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Our Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Product Suppliers

We have an ENDLESS list of suppliers. READY to provide you with inventory on your demands. Our experts FILTER out the suppliers based on your requirements. Negotiate the price. Ask for the samples.

Your trade is 100% HASSLE-FREE with relevant experts.

Product Quality Control

We provide product quality control services. Our dedicated quality professionals HAVE PROVEN track records in choosing QUALITY products. At every point, we don’t COMPROMISE on quality.

Get QUALITY PRODUCTS from the TOP suppliers without any worry.

Product Quality Control
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Products

PRIVATE-LABEL and WHITE-LABEL PRODUCTS have the edge over the other products. So we provide you with a BOOST to your business. You ACQUIRE the TOP PRODUCTS. Sell them under your BUSINESS name. Put your LABEL ahead of anything.

Give a NEW WAY to advertise your business. Refine the CONVERSION.

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

We offer dropshipping fulfillment services. Our shipping services are FAST and EFFECTIVE. Our team goes for the PROPER analysis before SHIPMENTS. Choose the BEST OPTIONS. Reduce the OVERALL PRICES. And customers receive the INVENTORY at their doorsteps.

Get AFFORDABLE and FAST shipping services from our logistics experts.

fulfillment center

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Selling On Bonanza—A Mega Guide For Successful Business 2024

Hey! The millionaire from 2025 is reading this blog. Are you the one?

Selling on Bonanza doesn’t make you a MILLIONAIRE. (It makes MULTI-MILLIONAIRE)

Our certified experts at Leeline Sourcing helped entrepreneurs lift business structure from the ground by sourcing QUALITY INVENTORY. Quality is EVERYTHING in an eCommerce business.

Do you want to FAIL in business? Your CHOICE. GO ahead.

For 100% success, read this mega-guide from SIX FIGURE EXPERTS.

This guide will lighten up the fire in your brain about the BONANZA marketplace and everything else you need to know about SELLING on this platform.

Ready and Excited?

selling on Bonanza

 A Brief Introduction To Bonanza Marketplace

Do you know eBay or Etsy? What are they popular for? VINTAGE MERCHANDISE, right? 

Here is another competitor— BONANZA MARKETPLACE. It won’t be wrong if I say it DIRECTLY COMPETES them.

Bonanza is an ONLINE MARKETPLACE that contributes to antique collections and BRAND NEW products.

BONANZA WEBSITE connects the buyers and sellers through ALL CATEGORIES of products. 

Over 20 MILLION product catalogs put this online shopping mall ahead of its competitors.

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Why Should You Choose To Sell On Bonanza?

Choose To Sell On Bonanza

Bonanza is my First Favorite. Excellent platform. Large customer base. And easy shipping. Bonanza is a seller-centric marketplace. But why start selling on this platform?

Many REASONS. These can be:

1. Lower Fees

They have a minimum fee of 2.5%, while a maximum of 5% is less than the 9% fee of eBay and 12% of Amazon.

Moreover, you get access to MONTHLY AND YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION options. 

Monthly SUBSCRIPTION charges $25, while ANNUAL FEE charges $255. No extra listing fees. No monthly store fees.

2. Top-rated Customer Service

The bonanza Team is fantastic. The support team is available 24/7.

Are you stuck with a problem? No problem. It is their problem, not yours. Connect customer team through live chat or help center.

In the very next moment, your problem will have a solution. Great, right? 

3. Bonanza’s advertising program

Bonanza offers an advertising campaign like AMAZON PPC to promote your inventory. 

So, online business becomes easier, better, and greater.

4. Easy to print Shipping Labels

They have custom shipping tags. So, you don’t have to worry about the shipment labels for sending products to your customers.

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

What Are The Selling Fees On Bonanza?

Selling Fees On Bonanza

You sell goods. You pay fees. That is how sites like BONANZA work.

But how much are the seller fees?

No HIDDEN VALUES. Let’s break down sellers’ fees into advertising and selling taxes.

  • Selling Fees

$0.25 is the TRANSACTION FEE for every seller.

For a FINAL OFFER VALUE of below $1000, you must pay $0.25 for the transaction fee and 3.5% for merchant fees.

For a FINAL ORDER VALUE of above $1000, the final value fee is 5% (3.5% for below + 1.5% over a $1000 priced product). TRANSACTION FEE is also applicable.

