you get a fully prepared product by your name.

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Do I Need To Private Label To Sell On Amazon


Advantages & Disadvantages of Alibaba Private Labeling

There are several perks as well as disadvantages of private labeling that are discussed below:


Private labeling offers a wide variety of advantages. Some of which include:

No Mold Or Tooling Costs

There are no mold or tooling costs involved in private labeling. You don’t have to arrange any manufacturer or hire a contractor in private labeling.

The supplier is responsible for handling the production. That is why it reduces the overall costs.

Faster Sample Production Time

The supplier will provide samples as well. If you’ve got a customer that awaits samples, you can simply ask the supplier to provide you with samples.

Since the supplier is handling the production, they would have prepared samples available. Apart from that, they can also prepare customized samples as needed within no time.

Makes Sense For Generic Products

Generic products such as drinks, shoes, clothes, etc. are a good option for private labeling. They can easily be sold on your brand via private labeling.

Many people carry generic goods that are lower in prices. These lowered prices attract customers. That is why choosing private labeling for generic products further reduces your costs. However, it gives a better chance for profits.

You Can Normally Change Materials And Colors

One of the prime objectives of private labeling is to establish one’s brand. Private labeling allows customization of the products as needed.

You can easily order certain materials and colors for the products. This would allow you to launch a certain profile of products under your name.

Pros and Cons


Alongside the many perks of private labeling, here are some of the drawbacks that accompany:

Higher Competition

Due to the increase in differentiation, many retailers are now investing in private labeling. This increases competition. Each brand tries to differentiate itself from others.

In doing so, each brand has to locate a different supplier to get their products. This reduces your chances of hiring someone that is already not working for another retailer.

Longer Shipping & Delivery Times

The customization of the products leads to greater production times. In addition, labeling and packaging are done according to your demand.

However, this adds to the overall production as well as shipping time. You should at least order a month before you’re out of stock. It will allow the production to come up and ship the goods before you’re out of inventory.

You Cannot Make Changes To The Design Or Dimensions

Private labeling only comes with customization in labeling and packaging. It doesn’t involve a change in the design or dimensions of the product.

If that would happen, it would mean that you’re ordering a completely new product. That would add to the production costs. Private label suppliers only alter the labeling and packaging.

Do I Need To Private Label To Sell On My Dropshipping Store?

Private label products reduce the production costs for your business. However, if you’re dropshipping, you need to find certain private label goods that will go best for your business.

As highlighted earlier, private labeled goods take more time in production. If you’re a dropshipper, it would not be recommended that you add private labeled goods to your store without proper research.

It is to note that private label has its own costs that are to be considered before ordering. A private label means creating your brand profile.

That means you’re going to spend some amount on promoting your goods. That is why you should have an ample budget to promote your goods before you start dropshipping private labeled goods.

How To Choose Alibaba Private Label Manufacturers?

Here’s what you should consider when looking for Alibaba private label manufacturers:

Competitive Pricing

The first thing to consider is pricing. As highlighted earlier, there is an increased demand for private label suppliers. That is why it is necessary that you should hire the one that is not working for other companies.

Even if they are, they should offer competitive pricing. Private labeling may not include production costs. However, it does include the cost of labeling and shipping.

In addition, you would need to spend on your marketing as well. That is why it is recommended that you choose a supplier that is offering competitive pricing so that your costs can remain low.

High Quality/Low Defects

Quality is the most important element of private labeling. If you’re investing in private label dropshipping, it is your brand that is entering the market.

If the quality of the goods isn’t up to the mark, it will reduce customer loyalty for other products. If this happens, your brand will lose its repute in the market.

That is the private supplier is offering high-quality goods. You can get sample products for the goods you want.

When the samples are approved, you can negotiate the prices for private label manufacturing. On the other hand, you can also ask for changes in the production method to enhance the quality of the products you want for private labeling.

Reliable Delivery

Another element to consider is the delivery of the goods. As noted before, private labeling can take more time in delivery due to the labeling process. That is why you should negotiate the delivery time before booking your order.

This will allow you to get details on the approximate delivery time from the supplier. After knowing, you can place the order before your stock runs out. In addition, you should also get a vouch for reliable delivery.

The private label supplier is responsible for the packing and shipment of the goods. That is why make sure that the one you’re hiring provides efficient delivery of the products.

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reliable manufacturing companies

Questions What You Should Ask Your Manufacturer Before Buying A Private Label Product

Here are some questions that you should ask from any private label manufacturer:

1.      Do You Have Design Drawings?

Design drawings refer to the design of the products. The design and dimensions cannot be changed for private label products.

