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China Dropshipping Suppliers

  • Leeline helps you get the best Dropshipping product price in China
  • Leeline can help you to do factory certification to ensure the quality of your Dropshipping products
  • You do n’t have to worry about how to choose the right shipping method, Leeline arranges the best and cheapest logistics method for you
  • Leeline provides you with the best Amazon prep service
  • We provide 1 month free warehouse storage

Leeline is Your Best Chinese Dropshipping Partner

Product Sourcing

provide Product Sourcing

Leeline has integrated a lot of Chinese high-quality factory resources. According to your product requirements, we will find the most suitable factory for you within 24 hours.

Factory Audit

Factory Audit VS Quality Inspection

In the process of cooperation with Chinese suppliers, factory audit is a very important part. It can help you confirm the factory’s production capacity and qualifications, and ensure that high-quality products are delivered on time.

Product Inspection

It is very necessary to do product inspection before shipment

If you are not sure about the quality of the goods in the factory, the product quality inspection can dispel your doubts and ensure that the quality of the goods meets your requirements.

Amazon FBA Prep

product packaging

We carry out product packaging according to your requirements, FBA labeling, and also provide multiple product bundle services.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

ocean freight forwarder

Air freight or sea freight is a more appropriate choice during the off-season. Express delivery or air freight is the best choice during the peak sales season to ensure stable FBA inventory and greater profits.



Tell us your dropshipping requirements, we will make the best dropship product delivery plan for you, and provide the best logistics service experience for your customers.

Let Leeline Help You Transport Products From China

Sea Freight from China

transport goods from China by sea

Leeline will do its utmost to deal with your merchandise sea shipping logistics plan, to ensure that products arrive at your warehouse on time and efficiently, and increase product sales.

Air Freight from China

by air

Leeline imports goods from China by air for more than 2,000 customers, providing you with the most competitive air freight prices and the best air time.

Rail Freight from China

rail transportation

For long-distance transportation by land, railway transportation is a more reasonable logistics transportation method, which can reduce shipping costs when ensuring effective results.

Door to Door from China

Flashlight Door to Door Shipping from China

Door-to-door transportation is a very flexible way of logistics transportation, you do not need to have too much knowledge of the logistics industry, you can easily achieve delivery from the factory to your warehouse.

How To Find The Best China Dropshipping Suppliers?

For progressing firmly in the dropshipping business, you need to find reliable dropshipping suppliers. These suppliers should coordinate production and deliver on time products with quality as given.

The dropshipping market is growing rapidly. The increase in e-commerce businesses has led to an increase in the demand for dropshipping. Businesses are focusing on important elements while outsourcing inventory to dropshippers.

However, finding a reliable dropshipping supplier is essential. Since dropshippers will manage stock and inventory, you must find someone reliable for seamless proceedings.

This guide will illustrate the process to find reliable China wholesale suppliers and dropshippers. It will also help guide regarding other elements within the process.

Dropshipping From China

Advantages Of Dropshipping From China

Many people are concerned regarding the benefits of dropshipping from China. Here are some of the appealing perks that you get from it:

Materials Are Easy To Get

One of the most intriguing elements about dropshipping from China wholesale markets is the availability of the materials. China is the biggest manufacturer in the world. When asking for materials, you can be sure to find them in their market.

That is why opting for dropshipping from China will be beneficial since you’ll get all the materials for your goods. Even if you want customized products, you’ll be able to buy from China easily.

China Are Experts At Mass Production

As highlighted, China is the biggest manufacturer in the world. The market is enormous, and most buyers refer to China because of mass production. Numerous suppliers are working in different domains.

The market organizes different trade conventions that the buyers can visit. Moreover, products can easily be ordered in bulk as suppliers have a MOQ (minimum order quantity) set. From apparel to electronics, you can find almost anything in its market.

China Has Refined, Organized, And Fast Production Lines

Another competent element about dropshipping from China is that it offers a refined and organized production. Production can be sorted by elaborating quality parameters before the beginning of the order.

These parameters will define the measurements for quality assessments that the supplier will take care of. Moreover, you can also coordinate regarding the production time.

The supplier will elaborate on the time needed for production based on the requirements. However, you can be sure to get your products within months.

