Shein Dropshipping

Leeline Sourcing contributes to Dropshipping with QUALITY. Our team procures the TOP products from the TOP suppliers. A proven approach speeds up your business reputation. 

Take your business to NEXT-LEVEL with our team. 

Shein Dropshipping

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Is Shein dropshipping profitable in 2024

Shein dropshipping is a 100% PROFITABLE choice. You have to: 

  • Find the TOP suppliers. 
  • List the items 
  • Earn profit by keeping the margin on every item. 

Isn’t it easy to do? 

Hundreds of drop shippers are making money with this simple strategy. Start your business right away to achieve success.

Shein Dropshipping

Our Shein Dropshipping Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Product Suppliers

For Shein dropshipping, our team chooses the SUPPLIERS. We make a list of suppliers. Check their prices and FEATURES. Match them with your business requirements. And then select the MOST-SUITABLE suppliers. Your business boom with the right supplier. 

Get the BEST-FITTING supplier with our experts.

Product Quality Control

We believe in QUALITY and choose it. Our inspection team visits the factory. Applies different ISO-SPECIFIED criteria to test the QUALITY. Pre-production samples give us an IDEA about the supplier. 

DUPRO inspection verifies the QUALITY we need for your business. The final product is 100% QUALITATIVE and suitable for your business. 

Get 100% QUALITY products from our suppliers.

Product Quality Control
branded dropshipping

Branded Dropshipping

If you want to start your brand from scratch, we ASSIST you. Our team has helped many drop shippers start their brands. We choose the BEST items to give a KICK to your business. 

Effective marketing with QUALITY products will SKYROCKET your sales within no time. A chain of customers will move to your business. 

Kickstart your BRAND with our help for Shein Dropshipping.

Private Label & White Label Products

Private-label and white-label products are the BEST choices when selling QUALITY. Our suppliers offer you private-label items. We customize and fasten your BUSINESS logo to increase your business exposure. Your business reputation reaches the NEXT-LEVEL with private label inventory. 

Increase your business reputation with private-label items.

Private Label Service
fulfillment center

Dropshipping Fulfillment

Leeline Sourcing has a DROPSHIPPING fulfillment team. Our team is READY to receive orders. Pack The items. Check the QUALITY. AND ship them to your customers. Timely shipments drive more sales for your BUSINESS. 

Get 100% TIMELY shipments with shipping tracking facilities.

business partner

What Makes Leeline Sourcing Stand Out?

  • QUALITY PRODUCTS. Our inspection team is VERY EFFICIENT. We check every item from your supplier. DUPRO inspection filters out the DAMAGED inventory. You ship only top items. 
  • Full-Fledged Solution. For Shein Dropshipping, we offer the FULL-FLEDGED solution. We help you launch your brand. Introduce your products to the market. And gain attention from TOP BUYERS. 
  • Inventory Management and Shipping. We unload products from your suppliers. Count them and store them in our warehouses. Before shipping, we check the QUALITY. It is an EXCELLENT opportunity to impress your customers with RELIABLE services. 
  • Top Tier Customer Service. We have the top team to ASSIST you. So you get the HONEST pieces of advice.

Hear it from fellow Shein Dropshipper

Leeline is one of the best sourcing companies. Their staff is highly professional. Your business progress becomes faster when working with them. Thank you for your hard work. 

– Mario, USA

Source Your Products and Start Dropshipping

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Shein dropshipping : Best 4 steps to dropship from shein safely

Shein dropshipping is a popular worldwide business model. The drop shipper can buy clothing from Shein once a customer orders. The supplier then ships the product directly to the customer. 

You might have faced some problems with Shein dropshipping. Based on a decade of product sourcing experience, we’ve dealt with hundreds of cases like it. You can learn great ways to run your dropshipping websites. Otherwise, your customers will stop coming to your store if you don’t solve it. 

In this article, we’ll teach you everything you’ll need to know about Shein dropshipping. Let’s get rolling!

shein dropshipping

Can you dropship from Shein?

Technically, you can dropship from the Chinese company Shein. Yet, remember not to use Shein products’ photos. Their policy restricts users from reusing their photos. Those who use their photos will violate copyright law. I always remind my clients to take their own product photos. Promoting your brand and products is much safer and easier this way. 

Is dropshipping from Shein profitable in 2022?

Shein has a wide selection of low price clothing lines. They are known for their fashionable clothing at affordable prices that help save money.

You can purchase these fashion items from suppliers on Shein cheaply and resell them to your customers. You can choose different brands of clothes to suit your customers. Speaking from experience, dropshipping Shein products are highly profitable. This wholesale store sells much cheaper than the retail store. I’ve seen clients sell Shein products with over 70% profit margin. 

Pros and cons of dropshipping from Shein

I’ve worked with hundreds of Shein dropshippers. Here are the pros and cons I’ve often heard from my clients. 


  1. International Shipping: Shein offers international shipping to customers worldwide in over 200 countries. It guarantees lightning-fast delivery times with low shipping prices and shipping costs.
  2. Discounts And Promotions: You receive discounts of up to 40% if you order in bulk. New users also get to enjoy first-order coupons.
  3. Great Customer Service: Shein’s employees are friendly and helpful. Shein’s customer service offers transparency and the ability to communicate in many languages.


