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Want a COMPREHENSIVE quality inspection of your SUPPLIER

Here is LEELINE SOURCING. Our experts ASSESS the supplier factory and help get QUALITY products. Before production inspection to after-production inspection, we are the BEST. 

Give a STEEP rise to your business with our experts. 

China Inspection Services


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Quality Inspection Services In China

PRE production

Pre-production Inspection

Our agents check out the PRODUCT quality before production. We ENSURE SUPPLIER meets ISO STANDARDS. 

You get 100% QUALITY products going for mass PRODUCTION orders.

During Production

During Production Inspection

We get the PRODUCT SAMPLES during production. And assess the PRODUCTION QUALITY with defect RATIO

You procure products with MINIMAL defects. 


Pre-shipment Inspection 

Before shipping, we COUNT. Check the item QUALITY. And remove the PRODUCTS with LOW QUALITY. 

You SHIP only products that gain HIGH CUSTOMER TRUST. 


Supplier Background Check

We verify the SUPPLIER background. Implement some checks. And ensure the SUPPLIER MEETS your requirements. 

You buy from BEST-FITTING suppliers. 


Factory Audit 

Our inspectors are READY to inspect the factory. Factory equipment, labor, and production QUANTITY, we check all. 

You procure detailed REPORTS to verify FACTORY status. 

FINAL Inspection

Final Inspection

Before packing products, we go for a FINAL inspection. Our inspectors ensure RIGHT products are being packaged. 

Send the CUSTOM packaged products to your customers. 

Container Loading

Container Loading Check 

Our agents check the CONTAINER LOADING. Quantity check-up is part of this process. 

You receive the Exact QUANTITY of QUALITY inventory. 

First Article Inspection

First Article Inspection 

We get the FIRST ARTICLE of the production and TEST it. Whether it meets the QUALITY STANDARDS or not. 

Decision-making BECOMES easier for you. 

AQL Inspection

AQL Inspection

We set an AQL limit. Check the SUPPLIER products. And guarantee products MEET the AQL. 

You obtain the AQL-compatible PRODUCTS.

Amazon FBA Inspection

Amazon FBA Inspection

We know the FBA rules and assess them in your SUPPLIERS. Our BEST try is to let SUPPLIERS meet your Amazon FBA STANDARDS. 

You choose SUPPLIERS that follow your FBA standards.

Amazon FBA prep

Amazon FBA Prep

Our experts CUSTOMIZE the product labels. Get your INVENTORY ready for SHIPMENTS to Amazon FBA warehouses. 

Get products tailored to your AMAZON FBA.

100% Inspection

100% Inspection

Our team CHECKS every product. We sort out the SENSITIVE ITEMS and ensure 100% safety while inspecting. 

You attain a HIGH LEVEL of SAFE products as per your STANDARDS. 

CE Compliance

CE Compliance

We check out the EUROPEAN standards. And get the SUPPLIERS WITH CE compliance. 

You get suppliers perfectly matching the EUROPEAN standards. 

Social Compliance Audit

Social Compliance Audit 

Our inspectors analyze the ETHICAL status of the supplier. We measure safety standards. And secure only SAFE PRODUCTS

GET 100% safe products from your SUPPLIERS. 


Verify Chinese Company 

We verify the CHINESE company. Know Its location. And gets it legal STATUS

You are on the SAFE side after our verification.

Leeline Sourcing The Best Choice As Your China Inspection Partner

  • HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS. We help choose the BEST suppliers by INSPECTING. Processing inventory and checking material QUALITY keeps on the QUALITY end. 
  • RELIABLE SUPPLIERS. Our team inspects the SUPPLIERS. Choose The BEST one based on your REQUIREMENTS. You trade with 100% PROVEN and TRUSTED suppliers. 
  • ONE-STOP INSPECTION PARTNER. We contribute to every TYPE of inspection. Whether it is PRE-PRODUCTION inspection or PRE-SHIPMENT, you get it. We are the SOLUTION to your every inspection problem. 
  • TOP CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We have a SPECIALIZED customer service. Available 24/7 and ready to HELP you with all your problems. Our agents get you out of any inspection problem.
China Inspection Services
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Leeline SOURCING believes in QUALITY and aims to provide 100% AUTHENTIC QUALITY products. Our main focus on the CUSTOMER’S PREFERENCE puts us among the TOP companies. 

