Door To Door Shipping From China: Transform Your Logistics

Two THINGS impress consumers. Make GUESSES!!

  • Good QUALITY 
  • Fast Shipping 

Late DELIVERY DROPS out 90% of the BUSINESS! I AM SURE you’ll NEVER try to lose a single CUSTOMER. Isn’t it so?

Go ONE MILE EXTRA for CONSUMERS’ comfort. (How?) Rely on the DOOR to door shipping from China.

But who is the BEST single FREIGHT FORWARDER? It is none other than LEELINE SOURCING. Our shipping AGENTS are FAST and guarantee TIMELY delivery. Even TRACK ORDERS and boost confidence! Fly HIGH in the sky with your sales.

Do you want to know MORE about door-to-door shipping? Well, this GUIDE is TREAT for you. Learn about the ENTIRE process and suitable incoterms.

Let’s BE REAL!

Door To Door Shipping

What Is Door-To-Door Shipping? How Does It Work? 

Door-to-door shipping refers to SHIPMENTS arriving at your DOORSTEP. Delivery from SUPPLIER’S location to your doorstep comes under this category.

I am wondering how it works. Let’s take a WALK in the park.

  • Identification of products. The importer KNOWS the suppliers. Procure the PRODUCTS.
  • Contract with door-to-door freight forwarder. Importer LAYOUTS the shipping plan. Partners with the TRUSTED Freight FORWARDER to ship orders.
  • Freight forwarder picks products from suppliers or buyer’s warehouses. Then, shipping occurs through AIR or sea shipping.
  • Customs Clearance. Customs DUTIES and PAPERWORK rely on a freight forwarder. So, choose wisely.
  • Delivery. Your shipping agents get CLEARANCE at your import borders. Finally, loading into trucks and SHIPPING to your doorstep occurs.
  • Transportation. Now, the PORT to PORT shipping occurs. For example, shipping from China to the US port counts on a freight forwarder.

Top agents like LEELINE SOURCING offer a SEAMLESS experience. You don’t have to WORRY about customs duties and PAPERWORK. We will HANDLE it. Track your ORDERS and become the PREFERENCE for your consumers.

Top Tip: It is BETTER to work with an experienced team like LEELINE SOURCING. You’ll get ONE-CLICK shipping.

Advantages Of Door-To-Door Shipping 

Advantages of Door-to-Door Shipping 

Door-to-door shipping can RESULT in many PERKS. Let’s talk about its POSITIVE points.

  • Convenience

Looking for some PEACE in your life while shipping.  Look no further. DOOR-TO-DOOR shipping adds SOLACE to your life.

What is your DESTINATION country? Suppose you have a FINAL address in Alaska. A logistics company will SHIP products from your China supplier.

Ship it to your borders. Get CUSTOMS CLEARANCE. (No need to do anything.)

Finally, the products get shipped to your DOORSTEP. It is 100% convenient and SUPER EASY. Guess what? Attend the AFFORDABLE shipping rates with LEELINE SOURCING’s freight forwarders.

  • Optimized Delivery
Optimized Delivery

Do you have some PLANS for delivery customization? Relax! Get DIFFERENT shipping options like SEA FREIGHT or air shipping. Ask the EXPERTS to customize your PACKAGING. Make packaging more BRANDED!

Moreover, various fulfillment center LOCATIONS safely STORE products. Enhance their TRANSIT security. And bestows a NEW life to the products. Extend your PRODUCT life with EXPERIENCED freight forwarders. Minimize the PRODUCT damage LOSSES.

  • A Simpler process

Old days are BYGONE. Rest on the TOP shipping options. Get an EXTENSIVE NETWORK to TACKLE the whole shipping process.

What you have to do— rest! Don’t lift even a FINGER! AMAZING, right?

That is the BEAUTY of a simple, cost-effective door-to-door delivery method. Top shipping teams like LEELINE SOURCING handle everything from customs to DOORSTEP shipping. Get the SEAMLESS process. Fly your business out of the DOOR.

  • Hassle-free Custom Clearance

Overlook all the TROUBLESOME processes. Door-to-door shipment can STREAMLINE the shipping process—no need to COLLECT the documents. Forget the FILLING of the customs forms.

Collect all the DOCUMENTS in a BLINK. Sign all the CUSTOMS inspections. And get a FAST clearance from the shipping team. LEELINE SOURCING can TACKLE all the customs documents. We will get you FAST clearance for the cross-border shipments. Save Money and TIME. Grow your BUSINESS with NEW efficiency.

