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​​Shopify Dropshipping: Ultimate Guide

Shopify Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method. Instead of storing the products, they are directly shipped to the supplier.

Shopify Dropshipping is quite valuable for the entrepreneurs, as it does not cost much like other traditional retail models. So, it can be a good option for you as an online business.

Shopify is an online selling business. The global statistics show that starting an online business right now is a profitable option. According to their calculations, eCommerce sales earned 3.5 trillion dollars worldwide in 2019.

So, you can start Shopify Dropshipping, and this article will provide you a stepwise guideline to get your destination.

Shopify Dropshipping: Ultimate Guide 2020

Why Choose Shopify For Your Dropshipping Business?

Shopify is the best platform for your dropshipping business as it offers many benefits, which are as follows.

  1. It is very easy to start your online dropshipping business via Shopify.
  2. You can start your business within no time, as many sources are available to guide you.
  • The start-up coast is very low.
  1. It is quite easy to find the products you want to sell as Shopify offers a variety of products to deal with.
  2. No need to store the inventory
  3. No need to ship products by yourself, you can sell the products without packaging or printing the labels

How To Start Shopify Dropshipping?

Starting a dropshipping business is an excellent step towards entrepreneurship. It allows you to sell products directly to the customers.

You need to set the prices, and market the brand—furthermore, no need to pay the money until the actual customer receives the products. If you are willing to start your own business, dropshipping will help you to build a successful brand.

Dropshipping is a great business idea for beginners, as it is not risky at all. The startup cost is meager. You will pay only for the products which you will sell to the actual customer later on.

You can start it as a side business too, either on weekends or in the evenings. You will have to pay your full time only when it comes to processing orders. Or process your orders automatically, to save time orders.

If you are interested in starting a dropshipping business, it will be a little bit confusing from where to start? This article will provide you the primary guide.

This guideline has been broken into small steps, to give you a better idea about starting a new business.

1.Find the Best Dropshipping Products to Sell for a Profit

After deciding Shopify dropshipping as your e-commerce business, the next step is to find the Shopify hot products to sell.

You can find all the top-selling dropshipping products online from any popular product selling platform like Product Mafia or Pexda. Furthermore, check blogger income reports who promote the products on their websites.

These websites can also provide you additional information as profit margin, CPA, interest, and even country to import. You can search them on social media (Facebook), where drop-shippers disclose the results regarding their product campaigns.

Do not forget popular products have too many competitors. It may decrease your profit margin. Select a unique, fresh, different, and most useful product. It will help you to compete against other retailers and provide you space for earnings.

Here some profitable products for Shopify dropshipping have been mentioned. You can sell these to earn tons of profit.

Best dropshipping products to market in 2020 include slime, neck phone holder, magnetic charging cable, pocket language translator, posture correction belts, tablet cases.

The waterproof floating phone covers, moon lamp, mirror alarm clock, waterproof shoe covers, mini portable air conditioner, magnetic face mask, and wireless charger are also a part of this list.

  • Find your niche

Finding a nice is all about “what will you sell.” Try to be specific; your goal should not be selling a bunch of products. A wide range of products which are not focused will not be accessible to the market. It can be discouraging, as it will take a lot of work to scale a drop shipping trade successfully.

The niche pinpoints your web brand, products, and contents, which appeals to the interested group of buyers. This narrow focus helps the website to rank high in topic-specific search results, and attract the audience at the end. Furthermore, it will also facilitate you to make more money.

Consider the under given points when you are selecting the niche.

  1. Seek attractive profit
  2. Low shipping costs
  • Product is quite appealing for impulsive buyers
  1. Create your brand
  2. Sell something that is not available locally

You can take benefit from Google Awards and Trends to check the search volume of products that you are going to sell. The more the search volume, the higher will be demand for that product. It will also help you out to find the most appealing niche.

You can also do a simple Google search to find the search volume of your product keywords. Keyword tools may also help you to find the number of people who are searching for products or niche you are dealing with. In short, in this way, you can examine the popularity of Shopify, starting from plastic to biking gloves.

Beside it, keyword search gives you an overview of your competitors. It can further inform you about the drop or rise in the popularity of your product.

Also, keep in mind; if no one is searching for what you are planning to sell, you are dead even before you begin.

keyword research

  • Determine product trends

Trending products can give you an idea of how long an item be in demand. And it is essential for a merchant who is going to start an eCommerce business. It will let you know the longevity of a product in the market.

There are three different types of categories that trending products can fall into, i.e., Fads, Trends, and Growing markets.

  1. If a product gains massive hits but for a short period and suddenly drops down, it will fall into the fads category.
  2. While if a product gains popularity and maintains its position in the market for three to four years and then slowly drop out of fashion. These products are in Trends.
  3. A few products that did not exist before, but now they do. Consumers cannot imagine their lives without them. They continue to use and repurchase them throughout their lives. These products are a part of the growing market.

