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Leeline sourcing BELIEVES in QUALITY and CONTRIBUTES to it. We have a team of CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS who go for full inspection before and after production. You can ANTICIPATE 100% QUALITATIVE standards.



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Checklist of  Quality Control Service in China

Factory Audit

Factory Audit

Does Factory meet QUALITY STANDARDS? We exclusively catch on during factory audits. You get SAFELY MANUFACTURED INVENTORY from top FACTORIES in CHINA. 


Supplier Background Check

Supplier Background Check

Our experts explore the TOP PERFORMANCES of the supplier. It means you get only EXPERT-VETTED SUPPLIERS. Negotiations and profit margin processes become even EASIER.

Pre-Production Inspection

Pre-Production Inspection

Our top priority is a pre-production inspection. It SECURES the end-product QUALITY. You get QUALITY ITEMS. Skyrocket your business progress with it.

In-Process (DUPRO) Inspection

In-Process (DUPRO) Inspection

Our experts perform an in-process inspection that puts forward the HIGH INTEGRITY and DESIRED characteristics of products. With this, you get SAFE PRODUCTS that impress your consumers.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Before shipment, we check the product QUALITY AND QUANTITY to confirm whether we have received the EXACT ITEMS with EXACT NUMBERS. No errors in any aspect! You will receive STANDARDIZED pre-shipment analysis report and FLAWLESS items.

Final Check

Final Check

Our final Inspection sheds light on the defective products and does everything that is BEST. Accurate shipments with ZERO PERCENT damaged inventory compel your customers to return to your business. MORE customers return, MORE SALES!

Container Loading Check

Container Loading Check

Before loading, we calculate the total number of packages and load the EXACT number of items. Exact items with exact numbers ELIMINATE the risks of DAMAGED inventory and MISPLACEMENT of inventory.
You get 100% ACCURATE SHIPMENTS to your customers in time.

First Article Inspection

First Article Inspection

Our team looks into the INGREDIENTS and QUALITY of the first article. You get the highest INTEGRITY of products. The conversion increases with QUALITY. More revenues are expected.

Acceptable Quality Limit) Inspection

AQL(Acceptable Quality Limit) Inspection

We apply the certified ISO 2859 standards to ensure; the product meets your SPECIFICATIONS. The desired item with desired features is there. Go ahead and ROCK in your business with DESIRED QUALITY.

Amazon FBA Inspection

Amazon FBA Inspection

Our professional team is ready to INSPECT the products for Amazon FBA. You will obtain HIGH-END safe items to ship to your Amazon warehouses. No hassle, no tension.

Amazon FBA Prep

Amazon FBA Prep

We make your products ready for shipment to AMAZON Warehouse. You expect CUSTOM packing, labeling, and shipping to Amazon warehouses. No extra burden upon you for considering MULTIPLE TASKS.

Full Inspection

Full Inspection

Our inspection experts do A to Z inspections of your products. 100% INSPECTION confirms product QUALITY and INTEGRITY. You collect the DETAILED REPORTS with quite a comfort.

CE Compliance

CE Compliance

We also believe in CE compliance, primarily if your customers reside in Europe. Your customers will acquire products COMPLIED with European Standards. This way, 100% Customer SATISFACTION is expected.

Social Compliance Audit

Social Compliance Audit

We check the social and ethical performance standards of your suppliers. This approach gets you the BEST FIT and NEGOTIABLE suppliers. And QUALITY is what you get in the end. Obviously, more business opportunities ahead.

Inspection, Supplier Audit, Product Testing in China & Asia

We focus exclusively on QUALITY CONTROL. Today hundreds of clients worldwide have selected to trust Leeline Service as their partner for supply chain Management.

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Leeline Sourcing- Your Trusted Quality Inspection Partner

Professional Quality Guarantee

Professional Quality Guarantee

We promise QUALITY products. Our quality inspection even verifies it. With QUALITY PRODUCTS, you attract more customers and make more DEALS.

Product Quality Reports

Product Quality Reports

To verify our HARD WORK, we provide product inspection and QUALITY reports. You review the reports and validate the HIGH integrity of products. It gives PROFESSIONAL satisfaction.

