Customized OPPO A5 Notepad

Destination: Vietnam
Client Type: Mobile phone wholesaler
Order Quantity: 1200 pcs within 35 days

  1. The initial designs submitted by the client had incomplete color printing, resulting in unsuccessful prototypes.
  2. There was significant color variation in the PU covers, along with inconsistent grain patterns both vertically and horizontally.
  3. The core content of the notepad featured some unconventional customization specifications that were not standard.
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Customized OPPO A5 Notepad

OPPO Vietnam Requested Custom A5 Notepads

Client Overview: OPPO Vietnam intends to use the A5 notepads as a tool to enhance its corporate culture and for the use of its internal staff.

Design and Execution: The design resources for the A5 notepads are supplied by OPPO Vietnam, with LeelineSourcing overseeing the design refinement, prototyping, manufacturing, and logistics processes.

The Samples Were Successfully Delivered Within A Month

Following a period of collaborative discussions among LeelineSourcing, the factory, and the client, which included the proofing process and sample approval.

  • Notepad Cover
Customized OPPO A5 Notepad
  • Title Page
OPPO notepad LeelineSourcing
  • Inside Page
OPPO notepad LeelineSourcing
  • Last Page
OPPO notepad LeelineSourcing

Vietnam OPPO’s Notepad Specification Discussion With Leeline Sourcing
Following discussions with OPPO Vietnam, the detailed requirements were outlined as follows:

Sourcing Specification:

  1. Destination: Vietnam
  2. Product Type: Notepad
  3. Order Volume: 1200 pieces
  4. Price Range: $**
  5. Reference: Physical samples to be used as the benchmark for mass production

Defined Criteria:

  1. Quality Expectation: High
  2. Budget Constraints: Medium
  3. Time Sensitivity: Medium
  4. Complexity: High

LeelineSourcing Initiates Preliminary Actions
Initially, LeelineSourcing’s designer, Miya, crafted two sets of design drafts based on the client’s provided materials.

Subsequently, Jack Yang, our sourcing manager, engaged in preliminary discussions with a well-established factory from our supplier network. The dialogue focused on confirming the project specifics, customization needs, and potential challenges in the production process.

Notepad Supplier – Yiwu **** Gift Craft Factory

LeelineSourcing Finalizes Design Plan With The Client

Incorporating the client’s suggestion to integrate elements like the OPPO Visual Identity (VI), OPPO’s corporate culture, a calendar, and the development process, the comprehensive design plan was established as follows:

  • Cover Page
Cover page
  • Insight Page
Inside Page
  • Coporate Culture 
Coporate Culture
  • Development Process
Development Process
  • Staff Code
  • Company information
Company information
  • Calendar

The LeelineSourcing Team Convened An Internal Meeting To Deliberate On The Complexities And Particulars Of The Order After Engaging With Both The Factory And The Client.

They identified several issues that required resolution:

  • Challenges with Color Consistency in Notepads
    • Issue: Discrepancies between the physical A5 notepad sample and the original design’s color print led to unsatisfactory sample results.
    • Solution: We consolidated the two color print design files into one and recreated the missing color content by having our designers take high-resolution photos, convert them to PDFs matching the original prints, and proceed with retyping and reproofing.
  • Issues with PU Covers and Logo Imprinting
    • Issue: The logo’s silver hot foil stamping showed blurred fonts, broken letters, and shadows.
    • Solution: Switching to a copper mold for the logo improved the clarity, linearity, and dimensional appearance of the logo.
  • Consistency in PU Cover Material
    • Issue: There was a noticeable color variation and grain inconsistency in PU covers between proofs and samples.
    • Solution: We sourced the closest available market color for the covers and customized the grain pattern to match.
OPPO notepad LeelineSourcing
Color card
  • Notepad Version Updates
    • Issue: The provided A5 notepad sample was not the updated 2022-2023 version, which was later supplied by the client.
    • Solution: This necessitated revisiting prior discussions, which increased communication time and proofing costs. The proofing process was reinitiated after thorough discussions among all parties.
  • Complexities in Notepad Core Printing
    • Issue: The notepad’s core contained 9 sheets (18 pages) of non-standard custom content related to corporate culture slogans and designs.
    • Solution: The standard binding process for notepads is 8 sheets (16 pages), so the additional sheet required a new layout and non-automated binding, leading to manual assembly and increased inspection at each stage. Dedicated sorting staff ensured 100% accuracy despite the increased complexity.

The Client Expressed Great Satisfaction And Proceeded To Place An Order With LeelineSourcing

Upon reviewing the prototypes, specifying a delivery timeline of 10 days to the designated logistics provider.

The Order Was Temporarily Suspended Due To A Shift In The Client’s Internal


The client communicated that the urgency for the order had lessened, leading to a tighter budget. LeelineSourcing was notified about the order’s postponement at a stage where discussions with suppliers regarding production specifics and timelines were ongoing, but production had not yet commenced. This timely pause in the process prevented any material surplus or inventory issues, resulting in no significant losses aside from the initial investment in design and labor. Following amicable discussions, we chose not to impose any penalties on the client, who extended their apologies and gratitude for our understanding of their situation.

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