Google trends an amazing website to determine the product’s trend. It can tell you about the popularity of a product over a specific period.

Such as sunglasses, which remains on the top of the list during the summer season.

Google trend is a great website to tell you whether a niche is on an upward or downward trend. But it cannot assure you of the viability of the niche.

Sometimes niche can be on an upward trend, but it may not have enough search volume to warrant its popularity.

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2.Building Your Shopify Dropshipping Site

After the decision of product or niche, the next step is to develop the dropshipping site. To help you, here is a detailed review of step by step guide for the development of a dropshipping website.

  • Create a Shopify account

In the first step, you need to create a Shopify account. Open the website and click the “Get Started” button to start the process.

Here you need to select a name for your store. It will be fantastic if you have already decided on the title. The name should be simple and chose.

Shopify will ask about your previous experience regarding eCommerce, your address. Once you have provided all the required details, you will take one more step towards your own business.

Shopify will send you an email to confirm your registration with an URL. Use the URL to bookmark a page so that you can get access at one click.

  • Put the product on the platform

After setting the account, you can choose a design for your store, can set up your domain ad add the products. It is highly recommended to add the products first.

It gets you in the process of store creation. The addition of productions may take a few minutes. After it, you can also select the theme and outline for your store.

Beside it, you can also add the product details. You should utilize this opportunity to add tags to the products. It will help you to categorize the products. You can add tag either to a singular product or add tags in bulk.

Build your Website

  • Set up and design your store

After adding the necessary details to your products, you can decorate your store. You can choose the themes according to your budget. You can also edit your theme. It will help a lot to change the look and feel of your store.

EcomSolid has the flexibility for any store design even one-product stores and test layouts ideal for dropshipping. Users can use our tested templates or mix and match pre-made sections to have their store ready in minutes. Packed with built-in essential sale boosters, businesses can build and optimize their store performance all-in-one app.

Images play a significant role in the design of your site. And the addition of images is very easy at the Shopify. You can either select a picture from your computer or take it from Burst, Shopify’s free photo tool.

  • Add pages

The next thing you are supposed to do is to create pages for your site. It may include the following

  1. About page
  2. Contact page
  • Shipping and returns
  1. FAQ
  • Set up payments

After setting the page and collections, the next step is the navigation setting. Now you need to select the pages or groups, which are going to appear on your menu. Have you everything that people will navigate on your page. What kind of information do you want to provide?

3.Calculate Start-Up Costs

Shopify can cost different prices, depending on the needs of your store. Like for smaller drop-shippers, they may get their Dropshipping business plan at $29 per month.

If your business succeeded in growing, you would need to add more, which may charge high costs.

Product sourcing is the phase where you decide how to acquire the products, which you are going to sell. You can get products directly from the manufacturer or a wholesale supplier.

Many sourcing options will facilitate you to employ a drop shipping fulfillment model. After it, you will not need to manage or hold the inventory or ship orders by yourself.

You will get time to build your brands rather than focusing on logistics. Furthermore, it will help you to improve the customer’s service.

You can also use the following apps to source your products on Shopify.

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  1. Oberlo
  2. Printify
  • Drop shipper
  1. Spocket
  2. Syncee
  3. Creative Hub
  • Printful
  • My Online Fashion Store
  1. Lulu Xpress
  2. Shapeways
  3. Modalyst
  • MXED
  1. Enterprise Wholesale store

After importing the products, you need to start up a Shopify store from the Shopify dashboard. You need to organize your dropshipping products for easier shopping. You can also add images of your products.

Once your product collections are set up, you can now add key store details in the Shopify. These details include:

  1. Set up a theme, which is the store’s design
  2. Try to add informational pages for Customer Services Details
  • Addition of menu may help the shoppers for navigation
  1. Provide payment, shipping, and tax information
  2. Connect or connect the store domain name
  3. Private Label Manufacturers

Private label product is also known as the private band, is a product manufactured in the company but sold under another company’s name.

Private labeling allows retailers to get their required products with specific features like quality, materials, or design. In this way, you required very low capital investment to start your business.

The overwhelming growth of private labeled goods has been observed. It offers a diminishing advantage to high priced international brands.

It suggests a unique opportunity for smaller people in the business. Consumers are also happy with this idea of switching to private label brands. Well, for the e-commerce retailers, it is exceptionally a very good time to jump abroad and experiment in this space.

After importing the products from any sourcing agent, you need to add the labels of your brand. Now you are ready to sell the products under your brand name instead of any other international brand.


  • How Much Money Do You Need To Start on Shopify dropshipping

The dropshipping store includes a Shopify subscription and an Oberlo subscription. You should choose Shopify because it is the most popular e-commerce platform.

