White Label Drop Shipping

Getting QUALITY products to sell saves you time and effort.  You get WHITE LABELS added to goods sold under your brand. 

You SOURCE products from the best manufacturers with Leelinesourcing. Our FREE warehouse allows you to store your products for 30 days.

White Label Drop Shipping

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Wholesale Best White Label Products


Wholesale Bathtubs


Wholesale Kitchenware


Wholesale Mugs

Small Furniture Items

Wholesale Small Furniture Items


Wholesale Jackets


Wholesale Shoes

Our White Label Services Include:

Product Development

Product Development

Our company sources products and adds a white label to the items. Adding your brand’s logo to each product makes it stand out.

YOUR BRAND promotes RELIABLE and POCKET-SAVING private-label products. Depending on your needs, every white label product gets packed.

Confirming Samples

Our team communicates with many brands offering the lowest prices on samples. Samples of HIGH-QUALITY white label products sent to you.

We ENSURE to get FOLLOW-UP production in same EXCELLENT QUALITY.

Confirming Samples
Following Up Production

Following Up Production

Quality-checking team members visit suppliers to FOLLOW UP on PRODUCTION. Your private-label goods deliver within the expected time

Assuring the quality of the products matches the sample is our top priority. Our QUALITY CHECK STAFF follows up with the store brands.

Quality Inspection

Our team performs a quality control inspection before delivering the products to you. With us, you get products worth your money, allowing you to SAVE. We check every product so that YOUR collection meets International standards. 

You never have to TACKLE  complaints about poor quality. 

Quality Inspection
Fulfillment and Shipping

Fulfillment and Shipping

 Your products deliver SAFELY, RELIABLY, AND QUICKLY to your desired location. WHITE LABEL PRODUCTS deliver to your customers without you needing to handle inventory. Shipping your shipments with our company is affordable and reliable.

With Leeline sourcing, you relieve from managing shipments ensuring on-time delivery.

Why Choose Us?

More Customers

With Leelinesourcing, you sell low-priced yet reliable items. You maintain consistent happy customers, boosting your business. We help you build customers’ trust in your white label brand.

Developed Brand

Become a high-class brand online seller with our help. Your products get appealing, catchy labels. You have a BETTER online store than any other white-label dropshipping business.

More Profit

Profit margins are almost 50%, so you have an opportunity to make money. Using our services, you can source products at a LOW COST. You sell 2x of the original buying price.

High Standard

You provide affordable and long-lasting products to your customers. This boosts your reputation among customers. To ensure everything is up to standard, our team QUALITY CHECKS every product.

Hear it from fellow White Label Wholesaler

I’ve always wanted to start a private label dropshipping business. But I couldn’t face the challenges along the way. Leelinesourcing entered as a superhero in my life. Till now, I have done 1000$+ worth of sales with private labeling. I am very happy with my changed life and recommend you too.

– Debora, Illinois

Source Your White Label Products and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality white label products to help you boost your business.

How to Start the White Label Dropship Business? 

Hunting for white-label dropshipping suppliers to sell white-label products? A difficult task indeed, no doubt.

Getting SOURCING, SHIPPING, QUALITY CHECK, AND INVENTORY MANAGEMENT services makes things easier. Top-quality products from private-label dropshipping suppliers boat your business.

Don’t have time for all this?

Our sourcing team crafted this article to guide you. YOU’ll FIGURE OUT basic mistakes to save big while investing less.

Ready to enter deep knowledge about private labeling? Let’s move on.

How to Start the White Label Dropship Business

What is White Label Dropshipping?

Recall what dropshipping is. The private labeling reseller buys the products from the white label dropshipping suppliers. These products sell in the market with a white label.

 But white-label drop shipping differs. You can brand the product with your company name. Your customers will consider the product as your own brand item. 

A dropshipping supplier repackages the product with your logo. Then the product ships to your asked location.

Advantages and Disadvantages of White Label Dropshipping 

Advantages and Disadvantages of White Label Dropshipping 

White-label dropshipping services have advantages with some dark sides. Knowing this information helped all my clients decide whether to sell white-labeled products. I’m sure the same applies to your business. So, here are the pros and cons of this business model. 


  • You ENJOY customer loyalty and solid brand identity in white labels. Selling the same product as a retailer is not beneficial in the same way. Selling products that compete with other dropping companies assist with a HIGH REPUTATION.
  • Drop shipping companies have HIGH PRODUCT QUALITY from the best dropshipping supplier. The expense of a faulty product is on the manufacturer.
  • White-label drop shippers have a FEW TASKS in the whole process. Best suppliers and manufacturing companies take responsibility for all other issues.
  • When the brand hits, you are the ONE who benefits most. Customers don’t bother about manufacturers of private-label dropshipping products. 


  • Private label brands have the small opportunity of customizing private labeling product products. You add your brand logo and your own brand packaging.
  • There is high competition among many retailers. This reduces your chance of success.