Transparent Result

Transparent Result

All results and inspections are 100% TRANSPARENT. You check out all the details and manually DETERMINE your products. All transparent results will increase TRUST.

One-to-one Service

One-to-one Service

You connect with us, and we specify a PROFESSIONAL AGENT as your dedicated project manager. One-to-one service resolves all your questions, helps you feel more CONTENT, and gets you BETTER QUALITY of COMMUNICATION.

Managed Risk

Fully Managed Risk

Risk Management is our specialty, and we do it ARTFULLY. With RISK MANAGEMENT, you feel more SATISFIED with the products—no more worries about risk with us.

Free Warehouse

Free Warehouse

We have our warehouses to manage your inventory. You don’t have to pay a SINGLE PENNY. No extra expenses, budget saved; invest it in business and EXPAND it.

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2000+ Clients Trust LeelineSourcing

I sourced all kinds of stuff for my company for about 1 year with Leelin. They have really good service, their team is polite and trustworthy. I definitely recommend you to work with them.


I worked with Leelin for 2-3 years to build my brand. They check each item and does my customs clearance get into Amazon warehouse. I love their service, it saves me a lot of time. If you are also developing your business in China, they will help you do it smoothly. 


Working with Leelin is really positive, they are honest and reliable. I recommend their services to anyone who has a business that needs to ship products from china or needs to inspect items. 


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Quality Control Ulitmate Guide

Every production must meet the requirements of the customers.

The manufacturing company should abide by the requirements given to them by the clients.

To ensure that the customers get what they ordered, quality control parameters are applied.

These parameters are designed to ensure fiscally sound and dependable production of goods.

The overall goal of quality control is to meet the requirements for the product as described by the customer.

What is China Quality Control

What is China Quality Control?

It is necessary to determine the quality of the products when getting products from China. Quality control is also responsible for branding. It also helps in producing quality goods that can have a competitive edge in the domain.

For the customers, it is essential to pre-list the checklist for quality control. This will allow the manufacturer to produce the goods according to the set parameters initially. The production is required to meet and exceed these parameters listed by the customers.

Apart from that, these parameters can also be assessed based on internal and external requirements. For example, if the customer requests for food products, the products should be evaluated on their sustainability. They should stay edible in both internal and external factors.

Furthermore, quality control parameters would also be focusing on ethical production standards. Note that quality control QC and quality assurance QA are two different things.

Quality Control

Quality control means a standard for production. Quality assurance means that implementing methods that can ensure parameters for QC. Quality control focuses on the initial evaluation of the production processes.

This is done so that the production is streamlined according to the requirements of the customers. Quality assurance is related to the ending parts of production. It minimizes the risk of imperfect products reaching the market. This is done by ensuring standards that were defined in QC.

Additionally, QC defines parameters that guarantee reliable, satisfactory and economically sound production. Whereas QA ensures that the production company meets QC standards in every way.

QC is more product-oriented whereas QA is more process-oriented. QC ensures that the results of production meet the expectations set before production. QA ensures that all necessary steps were taken to guarantee QC parameters.

Benefits of Quality Control when Importing from China

There are several benefits that one can achieve with QC when importing from China, including:

Quality Consciousness

Being quality conscious is very important, especially if you are the buyer. It means that you know what parameters are needed to ensure that the product will be successful in the market.

Moreover, if you’re quality conscious, you’ll be able to relay your requirements to the manufacturer seamlessly. .The manufacturer will also be abiding by the parameters defined and will provide you with quality products.

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfying the customer with your product is the primary concern for every seller. That is why ensuring quality is the primary goal for you.

When you are quality conscious, manufacturing is significantly improved. This will happen because you will provide the manufacturer with the parameters that will guarantee customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Cost Reduction

Using quality control, you can minimize the need for additional resources. You will only be using resources that have been pre-defined during quality control methods.

Utilization of Resources

This will also safeguard your production from excessive or inefficient use of resources during manufacturing.

Reduction of Inspection Costs

Since quality assurance needs inspections to determine product quality, being quality conscious will also prevent excessive inspection costs.

