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Start a private label dropshipping business from scratch. YOU PAY 40% less price for buying products. Leelinesourcing helps source high-quality and revenue-generating products.


Private Label DropShipping

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Our Private Label Services Include:

Product Development

Product Development

You CUSTOMIZE THE PACKAGING of the private label products. Using the mock-up sample from the company, we combine PACKAGING IDEAS.

The design and minimum order quantity are up to you.

Confirming Samples

We work with several brands that offer samples at the lowest prices. You receive samples of private-label products of HIGH-QUALITY.

With sample confirmation, Leelinesourcing helps source high-quality customer-winning products.

Confirming Samples
following Up Production

Following Up Production

Our top priority is ensuring that the products match the sample quality. Our company monitors the manufacturing of products every other day.

You benefit from the quick availability of products.

Quality Inspection

All products get checked to ensure they meet international standards.  QUALITY-CHECKS performs on every product.

With us, you never deal with poor-quality of products. The products you get are WORTH IT, saving you money

Product Quality Control
Dropshipping & Fulfillment

Fulfillment and Shipping

You no longer need to MANAGE SHIPMENTS on your own. Working with Leelinesourcing ensures on-time delivery.  Our warehouses provide 18 delivery alternatives for your consumers.

Get customer satisfaction by providing products directly to their home address.

Why Choose Us?

Finding Suppliers

Our sourcing team helps you find trustable suppliers. You save your time and effort by focusing on marketing your business. With our negotiation, you get the samples at your destination for quality checking.

Once you finalize the supplier, we continue to order your shipment.

Quick Processing

With continuous communication with suppliers, our team ensures quick processing. Leelinesourcing delivers the shipments on time, reducing transit time by half.

You don’t need to lose customers with late fulfillment from us. 

Inventory Management

Your inventory stays in our warehouse on your demand. Our professional staff keeps your products safe, avoiding loss of goods.

On every order from your customer, we pack and ship your shipment to the customer.

Global Shipping

Your international shipping is our responsibility. Our freight forwarding team packs and arranges shipments.

By choosing a quick, reliable, and convenient shipping company, we relieve your stress. 

Hear it from fellow Private Label Wholesaler

Private label dropshipping business was a dream to me. Yet, I had no idea where to start from. Knowing about Leelinesourcing, I contacted them, and they changed my life. I never thought dropshipping is so easy for me. They helped me find suppliers, get samples, fulfill my orders, and much more. I recommend Leelinesourcing to everyone who wants to start a private-label dropshipping business.

– Mary , USA

Source Your Private Label Products and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality private label products to help you boost your business.

How to Start A Private Label Dropshipping Business?

Finding reliable and pocket-saving private-label suppliers is like cracking a tortoise shell. 

Yet you want to find an easy path to sell private label items?

Our private-label expert shares experience to guide you through the dropshipping process. You get convenient sourcing of top-quality and trusted private-label products.

So are you curious to dive into details?

Let’s move on. Learn to sell private label products, passing all challenges.

private label dropshipping

What is Private label dropshipping?

Private label dropshipping is a business model where you ship third-party products straight to clients. Private label drop shippers usually don’t have to store any inventory. It gives you the most options regarding what you offer to customers. Besides, you can also choose how you transport goods and repackage products.

Dropshipping under your brand is a direct-to-consumer business approach. It means you may sell products to clients without the standard intermediaries. It also cuts down on the amount of work you have to complete. 

Moreover, many dropshipping services provide speedy shipment and handling. So, you don’t have to rely on third-party logistics. 

Pros & cons of private dropshipping


  1. Branding a Product:  I do branding with Private-label products. Fasten my business logo. And improve my brand recognition.  
  2. Pricing Control: You can reduce the chance of competitors undercutting your price. They won’t be able to offer your brand for less.
  3. Exclusiveness: You’re able to boost customer loyalty and awareness. You may also customize the buying experience, which can improve customer loyalty.


  1. Higher Costs: The setup alone to launch a private label business will set you back at least $1,000 to $1500. Your investment budget may not match the capital requirements 
  2. Higher Risk: If your own brand fails to attract buyers, you may be left with a large stockpile of unsold inventory.
  3. No Real Quality Control: Any flaws in the product’s quality will render you responsible for the lapse. It is because you are not the item’s original producer.
Suggested reading: B2B Dropshipping Ecommerce: Ultimate Guide

Difference between private label drop shipping & white label dropshipping & standard dropshipping 

1. Creativeness

One of the significant differences between them is the creativeness of a product. Private label drop shipping offers a new product formula or customized packaging. But, the other dropship business models won’t. 

As a result, you have a personal brand identity. You can also sell its distinctive formula and other unique attributes. 

My views! 

Creativeness can bring you SUCCESS. Customize your packaging and impress your consumers.

2. Control Over Product Development

Private label drop shippers may have some control over product development. You can also better control the manufacturing process in some circumstances. 

In contrast, the dropship supplier handles all processes for standard dropshipping. The standard dropshipping agent is not in charge of producing the goods. 