We INSPECT your SUPPLIERS. Filter out the BEST suppliers. And help you MAKE suitable choices. 

You get the AUTHENTIC and RISK-FREE strategy.

Wanna Get The Best China Inspection Services?

Leeline Sourcing Can Be Your First Choice!

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2000+ Clients Trust LeelineSourcing

I sourced all kinds of stuff for my company for about 1 year with Leelin. They have really good service, their team is polite and trustworthy. I definitely recommend you to work with them.


I worked with Leelin for 2-3 years to build my brand. They check each item and does my customs clearance get into Amazon warehouse. I love their service, it saves me a lot of time. If you are also developing your business in China, they will help you do it smoothly. 


Working with Leelin is really positive, they are honest and reliable. I recommend their services to anyone who has a business that needs to ship products from china or needs to inspect items. 


China Inspection Services

These factors are based on the requirements of the customers.

Several factors are necessary to evaluate during manufacturing.

Each factor determines the quality of the product.

For manufacturers, abiding by these factors is necessary.

They are obligations that the supplier must not rule out. The production is considered fruitful if it fulfills the requirements.

Customers use different ways of knowing the quality of the production.

Each method is applied based on the type of the production in progress. One of these methods is the inspection of the products.

Inspection is an important part of any manufacturing process.

It allows you to have an insight into how the products are being manufactured.

This assesses whether the products are manufactured according to the requirements or not.

Inspection Services

What Is China Inspection Services?

China is the biggest manufacturer of goods and the cheapest of all too.

But, if you’re hiring a supplier from China, then you should opt for china inspection services.

This is essential since you will need to know whether your products are manufacturing the way you or not.

Why Need Product Inspection In China Before Sending It To Amazon FBA?

Here’s why you need to have your products inspected in China:

1. Amazon May Suspend Your Listing

Quality parameters are why you should get your products inspected in China. Amazon has quality inspection parameters. These parameters test the quality of the product that Amazon will be accepting.

Having products un-inspected and shipping them to Amazon will result in low-quality products. As a result, people getting those products will ask for a refund. If your refund rate goes over 10%. It results in Amazon sending you a warning. You will have to take up your inventory from Amazon to separate the defective inventory. This will cut short your profit margin. Your repute will drop since the people will be refunding your products.

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2. The Nature Of Manufacturing Process Always Yields Some Defects

You will face the situation of manufacturing defects during product manufacturing. This defect arises due to the exponential demand for the products. During manufacturing, mechanical failures can be the main cause of manufacturing defects. If the machinery isn’t working well it can make defective products. These products if left un-inspected can cause problems later in the market.

3. Supplier May Cut Corners

Several trading companies in the market pose themselves as manufacturers. Hiring these companies increases the chance of defective products.

Such companies send quality samples to the customers. They do so that they can get approval for shipments. These companies cut corners in the manufacturing process after they get approval. They do so to save material requirements that result in low costs.

Yet, when they bill the customers, they still include the market costs for the products. Leaving these products without an inspection can cause an issue for the shipment. The supplier can state that it was a mechanical fault that cannot be refunded.

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Why Need Product Inspection In China Before Sending It To Amazon FBA

Should I Do An Inspection In The USA Or In China?

There are two choices that you can opt for when want to do inspection:

1. Inspect All Products Yourself

When the products are delivered, you will have to open them. Including every box and every sealed package. After the opening of all the products, you will have to test each product unit.