However, you should know how the said product is being made. This will give you the idea of selecting a particular supplier that fits best for the requirements.

In addition, it will also give the idea of choosing the proper labeling for the goods.

Do You Have Design Drawings

2.      Do You Have A Bill Of Materials (BOM)?

The bill of materials or BOM shows a comprehensive summary of the items needed for manufacturing a product.

It covers various items, including raw materials, assemblies, etc. That is why the requirement of BOM is necessary. It shows the average cost that comes to manufacturing a certain product.

BOM is important for private labeling. It shows the cost of production for the product you need. It can be included in the labeling and the shipping process, which would give the total amount.

3.      Do You Have An Overview Of Material Options?

An overview of the material options should also be requested from the supplier. You need to know what materials are used in preparing the items you want.

This is important for dairy goods, clothing, etc. It will also help in estimating the BOM as well as compiling the complete cost of production.

4.      Do You Own The Molds And Tooling For This Product?

Sometimes, suppliers themselves hire the molds and equipment from other suppliers. In short, they outsource some part of their production.

However, such kind of suppliers should not be hired for private labeling. The third-party may charge extra for their production. It depends on the terms decided between the third party and your supplier.

However, these charges can affect your terms with the supplier. An increase in the overall production cost from the third party will increase the rates from your supplier. That is why you should hire the one that is functioning on its own.

Do You Own The Molds And Tooling For This Product

5.      Do You Have Lab Test Reports?

Lab test reports illuminate that the supplier has an efficient quality inspection processes. Lab tests are regularly conducted with each batch to ensure that the quality of the products isn’t compromised.

You can check the lab tests to see how well the product has been compiled. It will also help you to see what sorts of quality inspection tests the company is running.

The quality of the product is the most important for your private label business. That is why you should evaluate the quality inspection processes before booking any supplier.

Top 5 Alibaba Private Label Supplier Online List

Here are the top 5 Alibaba private label suppliers online that you can connect for your private label products:

Guangzhou Jiaxin Cosmetics Company Limited

If you’re in for cosmetics and makeup products, then this firm is the right option. The company has been in manufacturing since 2003.

It’s a subsidiary of England Anglynea Trading Co Ltd. in China. The firm has its own R&D center that researches new formulas for the products. It has over 100 employees and manufactures high-quality makeup products for the customers.

Guangzhou Jiaxin Cosmetics Company Limited

Guangzhou Shiguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

The company specializes in manufacturing auto lighting systems in China. The reason behind their success is the exclusive R&D center that ensures stupendous quality for the products.

Functioning since 2010, the company ensures to provide customers with the finest quality products in no time.

Shenzhen Yi Rong Sheng Leather Products Co., Ltd.

The company was set up in 2005. Since then it has been manufacturing high-quality leather products for the market.

It also has a sister company in Cambodia. Apart from that, its quality inspection processes have been verified by Intertek online. The firm has been manufacturing over 5 million bags monthly and ensures competitive results.

Shenzhen Yi Rong Sheng Leather Products Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Flyer Import And Export Co., Ltd.

The Wenzhou Flyer is a famous company for optical frames and glasses. It has worldwide shipping across different countries, including the USA, Canada, etc.

Apart from that, the company offers competitive services with high-end quality inspection processes.

Guangzhou Binde Electronics Co., Ltd.

The firm was founded in 1999 and had since been specializing in adhesive products.

Its R&D processes enable it to ensure high-quality products without compromise. They have over 200 employees and manufacture industrial as well as domestic use adhesives.

Guangzhou Binde Electronics Co., Ltd.

Best 8 Alibaba Private Label Products For Dropshipping 2021

Here are the best 8 Alibaba private label products for dropshipping 2021 that you should consider:

Camera Bags

Carrying your camera can be difficult. That is why you should invest in carrying a camera bag to make it portable.

Camera bags can easily be opted for private labeling as they are generic and can have your labeling done without any hassle.

Reusable Bags

Reusable bags are becoming more popular with many people investing in protecting the environment.

Being generic in their consumption, you can opt for these products for your private label dropshipping easily.


Reusable Bags

Water Bottles

Water bottles have an extensive market. From children bottles to sports, you can create a wide variety of water bottle range for your brand.

Hire the supplier that specializes in multiple sized bottles. Get the bottles designed as you want, and you’ll be able to get things done easily.

Phone Accessories

From back covers to tempered glass, you can easily build a range of your private label phone accessories.

You might have even come across various sellers online that provide fancy phone covers, headsets, etc. Keeping those in mind, it’s time that you get the market for yourself.

Phone Accessories

LED Lights

LED lights are quite in demand from the automotive industry.

