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Sell On Zalando

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Is Selling On Zalando Worth It? 2024

YES. You PROFIT by selling on Zalando. 

Zalando is Europe’s biggest online retailer platform. It sells the most sought-after designer labels. In 2021, its total revenue reached 10.4B euros, an increase of 29.7% compared to 2020. 

With its large consumer base and trending pieces of popular brands, your sales SHOOT UP in no time! 

Sell On Zalando

Our Sell On Zalando Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Product Suppliers

We are professionals at SOURCING suppliers with must-have collections. Explore clothing products with a WHOLESALE price and QUALITY assured. We source a HUGE range of RELIABLE suppliers with our broad connection worldwide. 

Rest assured, we guarantee 100% secure deals in sourcing beauty products for you. The SOURCING process is entirely transparent to give you peace of mind.

Product Quality Control

Discover collections of PREMIUM quality with us today to sell on Zalando. 

We undergo a COMPLETE quality inspection of your beauty products before shipment. Impress your customers with HIGH-QUALITY products delivered to their doorsteps! 

You get the original inventory with 100% QUALITY PRODUCTS per ISO standards

Turn your short-term buyers into long-term with QUALITY.

Quality Inspection
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Products

We offer private-label and white-label products to e-commerce merchants.

You grab the chance to COLLABORATE with other brands to sell on Zalando. By that, you BOOST exposure and achieve more POTENTIAL customers. Your revenue skyrockets in weeks or months!

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

Manage your online business in one go. We fulfill ALL your drop shipping needs, from sourcing to shipping and delivery. Customer service is contactable 24/7 to help on any matters. 

From head to toe, our experienced team manages and fulfills your orders 100% ON TIME

Accumulate more returning customers. Reach more new customers. Finally, BOOST your PROFIT!

fulfillment center 1

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Sell On Zalando–Step By Step Guide

Welcome to our ultimate guide to selling on Zalando 2022. 

This review includes the complete guide to making a PROFIT by selling on Zalando. You get professional advice we gathered from fashion experts to grow your brand. 

We are an experienced team to ease your business with our efficient solutions. In this article, we covered the following: 

  • What is Zalando?
  • What Are The Selling Fees?
  • How To Sell On This Marketplace?
  • Why Should Businesses Sell Products On Zalando?
  • Zalando Fulfillment Service & Marketing Service
  • Requirements To Sell On Its Marketplace
  • How To Become Its Preferred Seller?

Grab your tea, and let’s get started!

how to Sell On Zalando

Zalando At A Glance

Zalando is a German e-commerce platform. It was founded by Robert Gentz and David Schneider in 2008. It also has Dr. Sandra Dembeck being the chief financial officer to grow the team. 

This platform mainly sells affordable and designer fashion clothes and accessories. You get the latest shoes, trendy dresses, t-shirts, textile masks, accessories, etc. 

Zalando has expanded to 20+ European countries since the company launched. For example, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK. It occupies 10% of the German fashion e-commerce market.

At a glance, Zalando SE’s store has: 

  • More than 14.7 million active customers
  • More than 100 million monthly visits
  • More than 150,000 products are available

What Are The Selling Fees On Zalando Marketplace?

Zalando At A Glance

A great thing is that you won’t be charged for opening a store in Zalando. You only need to pay a percentage commission upon a successful order transaction. 

Hmm… So what’s the commission you need to pay?

The commission range falls between 5% – 25%. It is calculated according to the value of the transaction and the product category

For example, in the Shoes category, the commissions are as follows:

Commission Value of the Transaction
5%Up to 20 EUROs
10%Up to 50 EUROs
20%Up to 100 EUROs
25%Over 100 EUROs
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How To Sell On Zalando?

how to Sell On Zalando

To sign up as a seller, you must either have the following:

  • A physical store
  • Online e-commerce store

There are a few steps to start selling on this platform. To begin, prepare the information below to register:

  • Name of shop
  • Company address
  • Contact details
  • VAT identification details
  • Warehouse details
  • Bank account details

Follow the steps as follows: 

  1. Introducing your company.

Email [email protected] with the details of your company. 

  1. Filling in the master data.

Fill up the master sheet, which is available in the seller section of its website. 

  1. Provide the details of your merchant & developer admin.

Create a link between your store and Zalando. 

  1. Uploading product along with details.

You use integration to upload your products. 

  1. Setting up logistics and delivery.

Two ways of setting up: 

  • Own fulfillment: You handle the delivery by yourself. 
  • Zalando Fulfillment Service: You ship to the warehouse, and they fulfill the orders. 
  1. Agreeing to the VAT policy.

Comply with its VAT and other tax policies.

  1. Submit the Seller KYC.

Submit the following as a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure: 

  • A copy of the trade register of the company
  • A copy of a valid personal ID on behalf of the company
  • Proof of a private residential address

Upon approval from the team, you are ready to sell on Zalando. Upload product images and descriptions, and it notifies you of new orders. 

Each product you sell earns you a commission. Your gains will be transferred to your account every month.

Why Businesses Should Sell Products On Zalando?