3. Exclusiveness

A private label is a brand that is only sold by one store. That means you’re in control of product exclusiveness.

In comparison, a white-label product is a generic product by dropship agents to various shops. 

4. Costing

Private label drop shipping costs more compared to other drop shipping business models. Product creation, testing, and certification are all time-consuming and costly processes. 

But still, I choose it. Do you know why? It is because of HIGHER reputation that earns me more than the cost. 

Moreover, for the pricing of products, private label drop shippers can set their product prices. Whereas other dropship store owners can’t.

How to start the private label dropship business?

1. Research Products to Sell

Winning products are key to success. In the beginning, I knew this FACT. So, find the winning products. 

Suppliers of private label items offer a wide range of best selling products. There are many options, but finding a profitable item is the main issue. You must research consumer demand, cost, and possible competitors. They help create a profitable private label product. 

Testing the product early is a smart way to improve your earnings and limit your losses. It means you’ll start by selling products without labels. After that, only private label the best-selling items.

You can also use customized branded packaging for dropshipping to develop brand loyalty. These custom product packaging will help you build brand awareness.

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

2. Find The Best Niches

Private label drop shipping gives you access to a larger market. Still, you need to find the best niches and work with a trustworthy wholesaler.

Otherwise, you may suffer in marketing your private label products. For instance, issues with your products’ quality, packaging, and delivery. 

Best 6 Dropshipping Products

  1. Eco-friendly Products 
Eco-friendly Products

Many customers nowadays are concerned about sustainability and environmental friendliness. It makes eco-friendly dropshipping products go viral.

Jungle CultureThey sell coconut cutlery and bowls, coconut shell candles, etc.
Green Bear UK
They offer green cleaning products with custom packaging for dropshipping. For instance, floor and window cleaners.
  1. Gardening and Plants
Gardening and Plants

Indoor plants enhance concentration and productivity by up to 15%People are looking for new, creative, soothing, non-digital outlets both indoors and out. Thus, the plant and gardening sector is developing faster than ever.

Dans PlantsIt’s a wholesale store that sells succulents and other plants.
Eve’s GardenIt provides gifts in garden supplies, including a bonsai tree! 
  1. Home and Office
Home and Office

The majority of people still work from home. Video calls have become the preferred mode of communication. Hence employees are paying more attention to their workplaces than ever before.

DeepGreen It provides home office supplies and other loose furniture. 
Da Vinci Lifestyle It offers office desks and chairs, and other types of furniture.
  1. Yoga and Wellness
Yoga and Wellness

People who work from home are looking for methods to get some exercise and unwind. Thus, yoga has become a trend.

Yoga Design LabIt manufactures and creates custom private label yoga accessory lines.
Wandering YogiIt creates custom private label yoga accessories with packaging, logo, or design.
  1. Pet Supplies
Pet Supplies

Drop shippers should think about pet supplies when determining what niche to offer. Starting with feeding bowls, bedding, and toys is always smart.

Natural Pet InnovationIt is a worldwide manufacturer of patented, natural-based product lines. They produce goods for dogs, cats, and horses.
Royal PetIt is a global supplier of products that improve the lives of pets and their owners.
  1. Home Cooking and Baking
Home Cooking and Baking

The food and baking sector is an excellent spot for drop shippers seeking the proper niche. It is because of the rise in cooking-themed videos on social media.

Custom Bake House It provides customized packaging and custom food formulation of baking and drinks mixes.
BakellIt provides private-label baking ingredients. For instance, sprinkles, cake supplies, dazzler dust, and petal dust.

Looking for the Best Dropshipping Products?

Leelinesourcing helps you find the Best Products for dropshipping with high quality at an attractive cost.

3. Choose Suitable Dropshipping Suppliers

How to Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers 

  1. Research

I take a LOOK at all the dropshipping suppliers. Research what they offer and how they work. 

You should also find ones that best fit your needs once you’ve decided on the products you want to sell. You may have to select between a domestic and an international supplier. 

You should also consider raw material sourcing, delivery timelines, and service capabilities.

  1. Contact Suppliers

You can call different suppliers up about the service they provide. They may even supply you with contact information for some of their customers. 

Hence you get first-hand experience working with them before committing to anything. It will be easier to get questions answered.

  1. Request samples from the supplier.

Test their service quality, shipping times, packaging, etc. Make sure you are delighted with your decision. 

Ordering product samples from a dropship supplier is essential. It allows you to see firsthand how your suppliers interact with your business.