After the testing is done you will have to pack and seal it up again to send it to Amazon. If you have enough resources to do the inspection on your own then you can choose this option.

2. Pay For The Inspector To Go To Your Factory In China

This option saves you from the hassle of doing the inspection on your own. You can search the market for reliable Chinese product inspection services.

Afterward, you can ask them about other factors. This may include their service costs, get a quote, etc.

Later you can hire them for the inspection of your products that are being manufactured in China. This will help you save all the hassle of inspecting the products all by yourself.

This will also save you from using the extra resources needed in the inspection of the products.

You will save expenditures on extra resources for inspections and repacking. You can also hire inspectors to do the inspection. While focusing on other important aspects of the business.

What If I Don’t Live In The USA?

If you’re not residing in the USA, then it’s best for you to get a full shipment inspection company in China. You can also choose to have an inspector to go to China and inspect the shipment by himself.

This should allow you to cut the resources needed for inspecting at your place. Moreover, you can also instruct the inspector to assess products from different pools.

Not every manufacturer produces extra units. But, it is a common practice that manufacturers produce some extra products. They do so to replace the defective ones found during an inspection. You can even ask the inspector to bring a pool of extra manufactured products. This will help in assessing the products yourself.

Besides getting an inspector, you need to make sure to have accurate reports sent to you by the inspector. Reports are the only evidence of the inspection that took place. That is why you need to make sure that they are delivered.

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China Inspection Services

How Much Does It Cost To Do Product Inspection In China?

In general, product inspection in China costs around $0.20 per unit.

For example, if you’ve got the least order of 10,000 products, it will cost you $2000 for the entire lot.

You will have to pay for the inspector’s fee as well. You can choose to get a certain number of products inspected if you want to save up on the cost.

Should I get Full Products Inspection or Partial?

Here is a comprehensive view of doing full and partial product inspections:

Partial Inspection – Many Defects Found

You can either choose partial inspection or complete inspection. During a partial inspection, the inspector can come across several defective products. For example, in a lot of thousand products, you find 15 defective products. Does it mean that you will find 150 defective products in a lot of 10,000 products?

This number can never be determined, and this is why it is risky.

Partial Inspection – Few Defects Found

An inspection can result in finding no defective products at all. It is probable that the products chosen for inspection will be ok. This is one of the primary drawbacks of conducting a partial inspection.

However, based on the inspection report, you will receive the products and send them to Amazon. After doing this it’s possible that customers will be refunding your products when they find out that they are defective.

Choosing a partial inspection can help drop the extensive cost of complete inspections. Since not all the products will be inspected, the risk of having defective products sold to customers is high.

This can result in the drop of your repute in the market. Why? Because you will be sending products with the label of “inspected.” Customers that would refund the products will put out a bad review for your brand. This will result in the loss of your market profile.

Full Inspection

Choosing full inspection can result in the use of extra resources. However complete inspection will provide accurate information about the products manufactured. You can get an accurate number of defective products. You can also ask the manufacturer to replace them.

Getting a complete inspection requires more financials as well as time. You cannot expect this inspection to get completed before its completion time. In doing so, you can cut corners yourself. This can be done by minimizing the number of evaluation factors for the products.

This will save you from the hassle of sending the products on Amazon and getting refunds. It will not result in losing your profit margin and repute in the customer segment. If you wish to save money, you can choose partial inspection. Choosing partial inspection will increase the risk of defective products reaching the market.

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What Is The Process Of Ordering From Factory To Amazon FBA Warehouse?

The following is the process of ordering from factory to Amazon FBA warehouse:

  1. You will be ordering from your manufacturers.
  2. The manufacturing will take approx. 30 days for production. This happens after the agreement and contract for the product are done.
  3. You will order an inspection from a third party to have a fair inspection deal.
  4. The inspector will inspect the manufactured goods. A date will be scheduled for the inspection.
  5. The defective products will be separated from the good ones by the inspector.
  6. A detailed report will be sent to you on the next day of inspection. It will show the stats of defective and OK products.
  7. The decision of making changes, replacing or reworking them. Communication will be done with the manufactures in this matter.
  8. You will wait for the issue to be resolved. The defective products will be replaced from the inventory.
  9. You will prepare shipping labels for FBA. Later you will ship them to your freight forwarder.