Sell Products On Zalando

Here are the factors that make Zalando SHINES from other platforms: 

  • Zalando operates 20 shopping websites. Each country’s website has its unique URL, such as It has excellent POPULARITY and INFLUENCE among consumers in European countries. 
  • Zalando has a GROWING customer base. It brings a convenient shopping experience to customers. This company is still expanding to cover more and more countries. MORE customers, MORE sales! 
  • Zalando EXPERTISES in fashion products of popular brands. It attracts new customer groups with more sustainable fashion options. Their selection of fashion ranges from designer brands to casual shoes. 
  • Zalando has an EFFICIENT & PROFESSIONAL customer service team. This team guides sellers throughout the process. 
  • Zalando gives PERSONALIZED notifications and sale alerts to customers. You get more returning customers with these valuable functionalities. 

With these factors, you PROFIT by selling on Zalando! 

What Is Zalando Fulfillment Service?

Fulfillment Service

Zalando Fulfillment Service (ZFS) is similar to Amazon FBA. This ALL-IN-ONE inclusive service ships to the customer’s delivery or pickup address.

Basically, ZFS is in charge of order fulfillment. You store your goods at its warehouse. The team packs and delivers them to your customers. 

ZFS takes care of your warehousing and logistics for a fee. To ensure a seamless customer experience, you will have a shared delivery parcel. Zalando packs several sellers’ items in a single box to deliver to your customer. After that, they ship the order by using local carriers.

You will first need to ship your goods to a Zalando warehouse. It then stores your articles and prepares them for delivery. Zalando manages and fulfills free returns.

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What Is Zalando Marketing Services?

Zalando Marketing Services

You ACCELERATE your businesses with Zalando Marketing Service (ZMS). With ZMS, Zalando makes more room for opportunity for you to: 

  • Drive SALES and WIN new customers 
  • BOOST your brand and products
  • Activate a large customer base across 25 European markets
  • Run campaigns to achieve your sales GOALS 

Sounds amazing. But how does it work? 

Three main service areas: 

  1. ZMS Insights 

Get access to purchase, onsite, and customer survey data. You access data-driven insights from 10M active customers on Zalando. OPTIMIZE your marketing plans based on concrete FACTS.

  1. ZMS Creative 

Creatively design your ads format and style product detail. INSPIRE your customers with unique and happy shopping experiences. 

  1. Media 

Reach and activate customers across its vast market base. BOOST your awareness and traffic with this personalized service.

What Are The Requirements To Sell On Zalando Marketplace?

Requirements To Sell On Zalando

Compared with other platforms, Zalando has strict application standards. Let’s take a look. 

1. The product categories are as follows: 

  • Shoes
  • Sports
  • Clothing
  • Fashion Accessories

Other categories of products are NOT accepted. 

2. This online platform provides free shipping and 100-day free returns. It also expects sellers to offer the same service.

3. Third-party sellers do not have Amazon or eBay stores on this platform. Only the seller’s brand name will be marked in the listing.

4. The product descriptions and pictures must be CONSISTENT with the overall website style.

5. The seller must have a valid business license or obtain brand authorization.

6. You must have your own online store. 

How To Become A Zalando Preferred Seller?

Become A Zalando Preferred Seller

The key to success is to be a Zalando preferred seller. Let’s dive deep.

1. Sell QUALITY Products At Competitive Prices

Determine the high-demanding winning products. Go through a deep market analysis to figure out the latest trends to suit the market needs. Run campaigns to give out discount codes to attract your customers. 

2. Have A Good Marketing Planning 

Social media is an excellent way to expose your brand to the public. To become a preferred seller, you must have good promotion on publicity.

3. Provide an EXCELLENT Delivery Experience

Make sure you deliver to your customers on time. It makes a good impression on your brand.


In general, Zalando has a relatively large market as an e-commerce platform. But, the threshold of entering as a seller is relatively high. It is less friendly to novices. 

If you have experience in e-commerce and want to expand online, Zalando is a good choice.

FAQs about Sell On Zalando

1. How many sellers are on Zalando?

By 2021, it has over 7,000 stores and 5,800 brand partners. Its continuous growth in categories like shoes and accessories is worth noticing. More sellers join the Zalando fashionstore app to explore the fashion market. 

2. Does Zalando use Shopify?

It integrates easily with Shopify with a direct API. Simply map your Shopify product data to Zalando with ease. Prices and stock updates are in sync as well. 
See more:

3. What carrier does Zalando use?

There are different countries in which Zalando operates, and each offers different carriers. Here are some carriers available:
· Hermes
· DPD 
· DHL Express
· Yodel

4. What are your Zalando partnership options?

· Zalando Connected Retail
Connect your physical stores to the platform to sell directly to consumers. It is only used for stores physically located and selling in the shop’s country of origin.
· Zalando Partner program
You join as a selling partner to sell directly to consumers.
· Wholesale 
Zalando buys from suppliers and sells to customers.

What’s Next

In essence, Zalando is an e-commerce platform with a unique style. It has a HUGE customer base and WIDE market demand. 

Joining as a seller is definitely worth a try. Join the app immediately and boost your brand!

Want to know more about sourcing and e-commerce solutions? Leeline Sourcing is the name you can trust. We have over ten years of sourcing experience to help businesses grow profits.

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