Best 15 private label suppliers

HyperSKU offers direct access to Chinese manufacturers. You can also access their fleet of trucks and a global delivery system.
Wiio creates, manufactures, and distributes all your customer orders.
aliexpress payment methods
AliExpress has a large consumer base in many categories like mobile phone accessories.
Alibaba has a vast selection of products at low prices, from t-shirts to household goods. You can also get private label services from them.
Spocket offers thousands of products to help you start your own eCommerce business. It also has many private label drop shipping suppliers available.
Art of Where 
Art of Where 
Art of Where has collaborated with many major companies and online retail stores. It allows them to sell millions of different things.
SupplyMeDirect SupplyMeDirect SupplyMeDirect provides high-quality private label products at low prices. They also help you set up your online retail store.
BTS Wholesaler
BTS Wholesaler
BTS Wholesaler provides dropshipping services and bulk product discounts. They allow you to enhance your earnings while also diversifying your business.
Bigbuy offers personalized delivery of branded items for a private label business owner. It includes your company’s name and emblem.
DropCommerce 2018
DropCommerce has a large number of suppliers. Entrepreneurs may select the best supplier based on more customer feedback and order volume.
Printful has bulk options of products. You may specify the number of products to print and distribute across many orders.
This tea dropshipping store offers a large selection of loose-leaf teas. It includes black, green, white, red, and herbal infusions.
AOP+ Easy Print on Demand
This Asian fashion brand produces high-quality clothing with over 8 years of experience. 
Their online design editor allows you to customize your products easily. It includes women’s apparel, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, etc.
Dripshipper is a dropshipping store that sells to gourmet coffee companies.

Looking to find a reliable dropshipping supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

4. Contact the Manufacturer

Once you’ve decided what you want to offer, seek manufacturers who supply it. Dripshipper, for example, may specialize in a specific product area.

Make a list of potential manufacturers. Contact them to see whether they offer private labeling. Since most manufacturers provide many products, inquire about opening an account. This technique will allow you to source products in the niche you’re interested in. 

Also, inquire if the manufacturer has a minimum order value. It will help you decide whether to keep the inventory or set up a prepaid account with the manufacturer.

5. Get Samples From The Manufacturer

Test the product before making it available for purchase. Some products may appear good online and even sound wonderful from the supplier. But, the truth may be quite different. So, you’ll want to do your homework to ensure that the products meet your expectations.

Do you know why I order the samples? It gives two things.

  •  Product quality. 
  • Show my serious behavior toward the business

It also shows that you have an interest in doing business with them.

6. Set Up An Online Store

After hard work, it’s finally time to start your new private label drop shipping firm. Before launching your online store, do not forget about customer notification emails. You should also prepare everything you need for a functioning online dropshipping store.

You may hold a giveaway for one of the items you plan to sell. It could be a great sales booster if you can develop something unique. For example, imagine your offer goes viral because many people tagged their friends. You now have a shitload of emails to use to sell your items.

7. Market and promote dropshipping business

google ads

After launching, figure out how to bring customers to your business and establish a brand. The following is the marketing tip to increase your business. 

  1. Utilize search engine optimization.

It is sometimes referred to as SEO or search engine optimization. It allows natural referencing dropshipping experts to affect search bar results. So, your e-store appears on the first page with the terms utilized. 

  1. Customize your product descriptions.

Don’t just post standard and occasionally customized product descriptions. Use detailed and compelling content to enhance your items.

  1. Use email to contact potential customers.

I make maximum use of email marketing. It is EASIER and drives REAL-TIME results. 

Customers will be able to subscribe to newsletters. It will keep them up to date on the latest offerings on your website. Research the optimum time to send an email blast to improve your email distribution.

  1. Make use of paid advertising.

You can consider paid advertising choices such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads. Paid advertising is more of a boost to attract visitors rapidly.

  1. Be noticed on YouTube.

You can make tutorials about your area of expertise. Don’t be afraid to reuse written content, advertise your items, and brag about yourself. Making a store more personal is a great value on the internet.

SAFE + EASY Dropshipping from China

We do the hard work in China, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

FAQs about private label dropshipping

Is Standard Dropshipping or Private Label Drop Shipping Better For Beginners?

Standard drop shipping is better if you haven’t figured out your best-selling product. You can try different branded products without commitment. 

Go ahead with private label drop shipping if you have reached your target audience and found the best sellers for you.

Can You Do Private Label Dropshipping With Alibaba/Aliexpress?

Alibaba is ideal for selling private label products. Aliexpress sellers can start their dropshipping business too.
Aliexpress is a business-to-consumer website. The pricing will be higher because the website is not for bulk orders.

In contrast, Alibaba is a business-to-business platform. It means you may order customized goods in bulk from wholesalers or factories.

Is There a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to Do Private Label Dropshipping?

Yes. Because you can personalize private label branding products to your specifications. A factory or supplier will always have minimum orders. It is because a whole manufacturing process has been established for you.

Who Does the Shipping in Private Label Dropshipping?

You must determine whether your supplier offers private labeling or dropshipping services. It is the case when you opt to source the branded products yourself through Alibaba or similar websites. If they do not, you will be responsible for order fulfillment and shipment. 

What’s Next

When done correctly, private label dropshipping is exceptionally profitable. It can opt for an eCommerce business for long-term success. 

In general, it is vital to establish your branding correctly when it comes to branded items. You should select the right dropshipping agent and have a tested product that works. If you haven’t already done these things, stick to regular dropshipping. Keep this until you discover what works and have a consistent quantity of orders.

I hope you find all you need about private label drop shipping in this article. If you have more inquiries regarding private label drop shipping, feel free to contact us.

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