  • Advertising Fees

Advertising FEES are anywhere between 9-30%. 

It all depends on the ADVERTISING OPTIONS you have chosen.

Bonanza Selling Site Features

Bonanza Selling Site Features

Bonanza is a FAST GROWING ONLINE MARKETPLACE. Do you know why?

Because of the business model. Because of selling features. Because of Bonanza’s policies.

A new seller can access the following features.

1. Product Import

Are you a seller on eBay or Amazon? I have GOOD NEWS for you.

The product import feature is BLACK MAGIC.

Close your eyes. One button click, and BOOM!

All products from eBay will be on BONANZA. So, you can link channels and OPTIMIZE your stores. BETTER selling experience will be the RESULT.

Isn’t it a MAGIC, then?

2. Google Shopping

Want your Bonanza Listings to be featured in Google Shopping adverts? 

Bonanza is the best online platform due to this reason. GOOGLE ADVERTS will pronto BOOST your sales. 

3. Booth Chat

Bonanza connects buyers and sellers through the Bonanza Booth. 

Booth title keeps buyers convinced.

4. Picture Burner

If your products have a background, revolution is there.

Other platforms don’t offer a picture burner feature — an innovative feature to remove the background. It will improve the IMAGE QUALITY, IMPRESS CUSTOMERS, and directly increase SALES. So, you will be more stable financially.

How To Get Started With The Selling Process On Bonanza?

Bonanza website

Do you want to sell items at Bonanza? Create a Bonanza account. 

Do you want to rank higher? Explore SEARCH ENGINES TECHNIQUES!

Every problem has a solution. You have to find that solution. It is so simple.

· Sign up for Bonanza Selling Website

To start selling, you must sign up for the Bonanza Website first.

Before that, determine their requirements, come up with GREAT IDEAS, and fill out their online form.

That’s all.

· Add details about payments.

How will you pay the fees? How will you adhere to Bonanza policies?

All these details are part of this point— so fill it out.

· Open your online store.

Are you signed up? 

It is not enough.

Top sellers have a custom store to organize their inventory in the first place.

· Add products

To sell on Bonanza, you must list the product, add an item detail, set up pricing, and sell it.


· Sell products

Have you listed your products successfully? It is time to rock and roll.

The customer visits the item description page, PURCHASES the item, pays the shipping costs, and you have to send products to their ADDRESS.

I always offer FREE SHIPPING. It boosts my sales and improves the performance of the store. 

You can offer FREE SHIPPING also.

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Pros & Cons Of Selling Process On Bonanza

Pros and Cons of selling process on Bonanza

Bonanza is no different than eBay or Etsy— a MORE EFFICIENT and High Sales generator platform.

There are some positive points and negative reviews on every site.

This time we have listed both pros and cons to highlight the SIGNIFICANCE and why it is the BEST new marketplace for sellers.


  • Lower Commissions

If we COMPARE the Bonanza to Etsy or eBay, their selling fees are lower.

Benefits of it? 

I earn over 20% per product. Lower commission increases my PROFIT margins. 

So, what are the benefits of this feature?

You save money on each item and emerge among top independent sellers on this great platform.

  • Direct Communication

They have a CHAT BOOTH. What is better than this feature?

CHAT BOOTH acts like magic when you sell on BONANZA.

The seller directly talks to the buyer.

Convince your buyer directly why your product is THE BEST.

  • Advertising Plans

They have different advertising plans for many sellers.

You can promote your products and bring up more sales.


  • Customization features are fewer.

Bonanza has fewer customization features for your products. 

You spend money for what? To get the best CUSTOM FEATURES, right?

  • Not as famous as eBay

Other websites like Etsy or eBay are more famous than Bonanza. So, it is the BIGGEST CON.

Top Selling Items On Bonanza

Selling items on Bonanza

Bonanza claims to be a platform

For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs.”

An ITEM sells, and the next process of shipping and receiving starts. 

In different product categories, some products are in the race for bestselling. Some achieve the top RANK, and some don’t.

A seller only SUCCEEDS when he achieves the top rank by selling the top products, so we have to consider the best-selling products on the Bonanza.

Here are the best-selling products on BONANZA.

  • Women’s Fashions
  • Collectibles
  • Home and Garden 
  • Health & Beauty
  • Pet Supplies 
  • Seeds 
  • Mobile Accessories
  • Handmade Items

It offers most of the products that other channels like eBay offers. 

