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Alibaba Freight Forwarder

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Product Sourcing

goods procurement

Leeline’s strength is to find high-quality Chinese factories for you and strive for competitive prices, grow with you and expand commercial scale.

Factory Audit

Factory Audit of Security

Before starting to cooperate with the factory, it is necessary to do research and certification of the factory, which can greatly reduce your business risk. Leeline will be your best choice for factory audit.

Product Inspection

Inspection Services for Goods & Retail

If there are too many inferior products, It greatly affects the customer experience so product quality inspection is very necessary.

Amazon FBA Prep

Amazon FBA Prep

We provide high-quality Amazon FBA Prep service to help you increase Amazon sales and focus on serving customers.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Let leeline help you transport goods from China to the Amazon FBA warehouse, we provide you with the most competitive prices and the most stable shipping time.


We process the customer orders of 500 shopify sellers every day, and deliver them to customers through E-packet or logistics line, 7-15 working days.


Let Leeline Help you Transport Products from China

Products Sea Freight Shipping from China

Sea Freight Shipping

When freight occupies a large profit of the product, the use of shipping can greatly reduce transportation costs and increase product profit margins.

Products Air Freight Shipping from China

Leeline cooperates with DHL, Fexdex, UPS and other world’s largest air express companies to provide you with the fastest and most efficient transportation method.

Products Rail Freight Shipping from China

Rail Freight Shipping

When you plan to ship commodities to Europe or the Middle East, rail transportation is a very good choice, let leeline develop a rail shipment plan for you.

Products Door to Door Shipping from China

Flashlight Door to Door Shipping from China

We can provide you with door-to-door transportation services that transport goods directly from the factory to your warehouse, with flexible transportation methods and optimal logistics costs.

 ​​Alibaba Freight Forwarder Guide: How To Find The Right Alibaba Freight Forwarder?

Alibaba freight forwarding is an easy way to get your goods shipped to you in no time. However, you must take measures to minimize the issues in the proceedings.

Businesses need to manage their shipments to manage their global operations.

A freight forwarder is used for assistance since imports occur from various locations globally. Freight forwarders such as Alibaba freight forwarding are used to simplify the logistics.

This helps in improving business speed while aiding in the effectiveness of the supply chain. The business owners can focus on more details that are important rather than focusing on their shipment. The freight forwarders provide real-time information on the shipment progress. They also assist in processes during negotiation with the supplier.

​ Freight Forwarding

What Is Alibaba Freight Forwarder?

Alibaba is by far the largest e-commerce company by numbers, bigger than eBay and Amazon. It helps connect buyers from all over the world with the suppliers, especially from Asia. Moreover, it has a comprehensive directory that makes it easier to locate suppliers in every domain.

Like other companies, Alibaba also has freight forwarders that assist in shipping goods. It makes it easier for the customers to get their goods shipped without any hassle. One thing to note here is that freight forwarder does not move the goods but helps in managing the logistics network. Alibaba freight forwarders assist in making sound decisions for the buyer’s logistics.

What Does An Alibaba Freight Forwarder Do?

Alibaba freight forwarder has similar functions. It assists in simplifying the general logistics process. It also manages different elements of international transportation. Moreover, it aids in ensuring compliance for international shipments.

Apart from that, Alibaba freight forwarder helps regulate imports and exports according to international regulations. It aids in making the shipping process economic, negotiating the price while deciding the fastest route for it.

​alibaba freight forwarder

The Pros And Cons Of Choosing Alibaba Freight Forwarder:

There are several pros and cons of choosing an Alibaba freight forwarder. Here are some of them:



One of the main perks of using Alibaba freight forwarding is that it ensures cost-effectiveness. The overall costs of the shipping process are reduced greatly. It is beneficial, especially for small businesses that need to manage their budget for shipment costs.

Larger businesses can benefit from it by making use of their assistance in locating effective suppliers. Moreover, they can also benefit from getting their customized products approved and shipped in a lesser amount of time and money.

Similarly, smaller businesses can find suppliers that will offer them the products they need in minimal amounts. The most risk that buyers have is regarding payments. However, a freight forwarder will help negotiate a viable price as well as ensure product quality accordingly.

The Process Is Fast

A regular shipment can take months to arrive. However, with Alibaba freight forwarding agents, your shipment can arrive early. These agents research for the most optimal route for the shipment.