You can get your products manufactured, and then sent to Amazon FBA. You need to find a reliable manufacturing agent as well as an inspection company. They will help you assess product quality.

You also need to assess whether to choose self-inspection or hire someone else. You need to choose whether you need a partial or complete inspection done.

How Does An Inspection Report Look Like?

An inspection report has several elements that you need to consider. These elements include:

  • product category
  • the passing number of the products
  • failed number,
  • not applicable

These parameters are assessed for each manufacturing lot. The inspectors use this to provide insights on how well has the manufacturing been done.

The number of pages of the inspection report depends upon the inspectors. They will elaborate it by communication.

The inspection report covers important information about the products that have been manufactured. The customers can define product evaluation parameters as well as the inspectors.

Each parameter is assessed before putting in the report. Thus, the products may not be assessed on terms that are not meeting the standard requirements in the first place.

The compiled list of the parameters for inspection is evaluated using products that are already being sold in the market. It makes it easier to amend the evaluation list. The inspectors get a practical insight into the usage of the parameters.

Inspection Report

Payment Terms For China Inspection Services

You should remain cautious when the time of payment comes for China inspection services.

If you are to pay the payment before the inspection, the inspector will not make an effort to provide you with an accurate inspection report.

In case you’re planning to keep in the entire payment after the inspection, it is possible that the inspector will not be motivated enough.

Also, he will complete the inspection in no amount of time so that he can get his payment.

So it is recommended that you decide the effects partition of the payment. You can give a 30% payment upfront and put a 70% payment after the inspection has been.

This will form a trust bond with your inspector. Since you will be paying 30% for the inspection cost upfront.

It will also allow the inspector to keep their workability in check. That is because they would need to have their remaining payment, and would work efficiently.

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Payment Terms

What Suppliers Do With Defects?

Suppliers can choose different ways and options for dealing with defective products.

They can place the products back with the inspected products. They do so without the inspector noticing.

This can give rise to the chance that a defective product will reach your customers. To mitigate it, the inspector should ensure that the defective products are not mixed with the good ones.

The suppliers can rework and repair defective products. Since they know what items were used in the manufacturing process, they can repair them again.

In case you decide on asking them for repairs, you will be required to pay additionally aside from the labor cost too. This is because you don’t have the tools to repair the products by yourself.


Best 10 Quality Control and Inspection Companies in China

Here are the top 10 best quality control and inspection companies in China that you can outsource your inspection to:


One of the leading names in the inspection and quality control services for products in China is LeelineSourcing.

The company has been operating in the area for the past many years and has fortified its position with its competent services.

One of the firm’s intriguing elements is its workability. The firm doesn’t charge extra or hidden costs unlike other competitors in the domain.

Their team comes with extensive experience that helps you source the best products for yourself in the area.

Moreover, their quality inspection services include detailed photography and videography of your product with real-time display. It makes it easier for you to know that your products are in good care.

Furthermore, the company has also coordinated its workability under standard compliance. Their team is professional and works with complete integrity. They are known to offer real-time insights with accurate testing reports.


2.China Inspection Service

Another expert company that you can depend upon is the China Inspection Service.

The company has over 80 quality assurance inspectors in its team that are at the disposal of the customers at every hour.

Moreover, they provide inspection services starting from $258. They also refund the money in case the customer is unhappy with the quality of their services.

The firm also operates with many quality assurance companies such as STARWAY, Russia, China-Options, etc.

China Inspection Service

3.Sofeast Limited

Another competitive name in the field of quality inspection companies is Sofeast Limited. They have experienced QA inspectors that are in the field for the past decade.