China Has Great Shipping Services

Another element that brings out the best of the dropshipping services from China is their shipping services. Many suppliers that are working in the domain provide shipping services.

The cost of the shipping isn’t much and can be sorted within the final deal. Moreover, there are products that even come with free shipping.

However, products that you order in bulk will cost shipping. On average, it can be sorted with respect to the weight of the products. However, the maximum charges are $500 for products weighing 200k or above.

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manufacture, wholesaler, and retailer.

How to Find the Best China Dropshipping Suppliers?

Now that you know the potential benefits of dropshipping from China, its time to find the best China dropshipping suppliers. Here are some methods that you can choose to find one for your business:

Visit Trade Shows

Just like the US, China also organizes different trade shows. These trade shows allow suppliers in China to promote their services and products. Buyers from around the world visit these trade shows to find suppliers for their needs.

It’s better to visit with Chinese representatives since it will remove the language barrier. Moreover, it will also make it easier it get insights on the supplier’s services.

Important elements such as production, manufacturing methods, quality control, etc. are some factors that you will need guidance on.

Canton Fair and East China Fair are the most popular that you can connect with to find reliable suppliers. Numerous suppliers exhibit their varieties of products and provide essential information on the production. However, you’ll need effective planning for attending the fairs.

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​China Hi-Tech Fair

Search Online

Another method that you can adopt is to cross search suppliers on the internet. This is simple, as many suppliers have established online profiles. It makes it easier for them to attract and communicate with buyers.

However, there are some elements that you should check while searching online. Elements should include:

  • Business license
  • Contact information
  • Certifications
  • Ownership status
  • Company location and address
  • Photos

Although many Chinese companies are well known, some fakes pose as working companies. That is why assessing them on the aforementioned parameters is necessary. You can contact such suppliers and ask regarding their workability.

However, it is not recommended that you proceed with the first supplier that you find. It is better is that you put some effort into researching multiple suppliers.

This will allow you to find suppliers with different services, packages, and pricing. You can have multiple options which can help in the decision making process.

keyword research

Use Dropshipping Tools

Another method for finding reliable dropshipping suppliers from China is to use dropshipping tools. Dropshipping tools have become important since they allow users to navigate through the entire process.

However, these tools have become more important since they allow you to find reliable dropshippers from China. These tools are fast and provide real time and practical assistance for buyers to find dropshippers.

In addition, these tools also help in:

  • Customizing your products
  • Controlling your shipments
  • Contacting suppliers on multiple platforms
  • Buying items online

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The Importance of Having a Good Dropshipping Suppliers

There are several reasons why having a reliable dropshipping supplier is necessary. Here are some of these reasons:

In Order To Avoid Fraud

One of the main reasons to find reliable dropshipping suppliers is to avoid fraud. Many companies that are not suppliers, pose as suppliers on different sites. These companies take orders from the buyers and shift them to their contacted manufacturers.

These manufacturers are instructed to cut costs in materials. This results in loss of quality, which in the end damages your market repute. Since you’ll get poor quality products, your customers won’t be ordering from you again. Hence, it will damage your business resulting in low or no sales.

In addition, such companies often ask for payment first. They do this to get the payment and disappear or deliver only the first inventory. Platforms such as Alibaba, AliExpress, etc. have specialized monetary systems.

These systems take payment from the buyers and save it until the delivery is accepted. However, scamming companies ask for other payment options so that they can run away with the money. That is why it is necessary that you research about the suppliers you’re hiring to ensure you don’t get into any fraud.

Bank, Coin Bank, Security System, Telephone

Product Quality Is Guaranteed

Another reason why reliable dropshippers should be hired is that your product quality isn’t compromised.

As highlighted earlier, scammers would provide quality made samples to get orders from buyers. However, later, they would cut costs on the materials. This would deplete the quality of the products.

Moreover, the production will not be following the designed protocols for the products. The protocols are designed before the order is placed. The supplier has to apply these protocols so that the products maintain their quality.

In addition, such suppliers will also avoid third party quality inspections. They will insist on sending their reports and will send a fake quality inspection report. Lastly, they will mix faulty products in good shipment to make up the loss of inventory.

Finding a reliable dropshipper is, therefore, necessary so that your product quality isn’t compromised. You can look for suppliers that have a high rating on the platform. You can even view previous reviews from their buyers to know how well are they functioning.

