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 Mercado Libre

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Is Selling On Mercado Libre Worth It? in 2024

Yes, it is 100% PROFITABLE business. What if you save 20% out of $100? That means you make $20 per $100 eCommerce sales. Isn’t ENOUGH? 

Mercadolibre marketplace can GIVE you even More. What you have to do is to know how this platform WORKS. And how you make money by GLOBAL selling! 

Mercado Libre

Our Sell On Mercado Libre Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Product Suppliers

Leeline Sourcing already has a LIST of expert-vetted SUPPLIERS. Only TOP and Reliable suppliers make a PLACE in our list for CROSS BORDER TRADE. Supplier VERIFICATION and QUALITY guarantee is something we SECURE. To narrow down the LIGHT on selected SUPPLIERS, we compare them. 

Get the BEST-MATCHING supplier for the Flawless CROSS BORDER trade! 

Product Quality Control

We get the BEST products to sell on the MERCADOLIBRE marketplace. Do you know how we do that? 

Our marketplace EXPERTS apply QUALITY control. 100% inspection and DUPRO inspection pick the BEST items. AQL inspection helps us reduce the defective products in your ORDER. 

Get 100% QUALITATIVE items with PROPER QUALITY control! 

Quality Inspection
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Products

To diversify your portfolio, we PROVIDE private-label and WHITE LABEL products. You customize a SHIPPING label. Sell Branded Products under your Business logo. We boost your BRAND exposure by customizing the packaging. You sell on Mercado Libre with MORE ENERGY! 

It is TIME to impress your CUSTOMERS with TOP private LABEL inventory. 

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

For drop-shippers, we offer FULL-FLEDGED services. You make eCommerce SALES. Tell us about the ORDER fulfillment. We get PRODUCTS. REMOVE the defective items. And ship them to your Mercado Libre’s buyers. Tracking facilities keep your CUSTOMERS aware of product location. 


fulfillment center 1

Hear it from fellow Wholesaler

Leeline sourcing is advanced. The team helped me sell on Mercado libre marketplace. The logistics solution offered to me was excellent. I love their services. Don’t hesitate to use them to get new customers for your online store. 

– Thomas, Australia

Source Your Products and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality products to help you boost your business.

Sell On Mercado Libre With Our Experts Guide 2024

The TRENDS of cross-border selling have INCREASED. Do you know why? Endless BENEFITS. Easy e-commerce SOLUTION. And one more GREAT FACT! 


Who won’t even PREFER it? 

When you create Mercado shops, you get ACCESS to the global SELLING program. Therefore, FOREIGN sellers sell on Mercado. 

Our experts put efforts into helping new SELLERS. We get the BEST inventory. And choose the BEST suppliers. Get 100% satisfaction with our PROFESSIONALS. 

Do you know how to sell online on Mercado Libre? 

If not, WHY WORRY? This article spreads KNOWLEDGE on MERCADO LIBRE and its selling process. 

Let’s have an IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS. 

Know about Mercado Libre

A Brief on Mercado Libre Marketplace

Mercado Libre is an ONLINE marketplace in Latin America. 

It was founded in 1999. Here are some IMPORTANT points to know about this platform! 

  • It operates in 19 different COUNTRIES. These are Latin America, Argentina, Costa Rica, Brazil,  Colombia, etc. 
  • It has over 20 million ACTIVE buyers. 
  • The number of SELLERS is around 4 million. 
  • You sell inventory in MULTIPLE categories. It has over 80 million PRODUCTS. 

Isn’t it a NETFLIX of PRODUCTS? ONLINE SELLERS make ONLINE SALES on this platform. 

What Should You Know about Mercado Libre Before You Start Selling?

Mercado Libre Marketplace

If you plan to VEND on Mercado Libre, know the Rules. 

Here are SOME POINTS to know before selling on Mercado Libre. 

  • Restricted Products 

Most Platforms Have restrictions on SOME products. For example, some products, such as ALCOHOL, are not ALLOWED To trade. 

I’ve seen multiple accounts trying to sell one of these. So if you don’t follow instructions, you might get an ACCOUNT suspension.

  • Selling fees 

Mercado libre has a different FEE in Mexico of about 17% per sale of the PRODUCT. 

In other platforms, such as LATIN America, it has 16%.

You MUST know what you are selling with how much the fee is. 

  • Integrations 

Mercado Libre has some integrations, such as API. Use it to SAVE your time and UPLOAD the bulk inventory. 

Better search results come out for a SELLER in final thoughts. 

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Benefits of Selling on Mercado Libre

Benefits of Selling on Mercado Libre

Mercado comes up with NUMEROUS benefits for a SINGLE ACCOUNT. You trade in MEXICO, Brazil,  Latin America, etc. 

Apart from it, it has OTHER MYSTERIES to get more sellers alike. 

These are: 

  • A large number of CUSTOMERS 

Marcado has over 20 million ACTIVE Buyers. It operates in OTHER countries like Latin America, Mexico, etc. 

That means your PRODUCT listed in LATIN America can be SOLD in Argentina. 

Everything counts on THE MERCADO. 

More exposure to your BUSINESS! 

  • API integration for products 

A seller consumes hundreds of MINUTES to upload the ITEMS. 