 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shipments from China.

Options For Door To Door Shipping

Options For Door To Door Shipping

Door-to-door shipping comes with various options. You get almost all the shipping options.

Take a LOOK!

The name is OBVIOUS— express! (FASTEST!)

Express shipping is the FAST shipping option available to users. With its amazing delivery SPEED, you fetch real-time tracking facilities.

Even more….It takes 5 to 7 DAYS for an order to ship. For example, if you live in the US, wait a WEEK. Your order will arrive from China.

Let’s discuss its BENEFITS for the users!

  • Fastest Shipping Method. Just one WEEK and delivery to THOUSANDS of miles away. This magic is POSSIBLE with express shipping. Run your BUSINESS non-stop.
  • Ultra-protection of inventory. Logistics companies PAY all attention to your goods. Save time and ENJOY next-level protection. Improve PRODUCT experience and ENTICE more consumers.

Attend a super FAST delivery with EXPRESS shipping from LEELINE SOURCING. Reduced RATES will skyrocket your profit margins. Enjoy next-level business growth now!

Central Point: Choose express delivery when YOU NEED TO MEET orders in days. Otherwise, it can be an expensive option.

Christian Mark Boñola, Sourcing Expert
Air freight 

Air freight comes out to be the SECOND-FASTEST delivery option. An average delivery from China to EUROPE takes around 12-15 DAYS. (Port-to-port delivery) Time might EXTEND depending on LOCAL delivery service.

This DOOR-TO-DOOR shipping process is SUITABLE for cargo up to 100 kilograms. Otherwise, costs may be expensive.

Positive points include:

  • Fast delivery. Get your ORDERS in two weeks. It is quite FAST Compared to other shipping options. Save time and GROW your business.
  • Reduced rates. Save money since it is AFFORDABLE compared to express shipping. INVEST to speed up your BUSINESS expansion. 

AIR freight with LEELINE SOURCING showers BLESSING on your business. Enjoy FAST shipping with shipment TRACKING. Win MORE deals now!

Key Advice: Use air freight as your PRIMARY method when you need fast delivery. Try to PUT cargo weight between 30-100 kilograms.

Sha Latogan, Sourcing Specialist

Rail shipping service is a TOP-CHOICE for shipping. Why? It has BOTH affordable costs and FAST delivery service. Just TWO WEEKS and the order arrives in the US and EUROPE.

China to EUROPE has a LONG RAILWAY track. That means CONTAINERS get shipped easily and effectively. Here are a FEW benefits of this method.

  • Fast delivery. Ship products within TWO weeks. Minimize BACKORDERS and become a top choice for CONSUMERS.
  • Affordable. It is a CHEAPER option yet with FAST delivery. Save MONEY and PROMOTE your business.

LEELINE SOURCING offers RELIABLE rail freight services. Ensure TIMELY delivery with door-to-door shipping service. Reach NEXT-LEVEL Business deals!

Key Tip: Rail Freight is comparable with air shipping, but GOODS safety is the main concern. Choose it wisely.

  • Sea Freight 

Sea Freight is the SLOWEST shipping method. (Don’t worry. You get MORE relief with PRICES.)

Choose LCL(less than container load) or FCL( full container load). Leaves CUSTOMS CLEARANCE on your FREIGHT forwarder. Shipping takes 30-55 days to the USA and Europe.

Here are a few reasons to choose it.

  • Bulk shipping service. Ship more than 500 kilograms quite EFFECTIVELY? No worries, sea freight takes it ALL. Expand your BUSINESS with various INVENTORY options.
  • Cheapest shipping option for small businesses. Invite the LOWEST costs with bulk orders. SEA shipping service makes it HAPPEN. Operate BUSINESS while saving EXTRA income.

Get a SEA shipping service at AFFORDABLE costs. But where? From LEELINE SOURCING. Shipping VESSELS reach a destination port on time. Become the TOPPER of your products with ACCURATE delivery.

Crucial Point: Choose sea freight for BULK ORDERS up to 500 kilograms or more.

Considerations When Choosing The Best Shipping Methods

Considerations When Choosing The Best Shipping Methods

Before you JUMP INTO freight services, think for a MOMENT. CONSIDER the following factors to DECIDE on the right shipping option.