Good After Sales Service

You need to have a good after sales service too. Finding a reliable dropshipper will help obtain it easily. A reliable dropshipper will not delay deliveries. Moreover, they will ensure that the products don’t get damaged during the delivery.

All these elements create an effective impact on your customers, which helps to retain them. Considering the low time and high quality of the delivery, your customers will surely return to buy more from you.

This will help improve your after sales services since customers will be returning to buy more from your product lists.

It’s Good For Your Dropshipping Business

Your dropshipping business is as good as your supplier. Their performance impacts directly on your business’s performance. That is why finding a reliable dropshipping supplier is important.

From on time delivery to product quality and complete stock, every element is important. That is why your dropshipper should be efficient enough to handle everything on their side.

How to spot fake dropshipping wholesalers?

For all being said, you will encounter several fake dropshipping wholesalers that will present themselves as suppliers. However, here are some of the signs that you can use to spot out the fake ones:

They Want Ongoing Fees

This is one of the clear indications that the supplier you’re contacting isn’t legitimate. Reliable dropshipping suppliers don’t charge for an ongoing or monthly fee.

The price for the job is determined before the order is placed. The supplier and the buyer can negotiate on the payment before the commencement.

However, if the supplier asks for an additional amount or any other payment, then it shows that they’re fake. There’s a difference between suppliers and directories. Directories are just like a phonebook with different contacts for suppliers.

Many directories are available on the internet for free. However, there are some that ask the users a one time payment for access.

This should not be taken as a sign as they only allow you to access the suppliers’ information. However, accessing these directories means that you’ll not encounter fake suppliers as most of them are legitimate.

They Sell To The Public

Another way to spot out fake suppliers is to see their selling processes. No supplier will be selling their products individually at low prices to the public.

For all buyers and suppliers, it is necessary to register and prove themselves as a legitimate business. That is why if you spot any supplier showing off their products publically at inflated prices, you can be sure that it is not in genuine business.

Per-Order Fees

A pre-ordering fee is often demanded most orders. It ranges from $2 to $5 or even more, depending on the size of the order. In some cases, the supplier may want to have half the payment. However, you can negotiate this payment prior to ordering.

If the supplier persists on full payment of the order, then you can guess that the supplier isn’t reliable. There’s a high chance that the supplier will take the money and won’t deliver.

In the case of the complete payment, you should use the platform’s monetary service that holds the payment until the delivery is made.

The payment has to be made since in most orders, the cost of packing and shipping is high. However, if the supplier insists on using other forms of payment, then you should clearly back off

Minimum Order Sizes

Another way to spot out fake suppliers is from their minimum order sizes. Suppliers have a set minimum order quantity or MOQ. The MOQ is the minimum amount of the order that any buyer must place to get the products from the suppliers.

However, some scammers often put different amounts from what is running in the market. In addition, they also set minimum order pricing for their orders. Most suppliers often do this to screen window-shoppers that will waste time getting individual products.

When applying for orders, make sure to see the minimum order quantity. If the supplier insists on making a complete purchase for the quantity given, even when you’re just opening a dropshipping account, then it’s fake.

Moreover, you can even ask the supplier to make the delivery on credit. This will ensure that you will buy products equal to their MOQ later without placing a large order. If the supplier still doesn’t agree to it, you should better walk away.

List of the Top China Dropshipping Suppliers

Here are some of the top China dropshipping suppliers that you can refer to for your dropshipping business:


AliExpress and Alibaba are the main pioneers of this industry. These companies are the biggest firms when it comes to dropshipping. The main difference between these firms is that AliExpress is a B2C platform whereas Alibaba is a B2B platform.

Being a B2B platform, dropshipping suppliers on Alibaba have a higher MOQ.  On the other hand, you can find single products as well as suppliers with low MOQ on AliExpress. If you want to start your dropshipping business, and looking for suppliers from China, then these are the platforms, to begin with.

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Global Source Direct

Working with a competitive way of sourcing products, Global Source Direct is a platform to hire. One of the compelling features about the platform is that it provides an in depth analysis of the available and adaptable solutions that can be used by your business.

The company helps to organize and secure the management and growth of your business. Moreover, it creates an integrated plan that secures your ownership of the business. Inventory management is done with the help of technical assistance that keeps you informed regarding every process.


