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Our customization process involves:

  • Category: Tailoring backpacks, handbags, chest, and travel bags.
  • Process: We start with the client’s design, compare it with market samples, and then propose improvements in materials and designs. We craft handmade samples for client approval, usually over 2-3 iterations.
  • Challenges: We address material selection, balancing environmental concerns, cost, and manufacturing complexities, and ensure clarity and accuracy in requirements, adapting to changes as needed.
  • Expertise: With 35+ bag styles developed, our two bag-specialization experts ensure design and production meet high standards.

Bags Customization Classic Cases

Customer Case Studies tuesday bag blcak
Customize Real Leather “Tuesday Bag” for US Client

We developed a bespoke real leather “Tuesday Bag” for a US-based client, achieving a 30% cost saving over her previous Mexican supplier within four months.

Zendira bag
LeelineSourcing’s Custom Women Handbag for Zendira

For Zendira, LeelineSourcing expedited a custom women’s handbag design in just 50 days, specifically tailored for handgun carry, while resolving a quality issue with a blurry logo on the inner pocket button.


For electronics customization, we offer:

  • Categories: Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, Screen Protectors, Power Banks, Mobile Accessories.
  • Process: Divided into Easy and Complex Customizations, involving quality testing, factory inspections, product deconstruction, and BOM analysis to tailor to client’s price and functional needs.
  • Challenges: Distinguishing products in a competitive market, lowering MOQ, and integrating software with hardware complexities.

Electronics Customization Classic Cases

Bluetooth Speaker
Customize Lyle Crocodile Bluetooth Speaker

We facilitated the customization of a Lyle Crocodile Bluetooth Speaker for brand clients, coordinating with suppliers to reduce MOQs for effective low-volume production and successful market introduction.

Batman LeelineSourcing
LRG Batman Bluetooth Speaker

We helped a client with an LRG Batman Bluetooth Speaker project, managing ODM orders, tailoring the packaging, and ensuring shipment within a tight 20-day timeframe.


For watch customization, we focus on:

  • Categories: Smartwatch, Mechanical, Ladies’, Kids’.
  • Process: Combining client designs with our hardware solutions, leveraging top-tier supply chain partners, and following the NPD process.
  • Challenges: Casing craftsmanship (scratch, oxidation, water, and corrosion resistance) and distinguishing design and functionality in a competitive market.

Watches Customization Classic Cases

BENFIT S1 smartwatch LeelineSourcing
Customize BEFIT S1 Smartwatch for Vietnam Mobile World

We swiftly customized the BEFIT S1 Smartwatch for Vietnam Mobile World, incorporating visual and language enhancements along with new sports mode features in the software, all within a tight two-month timeframe.

Befit B3
Vietnam Mobile World Smartwatch Project

For the Vietnam Mobile World Smartwatch Project, we assisted retail channels in customizing a smartwatch, incorporating a demo mode for in-store displays. This customization addressed the challenge of zinc alloy case and strap oxidation through improved electroplating techniques.

Household Supplies

Our household supplies include:

  • Categories: Socks, slippers, clothing, bath products, perfumes, water bottles.
  • Process: We source high-value items through diverse channels to ensure the best for our customers.
  • Challenges: Rapid quote acquisition for a variety of products and sourcing details from different manufacturers.

Household Supplies Cases

bath sponge
Bath Sponge Customization for India Client

We provided a cost-effective customization solution for bath sponges for an Indian client, tailoring colors and sizes to meet their specific needs.

Custom Keychains for Amazon Seller

We successfully managed custom keychain orders for an Amazon seller, adapting to their evolving needs while meticulously choosing product colors and materials. Our focus on swift, high-quality fulfillment met both order and shipping expectations.

Twist Lock
Sourcing Twist Locks for E-commerce Customer

We quickly sourced a “Twist Lock” component for our online store client in 15 days, carefully avoiding any patent issues with competitors and ensuring successful delivery. The client was highly satisfied with the outcome.

Black Adam socks
Customize Black Adam Socks

We customized “Black Adam” themed socks for a client, sourcing the right materials and overcoming challenges with gradient pattern printing to meet their expectations and ensure timely delivery.

EVA Pillowslides
Sourcing EVA Pillowslides Slippers for DTC Brand

We sourced EVA Pillowslides slippers for a DTC brand, focusing on material that retains its shape even in sunlight, ensuring both durability and comfort.

Customized OPPO A5 Notepad
Customized OPPO A5 Notepad

We crafted a specialized notebook for OPPO’s internal use in Vietnam, integrating elements of the company’s culture, a corporate development timeline, and a calendar, tailoring it to their specific organizational needs.

bicycle water bottle Black
Bicycle Water Bottle Reorder for Vietnam Dienmayxanh

For the Vietnam Dienmayxanh client, we successfully managed an ODM project for a sports water bottle designed for bicycling, meeting production needs while staying below the initial MOQ set by the manufacturer.

perfume bottle covers
Perfume Bottle Covers for Prestigious Perfume Brand

We tailored a perfume bottle for a renowned UK perfume company, starting with their initial design and navigating through a brief timeframe and intricate detailing, to achieve a seamless final delivery.


For clothing customization, we handle:

  • Categories: Sports apparel, T-shirts, work uniforms, sun protection clothing.
  • Process: Customers provide designs, materials, and sizes. We draft proposals and partner with manufacturers for tailored production.

Clothing Customization Classic Cases

Swimming shorts font LeelineSourcing
Custom Swimming Shorts for E-commerce Website Client

We tailored camouflage swimming shorts with a zipper pocket for a UK e-commerce client, incorporating their specifications for water resistance and quick-drying features.

Corporate Gifts

For corporate gifts, we offer:

  • Categories: Promotional, holiday, business, employee welfare gifts.
  • Process: Share your budget, quantity, and preferences. We’ll suggest products and design a packaging proposal. After confirmation, we proceed with sourcing.
  • Challenges: Packaging should reflect company culture and creativity, and product selection should follow market trends for appeal.

Corporate Gifts Customization Cases

Gifts set for OPPO Reno8
Launch of New OPPO RENO8 Series Gifts Set in Malaysia

We facilitated the customization of a Lyle Crocodile Bluetooth Speaker for brand clients, coordinating with suppliers to reduce MOQs for effective low-volume production and successful market introduction.

OnePlus Nord N10 Gift Set
OnePlus Nord N10 & LINE FRIENDS Exclusive Box Set

We crafted a unique four-in-one gift package for the OnePlus Nord N10 launch in Thailand, incorporating OPPO and Line branding. This special box set included an N10 phone case, the phone itself, a ring holder, and a VIP shopping card, marking a successful product introduction.

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