Above, we have listed the top-selling categories. Each product in the RELEVANT category might have a separate SIGNIFICANCE. So, do MARKET RESEARCH and get the BEST ITEMS to sell in your store.

You’ll be on top this way.

What Requirements Do You Need to Follow When You Sell On Bonanza?

Requirements Do You Need to Follow When you Sell On Bonanza

Bonanza has got some rules for selling online. 

If online merchants don’t abide by their rules, Bonanza might kick them out of the platform. 

So, what are the rules?

List of Prohibited Products

You can’t sell every item on the Bonanza. There are some rules, and it is essential to follow them.

The list of prohibited products includes:

  • Adult Contents
  • Animal Products
  • Amazon products
  • Drugs & drug paraphernalia
  • Fake products
  • Alcoholic inventory
  • Tobacco items
  • Digital Books

General Policies and Rules

There are some general rules too. These are:

  • The seller must have positive feedback of at least 98%.
  • The refund rate must be less than 20%.
  • You must make sales of $250 in a year.
  • All your transactions must be transparent.
  • You must follow all the selling policies on the Bonanza.

Useful Tips For Successful Sales On Bonanza

Useful Tips For Successful Sales on Bonanza

Whether it is BONANZA or eBay, our experts have written some tips; all are proven effective in creating the next MILLIONAIRE.

If you don’t want to be a millionaire, move on. To sell on BONANZA, read these tips.

· Do SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a BLACK MAGIC.

Are rankings down? No problem. 

Are you not getting sales? No problem.

Not higher revenues? No problem at all.

I have done SEO. The results are actual. Perfect approach. And higher rankings make more sales.

SEO will do all the tasks by optimizing the product TITLES, IMAGES, and SEARCH VISIBILITY.

· Use Background Remover for HIGH-QUALITY VISUALIZATION

Bonanza has a built-in tool for BACKGROUND REMOVAL.

You can deploy that tool, REMOVE THE BACKGROUND, and make your pictures clearer and more satisfying. 

All this is cool, right? 

· Communicate with BUYERS

CHAT with buyers, LISTEN to their requirements, and IMPLEMENT them.

Is that even difficult?

It ensures sales and POSITIVE FEEDBACK from potential customers.

· Sell QUALITY products


Dig into it. Get quality products. Sell online to your customers. Generate income. Invest in your business.

A cyclical process will RAPIDIZE your business growth.

Isn’t it something you always wanted for your eCommerce business?

In Conclusion

 Are you a seller on BONANZA? 

Bonanza is no longer a marketplace with a lower number of sales. If you are guessing the right platform for your business, it can be THE BONANZA.

Sellers fail. Do you know when they fail?

When they choose the WRONG ITEM, don’t RANK HIGHER, and don’t do PROPER MARKETING.

To be a MILLIONAIRE, think like a MILLIONAIRE, and be CREATIVE.

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FAQs about Selling on Bonanza

1. Is it worth it to sell on Bonanza?

Yes. 100% true. It is worth it to sell on BONANZA. You get a free listing of products, integration with different shopping channels, and potential customers. Selling costs are little to NO COST compared to other selling sites.

2. Does Bonanza come with any app?

Yes. Bonanza has an app for shopping. Even sellers can access their accounts and sell directly. The biggest advantage of using the mobile application is the easy buying and selling of the products.

3. Can you sell bonanza without PayPal?

Yes. Bonanza MarketPlace offers credit card payments through stripes. They have an integration with CREDIT CARD COMPANY.
So, you get the ULTIMATE EASE of getting paid for your products.

4. How many users does Bonanza have?

Bonanza has over 5 MILLION visitors every day shopping for products.
Over 40,000 sellers have online stores, and 22 million products are listed on this platform. Such whooping numbers attract QUALITY SELLERS.

What’s Next

Selling has never been easier. Imagine for a moment.

You open a store among the 100 hundreds of the same category. What will attract the new customers? How can you even succeed?

It is where you need two things — FANTABULOUS BUSINESS PLAN and QUALITY INVENTORY.

Do you need both?

Here we come; LEELINE SOURCING— experts from the past and the future. We are sourcing experts who can skyrocket your sales and give your brand new recognition.

A single call would make it happen!

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