Just like AliExpress, Chinabrands is another platform that you can rely on for dropshipping. It also works as a B2C platform, offering singular products to the customers at low rates. It has a variety of products with each domain separated according to the demand of the niche.

The products here are also sorted with respect to different supplier platforms. These platforms include Amazon, Lazada, Shopify, eBay, etc. You can find your desired product as well as compare it on different platforms to get the best price.


World Taobao

If you’re looking for a complete Chinese oriented site, then this platform is the one for you. There are a low number of versions for this site as it is organized in the Chinese language. However, different versions include features from the site which are also similar to B2C workability.

Different products from kids’ collection to accessories are sorted into categories that can be viewed on demand. Moreover, the site features different payment and shipping solutions as well as offers support for navigation.


Dealextreme is another site similar to AliExpress. The site is fascinating with its variety of domains and products sorted in different niche. The compelling view of the website is covered with different products that are featured in the sale.

You can also find different products as well as suppliers on the platform. Another reason why referring to this site is a good choice is that it features some of its top sellers on the platform. Users can easily opt for these or even search on the site for their needs.


If you want to dive in the world of fancy made products available at discounts, then this is the site for you. Focalprice provides a wide variety of products that you can choose for your needs.

You will find designer handbags, gaming equipment, and other goods available at nominal rates here. Moreover, the site has easy navigation that will help you find the products of your choice easily.


The Hong Kong Trade Development Council or HKTDC is a great source to find suppliers for a B2B business. The company has been established in the domain for the past many years now.

It offers a complete insight into the market as well as provide guidance for business exploration. Moreover, opportunities for connecting with different suppliers can be achieved while connecting with different trade shows organized under their supervision.

Global Sources

Keeping their inventory on the go, Global Sources is another platform to refer to for a non-stop dropshipping business. One of the most intriguing elements about the site is that they offer updated quotes from different supplier sites such as Amazon, etc.

Their mobile application is integrated with the site and provides on the go services. Every supplier on the site is verified so you can rest easy regarding scams or frauds. You’ll find different products sorted in their defined categories easily. This allows comparing prices as you can request quotes from other platforms simultaneously.

Global SourcesMade in China

Featuring a wide number of products and domains, Made in China is another supplier site to refer to for your dropshipping business. The site provides access to a wide variety of domains, including construction, décor, accessories, etc.

The products are listed in their respective niche, and users can navigate according to their needs. Moreover, it also provides a quotation fetcher. It allows you to get quotes for your products easily.


When you need a vast inventory displayed all together, then DHgate is the site to refer to. Again, the platform is organized to entertain B2C services. From apparel to sportswear, the site provides a vast variety of products at affordable rates.

An intriguing element about the site is that it provides a defined domain for superior suppliers. These suppliers are regulated based on their performances. Customers that are needing quick and reliable services with high MOQ can refer to these suppliers easily.


If you want to get products on wholesale with discounts, then this is the site for you. Wholesale7 features a wide variety of products for its customers.

Though its focus is on a clothing line for men, women, and kids, you can still find a number of additional products too. Apart from that, you can come across several discount offers that you can avail of to minimize your costs.



From online exhibitions to in depth product range, EveryChina is making its way in some of the top dropshipping supplier sites. The platform offers to redefine searching possibilities. The users can interact with different suppliers directly.

It allows contacting the company for their products without having to compare or locate them. Apart from that, the site features a great variety of product domains from chemicals to solar energy products that you can easily explore for your needs.


From apparel to home accessories, Lightinthebox is another place to refer to dropshipping suppliers. The platform attracts customers with a wide range of products. Moreover, their discounts and clearance sales are one of the appealing factors for the site.

In addition, you can find almost every product from the site as each of its niches has a huge inventory, ready to be explored. The products are featured according to the best sellers, and suppliers can be contacted right away.


It is another platform that provides B2C services. The products are sorted according to their respective categories, which allows the buyers to find products needed, easily.

Moreover, the site also features clearance sales and explores different domains, including industrial products, automotive parts, etc.


Sunskyonline is another great place to refer to for dropshipping suppliers. Similarly to AliExpress, the site offers a wide variety of products with same day shipping services too.

