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Do you need a FLAWLESS B2C FULFILLMENT company? 

Leeline Sourcing offers the BEST fulfillment services. We help you through the PRE-PURCHASE stage. Check the PRODUCT QUALITY. And store your products in our warehouses before final Shipments. 

Get HIGH CUSTOMER satisfaction with our Timely Delivery.

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Check Our Best B2C Fulfillment Solutions:

eCommerce Fulfillment

eCommerce Fulfillment

We have a LIST of LOGISTICS providers. Our expert-vetted fulfillment providers KNOW how to deliver on time. Inventory management in our WAREHOUSES never loses a single packet. 

Get eCommerce fulfillment services from our TOP fulfillment companies.

Dropshipping Fulfillment

We enable the FASTEST dropshipping fulfillment. Simply connect your STORE with our fulfillment experts. Receive the ORDERS. And sit at the table to watch how ORDER fulfillment occurs. 

High customer experience is GUARANTEED by our B2C fulfillment experts.

Dropshipping Fulfillment
Amazon Fulfillment

Amazon Fulfillment

Our team CHECKS the products before shipping. Ensures there are NO DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS in the final shipments. And CUSTOMIZES THE PACKAGE according to the FBA regulations.

You get the full-fledged opportunity to run your AMAZON FBA successfully. 

Obtain the AMAZON FBA-regulated products shipment on time.

Crowdfunding Fulfillment

We have the ESSENTIAL experience for your crowdfunding campaign. Our experts KNOW how to draw the attention of investors.

Get more money for your business. And ship products to them on time. 

Get TIMELY crowdfunding fulfillment services from our B2C fulfillment experts. 

Crowdfunding Fulfillment
Kickstarter Fulfillment

Kickstarter Fulfillment

Do you want to ship REWARDS to backers? 

It is time to return the products to your Backers. Our logistic provider team lists the BACKERS. Gets The location to deliver. And offers FAST shipping services to deliver products

Win Backer’s trust with our EXCELLENT customer services.

Subscription Box Fulfillment

We offer access to recurring shipments. Our logistic team gets the SUBSCRIBERS list. Determines the delivery date. And ensures there are NO DEFECTIVE products in the final delivery. We provide Doorstep delivery to get HIGH CUSTOMER SATISFACTION

Get FLAWLESS shipping services for your subscribers.

Subscription Box Fulfillment

Need Any Professional B2C Fulfillment Services in China?

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Why Leeline Sourcing Special?

  • Pre-shipment Inspection. We know the WORTH of customer experience. Pre-shipment analysis keeps the DEFECTIVE products out of final shipments. Your customers receive 100% EFFECTIVE inventory. 
  • On-Time Delivery. Our team is ADEPT at delivery. We update our tracking system to know the PRODUCT delivery. Fastest shipments with TIMELY DELIVERY is our guarantee. 
  • Cutting-edge Technology. We implement the LATEST technology. Intelligent warehouse management keeps your product safe. Reimbursement is POSSIBLE for safety. 
  • Dedicated Customer Service. Our customer support is available 24/7. We dedicate a SPECIAL agent for your shipments. You are out of any PROBLEM when working with our B2C fulfillment providers. 

Hear it from fellow Clients

I wouldn’t say much about the leeline sourcing. But they are exceptional. At first, I thought it would not be easy to work with them. Later, I love them. Thank you for such services.

– Jackson, USA

Source Your Products and Start B2C Fulfillment

We offer the best price and B2C Fulfillment services to help you improve your eCommerce business.

B2C Fulfillment

There are TWO FUNDAMENTAL types of business. 

  • B2B— It usually INVOLVES the factories. 
  • B2C— sellers ship products to the CONSUMERS. 

Do you know 70% of sellers operate B2C businesses? 


Because the RETAIL price gives a HIGHER PROCESS. And 90% FAIL

It is due to inefficient management of the supply chain. 