Although inspections are still needed for quality assurance, your manufacturer will abide by QC standards if they know you will return the goods if the inspection fails.

Reduction of Inspection Costs

Increases Your Goodwill

The goal of the business is to satisfy the customers. Moreover, businesses must also grow in terms of goodwill and loyalty. Producing quality products will help achieve these goals for your business.

Being quality conscious will give you insight into the parameters that are needed for brand promotion. It will also help get microfinancing for your business.

Increased Sales Margins

With products manufactured with high quality, they can become a hot cake in the market.

Customers will be interested in buying your goods since they will expect quality products. Realizing what the customers need, and putting them in QC parameters will help streamline your production.

Is A Medical Supply Business Profita

Entities Charged with Ensuring Quality Control in China

Even though quality control is an important part of the production, ensuring quality is one of the many parameters that need to be defined preemptively. There are four options that you can charge with ensuring QC in China:

In-house Manufacturer review

One can rely on the manufacturer to ensure quality in the first place. It is beneficial since you will not need others to ensure quality. It will lessen the cost, and make the process more convenient.

However, many Chinese manufacturers pay more focus on their interests rather than on quality. Even when having a dedicated team of QC and QA inspectors, they still make their interests their priority.

In doing so, the manufacturer tries its best to produce and deliver is the product as soon as possible. They do so to save time and money needed for production. This minimizes the quality of the products delivered to you.

The manufacturing company can lack the tools and the equipment needed for QC. With this, you may receive a faulty report or no report at all. That is why you must sign a QC monitoring agreement with the company to verify that QC standards are being implemented.

Visiting the Company

Another option that you can choose if to visit the company yourself. You can ask your staff to be the representative as well. If you want a longstanding relationship with the manufacturing firm, it’s a good way too. You can make an initial trip to the firm to ensure that the company has all QC standards and parameters needed.

If you can, you can arrange the equipment as well as train the manufacturing staff. This will allow you to have quality made products even when you’re ordering at less frequent intervals.

Trading or Sourcing Partner

Another option you can opt for, especially if you aren’t able to visit the firm, is to hire a sourcing partner. The sourcing agent will be responsible for finding you a company that ensures QC standards you need.

However, like manufacturing firms, sourcing agents also tend to work in their interests. They make commission standards from both buyers and production firms. In doing so, they provide faulty reports to the buyer and take their commission from the firm for minimizing their faults.

You cannot expect a neutral opinion from such a china sourcing agent. This is because they would want to satisfy both the buyer and the seller. However, if you pay them enough, they might be able to work in your interests.

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Trading or Sourcing PartnerInspection Team

Similar to the second option, you can hire a QC inspection team or get your team. Your team will be working for your interests and will ensure competent results too. They will be easy to monitor as well. You can expect them to be efficient in terms of making professional QC assessments.

However, before you send a team, you need to make one. The team must be adequately equipped with the right tools and must be trained to make complete assessments without any faults. They should also be available for the initial trip to the manufacturing firm.

In this way, the team can assimilate parameters that must be evaluated for inspections. Moreover, it will help foster a lasting relationship with the supplier firm too. Apart from that, you can also set up their office in China. This will add the cost of renting an office, licensing, labor compliance, etc. However, it will make it convenient for your team to visit and ensure QC at the supplier firm.

Third-Party Inspection team

You can also choose to hire third-party inspection teams. These teams can also be the quality control agencies that are working in China. One of the many perks of hiring these companies is that they provide a neutral relationship.

They don’t have ties with the manufacturing firms and work independently. It doesn’t matter in what city you’re importing from, they will ensure performance as needed. Even if you need an evaluation of multiple suppliers, the QC agency will ensure timely reporting in every way.

They minimize your cost of setting up your team and office in the supplier state. Since these agencies are working in the domain for years, there’s no need for training your employees for QC services.

In addition, these companies also work cheap, and you can also ask them to pick a firm that will provide competent production services. Their independent workability makes them useful for buyers. They also assist in setting standards for QC that can be implemented in the production firm.