Fortunately, Shopify offers you 14 days free trial. After two weeks, you will pay 29 dollars per month, with free rolling. Shopify covers the store part, and for the dropshipping part, Oberlo offers a forever free option.

If you are serious about dropshipping, then you need to buy a domain. You can purchase a domain through Shopify. And it will charge you $14 per year.

  1. Buying Initial Inventory

Dropshipping allows the store owners to fulfill orders directly from the wholesaler or manufacturer. You do not need to worry about inventory management or shipping. You can handle all of the inventories and logistics to the dropshipping partner.

The first inventory can be a little bit risky, as you do not want to spend a lot at the initial inventor. So, try to purchase the inventory in bulk. It will reduce the cost or charges.

Besides, in dropshipping, there are no issues regarding storing the inventory. The traditional retailers need to buy and save the inventory before selling it to the consumers. But in dropshipping, you can sell the full catalog to consumers without the headache of storage.

  1. Create product brand

Try to choose a unique name for your brand, as it will represent your store. Modalyst is a Shopify dropshipping app, specialized in naming your products. Make the use of a business name generator to get a name for your brand.

The brand name should be generalized. Try to avoid a specific name. Furthermore, try to include a keyword regarding the product in the brand name.  Avoid using your name for your store or brand.

Understanding The Shopify Dropshipping Supply Chain

The supply chain is a fancy term used to describe the path a product follows from manufacturing to reach the hands of a customer.

You need to understand the three most applicable players of the dropshipping supply chain: manufacture, wholesaler, and retailer.

  • Manufacture

Manufacturers create the product but do not sell directly to the consumers. They sell the products in bulk to retailers and wholesalers.

Buying direct from the manufactures may decrease the price, but you will have to store the products before resale.

  • Wholesaler

After buying the products from manufacturers, wholesalers mark them up slightly and sell them to retailers for resale to the local community.

Wholesalers tend to stock products from dozens to hundreds and tend to operate in a specific industry. Most of the wholesalers may sell to the retailers and not directly to the general population.

  • Retailer

A retailer sells the products directly to the public after buying from the wholesaler. If you are running a business and your orders are fulfilled through drops-shippers, then you are a retailer.

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The Most Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores

There are about 820,000 participating stores at the Shopify. Shopify has become the most admiring platform due to the minimum requirement of investment and its easiness of setting up a store.

You can enter into the trillion-dollar e-commerce industry with Shopify. It does not require any technicalities of coding or programming.

If you want to join the e-commerce sector, Shopify can make a good option. The following are the most successful dropshipping stores at Shopify.

Hygo is an example of a general dropshipping store. All the products are displayed in an appealingly way with all the required information. It can supply beauty related products, kitchen items, car accessories, lights, pets, and health care products.

Hygo shop

  • Until gone

Until gone is one of the best stores in Shopify, it deals in general household items such as electronics, lights, furniture, mobile phone accessories, watches, personal care items, and solar panels. All the necessary details are provided with each product.

  • Blue crate

Blue crate sells its products in a very gentle way. This store had tons of traffic just because of their Facebook advertisements. You can find them very interesting as they post fun images with each product.

They can offer you a variety of products such as face masks, shoes, cushions, cosmic sand, mugs, horror masks, lamps, and case skins, etc.

  • Grandado

Grandado is getting popularity day by day because of its fantastic services. You can various types of items, including mobile accessories, gadgets, headphones, speakers, shaving machines, digital watches, cameras, and a lot more.

Best choice products is not a reseller but also one of the best dropshipping website. They care a lot about their customers.

Best choice products do the same, which is expected from them with such a name. They offer you a platform where you can ask about the product quality.

So do not hesitate to ask. They offer you furniture, umbrellas with unique features, and beauty fully grown plants.

  • Dude Gadgets

When men grow, their toys grow bigger with them. Well, it is what Dude Gadgets believes. This site, just like Blue Crate, with a clean interface, focuses on the product images. Besides, both of these sites may provide you videos of their products.

Dude Gadgets are dealing with cool gadgets and supply them all over the world. They deal with torch watches, pocket fisher rod, and car gadgets.

Surprisingly, Meowingtons deals will provide all cat-related products like toys, clothes, and beds. You cannot believe that they have earned $100K by selling cat products.

You can take a photo of your cat and send it to the Meowingtons. They will customize the products with your cat’s face on it. And it is the coolest feature they offer you.


  • Dog Pawty

The Dog Pawty offers you a wide range of items for the dogs like collars, vests, toys and shirts, bracelets, necklaces for the owner.

The owner has fascinatingly designed the store. It gives a beautiful view of all the products. And they also provide the details of all the displayed items like color, security badges, variants, and customer reviews.