Complete failure of B2C fulfillment. Wrong product shipments. Ineffective QUALITY. 

Our experts at LEELINE SOURCING offer a COMPLETE solution. From PRODUCT inspection to shipments, we offer 110% ACCURATE eCommerce solutions. High customer satisfaction is our SURETY. 

Want to know about CHINA FULFILLMENT? 

This article sheds light on B2C fulfillment. 

Let’s start. 

B2C Fulfillment

What is B2C fulfillment? 

What is B2C fulfillment

B2C to B to C. There are TWO WORDS. 

  • B for business. 
  • C for the customers. 

Can you guess now? What exactly will the B2C fulfillment be? 

It is order fulfillment from the BUSINESSES to the customers. There can be a THIRD PARTY, such as dropshippers, in this process. 

The final DELIVERY of the product occurs to the customers. 

A simple example is. 

‘If you have an ONLINE STORE on Amazon, you make sales. Since you sell products directly to the CONSUMERS, the end consumer receives the item. There is no involvement of ANOTHER business in this process. “

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

How does B2C fulfillment Work? 

How does B2C fulfillment Work

Look. In B2C, businesses deal directly with the CONSUMERS. It doesn’t occur like the Factories ship products to the companies in B2B fulfillment. 

It doesn’t involve the BULKY items. One of two product shipments is COMMON. 

Here are some points to know about B2C fulfillment. 

Sellers Make Sales 

A seller has an ONLINE store. Customers rush to the STORE to find the pre-set products. 

A sale occurs in that case. 

Find Order Fulfillment Company 

The seller finds a FULFILLMENT provider to ship the orders. 

Orders are SHIPPED directly from the seller to the consumer. 

Shipment occurs to the consumers.

The fulfillment company gets the CUSTOMER address. Provides order tracking facilities. 

And deliver products on time. That is a SIMPLE STORY. 

Why should you consider B2C fulfillment?   

Why should you consider B2C fulfillment

Is business-to-consumer fulfillment a GOOD CHOICE? Not for everyone. But some ASSOCIATED pros compel the sellers. 

Here are the pros of fulfillment to an end CUSTOMER in a B2C supply chain. 

  • Increased efficiency of management 

Which fulfillment logistics do you often CHOOSE? 

DHL, FedEx, or UPS? 

Whatever you choose, there is ONE common feature. They have MULTIPLE warehouses locally and internationally. 

It manages your PRODUCTS and gets them delivered damage-free. 

  • Fulfillment Centers decrease the hassle 

Fulfillment centers are WAREHOUSES. The only difference is the products are not stored for extended periods. 

The fulfillment centers only keep products that are READY to be delivered. 

Multiple fulfillment centers globally decrease the BUSINESS hassle. 

  • Faster Shipments 

“Same product with the same price on same-day shipping.” 

Have you HEARD of that? 

B2C logistics offer the FASTEST shipments. In local freight, one-day to overnight delivery is COMMON. 

  • Higher Profits

Ah! We all know the DIFFERENCE between retail and wholesale prices. 

Moreover, B2C logistics offer a low cost. 

So you save time and MONEY. 

What is the difference between B2B and B2C fulfillment services?

What is the difference between B2B and B2C fulfillment services

There are many key differences between business-to-customer and business-to-business trades. 

Here are all those points. 

Buyer’s Journey 

In B2B fulfillment, buyers’ goals are QUITE different. 

B2B buyers can be one or MULTIPLE. These are usually the companies having multiple employees working. There can be a SINGLE BUYER if considering an Amazon store. It is more focused on Customer relations. 

B2C buyers constantly repeat PURCHASE when getting an excellent experience. And 99% of buyers are sole buyers not associated with any company. The purchases are one-off purchases with recurring orders sometimes. 

Order Volume 

Guess the Bulk orders. What will they be? A B2B or B2C order? 