1. How fast shipping do you need?

The first and foremost point is to CONSIDER the shipping speed. If you need ultra-fast delivery, express shipping is your main priority. You have TWO options if you need FAST delivery between 1-2 weeks.

  • Air freight 
  • Rail freight 

Don’t you need more out of your SHIPPING? Get SLOW yet the most affordable SHIPPING with ocean freight.

Shipping OptionChina to the USAChina to Europe
Sea shippingShenzhen to LB/LA20-25 days Fast Ship;32-42 days General ShipNortheast to UK 40-45 days Fast Ship; 45-55 days General Ship
Air freight12-15 days12-15 days
Express7-9 days UPS and FedEx7-9 days DHL and UPS
Rail freight10-15 Days10-15 days

Key Advice: Ponder about YOUR BUSINESS demands and ORDER levels. For high orders, you must CHOOSE air freight. For a SLOW or bulk inventory, OCEAN freight is good!

chindalia sangeeta, Procurement Expert

2. What is your shipping budget?

What is your shipping budget

Express SHIPPING is ready to EMPTY up your pockets. (Do you want it?) Air freight is also EXPENSIVE when your weight increases above 100 kilograms. Rail Freight can be an AFFORDABLE option, but wait…. It is NOT VERY good in terms of SAFETY.

The CHEAPEST shipping from China? Ocean FREIGHT gets you DOOR-to-DOOR delivery but is very slow.

The decider? The China Shipping rates and SPEED can be your MAN!! Measure HOW much you can INVEST. (Remember to KEEP your profit margins aside.)

Expert Point: Always OUTLINE your budget and save your profit MARGINS. Too expensive SHIPPING or too slow SHIPPING, both can be SUPER TOXIC. So, consider it!

Bo Tong, Senior Sourcing & Procurement Expert

3. Types of products you are shipping

Do you know the CUSTOMS CLEARANCE at borders? It defines the Chinese LAWS. Tell PROHIBITED products and verify the allowed products.

Moreover, product SAFETY is also crucial. For SENSITIVE products, you should CHECK on the AIR shipping service.

What if you have LARGE products? The cheapest shipping method for large products is SEA freight. But don’t worry; you can CONSIDER the rail freight, too.

Similarly, express shipping is the MOST valuable METHOD if you have small PARCELS. And I need it fast. Air shipping can be CHEAPEST for SMALL items.

Shipping Option Recommended use caseRestricted types of goods
Sea shipping Inexpensive or invaluable Goods transport heavy products,
such as furniture the goods are in bulk amount
flammable, hazardous and other dangerous goods
Air freight Small and light goods, like clothes.
The goods are valuable and expensive,
like jewelry
strong magnets, lithium batteries, power, toxins
and hazardous substances,
flammable and radioactive items, explosives, gasses
Express Small amount of urgent restock inventorystrong magnets, lithium batteries, power, toxins
and hazardous substances,
flammable and radioactive items, explosives, gasses
Rail freight Large or heavy products Bulk ordersdangerous products like toxins and hazardous substances, flammable
and radioactive items, explosives, gasses

Essential Tip: Read the rules and avoid shipping prohibited products. You don’t get CUSTOMS CLEARANCE with environmentally UNSAFE products.

4. Cargo details; Products’ Dimension, Weight, and Volume

Sometimes, cargo WEIGHT isn’t suitable for express shipping. For example, 300 kilograms of goods can put a FINANCIAL burden. 

Flat SHIPPING has a FIXED RATE. ( BUT good for small dimension products.)

Dimension, weight, and VOLUME are NECESSARY to learn about. Only then will you choose the RIGHT shipping option.

For 300+ kilogram of INVENTORY, you have TWO options:

  • Ocean freight 
  • Rail freight 

For less than 300 kilograms of WEIGHT, you have one option— AIR shipping service. For less than 100 kilograms of weight, you can CONSIDER express shipping.

LEELINE SOURCING can be your SHIPPING AGENT. Get all the shipping OPTIONS at affordable costs. Enjoy a RAPID door-to-door delivery and define NEW business heights.

FactorSea shippingRail freightAir freightExpress
Weight At least 300 kgAt least 300 kgLess than 300 kgLess than 300 kg
Volume LCL for 3-15 CBM;
FCL for around 15 CBM
or more
LCL for 3-15 CBM;
FCL for around 15 CBM
or more
Less than 2 CBMLess than 2 CBM

Significant point: Choose the right WEIGHT to reduce the SHIPPING costs. If choosing FLAT shipping, concentrate on DIMENSION.