Best White Label Dropshipping Products 2024

Best White Label Dropshipping Products

Private-label dropshipping products cover a vast variety. However, I know not every dropshipping product is sellable. So, I’ve listed the best dropshipping items that fatten your packets. 

  • T-shirts
  • Clothes
  • Mugs
  • Shoes
  • Kitchenware
  • Small furniture items
  • Bathtubs
  • Tissue paper
  • Glasses

Looking for the Best Chinese Products?

Leelinesourcing helps you find the Best Products Made in China with high quality at an attractive cost.

White Label Dropshipping Vs. Private Label Dropshipping 

White Label Dropshipping Vs. Private Label Dropshipping 

Many business owners confuse the two. Let me explain how white-label dropshipping is different from private-label dropshipping. 

Pros of White Label Dropshipping

  • Provides an opportunity to MOVE toward a private label business. This helps retailers with more success.
  • You don’t need high investments to start an e-commerce business. 
  • Private label drop shipping suppliers provide AFFORDABLE RATES increasing profit margin.
  • You DO NOT need to have a warehouse and manage the inventory.
  • There is no minimum order quantity required for providing white-label services.
  • MORE customers take an interest in buying branded products.

Cons of White Label Dropshipping

  • Some suppliers do not offer white-label services. So it gets difficult to find a supplier.
  • It requires more capital than a conventional retailing business. You invest in repackaging and branding.
  • More marketing efforts to build brand awareness.

Pros of Private Label Dropshipping

  • EASY to compete with other sellers by customizing products. Even if two sellers are labeling the same product, both have a high chance of success.
  • You build the BRAND AS AN ASSET populating your brand’s image in customers’ minds. 
  • More potential and chances of higher revenue. By providing customer-oriented products, you charge HIGH PRICES.
  • Higher possibility of REPEATED CUSTOMERS if the quality maintains. 
  • Customers have more trust in the brand and its products.

Cons of Private Label Dropshipping

  • You have to maintain the minimum order quantity as per the rules. 
  • Private labeling is a benefit to the retailer. That’s why some wholesale suppliers do not give the opportunity.
  • High investment for customizing and branding.

How to Start the White Label Dropship Business? 

How to Start the White Label Dropship Business

I’ve helped dozens of clients start their white-label dropshipping businesses. Here are some of the steps I always walk my clients through. 

Here are some steps required to start the white-label dropshipping business.

1: Find Reliable Supplier

You can find a reliable supplier in three ways:

  1. Research browsers for best suppliers in China. Narrow down your research with suppliers of specific products.
  2. Scroll through Amazon, Alibaba, and other reputable e-commerce websites. You find white-label dropshipping suppliers.
  3. Leelinesourcing helps you find authentic suppliers giving more profit margin to drop shippers.

2: Maintaining The Wholesaler’s Brand

You cannot customize the product purchased from the wholesaler. You have to maintain the brand of the product because you have no rights to this. 

White-label dropshipping allows retailers to add their branding on the packaging. Also, you repackage the products with your own logo.

3: Communicate With Wholesale Vendor

You must stay in direct communication with the supplier. You do not need any delays in the dropping process. Maintaining communication and reminding the supplier about on-time delivery helps. But remember not to get harsh and strict with the supplier.

4: Join An International Shipping Company

You need a shipping company to make successful drop shipments throughout the globe. In case you are facing issues finding reliable shipping companies. Don’t worry. Leeline is at your service to provide reliable shipping companies.

5: Sign An Agreement With The Supplier 

Before starting any business deals, make sure to have an agreement with the supplier. This helps to avoid any issues later on.

Have meetings with the supplier, so you come on the same business terms. You communicate any ambiguity to the supplier before signing the contract.

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

FAQs about White Label Drop Shipping

How do I find a white-label supplier for dropshipping in China?

Finding a white-label dropshipping supplier for a private-label business is easy. Go to the dropshipping store and find the supplier for your product. Some of those stores are:
• Alibaba
• Amazon
• 1688
• Taobao

Can you customize the packaging with dropshipping?

Yes, you can repackage the dropshipping products. You add your logo, brand name, and other brand identities.  But you can’t customize the product inside according to your desire. 

Is white label profitable?

Yes, it’s one of the growing private label services recently. People are generating thousands of dollars per month by selling private-label products. The investment and effort involved are lesser than other online stores. Making more chances of getting profit.

Do I need to pay tax for dropshipping?

Yes. Every business model registers before it starts selling. The state in which a business registers determines the taxes it must pay. Anyone providing dropshipping white-label products has to pay all the applicable taxes.

What’s Next

Start a white-label dropshipping brand with WHOLESALE PRICES from dropshipping suppliers. You reduce your effort and time spent on developing a private-label brand. Your order gets sourced, quality-checked, fulfilled and shipped for you.

Ready to start with your brand new dropshipping store?

Feel free to contact us for a quote. Our expert team responds within 24 hours with white-label dropshipping solutions for you.

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