B2B orders are OFTEN bulk. For example, 100 units of earbuds or 1000 pairs of socks. Factories get the raw materials and make inventory ready. 

Compared to it, a B2C order volume is less. For example, one pair of socks. It does not involve LARGE SCALE productions. 

Fulfillment Costs 

B2B fulfillment is DIFFERENT from B2C order fulfillment. 

  • In B2B fulfillment, both the sending and receiving parties are businesses. 
  • In B2C order fulfillment, the receiving party is an independent buyer or customer. NO RECEIVING BUSINESS! 

Since B2B involves large-scale shipments, they arrive late compared to B2C orders. Shipping cost is also HIGH. 

Compared to it, a single order often ships locally in the B2C trades. Transit times are less. 

Customer Relations 

In B2B, there are OFTEN Close partnerships between the businesses. Other businesses settle on: 

  • Refund Policies 
  • Payment terms 
  • Accurate documentation 
  • Parcel labels(mostly customized)
  • Packing boxes

It is like a contract between two businesses. 

In B2C order fulfillment, Customer satisfaction is a prime aspect. If the seller wants recurring orders, customer satisfaction should be HIGH. 

Customers are independent of subscribing to services or not. Pre-set orders are POSSIBLE after subscription. 

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

What should you look for in a B2C fulfillment service?

What should you look for in a B2C fulfillment service

Finding the RIGHT fulfillment business is A BIG DEAL.

The process becomes a BED OF ROSES when you get tips. Here are some suggestions for finding the right shipping companies. 

  • Automation of Order Fulfillment 

Order fulfillment is the KEY aspect of fulfillment. 

You face significant problems when you are a DROPSHIPPER. No integrations will not AUTOMATE orders. 

You’ll face Time delays and many problems. 

Don’t want that? 

Find an Order Fulfillment company that offers INTEGRATION with your store. 

  • Availability Warehouse Services 

Every shipping company has warehouses associated with them. 

But warehouses require SOPHISTICATED handling equipment. 

Does your order fulfillment partner have that? 

If not, you can FIND someone else.

  • Excellent Customer Service 

When you buy a PRODUCT from a supplier, what do you expect? Provide the post-purchase stage service, right? 

The same is the CASE here. A good order fulfillment COMPANY must offer customer service. It ensures the order tracking and resolution of every problem. 

Check out the sales assistance features also. 

  • Affordable Cost for fulfilling orders

Every seller wants to MAKE some profit. And you may have a cost-cutting strategy. 

You should save when buying and fulfilling your orders. 

At such a point; 

Find an order fulfillment company that offers low-cost shipments. 

FAQs about B2C Fulfillment

1. What is B2C in the supply chain? 

The supply chain is the PROCESS of product from business to business or consumer. 
B2C in the supply chain is the BUSINESS to consumer shipment. It plays a KEY ROLE in fulfilling the chain. 

2. Is B2C the same as dropshipping?

B2C is a BIGGER term than dropshipping. In simple words, dropshipping is a CATEGORY that falls under the B2C.
The products reach the business to the consumer through the dropshippers.

3. Do all suppliers offer B2C services? 

There are two types of suppliers. 
· B2B suppliers that involve LARGER shipments. 
· B2C suppliers support shipments of a single product. 
In other words, we can ASSUME a B2C supplier can offer B2C servi

What’s Next

Many important FACTORS have a CRUCIAL role in the supply chain. 

  • The QUALITY of products. 50% roles. 
  • Inventory management. 20%
  • Shipments. 30% Role

That means you must not only RELY on QUALITY. Instead, Shipments have a GREAT role in the sales cycle. 

That is why you must EXPLORE top B2C logistics. 

Want that? 

Contact LEELINE SOURCING. We have the BEST B2C logistics. You get TIMELY delivery and avoid bad reviews from customers. 

Call us to get the FREE QUOTE for your business.

Do you want a successful import business?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  LeelineSourcing. We’ve helped 2000+ customers import from China.

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