There are several brands that are already functioning in this domain. That is why you should invest in hiring someone that offers competitive pricing.

Knife Sharpeners

Knifer sharpeners are not pretty common.

That is why it presents an opportunity for launching your brand of knives and knife sharpeners. You can even promote deals that can comprise of a set of knives with a sharpener.

Photo Frames

Photo frames are an excellent choice that you can opt for. These come in all shapes and sizes. The supplier you’re hiring can provide multiple frame sets easily.

Photo Frames

Alarm Clocks

Alarm clocks are fancy. Even though you can set alarms on your cellphones, people still rely on alarm clocks as they make them move out of their beds.

Keeping this in mind, it makes these an effective choice for private labeling. You can get different premade designs for these clocks. Apart from that, you can get them colored and labeled for increasing variety.

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FAQs For Alibaba Private Label

Here are some FAQs for Alibaba private label products that can help answer some questions:

What Is An Example Of A Alibaba Private Label Brand?

There are several products on Alibaba that you can use for your private labeling. Some examples include packaging for soft drinks, bar code readers, shampoos, cosmetics, tissue rolls, hair oil, etc.

You need to make a competitive choice to ensure that the products you’re opting to have a market for private labeling.

An Example Of A Alibaba Private Label Brand

How To Find Alibaba Private Label Products?

A good way of finding Alibaba private label products is to start by searching online. From manufacturing sites to different platforms, you can come across different products.

Apart from that, you need to dive into specified products to know what you need. Searching in a niche would narrow your search, making your results more competitive.

How Do You Use Alibaba Private Label Products?

Alibaba private label products can be used similarly to other products. However, these will be featured in your product lists.

It can be compared with the FDA, where Amazon prepares and ships the products by itself. Similarly, you can offer your private label products claiming to be in your inventory.

Does AliExpress Private Label?

That depends upon what you need and when you need it. AliExpress doesn’t offer competitive customization as compared with Alibaba.

The most you can do is to locate the supplier that offers products with parameters close to your needs. However, AliExpress does provide faster shipping than Alibaba.

In short, if you’re looking to customize your products, and wait for delivery, then it’s better to choose Alibaba. However, if you’re in need of the products in no time but without customization, then choose AliExpress.

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Can You Private Label Anything?

Concisely, yes, you can private label anything. However, it does not mean that you go on private labeling branded.

Consumers will buy your product from reputed manufacturers since your brand doesn’t have that high profile. On the other hand, if you’re opting for establishing your brand, opting for private labeling isn’t recommended.

You can establish your footing in the market by becoming a private label supplier. Later, you can turn towards your manufacturing.

How LeelineSourcing Helps You Find Best Alibaba Private Label Products And Suppliers?

The foremost important thing in private labeling is quality and on-time delivery. To ensure these parameters are fulfilled, you need a reliable supplier for it.

However, finding a reliable supplier isn’t easy. There are several parameters to be considered before hiring a supplier.

But this hassle can be averted by hiring a sourcing partner. LeelineSourcing is a reputed sourcing company that has been servicing in the domain for years.

From sourcing to finding reliable suppliers for your business, the company offers a wide array of services.

It is an expert in freight forwarding, dropshipping, etc. and has over 2000 clients across the world. Private label sourcing is one of the competitive services that it offers.

The representatives from the company will ask for your requirements. Later, they will use these requirements to locate the best supplier for your needs.

Apart from that, you can also count on them to ensure that the supplier has competitive quality inspection processes.

 LeelineSourcing has its own quality assurance team. It is responsible for regulating the quality parameters that are described by the clients.


In addition, the firm also works on negotiating deals and finding the best rate for your products. From labeling of the products to packing and shipment, you can count on LeelineSourcing to give the best solution for your needs.

The team also ensures that you get regular updates regarding your shipment. They do this by connecting you with its tracking database that allows to track your shipment.

From seamless integration and communication to quality assurance, you can rely on it for everything.

The pricing for their services is also affordable, which makes them the customer’s first choice. The customer support team is also available if you want insights into private labeling.

The team will guide regarding the trending products available for private labeling. Moreover, it will also help establish your brand’s profile in the market as a reliable name.

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How to find Reliable suppliers to grow your business

Final Thoughts about Alibaba Private Label

Alibaba private labeling is a beneficial process of improving your sales. Though you would need to hire a reliable supplier to ensure quality and on-time delivery.

For this purpose, you can even hire a sourcing company such as LeelineSourcing. Apart from that, you need to make a competitive assessment of the products to choose from for private labeling.

Negotiate the pricing with the supplier and focus on improvising for an attractive label. This would help attract customers, resulting in improving your overall brand’s performance.

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