They also coordinate with the suppliers to ensure quality products to be delivered on time. The process becomes efficient, safe, and agile for the buyers. The platform makes it easier for the users as well as the suppliers to coordinate. This ensures seamless communication, making the process fast.


Another benefit of hiring an international freight forwarder company is that they are experienced in managing logistics. They know how to deal with the logistics documentation and compliances. Moreover, they also provide a risk assessment for the shipment, ensuring safety during customs checking.

The risk assessment involves an assessment of the various parameters in the transaction. Parameters such as supplier profile, payments, documentation, order processing, order manufacturing, product quality, final inspections, etc. are included in this list. All these are assessed to minimize the risk of scams and inefficient service.

Safety Ensured

As highlighted, Alibaba freight forwarders ensure the safety of your goods. They do not ensure complete safety but reduce the number of errors that can occur during the process. Moreover, you do not need to focus on your shipment once you have hired a freight forwarder.

You can focus on other important elements of your business without worrying about logistics. A freight forwarder company will be able to assist with the entire process without you hassling with the process.

Guaranteed Arrival

Once hired, the Alibaba freight forwarder will ensure the guaranteed arrival of your shipment. They research the most optimal route while coordinating it with the suppliers. Moreover, all parameters are discussed and assessed beforehand, which saves time.


Apart from the aforementioned perks of using an Alibaba freight forwarder, here are some cons that you should watch out for:

Entrustment Issue

As highlighted earlier, you are entrusting your goods and shipment to a third party. This party is responsible for making your shipment arrive safely and on time. Even if you may have opted for freight forwarding before, fear regarding the circumstance can still ruin your peace. Therefore, every assessment has to be made beforehand to guarantee the safety of the shipment.

Data Deficiency

Data deficiency can occur when the assessment factors and compliance reports are not coordinated with the supplier. It is one of the major causes of shipment delays. Loss of information, communication barriers, etc. are some of the data deficiency issues that cause the delay.

Moreover, a shipment delay means that your customers will not be getting the products on time. This would damage your repute in the market. If in case the products delivered are for your production, this would minimize your production performance.

How To Find The Right Alibaba Freight Forwarder?

Finding the right type of a freight forwarder is as important as the overall process. However, you can follow these steps for finding the right Alibaba freight forwarder for your business:

Knowing the Type of the Forwarder You Need

The first thing to do is to assess what kind of a forwarder you need. Freight forwarders function in different domains. These can include refrigerated goods, bulk materials, fresh produce, hazardous materials, etc.

Choosing the forwarder will rely on:

  • The type of goods you want
  • Your transportation requirements
  • Handling requirements (in case the goods are fragile)
  • Storage requirements

Keeping these requirements in mind, you can choose one of the following models for freight forwarding:

Online Freight Forwarder

Moving with digitalization, online forwarders operate via online platforms. These platforms are designed to cater to the requests of the customers. From getting quotes to booking and paying for the forwarder, buyers can easily get their forwarder ready for their shipment. You can easily track the shipment online.

Consultative Freight Forwarder

Despite the perks of an online freight forwarder, consultative freight forwarders offer a wide range of services. A consultative freight forwarder provides a comprehensive network of shipping, storage, and other details.

A consultative freight forwarder provides full logistics services for its clients. These can include management of complex shipment processes, tracking, one call consultation, etc. A drawback of this forwarder is the increased cost. Its prices are higher with the additional services compared with other types of freight forwarders.

Low-Cost Freight Forwarder

If you have got a budget to maintain, then this the kind of forwarder for you. The low cost freight forwarder helps compete for prices for import and export. You can find several transportation methods depending upon the services offered.

Global Freight Forwarders

As evident from the name, the global freight forwarders operate globally with operations in multiple countries. These offer a wide array of services, even asset-based, that cover land, air, and sea-based logistics operations. You can easily refine the type of services you want, and coordinate with them for a seamless operation.

Evaluating the Forwarders Located

While keeping in mind the type of forwarder you need, it is time to evaluate some to make a choice. You need to make sure that the one you are opting for is efficient since you would form a long-term relationship with them. An effective choice may lead to the changing of the partner, which is labor-intensive. It is also unproductive as it slows the process.