You find everything here like detox mask, blow torch, hair treatment, and much more. This site provides all the necessary descriptions of products with a photo and videos.

The number of reviews for all the products is impressive too. It shows that this site is serving to a countless number of customers.

  • Gadgetox

This store can offer you a variety of gadgets. The way you represent your products and their descriptions are significant.

This site gives you a splendid view of their products with a little detail of all the items written in readable font size. They also show how much you can save by purchasing from them.

Sourcing And Working With Shopify Dropshipping Suppliers And Wholesalers

In online business, the variety I key to success. By offering a wide range of products, you can satisfy your online customers.

Finding the right dropshipping supplier can be challenging, especially for beginners. Right suppliers can assure the success of the business. That’s why you rely on drop shippers more than manufacturers.

Beside it, the dropshipping supplier can save the inventory, overheads, and shipping costs. Your role is to set up an online store to generate leads and sales.


How to Make Shopify Dropshipping a Success?

A detailed description of all the necessary elements for success has been provided here.

· Add value

You must have a solid plan to add value to your customers, and it is the crucial success factor. No doubt, this key factor is equally vital for all the businesses but plays a crucial role in dropshipping.

In dropshipping, you sell the products only. But if you observe a small merchant, he tries to provide information, insights, and solutions with the product. So, try to add value by providing quality information.

· Focus on marketing

Marketing and driving traffic towards your website is quite essential for the success of your business. Many merchants face a lack of traffic to their websites.

It can be a severe issue if you have a small budget. Here you need to develop your SEO, outreach, marketing, and guest posting skills.

It is particularly important during the first six to twelve months when you are not familiar with anyone. You should spend your maximum time on marketing, SEO, and traffic generation. Once you have attracted the bulk of the audience, you are ready to earn the profit.

If you do not have expertise in marketing, try to follow the blogs, which may provide you a guideline.

· Specialize

Try to get specialized in a particular product or niche. The specialization will lead to a successful business. Many drop-shippers think narrowing their focus will limit the customers, but the opposite is exact.

The specialization will allow you to communicate with the customers effectively. It will let you out to stand out of the competition and make you prominent.

· Have a long term perspective

Building a dropshipping business is quite tricky. It costs you a significant level of commitment, investment, and time. Some people think they can quickly create a six-figure income with Dropshipping, but it is not easy at all.

The first few months are very crucial and most difficult. You will face issues and may generate zero sales. And it is normal.

If you keep in mind that the beginning will be challenging, it will help you more to get stick with your business.

· Offer outstanding service

The rise in social media has made the business reputation more critical. If you do not treat your customers well, they will speak about you in the entire world and reduce potential customers.

Having happy customers is the best form of marketing. If you treat your customers well, they will refer you to the others. In this way, you can build a business where repeat customers can generate much of your revenue.

FAQ For Shopify Dropshipping:

· Is dropshipping on Shopify worth it?

Shopify has always been a good option for dropshipping. Shopify offers you the easiest way to create your store and sell the products. It is a valuable platform for your e-commerce business.

· What dropshippers work with Shopify?

Dropshippers provides the products and helps to sell them without storing them.

· Can you dropship without Shopify?

You have many other options for dropshipping rather than Shopify. Shopify is an excellent website as you can save a massive amount by dropshipping through Shopify.

· Is Shopify for dropshipping only?

Shopify is not only for the dropshipping. Shopify can help you to build your website and can start your online business.

· Can I sell my products on Shopify?

You can use Shopify to sell your products in an online store, online marketplaces, or on social media. You can also purchase a store through Shopify’s Exchange marketplace.

· How profitable is Shopify dropshipping?

Yes, without any doubt, Shopify dropshipping is going to be profitable in 2020. To earn from Shopify, you need to check the useful dropshipping products and techniques for marketing your store.

· What products are trending in 2020?

Pet beds, beard straightener, shapewear, backpacks, paid hoodie, smartwatches, mesh shoes, baby carriers, sofa, and couch covers will be trending in 2020.

How Leelinesourcing Help You find the best Shopify Dropshipping Products in China?

Leeline sourcing being a sourcing company, offers you a wide range of products from Chinese manufacturers.

Chinese products are unique and appealing.

You can find to have a huge profit margin in importing Chinese products. You can import them to earn money.

manufacture, wholesaler, and retailer.

Final Thoughts on Shopify Dropshipping

Starting a Shopify Dropshipping is surprisingly easy and requires very little investment.

You can take time to find the trending product, and create a store at Shopify’s website.

Dropshipping is based on impulse buying.

Try to apply different marketing strategies to drive traffic and sales.

After implementing all these steps correctly, you will be able to run a profitable Shopify Dropshipping business.


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