Pricing For Door-To-Door Delivery Services From China

Pricing For Door-To-Door Delivery Services From China

Door-to-door shipping SERVICE doesn’t have FIXED prices. Prices CHANGE depending on the following factors.

  • Port to port distance. Distance from China to your COUNTRY concludes the costs. Longer DISTANCES means higher costs. The opposite will OCCUR at a low distance.
  • Fuel costs in the international market fluctuate largely. It can CRASH into your shipping costs. In the case of INFLATION, you can expect the HIGHER RATES.
  • Terminal fees. Vessel DOCKING at the ports charges a FREIGHT FORWARDER. Look, this COST varies from one AREA to another. So, this cost is BURDEN on you.
  • Peak Shipping Season. Are you SHIPPING in the off-peak season? Great! Many freight forwarders are FREE and offer services. So, you’ll SHIP at lower prices compared to PEAK seasons.

LEELINE SOURCING offers the AFFORDABLE door-to-door shipping service. We will PICK your orders on time. Ensure the BEST routes and OPTIMIZED costs. Slash your PRICES and make your BUSINESS profitable and successful.

Necessary Advice: Try to ship in OFF-PEAK season with AFFORDABLE costs. 

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Incoterms For Door-To-Door Shipping Services From China

Incoterms For Door-To-Door Shipping Services From China

Get a SHIELD to protect yourself from Losses. Rely on the INCOTERMS as below:

  • EX-Works. Exporters TAKE all the responsibilities from PAYING customs to HANDLING shipping. Cost and INSURANCE rely on the exporter, too.
  • Free Alongside Ship (FAS). The seller is RESPONSIBLE for goods from FACTORY or warehouse. Once PRODUCTS reach PORT, shipping hangs on the BUYER.
  • Free Carrier (FCA). Exporter and SHIPPER agree to the SPECIFIED location of responsibility. After the MOVEMENT of products, smooth TRANSPORT no longer hinges on the exporter.
  • Free On Board (FOB). In this INCOTERM, shipping PROCESS and customs lie on SELLER. Once after CUSTOMS CLEARANCE, responsibility transfers to BUYERS.
  • Cost And Freight (CFR). The seller is RESPONSIBLE until the products get to the PORT. After that, the buyer accounts for all the LOSSES.
  • Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF). Seller COVERS all the LOSSES until the PRODUCTS reach PORT of destination. After that, shipping relates to the BUYERS. Remember, the buyer has to pay insurance costs for this DOOR-TO-DOOR shipping process.

Steps Process Of Door-To-Door Delivery

Steps Process of Door-to-Door Delivery

Ok, let’s get busy. Here’s a step-by-step guide for starting door-to-door delivery like a pro.

#1- Finding the BEST items


You need to find HIGH-QUALITY products that will actually sell. And skyrocket your profit margins through the roof.

Remember this– here’s how to spot a winning product:

  • They have consistent demand
  • Low saturation
  • Have a unique value proposition
  • Potential to scale

Alright, PICASSO. Now that you have your winning wholesale product and its manufacturer. 

This brings us to…

#2- Picking a RELIABLE Freight forwarder

Picking a RELIABLE Freight forwarder

Here, you need a freight forwarder to handle the entire process. That includes booking freight spaces, warehousing, packaging, insurance, and distribution. 

Also, they are responsible for picking up cargo at the manufacturer’s warehouse. And transportation to the final port of destination. 

You will provide ACCURATE details of the products to be shipped. Pick a suitable door-to-door shipping option (more on that later!). Plus, pay the forwarder’s service cost. 

#3- Cargo pickup

After you’ve paid, the forwarder will pick up the cargo from the manufacturer. And load it into a container. 

The freight forwarder then transports the goods to a port, airport. Or a rail station for shipment. 

#4- Custom clearance

Custom clearance

We are almost there…

Here, the forwarder avails ALL official documents required by the customs clearance officers. In the exporter’s country. 

The documents should clearly show the following:

  • Details & nature of items
  • Value of goods
  • Destination country of items shipped
  • Weight & dimensions of shipments

NOTE: Customs inspection might take longer for restricted or prohibited goods.   

#5 Freight Transportation

ALL goods will be assembled at the port. And loaded into a vessel – for sea shipping. 

Conversely, they are loaded into the plane if you choose air shipping. 