Setting a Selection Criteria

When selecting a forwarder, you need to set criteria that will assess the forwarders. This will allow you to narrow down your search to fewer choices, helping to make a good choice for Alibaba shipping options. For this purpose, you can set:

  • The trade lane for which most of your shipment will move
  • The type of services that you want to be covered by your forwarder
  • The type of transportation, storage, and handling you need for your goods

You will find numerous forwarders that will cover these requirements. In doing so, you can also narrow down the choices based on experience, compatibility ratio, repute in the market, etc.


Once you have set your criteria and selected a few forwarders, it is time to narrow down your choices. You can determine your choice of using your criteria. This would help to choose the one that offers the maximum, if not the same services you need. You can use this information for choosing air, ocean, and land forwarders likewise.


After you have come across the final list of forwarders that are up to your requirements, it is time to assess them personally. Searching for their profiles, checking for their experience, repute, and performance is a good way to ensure a competent choice.

This is done because it is not necessary that your choices may be the best. That is why one must ensure to evaluate every choice on individual levels so that only the most desirable one can be opted for.

Moreover, several scammers pose themselves as manufacturers. They take orders from the buyer at higher rates while contacting with real manufacturers. During the order preparation, they cut costs on the materials, processing inferior quality products. After the transaction is completed, these scammers disappear from the scene. That is why it is essential to avoid such scammers.

In addition to these scammers, many wholesalers also pose as suppliers. They charge high rates similar to scammers. Similarly, they also cut costs on materials during production. These wholesalers then send the products as well as keep some for their inventory. This creates copyright violations as these wholesalers can sell these products at a lower price from their platform.

That is why you must dive deep into selecting the manufacturers listed. It will help avoid scammers, as well as, help protect your investment. Following these processes will aid in choosing a reliable Alibaba freight forwarding company.

Top 10 Alibaba Freight Forwarders:

Here are the top 10 Alibaba freight forwarder companies that can help with your shipments effectively:

1.      Leelinesourcing

Leeline Sourcing is one of the most reputed sourcing companies in China. The company has been registered in Hong Kong since 2009 and established its footings in mainland China in 2014. The company offers a diverse range of sourcing services. These cover product sourcing, inspection services, supplier sourcing, etc.

The company also specializes in Alibaba freight forwarder services. With a comprehensive way of working, the company ensures to cover every aspect of the logistics network for its customers. Their team has experts that are professional and highly knowledgeable regarding the Chinese market. The company works with millions of suppliers and coordinate efficiently regarding freight forwarding process effectively.


2.      Sinotrans Long Haul Group Co. LTD

Sinotrans Long Haul Group Co. Ltd. is another example of intelligent logistics services. The company was registered in 2002 and has ever since grown exponentially with over 23,000 employees. The company covers all parts of China and five continents in their services. Their comprehensive logistics network makes them the largest logistics integrator in China. Moreover, the company offers a diverse range of services, including B2B supply chain logistics and e-business services with efficiency.

Sinotrans Long Haul Group Co. LTD

3.      China Travel International Investment HK LTD

The China Travel International Investment HK Ltd. is an investment holding company. Their main service segment includes tourist attractions, including hoteling, theme parks, travel services, etc. These services allow the company to engage in cross border transportation services, which makes them a good choice for freight forwarding, especially if you want goods related to their service domain.

4.      Jianfa Logistics Group Co. LTD

Jianfa Logistics Group Co. Ltd is another freight forwarding company that is working in the domain. The company was incorporated in 2000 and has delivered competitive services ever since. It has over 200 employees as of 2018. The company has been functioning with competence, which has uplifted its performance. The company reported a net sales revenue increase of more than 35%. Moreover, it has also reported a growth in assets by 9.18% (2018).

5.      Sinosteel International Freight Co. LTD

Another name in the industry of support logistics in Sinosteel International Freight Co. Ltd. The company was established in 1954, and it has developed competence ever since. It offers a wide range of logistics services, including management for shipping, warehousing, terminals, etc.

The company specializes in freight forwarding and offers a diverse range of operations. They make the entire process efficient by offering extended service coverage for the logistics management needed by their clients.

6.      Jincheng International Logistics Group Co. LTD

The company was incorporated in 1995 and has proven its expertise in the domain with its competitive services. The company is also known for its competitive freight forwarding services that are able to cater to the requests of its clients promptly.