Cut TIME and MAKE more money. 

This integration has been a total game-changer for many of my clients who love to buy in bulk. 

  • No Listing Fees

Most platforms have a LISTING fee. It is like a FREE market when it comes to LISTING. 

You earn PROFIT by saving money! 

Steps on How To Sell on Mercado Libre

How To Sell on Mercado Libre

Do you want to trade on the MARKETPLACE? 

Wait. There are MANY STEPS to understand. Go to the DEPTH of each step. Understand The REQUIREMENTS. And rock in the MARKET. 

Are you READY to start selling in the MARKET? 

FOLLOW the steps. 

Step 1: Sign Up 

Whether it is COLOMBIA Mercado libre or Brazil, SIGN up. Visit the WEBSITE. And apply for the REGISTRATION to open your SELLER account. 

Here is some information about it. 

  • Fill out the CONTACT information. 
  • Add the BUSINESS Information like the company name, contact information, legal status, etc. 
  • Set up the payment account for CREDIT LINE. Sellers use different OPTIONS depending on the LOCAL AVAILABILITY of payment options. 

Step 2: Open your shop 

It is TIME to open your shop. 

  • Enter the STORE title. 
  • Add the LOGO. 
  • Know different other things to design your SHOP. 

Sellers build EXCELLENT stores to increase their COMPANY reputation. So ensure you don’t randomly choose a store name and a LOGO that doesn’t even attract customers. My team and I spent weeks building ours. You can do that too. 

Step 3: List Products 

Look, product LISTING is FREE. 

So create your LISTINGS RIGHT AWAY. Here is what you should know about it. 

  • Choose the TYPE of product like SERVICES, REAL ESTATE, etc. 
  • Identify the SUBCATEGORY of the item to list it in the RIGHT CATEGORY. 

Once you have FINALIZED the LISTING, it is time to BE one of the Top Sellers. 

Step 4: Trade and Fulfill orders

Mercado Libre’s client will ORDER you. Choose the SHIPPING channel and fulfill your orders. 

Is that even difficult? 

Tips for Increasing Sales on Mercado Libre

Increasing Sales on Mercado Libre

Have you STARTED selling? 

Maybe YOU FAIL. And it is the CASE with various sellers. 

You don’t have the Magic to run your BUSINESS. Here are SOME FANTASY tips to be the KINGMAKER of MERCADO libre. 

  • Choose only Winning Products 

There are NUMEROUS categories on the MERCADO. You can’t CHOOSE them all. 

It is BETTER to filter out the TOP categories. In those categories, get the BEST sellers. Know what they are SELLING. 

And trade those POPULAR products to get MORE SALES. 

Checking their customer’s feedback on the products is a practice that helped us find the best one. You can also try this one.

  • Translate manually 

Mercado has a SOFTWARE center for automated translation. 

But it is not GOOD because of the Wrong translations. You should TRANSLATE manually or get TRANSLATION services. 

  • Trade Quality

You trade QUALITY. You get more CUSTOMERS. 

Don’t compromise on it. Customers always want LONG-LASTING e-building solutions. 

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Mercado Libre Seller Fee and What Can You Sell

What Can you sell on Mercado Libre

A Mercado libre seller has to pay a FEE for monthly sales. Here are SOME points to know about the selling fees on the MERCADO libre. 

  • Listing is COMPLETE FREE of COST
  • The selling fee is around 16-17% of the TOTAL cost of the item. 
  • A transaction fee may be CHARGED per transaction. 
  • You have to add payment OPTIONS to pay the FEE. A bank account or any other payment PLATFORM would be GREAT! 

You can SELL anyTHING. No matter what your main category is, it has it. But I do recommend doing your research on a product you want to offer. Check if there is a demand for it and whether the competition is high.

There are around 20 main PRODUCT categories on this Platform. And 123 smaller classes to allow all types of SELLERS to sell in different NICHES. 

Usually, you should sell electronics, auto parts, etc., in this market. 

FAQs about Sell On Mercado Libre

1. Can I sell on Mercado Libre marketplace from the UK?

Yes. You can sell. Mercado Libre launched a Global selling program to allow US sellers. International sellers can sell products through this program. You can access the marketplace in LATIN America, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile! 

2. How many sellers on Mercado Libre?

Mercado libre has over 4 million active sellers. The product listing counts are AROUND 4 million. So you estimate the COMPETITION and exposure by looking at the NUMBERS. 

3. Is Mercado Libre like eBay?

Yes. Mercadolibre marketplace has an e-commerce business model like eBay. Most people regard it as an alternative to eBay. You can sell successfully to run your business.

What’s Next

Are you a MERCADOLIBRE seller? 

To reach the SKY, FALL to the GROUND. KNOW what customers like. Target them in ARGENTINA and NEIGHBORING countries. 

Some COMMONS things for success are: 

  • INTEGRITY of products 
  • Entire Logistics process 
  • Global selling 

Do you want ALL? 

GET IN TOUCH WITH LEELINE SOURCING. We have the PROFESSIONALS ready to assist you. You don’t get DISAPPOINTED once you CHOOSE our suppliers. 

Call us to get the FREE QUOTE! 

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