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Is Selling On Google Worth It? in 2024

Selling on Google has never been BETTER! Did you know?

Google promises your product will reach MILLIONS of people who do shopping-related searches. INCREASING your income by 33%!

Besides, you get FREE LISTINGS! What better new sales channel to have other than Google?

Sell On Google

Our Sell On Google Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Product Suppliers

Are you still looking for profitable products to sell on Google? Well, search no more!

Just tell us what you need! We can provide the BEST goods that suit your online stores. Get PROFITABLE and RELIABLE products from us.

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Product Quality Control

We are a team DEDICATED to providing you THE BEST OF THE BEST.

We always run thorough tests to ensure that every customer receives TOP-NOTCH items. We ensure that the production process is conducted according to industrial standards.

Start selling QUALITY PRODUCTS with us now!

Product Quality Service 9 1
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Products

Want something EXCLUSIVE to sell on Google? 

We offer private-label services too. Simply list out your request or your previous product data. We’ll find the PERFECT manufacturer for you to resell your product again!

No time to experiment but want to get into the market FASTER? Choose our white-label services and have your store name printed on them INSTANTLY! 

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

No need to compare prices of different fulfillment services anymore!

Save your money and time on us! We provide a FULL dropshipping fulfillment service for your online merchants’ business.
We offer you the BEST PACKAGING OPTIONS and FAST DELIVERY for every order.

fulfillment center

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Source Your Products and Make Big Money

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The ULTIMATE Guide to Sell On Google 2024

Has your website ever experienced traffic lower than the Mariana trench? You’ve tried everything, and the sales just don’t go up? 

Well, try to sell on Google now! It is the platform with the world’s largest customer base. Your website traffic and sales will surely boost!

Leeline Sourcing a company with OVER 10 YEARS of sourcing experience. Our team has done all the research on sourcing and eCommerce, so you don’t have to! 

And here’s what we’ve compiled for you:

  1. What is Google Shopping? How Does It Work?
  2. How to Sell on Google?
  3. How to Optimize Google Shopping Listing?
  4. The Main Benefits of Using Google to Sell
  5. Prerequisites to Sell on Google Marketplace:
  6. How Much Does It Cost to Become A Google Seller?
  7. How to Boost Sales in Google Shopping?

Let’s dig in!

Google Shopping

What is Google Shopping? How Does Google Shopping Work?

Google Shopping is a Comparison Shopping Engine supported by Google. It lets users look for, compare, and buy things in Google’s search results. Google Shopping results appear as thumbnails. There will also be brief information about the product and sellers.

But it’s ANOTHER way round for sellers.

Google Shopping is just another paid advertising model like others. You start selling by uploading your inventory first. Then, you choose whether to join the Google Shopping campaign. Google HIGHLIGHTS your product and displays them in the Google Shopping search results.

Google Adwords uses a different advertising method. Usually, text-based Google Ads use keywords to function. However, Google Shopping campaigns use your product data to showcase shopping ads.

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How to Sell On Google?

sell on google

Step 1: Register a Google Merchant Center Account

A Google Merchant Center account is required to access ALL the services and google platforms. You manage listings and Google Shopping campaigns through Google Shopping Ads there.

Google announced their “Shopping Actions” to let shoppers pay directly through Google. Enable the Google Shopping Actions to INCREASE your sales.

Step 2: Upload Clear Product Pictures

PICTURES ARE A BIG DEAL! Google Shopping extract product pictures from your online store or Google Photos. You’ll get rejected from their Shopping Campaigns for not providing CLEAR images! So make sure to upload high-quality pictures. We only use a high-quality camera for our product images, so don’t hesitate to invest in one if you want to sell on Google.

Step 3: Create Your Product Data Feed

It is where you input all your product’s necessary info. You can directly upload your inventory list using Google Sheets too. 

Step 4: Connect Your Google Adwords Account

Linking your Google Merchant Center account to your Google Adwords account benefits you. It BOOSTS your products’ visibility straight up! Becoming the first item to be shown.

Step 5: Create Your First Google Shopping Campaign

After that, create your personal Google Shopping Campaign. Several campaigns are available, like sales, leads, or website traffic campaigns. You can promote your uploaded product feed using these features. 

Step 6: Place Bids on Your Google Shopping Campaign

It’s time to set your bidding strategy for your Shopping Campaign! Google manages your campaign budget on a monthly cadence. So, your daily budget is not fixed

Step 7: Confirming Your Audience and Set Up Your Shopping Campaign

Google Shopping displays your ads to your set audience. It’ll be in the Google search results when there are relevant searches. 

Step 8: Build Ad Groups

You can choose either Product Shopping ads or Showcase Shopping ads. Using Showcase Shopping ads can advertise multiple products at once.

How to Optimize Google Shopping Listing?

Optimize Google Shopping Listing

Building your ad groups and ad campaign is not enough. You must utilize every penny on your ad spend to its fullest. Here are some tips to share.

Tips 1: Make a Descriptive Title

It doesn’t mean you need to put everything when we say “descriptive.” It means you need to include vital info to attract your customer at first glance.

You check your competitor’s listings and modify them to your own. Or, just follow this listing format: Brand, Audience, Product, Colour, and Main Spec.

Tips 2: Provide Special Discounts

Discounts are the MOST USEFUL ways to provoke someone’s purchasing impulse. Besides, providing offers sure will distinguish your products from others.

Try giving discounts like coupons, giveaways, or even free shipping. Just make sure your product’s availability is sufficient will do.