You will also get a tracking number showing the entire delivery process. 

#6- Delivery to buyer’s home

Delivery to buyer’s home

Once customs clearance clears the items. The courier IMMEDIATELY transports goods to the customer. Or buyer’s warehouse. 


Tips For Door To Door Shipping Service 

Tips for Door To Door Shipping Service 

Here are a few tips to keep you safe when door-to-door freight shipping:

1. Experience

Get this – ONLY work with experienced freight forwarders. (we are talking 8,9,10+ years of shipping experience!).


Experienced door-to-door freight forwarders have TREMENDOUS customs clearance expertise. And can EASILY file any document required by customs offices for smooth operations.

Plus, they’ve built relationships with air, ocean, and ground carriers. 

Again, experienced forwarders have a wider global reach. And can deliver to any shipping location under the sun. Awesome, right?

2. Delivery Speed

Delivery Speed

Again, this is one of the MOST CRUCIAL factors regarding shipping.

Ensure that the carrier is punctual. And won’t miss any customer deadlines.

Fast delivery is a cheat code to build strong relationships with customers. And outshine all your competitors…leaving them dumbfounded! 

Oh, and don’t forget to check whether the carrier has security measures. To protect customer items.  

Did you know:? 95% of online buyers prefer same-day delivery. Good luck making a sale with a carrier offering 30-45 days delivery!

3. Economical

If we are being 100% honest, the entire shipping process is hella expensive. From customs costs and warehouse to shipping fees. 

Thus, you need a door-to-door freight company that will help you save money. Which you can reinvest into the business. 

4. Insurance

Lastly, ENSURE that the freight forwarder provides cargo insurance on all items. (especially for costly ones). 

Knowing that your items are in an insured container relieves stress. Or anxiety at the slightest call or email from your freight forwarder. 


We have LISTED the summary of the whole GUIDE. Choose the WINNER and be the VICTORIOUS. Attend the following options in a SUITABLE situation.

Cost Time Delivery
Weight Volume Use Case
$$$fastestUS/EU0-300 kgless than 2 CBMsample products test
orders urgent restock
FCL freight
+local truck
$slowerUS/EU300 kg+15+ CBMlarge and heavy
products bulk orders
LCL freight
+local truck
$slowerUS/EU300 kg+3-15 CBMlarge and heavy products
bulk orders
LCL freight
$slowUS/EU300 kg+3-15 CBMlarge and heavy products
bulk orders
Air freight
+local truck
$$fastUS/EU0-300 kgless than 2 CBMsmall and light products
Air freight
+local express
$$fasterUS/EU0-300 kgless than 2 CBMsmall and light products
valuable and expensive
products urgent
restock inventory
Rail freight
+local truck
$slowEU300 kg+3-15 CBMlarge and heavy
products bulk orders
Rail freight
+local express
$slowEU300 kg+3-15 CBMlarge and heavy
products bulk orders

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

People Also Ask About Door To Door Shipping From China

1. Is D2D shipping effective?

Yes, door-to-door shipping is 100% EFFECTIVE. 
It’s a HUGE stress reliever as you don’t have to physically visit the customs office. It also reduces the cost of storing goods in a warehouse until they’re delivered to the buyer. 

2. Which mode of transport can provide door-to-door service?

Door-to-door shipping is MAINLY done through trucks or trains. Other freight forwarders prefer using rail or ocean transport. 

3. What are the 4 most used Incoterms?

The MOST COMMON incoterms used today are:
· EXW (Ex Works)
· DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)
· FOB (Free on Board)
· CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight)

4. Can you track the door-to-door goods from China?

Yes, you can track all your door-to-door shipments from China. You only need a tracking code, and you are all set!
Call or email your forwarder if you don’t receive your tracking number. 

What’s Next

One Last Thing…

Door-to-door shipping is the NEXT big thing in the shipping industry. But you need to be careful. Or you end up lighting your own money on fire. 

Just remember to crosscheck the freight forwarder’s details. And ONLY work with experienced forwarders. 

That guarantees you will ALWAYS receive goods on time. Plus, you NEVER have problems with your customers. (#RepeatedProfitableSales)

Are you looking forward to working with RELIABLE Chinese suppliers? Or find your next WINNING product? Or do you just need a dedicated logistics specialist? PERFECT! 

Hit us up at any of our service pages. And our team will be in touch in NO TIME!

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