However, it is necessary that you:

  • Communicate your requirements to all entities of the production. This includes supplier, inspection company you’ve hired, resource vendor, etc. All this should be done before you order for the production
  • If you’re arranging inspections, you should inform the supplier of the date and time too
  • It is necessary to review the inspection report so that the necessary changes can be made

China Quality Control Process

The China Quality Control process comprise the following steps.

China Quality Control Process

Pre-Production Inspections

This is the step that has to be taken before the production takes place. If you’ve located a supplier that you think can fulfill your requirements, you must evaluate them deeply.

This is done to ensure that the company can meet your demands. Parameters such as:

  • Adequate equipment and machinery
  • In-house practices for quality control
  • Trained staff, etc.

Are some that you need to ensure. Moreover, you can’t decide on hiring the supplier based on their website. The actual production scenario is quite different from the real-time production. That is why it is essential to make an initial visit to the company yourself.

This inspection is also necessary so that you may get to know what raw materials the production firm will be using. Some suppliers cut corners in the production by using poor quality materials. They do this to save money on their end. That is why most of the raw materials are purchased during the pre-production inspections.

On-Line Inspections

The on-line inspections can also be called as during production inspections. These inspections are made during the production phases to ensure that the products manufactured are abiding by QC standards.

These inspections are usually made when the first batch of the products is manufactured. The first batch is evaluated for necessary changes. These changes are then implemented later in the production.

On-line inspections help to save time for corrections that are made later in the production. Using on-line inspections, you can save up critical time and additional resources that are needed for corrections.

Pre-Shipment Inspections

Another rule of buying is to never make the payments until you inspect the product before delivery. Most buyers tend to ignore on-line inspections. Order payments are processed when the order is delivered.

If pre-shipment inspections are not made, it can result in processing payments for faulty products. These inspections ensure that the supplier is delivering correct and faultless batches.

Moreover, it also helps in minimizing the mixture of faulty products.

Most suppliers tend to mix faulty products with good ones. This increases the risk of faulty products reaching the market. In addition, all corrections found after the shipment will be at your end.

The supplier will not be viable to make amends or return money that has been processed. This inspection also ensures that the total number of products are fulfilled. The time delay and costs will be much less if the inspection is carried out in China.

Pre-shipment inspections must be done without any hassle. Since these inspections will ensure that whether the batch is ok or needs amends. The inspection team can even recommend the re-manufacturing of the batch if it doesn’t meet the standards.

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Loading Supervision

Although not done commonly in China it doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. The time and money that you’ve invested can go to waste if the containers aren’t loaded carefully.

You want to ensure that your containers are shipped to the right cargo hold with care.

That is why it is necessary to opt for loading supervision too. This will help minimize the risks during the loading phase as well as ensure that the containers are shipped to the right cargo.

China Quality Control Checklist

For ensuring quality, you need to have a checklist for that. This checklist will ensure that the production meets the required measures.

Since every production needs to have some standards of production, the QC checklist will ensure that all these parameters are met.

In short, the QC checklist is a document that clarifies the parameters that are needed by the production company to produce your goods. These can include labels, packaging, color, bar codes, appearance, etc.

Why do you need a QC Checklist

There are two primary reasons why you need a quality control checklist:

Essential Elements Of A Checklist:


Chinese suppliers are not fluent in English. You don’t want your products ruined just because the suppliers couldn’t understand what you wrote. That is why you must keep your checklist in a bilingual form.

Clear & Easy to Use

Another important element is to make the checklist clear. The clearer and elaborated the instructions, the better the supplier will be able to understand it. Moreover, it should be easy to use. It should address all elements for the production.

Product Requirements

The next element is the product requirements. Your QC checklist should clearly elaborate on the requirement of the product. This should address

  • Product weight and dimensions
  • Material and construction
  • Product color
  • Markings and labeling

All these parameters should be clearly defined so that any confusion can be solved. You can also communicate with your supplier in terms of discussing any parameters.

Packaging Requirements

Your products must have quality packaging that can be presented in the market.