The company has a competitive way of working. It enables them to give their clients a reliable service irrespective of the demand.

The work of the company is also superb since they incorporate regulatory compliances. Their inspectors are available round the clock to offer competitive services without any hassle.

4.QIMA (Asiainspection)

QIMA was known as Asianinspeciton. The company is making its way to the top of the searches with its innovation.

They use smart quality inspection methods. The company is known for its online insights that they provide to the clients through smart interactive modules.

These modules are designed to give clients real-time information. The information includes insights on how the inspection is being made.

It focuses on the current insights, and the result of the inspection done. Moreover, they provide a complete intelligent platform for the clients. It makes it easier for them to coordinate the quality assessment.


SGS is another leading firm that offers quality inspection services for clients looking to import from China. The firm offers a 100% guarantee of quality services and is known for its leading workability.

They have implemented standard compliances that make flawless in their quality inspection processes.

The company provides a diverse range of services. It focuses on several domains: Construction, energy, industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, and many more.

SGS it making its way in the market’s top profiles with firm progress.


6.KRT Audits

It is one of the leading names for quality inspections. KRT Audits is another firm that you can opt for having your shipment inspected completely.

The company offers professional inspectors that are qualified in the services they offer.

Their auditors have been operating in over 14 countries, provide unique quality inspections. An intriguing element about them is their workability that gives an accurate report to the client.

The firm is growing with over 575 current inspectors in the company. Moreover, they are connected with importers from 70 different countries.

It shows that the company is a viable option for sustainable procurement.

KRT Audits

7.Insight Quality

Insight Quality is known for its in-depth product inspection services to factory audits. The company abides by AQL standards that are regarded for quality assurance.

Their team also offers Social Compliance audits alongside their quality and capacity assessments.

Their service pool and expertise make them an efficient choice for the customers. Especially for those that are aiming to import goods from China.

8. Inspection

Starting from $110/ day/ man, Effition Inspection is another brand to hire for quality assurance needs. The company ensures trustworthy services at all costs.

It provides complete quality assurance inspection reports to the clients. It also provides efficient payment options available for the clients.

The company offers a variety of inspection routines alongside their quality assurance services. One can connect with them based on the requirements and regulations.

This type of authority they want, the type of tests, and the type of reports to be generated.

9.Tetra Inspection

Tetra Inspection is a name of trust. They provide efficient and promising product inspections and supplier audits. The company offers a diverse range of inspection services that can be chosen by the clients.

They have an effective supplier audit service that comprises of easy three-way verification. The verification process allows testing the products according to the customers’ needs. It also helps them give accurate reports well on time.

Tetra Inspection

Why Choose LeelineSourcing To Conduct Product Inspection In China On Your Behalf?

There are different quality assurance and inspection companies to choose from. But choosing LeelineSourcing is a viable option. Here’s why:

High Integrity

LeelineSourcing works with high integrity. It offers customers fare and upfront quality assurance inspection reports.

Their professionalism is well reputed in the market. Their competitive inspection services are why they have been chosen by a number of clients.

The team comprises of experienced and certified quality assurance inspectors. They provide real-time inspection reports to the clients.

They also provide real-time assessments according to the requirements of the customers. It makes it easier for customers to get products according to their requirements.

Great Support Team

Its great support team is another reason why it is a viable option for your product inspection needs in China.

As highlighted earlier, the team comprises of certified quality assurance inspectors that have years of experience in the domain.

Their support team coordinates with the clients the inspection processes. Their communication regarding the inspection process that is being conducted is seamless.

They charge no hidden costs and provide upfront inspection prices as well.

Swift Reporting

Every client needs swift reporting during the inspection process. Any quality insurance company that will need to report to the client within the timeframe decided.

That is why LeelineSourcing is an efficient choice for you when. Especially when you’re looking for real-time reporting of products for which the inspection is being conducted.

