How to Sell On eBay

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Is Selling On eBay Worth It? 2024

Yes. SELLING on eBay has many advantages.

For example, you make a HIGHER NUMBER OF SALES. It is due to a large number of eBay shoppers. Moreover, you drive over 20% profit per product if you sell the RIGHT item.

That has compelled an eBay seller to create an eBay ACCOUNT. 

Sell On eBay

Our Selling On eBay Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Product Suppliers

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Product Quality Control

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You get 100% GUARANTEED quality products with three-time QUALITY checkups.

Product Quality Control
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Products

We have all types of products. Private label. White label. Custom products. All you NEED to run your BUSINESS ACCOUNT on eBay. We label the PRIVATE LABEL products with your brand name.

Reach heights of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION with Private label products.

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

We have MULTIPLE SHIPPING OPTIONS. Take a look. Select the BEST shipping options. Our logistics team calculate products. Remove INEFFECTIVE items. Fasten shipping labels. 

Get 100% timely shipments with TRACKING facilities at an affordable shipping price.

fulfillment center

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How To Sell On eBay For Absolute Beginners

Hi eBayer! Wanna know how to sell online?

WAIT. Listen to me for 30 seconds. Every ARTICLE on GOOGLE is not worthy. But our experts have WRITTEN this guide to hand over the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE.

To build trust, GO through the WHOLE ARTICLE.

Our LEELINE SOURCING has been helping sellers defeat their competitors. 

You boost your eBay STORE. Make more deals. And increase gross merchandise volume. GET PROFITABLE PRODUCTS. Go for 100% success selling with us!

This guide sheds light on the eBay platform!

Want to know more? Let’s start.

Sell On eBay

The Market State Of eBay 

eBay is an eCommerce giant founded in 1995.

 Here are some facts about it as per the Statista report.

  • It has monthly traffic of around 570 million.
  • One hundred thirty-eight million buyers are ACTIVE.
  • Each buyer spends over 570 USD.
  • Net income is around 13.6 billion USD.

Who Should Consider To Sell On eBay?

The Market State of eBay

EVERYONE. You are an ENTREPRENEUR—eCommerce SELLER. Or drop shipper. Or even the ANTIQUE sellers. You can sell on eBay.

eBay is a platform for selling ANTIQUES and Brand new products. So, what do you SELL?

Whether new or OLD items, go ahead. Create your store. Start Selling.

The Price And Cost Of Selling On eBay

Price And Cost Of Selling on eBay

You have to PAY eBay to sell.

There are different types of fees on eBay. eBay listing is FREE. But some costs, like the promoted listings, etc. All counted.

Here is the OVERVIEW of the selling through an eBay account.

Starting price of personal eBay account

There are two types of fees.

Insertion fees


For active listings over 250 products, you have to pay an INSERTION FEE. It is $0.35 PER PRODUCT.

Final Value Fees

For your eBay sales, you have to pay a fee. It is the PERCENTAGE of your given product category. 

Most categories charge 12.9% or MORE as a final value fee. 

Moreover, $0.30 per order is also charged.

So, calculate your average selling price on eBay.

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How To Sell On eBay Successfully?

how to Sell On eBay

Here are 4 SIMPLE STEPS to CREATE an eBay store.

Let’s focus on them.

Step 1: Open your seller account

First of all, open your seller account on eBay business.

To do this, follow the steps.

  • Register for your account or choose the business account.
  • You must have an ID. It is UNIQUE. So, every seller has a UNIQUE ID. Create it.
  • Set up a payment method. It can be PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Or a BANK ACCOUNT. Or any other way. A buyer pays through this AUTOMATIC PAYMENT METHOD.

Step 2: List the products

If you have SUCCESSFULLY created the account, GREAT!

It is time to list the PRODUCTS.

  • CHOOSE THE ITEM to sell. Upload the relevant details of the products. SET the category of the item. Add item description.
  • Do you want to go for the fixed price or auction-style sales? If auction style, choose the auction-style listings. Otherwise, a FIXED PRICE is ACCEPTABLE.
  • Setup Duration Of Listings as per your interest.

Step 3: Setup Shipping method

You choose the SHIPPING METHOD. It is what you provide.

Set up SHIPPING COST. Or you offer FREE SHIPPING to some areas as well. However, DETAILS cover shipping costs here.

Step 4: Promote your business

You ADVERTISE your business.

eBay also charges you for advertising campaigns. Set them up for a better position in search results.

Tips For Beginners To Sell On eBay

Tips for Beginners To Sell On eBay

New sellers might get CONFUSED.

But no problem. We CAN help. Many TIPS are there.

  • UNDERSTAND the selling methods. You choose any SELLING METHOD. Pay selling fees and sales tax.
  • Focus on your price. Buy products at a WHOLESALE PRICE and sell at a retail price. Retail value gives HIGHER PROFITS.
  • Always choose TOP SELLING ITEMS. They give a better chance for a higher number of sales.
  • Keep eBay buyers on the TOP PRIORITY LIST. If you sell and provide what buyers want, it is EXCELLENT. You get more sales. Do more business.

What Are The Benefits Of Selling On eBay?

Benefits Of Selling On eBay

Selling on eBay comes up with FOLLOWING BENEFITS.

  • Easy-to-use platform

eBay is an easy-to-use platform. 

You get access to the eBay app. That means you use it whenever and wherever you are. No MORE PROBLEM. No more worries about getting heavy laptop bags.

Moreover, integrations are SIMPLER. No HURDLE.

  • A large number of potential buyers


Even if you upload a few items, you still have more chances of getting sales.

More BUYERS. More sales. More business. More income. Endless way to make money.

  • Sell antiques

Most sites don’t offer antique selling.

You are allowed to do it on eBay. So, you have MORE GRIP over your inventory—no WORRIES about what you sell.


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Final Thought 

Use a QUICK LISTING TOOL. List the ITEMS. Set the selling limits.


eBay is the platform to provide you with ALL. Very easy system. Wide categories of products. 

What else do you need?

Go AHEAD. Start your business on eBay. Get positive feedback from customers. Rock in this industry.

FAQs about Sell On eBay

1. What should you avoid on eBay?

Selling on eBay has never been DIFFICULT.
· And it is only possible if you avoid following mistakes.
· Don’t sell ILLEGAL ITEMS. eBay provides a list of illicit items.
Always set a minimum COMPETITIVE PRICE for the AUCTION LISTING.

2. What is the hottest-selling item on eBay?

Here are some product categories that GENERATE higher sales.
· Computer and accessories
· Mobile phones
· Home and Garden
· Health items
· Video games
· Fashion products
· Crafts
You should sell in these categories. Sold items generate GOOD INCOME.

3. How much do average eBay sellers make?

eBay online retailers usually have a HIGHER selling price. They earn more than other sellers on other websites.
Usually, they make over $35,000 per year. The income is MORE for the TOP SELLERS.

4. How many items should I list on eBay a day?

The more you list, the FAST you grow. However, you must have the AIM to set a minimum number of listings on eBay.
Always target a minimum of 3-5 listings per day. It is good for beginner sellers.

What’s Next

When it comes to SELLING, eBay comes to my mind.

Do you know why?

Because of all TYPES of products you sell, an artist sells paintings. An ANTIQUE sell VINTAGE items. A manufacturer can list BRAND NEW PRODUCTS.


Always the BEST platform.

Do you want to make SALES?

Contact Leeline Sourcing. We have TOP professionals dedicated to providing you with accurate shipping and sourcing.

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