In addition, the packaging is also to ensure that the products remain safe during shipping. Your packing should also address customer metrics. These metrics should provide the necessary outlook of the products.

The common elements for packaging include:

  • Packaging specification
  • Labeling and marking
  • Packaging materials
  • Packing method

It is important to elaborate on packaging details since it will protect your products as well as protect your brand.

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Packaging Requirements

On-site Product Tests

This is another important element for your production. On-site product testing is essential to make sure that the products manufactured are up to the market.

Equipment such as hi-pot tester, environmental chamber, etc. are necessary to test the products.

That is why pre-production testing is needed. It is to ensure that the company you’re hiring has all the tools for testing purposes. Your checklist is also needed to provide necessary inspection parameters for the testing of the products.

Defect Classification

Even though the testing of the products will illuminate the defects, many suppliers don’t know how to sort them. That is why including defect classification parameters in your QC checklist is important.

These parameters will define how to deal with the defected products accordingly. They also help to communicate the tolerance level of the defects. You don’t want your products ending up defected one after another.

In doing so, you can hire a third party inspection company that will illuminate the defect ratio. This defect ratio will show the quality of the production. If the defect ratio is high, you may ask the supplier to re-manufacture the goods.

Keeping these parameters in your QC checklist will give you a higher chance of quality products. Moreover, it will also help in improving the quality of your supplier.

Quality Control In China Report

A quality control report conducted by an inspection company can have the following elements:

Presented Product Quantity

The inspector will assess the quality of the products according to the QC checklist given. He will also assess the number of products that have been manufactured.

The quantity should match the number required. In doing so, the inspector should not be biased. He should report the exact number of products produced.

Visual Defects

These defects are found on the packaging or the products itself. The tolerance level defined in QC checklists will illuminate the minimum number for defects.

If the number exceeds, the inspection will deem the production as failed. The inspection report will also include pictures to show the number of defected products.

Conformity To Requirements

It means that the products are produced all according to the requirements. This is necessary since the manufacturing may cut corners due the production. For example, you’re hiring a supplier for blender production.

You give them the details that its electrical cord should be 1 meter. However, the defected products have cords that either exceeds the length or are below it.

Hence the inspector will continue adding these in the defected product lists. After the list is compiled, he will provide a final decision whether the supplier has conformed to the requirements or not.

On-Site Tests & Checks

These tests are necessary but base on the type of the goods needed. If you’re ordering appliances, then assembled batches must be tested for any flaws.

Quality Control Checklist

How To Choose A Quality Control Company In China

There are certain elements that you need to assess while choosing a QC company in China:

Proper Certification

The company you’re hiring for quality control should be properly licensed and certified. For that, the ISO 9001 certification is necessary. You can also ask for a QASIQ license.

Professional Reporting

The company should be professional in their dealings, especially reporting. They should provide accurate and timely reports whenever request. In addition, they should also report any issues they are facing with your QC checklist.

Variety Of Control Services

A reliable company will provide a variety of quality control services, including:

  • pre-production inspection
  • on-line inspection
  • pre-shipment inspection
  • Container loading supervision and more.

Environmental and social auditing can also be added to the requirements.


The company you’re hiring for QC should be an expert in their workability. There’s no point in hiring someone that doesn’t have the expertise in the domain you want.

That is why it is essential to hire a company that has the expertise you want. In this way, they will be able to ensure viable operations necessary for QC at the production.

Understanding Requirements

The QC company you’re hiring form China should have a clear understanding of what you need. They should provide consultation on what can be improved.

Easy Booking

You don’t want to keep waiting for the QC company to free their schedule for you. That is why you need someone that can book your services. They should also make time to communicate accurately.


Upfront and affordable costs are other factors to see for in QC companies.

You need to make sure that while getting quality inspections, you also get budget-friendly estimates. The company you choose should be able to cater to your needs promptly within the quote given.

How To Work With Quality Control Companies In China

Keeping the above factors in mind, you need to ensure seamlessness in overall communication.

It is necessary to provide an elaborative and clear checklist to the agents regarding your needs. Moreover, you can also ensure that the company is well-reputed for its services.