It also serves in the aviation transportation method and generates about $1.99 million in sales. The company offers services while managing contacts, financials as well as competitor’s information to further their expertise.

7.      Zhenhua Logistics Group Co. LTD

Founded in 1993, Zhenhua Logistics Group Co Ltd. has become one of the most famous freight forwarding companies in the world. The company has invested in multiple business ventures. This includes China Communication Construction Company Ltd. and China International Marine Containers Co Ltd.

The company possesses a total number of 36 subsidiaries and has over 3000 employees because of its venture. The company operates in more than 80 countries around the world. It offers an extensive range of logistics management and supply chain services for its clients with efficiency.

8.      Zhongtong Ocean Logistics Group Co. LTD

Another name in the freight forwarding market is Zhongtong Ocean Logistics Group Co. Ltd. The company has been operating in the domain for quite some time now. Ever since its incorporation, the company has offered a wide array of operational services for extensive logistics management.

9.      China Railway United Logistics Co. LTD

China Railway United Logistics Co. Ltd. or CRUL is one of the leading state logistics companies in China. Mainly railway forwarders in the country to cater to the increased needs established this company. This is the reason why it has an unparalleled advantage in bulk cargo.

The mode of transportation being the railway gives it a unique position in terms of offering services to the clients. Its integrated customer services are referred to as value chain for the customers since it offers a competitive range of solutions under one roof. Moreover, it also delivers goods and shipments from one country’s mines to other country’s steel mills. In this manner, it helps businesses to improve their import and export processes.

China Railway United Logistics Co. LTD

10. Shenzhen Huayun International Logistics Co. LTD

Located in Tianjin Branch, China, Shenzhen Huayun International Logistics Co. Ltd. is a part of the freight forwarding services industry. The company has been working in the domain for the past many years and has over 500 employees across its locations.

Apart from that, the company generates more than $5.5 million in sales. The company has been offering freight forwarder services with efficiency. One of the intriguing elements about the firm is the communication that makes it possible for the customers to choose the best option for themselves.

How Much Does Alibaba Freight Cost?

The cost of Alibaba freight depends upon the supplier that you are getting the products from. Before getting an order, you must communicate with the supplier regarding the method that they calculate the cost in.

It can be according to weight in kilograms and the supplier that you’re getting the shipment from will charge as per their weight pricing. For general goods, the shipping fee can vary depending upon the weight as follows:

  • For goods that are 0.5kg to 10 kg, the shipping cost will be around $20 to $100.
  • For goods that are 10kg to 20kg, the shipping fee will be around $100 to $200.
  • For goods that weight from 21kg to 100kg, the shipping fee will be around $1200 to $500

As stated earlier, the shipping fee depends upon the average weight cost that has been set by the supplier. Every supplier has different rates set that have been accepted by Alibaba. Before ordering, you should get in touch with the supplier to know about the prices as well as the minimum order quantity. This will help you decide on which supplier to hire that has the best rates.

What Is The Shipping Time From Alibaba?

The shipping time depends on several factors. These include:

  • Order preparations
  • Production time
  • Shipping time

All these factors should be considered before making an order so that any lag can be dealt with effectively. Working with Alibaba, you will need to take some time to identify the best supplier for your order needs.

The process is hectic, as you need to identify the supplier, get samples, confirm samples, negotiate the price, and get the papers of Sales Agreement ready. All this process can take months.

On the other hand, you can pick a random supplier, give them the details for the order, and send a digital invoice. Later, when the supplier approves the invoice, you can send the money to get the order ready. However, all this is quite risky.

The shipment process may take from 15 days to 6 months depending upon the kind of order that you have placed. The more complex the order, the more time it will take for the production. Hence, it will increase the shipment time too.

FAQ For Alibaba Freight Forwarding:

Here are some FAQs that can provide some useful and quick information:

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What Is The Best Shipping Method For Alibaba?

Choosing a shipping method is a hassle. It depends upon the type of goods that you are ordering from the platform. Apart from that, goods’ weight, volume, destination country, etc. are some other factors to be considered too.

Depending on these factors, you can consider three methods accordingly.

  • Courier is good for the items that are under 100kg. It is fast and cost-effective than the rest of the methods if you are ordering something under the weight mentioned earlier.
  • Air transport is good for items that weigh 100kg to 800kg. It takes about 8 to 15 days for delivery.
  • Shipping is mostly used for bulk items and takes about a month for delivery.