They have a smart platform that enables time to provide real-time information. Moreover, their team follows standard protocols too. These are designed to cut flaws in the reporting phase.

This is also accompanied by the team’s ability to using several parameters for the assessment of the products.

Each parameter is discussed with the customer before the commencement of the inspection phases. It makes it easier for them to provide a flawless and accurate report.


The flexibility of their services is another reason why LeelineSourcing is a great option for you. The company offers an extensive range of services that one can choose based on their requirements.

From pre-shipping inspection in China to post-shipping third party inspections, you can count on their team to provide extensive services without any flaws.

Moreover, their team is also efficient in offering flexibility in terms of inspection parameters.

You can coordinate for the inspection date, the type of inspection you want, the number of inspectors you want, and other necessary parameters.

All this comes with the upfront costs of China’s quality control services that you can easily pay at your convenience.


How We Work With You Throughout The Product Inspection Process

The processes of LeelineSourcing are directed to facilitate the customers at every level.

Each process is carried out according to the regulations and the compliances for quality assurance inspections.

Before Quality Inspection

The company will coordinate with you in terms of requirements. We will offer extensive consultation on the methods of inspections. Our team communicates the processes seamlessly.

You can provide them with your requirements and ask them about the services that you’re in need of. The company will then cater to your needs by offering consultation on the type of inspection needed.

The representatives will also offer insights on what kind of inspection parameters should be included in the report. Payment methods and the amount will be decided upfront and with complete transparency.

The company offers a wide range of services alongside their quality assurance inspections. You can opt for the services you need, and a reliable quote will be provided to you by the representative.

Once things at our side are decided, we will regulate with your supplier seamlessly. Our team will provide upfront communication for the process. Every update regarding the process will be provided in a real time manner.

The details of product criteria will be provided to your supplier. Everything will run according to our contract with you. Any issues arising from your supplier will be discussed with you prior to the commencement of the inspection phase.


During Product Inspection

An inspection company is needed to provide efficient workability with seamless reporting. This is what LeelineSourcing focuses upon.

The company’s inspector will provide you with real-time reports of the inspection process. They do it with transparency and efficiency.

LeelineSourcing uses smart platforms for their Chinese inspection services. It enables the clients to see the status of the inspection phase. The inspectors go through the products to ensure that all quality assurance parameters.

This helps meet the requirements of the customers. LeelineSourcing also ensures that the defective products are taken care of. Our team offers consultation on the inspection methods. That is to make sure that the clients get the best of the services.

When needed, our team will pull out random samples as needed. The assessment will be done based on the assessment parameters as discussed. Our inspectors will keep you updated throughout the entire inspection phase.

When needed, our team will pull out random samples as needed. The assessment relies on the assessment parameters as discussed. Our inspectors will keep you updated throughout the entire inspection phase.

Our team provides reliable on-site testing services. We make sure a sound inspection using all relevant tests. These can include hi-pot tests, fabric density tests, etc.


After Factory Inspection

The inspectors ensure efficient packing after the results are approved by the client. The reason? Many suppliers often put defective products back in the inspected pool.

Our inspectors ensure brilliance to help prevent defective products from reaching the market. We ensure transparency during the process to provide easy payment options.

We provide affordable and reliable shipping services. You can choose to move your products to your desired location. LeelineSourcing provides its clients with prompt services at market competitive rates. We also offer competitive and available all times available support team.

Our team is reliable enough to provide accurate interpreting results. We take part in discussions with our clients so that their concerns can be dealt with. We also help clarify the results of the inspections while answering customer queries.



Hiring a quality assurance inspection company is essential.

Especially when you’re importing goods from different countries.

You can choose different companies such as LeelineSourcing for your inspection needs.

There are several parameters that you should consider before hiring an inspection company.

Apart from that, the type of inspection you need is also necessary to be assessed.

All this can be done using the help of a reliable China factory inspection services provider.

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