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Top 5 Quality Control and Inspection Companies in China


QIMA is a leading name for QC and China inspection services.

The company provides transparent pricing with fast turnaround time and flexible scheduling.

They also manage your supply chain while ensuring overall safety.


Asia Quality Focus

The company was established in 2007 as China Quality Focus. It was renamed to Asia Quality Focus in 2011 when it expanded to 13 more countries.

They provide numerous services for their quality control and inspections. Social audit, supplier qualification, extensive factory audit, etc. are some of their primary services.

KRT Audits

It’s a US-based company that was established in 1990. It offers an extensive range of quality control services including supplier audits, product testing, etc. It also provides quality assurance with real-time testing.

KRT Audits

Bureau Veritas InSpec

The company is the leading testing and inspection company in China. It has been around for more than two centuries and offers quality booking platform services. Customers can book their services within minutes using their solutions.

Bay Source Global

The company focuses on outsourcing manufacturing. It helps with design improvements, coordinating shipping, etc. It also provides QC for large and medium based businesses.

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Bay Source Global

LeelineSourcing – Your Quality Control Agent in China

LeelineSourcing is a name that you can trust for your quality control needs. The company offers:

Quality Control Services in China

LeelineSourcing provides quality control services in China. The company is certified with ISO 9000 compliance. It also has certified QC inspectors that have years of experience in the domain.

Moreover, the company ensures seamlessness in the supply chain. It helps minimize disruptions and protects your brand reputation through QC parameters.

Supplier Audits in China

LeelineSourcing helps in factory audits in China, including:

  • Ensuring safe and ethically supplied goods. All working parameters are evaluated before production
  • Ensures protection of your brand’s reputation against operational or ethical risks
  • Ensures seamlessness in communication. LeelineSourcing provides a comprehensive profile view to the supplier before business commencement.

Product Inspections in China

LeelineSourcing provides professional testing services and product inspections in China. The company gives:

  • IPC – Initial Production Check
  • DUPRO – During Production Inspection
  • PSI – Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • CLC – Container Loading Check
  • PM – Production Monitoring

Why Leelinesourcing?

We give our clients upfront costs for our services. Leelinesourcing is well reputed for its fast turnaround time (within 48 hours). In addition, we provide our clients with easy and flexible scheduling.

You can modify or cancel the order until 4 pm (China time). Our effective supply chain management allows customers to get detailed services.

We provide effective payment options too. Our company ensures safe production and comprehensive reporting.

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FAQs for Quality Control in China

How Do I Know If They Are Experienced Enough For My Product?

Most companies are well-experienced in QC services. However, you need to assess them whether they are offering expertise in your required domain or not.

What Is The Standard Quality Inspection Price In China?

The standard China quality inspection price is $180 to $300 per inspection. This includes transportation and the creation of a checklist. Some companies also offer discounts.

How Can You Pay For Quality Control Services?

You can pay similar to freight forwarding services. This can be done using PayPal, cheque, credit card or bank transfer.

If Chinese Factories Have Their Own Internal Quality Control Measures, Why Not Trust Them?

Most of the companies don’t work in your interest. That is why to ensure quality, you must hire your own inspection company for QC.

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China Factory Audit Services For Importing From China

If I Am Importing Simple Products That My Supplier Has Worked On Before, Do I Still Need Third-Party QC Services?

Finding a reliable supplier in China can be a hassle. It is better to get third party QC services even if you’re hiring a supplier that has worked in the domain.

How Will A Third Party QC Company Help Me Avoid Defective Goods And Delayed Deliveries?

Any China quality control company will keep an eye on the production. It will make sure that all the parameters are met. It will prevent you from working with an inefficient company.

What Is The Average Turnaround Time For Product Quality Testing As A Service?

It takes 48 hours to 2 weeks on average.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Get The Inspection Report?

The duration depends on the company that conducts the inspections. It takes from a few hours to few days. An initial draft is made which is then reviewed and sent.


Quality control China manufacturing is an important part of your production.

You need to keep all necessary parameters in mind to ensure quality production. Your checklist should be clearly communicated with your supplier to ensure flawless manufacturing.

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