Moreover, trendy products can be found on the product line, which makes it easier to find the trendiest products easily.


FAQ about China Dropshipping Suppliers

Here are some FAQs about dropshipping suppliers that will help you in your business:

Where can I dropship for free?

There are various platforms that you can choose for free dropshipping. Platforms, including AliExpress, Chinabrands, Dropship Direct, etc. allow free dropshipping.

However, free dropshipping is only offered for a specific set of products. For example, AliExpress allows free dropshipping for its products in the general category. You need to see the category that offers this service.

Can you start dropshipping with no money?

One of the biggest perks of dropshipping business is that it requires almost no investment. Since the inventory is handled by a third party supplier, all you need to do is to set up your website. The customers will order from your website.

That order will be processed by the dropshipper. On completion, you will get your end from the dropshipper. This shows that almost no investment is needed apart from setting up your brand, which is the basic requirement for every business.

Why do most dropshippers fail?

There are several reasons behind the failure of a dropshipping business. Here are a few:

  • Most dropshippers often make hefty moves. The lack of patience causes ineffective decision making, resulting in failure
  • Once started, you would need to expand in the business. This included buying dropshipping tools, getting real time analytics reports, etc. Those failing to invest in time result in failing the entire business
  • Your dropshipping platform is as important as the dropshipping tool you choose. Most dropshippers also fail because they choose the wrong platform for dropshipping.
  • Your prices should be economical, even if the business is booming. Many dropshippers often raise their prices which results in loss of customer count.
  • You need to have effective after sales services to keep your customers attracted to the site. Most dropshippers also fail because of their poor customer support.

These are some of the reasons why most dropshipping businesses fail. The point is to keep an eye on the growing trends in the business.

As highlighted, the dropshipping market is becoming saturated with different businesses. Many people are now investing in the domain to increase their business proficiency. That is why innovation is needed to help improve the chances of progress.

How much money can you make from dropshipping?

Dropshipping profits are low as compared with the retail market. However, once the business is on its way to progress, you can gain profits by slightly increasing your prices.

Remember, your customers are attracted to your business due to low prices. Ensure to keep them economical than other brands so that your clientele won’t deplete.

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Does dropshipping still work in 2020?

Yes! In fact, it is one of the fastest growing markets in 2020. One of the biggest perks of choosing dropshipping is that it allows you to manage the other important elements of your business. T

he inventory management is handled by the dropshipper only. If you’ve got a reliable dropshipping supplier, then you can rest easy as the entire process can be streamlined.

However, the market for dropshipping becoming saturated as many people are investing in it. There’s a need to make continuous progress so that your dropshipping business doesn’t get stranded in one place.

How LeelineSourcing help you find the best China Dropshipping Suppliers?

LeelinesSourcing is another platform that you can rely on for finding China dropshipping suppliers. The company has been servicing in the domain for the past many years and is an expert in China products.


The administration is well managed and provides definite assistance for clients seeking help in China online shipping.

One of the intriguing elements of the firm is that it offers a wide variety of sourcing services for the customers. From China wholesale supplier location to finding the best dropshippers, it ensures seamlessness in every service.

Apart from that, the company has an integrated system of communication. It allows the firm to offer real time performance assessment to the clients. When it comes to finding dropshipping suppliers, the firm takes care of the entire process. This includes

  • Locating suppliers
  • Negotiating order and pricing details
  • Managing production requirements
  • Implementing quality control protocols
  • End supply quality inspection
  • Fast shipping and delivery

LeelineSourcing is one of the biggest names in its domain that offers competent sourcing services to clients, worldwide. With years of experience in the sourcing industry, you can hire their services to get seamless proficiency for your dropshipping business.

Final thoughts on China Dropshipping Suppliers

Beginning your dropshipping business is easy. However, you would need to find reliable dropshipping suppliers to ensure competent progress. You can assess several parameters if you’re finding suppliers on your own.

Apart from that, you can rely on sourcing firms such as LeelineSourcing to help locate reliable suppliers for your business.

While managing your dropshipping business, make sure to integrate dropshipping tools so that you can get real time reporting for the entire process.

In addition, ensure that your suppliers are reliable so that any hassle can be avoided. This can be a game changer for your business as it can significantly impact your business’s growth.

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