Hence, the type of shipping method best for you depends upon the type of goods you are ordering. Air freight may be costly but it is able to bring even bulk items in about 10 days.

How Long Does Alibaba Take To Ship?

The shipment from Alibaba is dependent on several factors. Order approval, production, inspection, etc. are some of these factors. Keeping these factors into consideration, it can take from 15 days to 6 months to ship your order.

Why Is Alibaba Shipping So Expensive?

In case you are ordering from Alibaba and using their shipping, then it is recommended to try to use ship freight instead of other methods. However, if you are using your shipping freights then it is possible that you can settle to a fair amount. Ordering in bulk amounts can make a fair deal, and many suppliers can settle for discounts too.

How Does Shipping Work With Alibaba?

All you need to do is to register yourself on Alibaba. Then, you need to find yourself a reliable supplier. Ensure to ask them about unit price, minimum order quantity, payment options, etc. Once these details are discussed, you can ask them for samples.

After the samples are approved, you can ask the company to manufacture your products while negotiating the price. When the products are ready, the company will ship the products to your desired location or you can ask your shipment to pick them for you. In which case, you can negotiate the price for the overall production too.

Can You Trust Alibaba?

Yes! Alibaba is a reliable source for getting products. In fact, it is the biggest online store functioning in terms of manufacturing. Alibaba administration takes countless measures to protect its buyers from scams.

Moreover, it implements certain security features too that help safeguard both buyer and the supplier in the process. This helps the platform to sustain its credibility as well as provide real-time services to those connected with it.

In doing so, Alibaba provides its customers with instructions to look for reliable suppliers. Communication, requesting quotes, etc. are some of the parameters that you can evaluate before you buy goods from Alibaba.

How To Check Alibaba Product Quality?

There are scammers on Alibaba that masquerade themselves as suppliers. However, Alibaba itself makes effective checking to prevent scams that can ruin their customer base. In doing so, there are several ways that you can check the product quality.

The first thing to do is to order a sample according to the specifications of your product. This will help you get the idea of the quality that the manufacturer is offering. Apart from that, before even asking a supplier, you can look at their profile and previous orders.

In terms of payment, Alibaba offers Escrow as a payment option. This option allows you to keep your money safe as Escrow keeps it to itself until the buyer receives the goods. When the buyer reports the acceptance of the delivery, Escrow then releases the payment to the supplier.

In this way, you can avoid getting faulty products from your supplier. Another method that you can choose is getting your products inspected before shipment.

Does Alibaba Have Free Shipping?

Yes! Alibaba has free shipping options for certain products. If the suppliers list the products you need in the free shipping category, then you can get them delivered easily. However, if you are in need of custom products, then you may be charged for shipping.

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How Leeline Sourcing Help You Find Alibaba Freight Forwarding?

Leeline Sourcing is a fantastic platform that specializes in handling sourcing and freight forwarding. The company has been working in the domain for the past many years now. It has been offering stupendous solutions, helping clients to get the best products with seamless proceedings.

Form negotiating with the suppliers in pricing to ensuring safe freight forwarding, Leeline Sourcing aids in every process. Moreover, the company also helps locate efficient suppliers that can prove to form long term relationships with the clients.

From communication to long term commitment, the firm provides a competitive set of services that the clients can benefit from. Leeline Sourcing provides worldwide shipping with order consolidation that makes it easy to save costs up to 70% on shipping.

Another element that the company offers is effective quality checking services. It helps minimize the issues with product quality. This helps save time and money on the improvement of the products after a quality check.

All these perks make Leeline Sourcing a valuable choice for freight forwarding services that you can hire. The firm also assists in helping clients in how to find freight forwarders with a reliable profile. The extensive experience in the domain enables the firm to offer them real-time performance with seamless and promising results.

Final Thoughts On Alibaba Freight Forwarding

Getting products from Alibaba is easy. All you need to do is to find a reliable supplier so that you can get your products without any hassle. Choosing a reliable freight forwarding frim such as Leeline Sourcing to get assistance in the process. Just ensure to choose the right kind of the forwarder you need to make the proceedings smooth. In addition, ensure to communicate the requirements of your product so that you may get effective results.

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