Tips 3: Upload Customers’ Reviews

Customers’ feedbacks are one of the core reasons to achieve success in your business. As a buyer, it’s the first thing I check before purchasing a product. So put yourself in your customers’ shoes, and provide them with the best reviews. And did you know?

Google Adwords Account can import your existing customers’ reviews from your online store. 

Just type in your website URL and leave the rest to Google’s ad platform. Save TIME and EFFORT.

Tips 4: Upload More Pictures

Pictures that show your products’ details CLEARLY are the key to attracting shoppers. Stop using random Google images or your old stock pictures. Choose your photos wisely, as they directly impact your CTR.

Here are some guidelines you can follow:

  1. Use white as the background of your photo
  2. Take photos of your product from a diagonal angle
  3. Do some pre-set up or post-editing for your photo

The Main Benefits of Using Google to Sell

Benefits of Using Google to Sell

Largest Customer Base Ever

Google has an average of 3.5 billion searches daily. Believe it or not, half of them search for products. You’ll never be scared of losing customers using Google Shopping. 

To validate this, my team actually made a statistical analysis of all our customers. The results say that the majority of them discovered us at Google.

Higher Click Through Rate

The first item shown on Google Shopping results has an average CTR of 31%. The following are 14% and 9% for the second and third items. Your product is exposed more if you opt for the Google Shopping Campaign.

High Rate of Conversions

Google Shopping has an impressive ability to reach the targeted audience. Your products don’t randomly show up on someone’s page.

Instead, your product only be displayed when there are related searches. Meaning you have a MORE FOCUSED audience than any other platform can provide.

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Prerequisites to Sell on Google Marketplace:

Sell on Google Marketplace

Let’s see some simple steps to get you ready for action:

Step 1: Modify Your Initial Settings

Here are what you can do in this step:

  • Provide your business information with accurate contact details
  • Set up a clear Refund Policy and Terms of Service
  • Choose your checkout preference and ensure that it is SSL-protected
  • Submit different kinds of language and currency descriptions for your product
  • Setting up your shipping and tax calculation (US only)

Step 2: Upload Your Inventory List

Upload your product feed and have a pre-look at it on Google Shopping.

Step 3: Final Touch Up

Verify that your website belongs to you. Sign up for Google Surfaces and Shopping Actions.

Step 4: Promote Your Products

Start your shopping campaigns and start selling! There are tons of ways to promote your products. But I opted for the paid one. Don’t hesitate to spend a little if you can get more in return.

Step 5: You’re OK to go!

Suggested reading: Alibaba Refund Experience

How Much Does It Cost to Become A Google Seller?

Cost to Become A Google Seller

Becoming a Google Seller almost costs you NOTHING! It is FREE to sign up for:

– Google Shopping account

– Google Merchant Center account

-Google Ads account. 

Your Google Merchant account even provides free listings and many sellers’ services.

But, all of the above doesn’t ensure your product’s exposure. I just want to reiterate that spending on ads brings significant results. You can pay for the advertising service in the Google Merchant Center. Then, only the Merchant Center will display your product at the top search results.

Here are the factors to consider when it comes to the ad fee:

  • Quality Score
  • Ad Rank
  • Campaign and Ad Settings
  • Industry
  • Google Ad Network
  • PPC Tools and Services

Usually, Google Search Network costs you $1 to $2 per click. Google Display Network costs $1 or less per click.

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How to Boost Sales in Google Shopping?

Boost Sales in Google Shopping

 Here are the tips directly from Google to help you BOOST sales.

  1. Improve your product feed to make your Shopping ads stand out
    • Use Google Smart Shopping Campaigns
    • Use high-quality, product-first visuals. We don’t upload blurry images. When taking your product photos, ensure to use nice lighting and a good background.
    • Ensure accurate and up-to-date product data
    • Cater to consumers’ demand for convenience. Use annotations to highlight your offers!
  2. Display your ads to more shoppers as they browse across channels
    • Use Performance Max campaigns to deliver more sales and revenue.
    • Upload your creative assets to serve on more available inventory and formats.
    • Drive foot traffic to your store.
    • Use Customer Match in Performance Max to unlock new customer segments.
    • Use Final URL expansion in Performance Max to increase Search conversions.
  3. Optimize your campaigns to drive more performance
    • Check product insights to optimize the performance of your offers.
    • Apply recommendations to find more opportunities.
    • View the future trend with the Insights page.

FAQs about Sell On Google

1. Does Google have a Shopping app?

YES, if this was before 2021. 
Sadly, Google shut down the Google Shopping App in May 2021. So, no, there’s no Google Shopping App now. But you can still access all the features using their website.

2. How many customers does Google Shopping have?

More than you could ever think of! 
Google has more than four billion users as of 2022. Google Shopping has 1.2 billion monthly searches from their previous report. Besides, Google Shopping clicks are growing by 17.7% every year.

3. Who can use Google Shopping? 

ANYONE! There are NO restrictions on who can use it. With a Google Merchant Center account and a Google account, you can sell on Google Shopping.
But there’s a catch. Some services, like Local Inventory, only have area limitations in US and France.

What’s Next

And there you have it, the ULTIMATE guide for you to sell on Google Shopping. 

Selling on Google Shopping is more straightforward than on most others platforms. All you need now is someone to guide you into the market. Other than that, a reliable manufacturer and quality products.

Don’t look anywhere else! We got your back! We have tons of testimonials under our guidance and sourcing service.

Contact us now to get solutions for your sourcing needs.

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