  1. Poor Product Quality: Some products sold on the platform use cheaper see-through materials. Some customers will find the clothing uncomfortable to wear.
  2. Sizing Issues: Some of their clothing doesn’t follow the correct size measurement. Customers find that their clothes won’t fit after receiving their order. 
  3. Slow Return Process: The high demand for returns and refunds causes much traffic. Reviewing your requests may take longer than usual.

We can Made Drop Shipping from Shein Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from Shein and build your branded business.

How to dropship from Shein safely?

I’ve helped hundreds of clients dropship from Shein safely. Here are the steps I advise new dropshippers to follow: 

1. Creating Your Online Store

A Shopify Store is the best way to start your dropshipping career on Shein. After creating your Shopify free account, the next step is to design and customize your store. You should make your store stand out by downloading unique wallpapers. Choose a theme that suits your store and would appeal to your target audience. 

The main page in your Shopify Store should indicate your policies, business, and contact information. It is essential to let customers know why they should buy from your store. To add a new page in your Shopify Store:

  1. Click “Online Store” under Sales Channels in the Shopify Admin.
  2. Select “Pages.”
  3. Select “Add page” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Fill in the title and description for the page. Include SEO-friendly keywords.
  5. Set the visibility and layout of the page.
  6. Select “Save.”

2. Confirm Payment Method And Currency

payment methods

For payments within your country, you can use bank wiring, credit, or debit card to perform transactions. For payments outside your country, choose reliable payment providers that can let you transfer funds quickly. Activating a PayPal account is the best choice. 

When selecting the type of currency, note that you must ensure the currency you use can be accepted in both your own and the customer’s or dropshipping suppliers’ countries.

When you use Shopify, its in-house payment processor won’t charge you any fees. It is a great way to help save up on unnecessary processing fees.

3. Importing Products From Shein

To import products from Shein, Shopify store owners need to consider the following:

  • Buying In Bulks

I always recommend buying in bulk. Most of my clients save thousands of dollars yearly just by maximizing Shein’s bulk discounts.

Orders over $200 are eligible for bulk discounts, and orders over $3000 are eligible for a 40% discount. Individual suppliers may also offer discounts. Remember to contact your supplier first when ordering in bulk. 

After buying in bulk, it is best to use your own warehouse to private label products before sending them out for shipping.

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  • Using Third-party Apps

You can use apps like SheinImporter to make dropshipping from Shein effortless. SheinImporter allows you to add Shein products to your Shopify store automatically.

Besides, you can extract and edit product names, images, descriptions, and variants by pasting a product URL. You can also keep an eye on the SKU from within Shopify. 

There’s a free version of the app for beginners to give a try with a maximum of 20 fashion products. Not only does it work well with Shein, but it also works perfectly with other major eCommerce platforms.

4. Promote Your Store

There are two main ways to promote your online business.

  • Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook Marketplace are a great place to advertise your dropshipping business. You can create pages dedicated to your online marketplace. The description of your page should specify what you sell so anyone interested will consider buying from you. 

It’s always a great idea to reel new customers by giving away discounts occasionally. You can offer coupons to first-time buyers to make them interested. 

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is necessary to increase the traffic of your dropshipping site. Use keywords and headings that are relevant to your prestigious products. That way, customers searching for that product will see your page appear on their web browser. 

Posting negative content on your posts or making false claims is a big no-no. Once customers leave a bad review or report your store, your page will appear less on other people’s browsers.

Post informational content to let your viewers know what business you are running to drive more organic traffic to your dropshipping store. 

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SAFE + EASY Dropshipping from Shein

We do the hard work in China, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

FAQs about Shein dropshipping

Can You Resell Shein’s Products?

Yes, you can. As long as you don’t violate their copyright laws, you’re good to go. Remember never to reuse product photos by Shein to avoid lawsuits. Always use your own photos. 

How does Shein Shopify work?

Shopify is the best e-commerce site to start your dropshipping store. You can customize your Shopify app store any way you like. You can also directly link your store to Shein to drop ship any item you need. 

Where Does Shein Manufacture Their Products?

Shein products are manufactured and shipped from many Chinese locations. However, the company has global warehouses in the United States to better serve its American customers and reduce delivery times.

Do You Have To Be A Member To Buy Things At Shein?

No. Shein does not charge customers any fees for shopping. Although there is a Shein VIP program, it is free to join and is based on your purchases rather than a payment.

What’s Next

Shein is a good platform for dropshipping in the fashion industry. It has affordable individual prices and unique designs compared to most online retail marketplaces. Best of all, it costs almost nothing to kick start your dropshipping business. That is why it is an excellent place for drop shippers to get their sources. 

Furthermore, know exactly about Shein ship time and shipping price. Usually, customers like cheap products, and keep control of your wholesale prices.

If you’re new to this e-commerce business, contact us to learn more about Shein dropshipping. 

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