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Do you want FLEXIBLE apparel fulfillment services? 

Leeline Sourcing has the BEST fulfillment services. If you have FAST GROWING fashion brands, we SORT out the orders. Jot down the addresses of your CONSUMERS. And ship in time. 

Increase your customer SATISFACTION with our fulfillment services!

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Custom Packaging

Do you want to MOVE AHEAD of your competitors? 

Custom packaging can do WONDERS for you. Our apparel logistics team gets the PRODUCTS from suppliers. Check the QUALITY. And changes the PRODUCT packages. 

RUN your sales channels with adequate custom packaging!


Retag & Rebag

Our team MAKES your eCommerce brand of HIGH level. We get the ITEMS. Change their boxes. And add the business tags. It OPTIMIZES your apparel brands. Fast shipping to customers makes your Apparel brands more POPULAR. 

Level up your Apparel brands with our apparel fulfillment services!


Real-time Inventory

Do you want to KEEP inventory levels high? 

You get Real-time inventory reports. Innovative Management in our FULFILLMENT centers keeps you aware of EXACT shipping times. You know the COUNT of apparel items left behind. 

Boost your customer’s CONFIDENCE with real-time tracking.

Return Management

Return Management

Is the product return HEADACHE for you? 

Our team manages it EFFICIENTLY. Our professionals know how to pick the PRODUCTS from the customers. Bring them back to the Table. And give excellent CUSTOMER experience. 

Get EFFICIENT return management from our fulfillment providers.


Affordable Shipping

Leeline SOURCING has the experts for the ORDER FULFILLMENT. We calculate the total SHIPPING distance. Decide the BEST quote for your shipping. And provide you with FLAWLESS services. Our prices are still LOWER than the competitive market. 

Get affordable Apparel fulfillment services from our experts!


Careful Inspection

Our fulfillment providers know the WORTH of quality products. So we go for the PRE-PRODUCTION and DUPRO inspection. Before the shipments, we RECHECK the products. It ensures your CUSTOMERS get only QUALITY apparel items. 

Boost your BUSINESS reputation with our QUALITY services!

Need any Apparel Fulfillment Services from China?

You skip the middleman and experience a leaner fulfillmrnt solution.

About us

Why Partner With Leeline Sourcing?

  • ACCURATE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT. We have warehouses to store your PRODUCTS. Merchandise storage with effective monitoring keeps you UPDATED. Inventory management with CUTTING-EDGE technology never loses a single item. You are safe! 
  • COMPLETE APPAREL ORDER FULFILLMENT FACILITIES. We have the A to Z order fulfillment options. Our team checks the product quality. Guarantees the TIMELY shipping. And delivers products on time. Smooth experience! 
  • TIME-TRACKING FACILITIES. You track any ORDER before we deliver. The real-time location gains confidence in our apparel fulfillment services. Boost your customer satisfaction with tracking facilities! 
  • EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Are you in trouble? Whatever time it is, don’t worry; we will help. Our team is available 24/7. You are out of every TROUBLE with our help.

Hear it from fellow Clients

The Leeline Sourcing team is very cooperative. They helped me out with many problems. I did not know how to get the quality. But they assisted me at every step. Thank you for the flawless experience.

– Rheeze, Finland

Source Your Products and Start Apparel Fulfillment Service

We offer the best price and Apparel Fulfillment Service to help you improve your eCommerce business.

Apparel Fulfillment Services

The fashion and apparel INDUSTRY is the TOPMOST popular. A single wrong order means showing red RAG to a bull. 

38% of CONSUMERS claim to abandon an apparel business with one WEEK or late delivery. 

Don’t you want to lose that 38% CONSUMERS, RIGHT? Then choose BEST apparel fulfillment services. 

Our LEELINE SOURCING TEAM has fulfilled 99% of orders in a timely manner. You get access to QUALITY inspection. Manually track. And gain confidence. 

Want to know how ORDER FULFILLMENT works? 

You are at the RIGHT PLACE! This article deep dives into CHINA FULFILLMENT and order fulfillment services

Let’s do more! 

Apparel Fulfillment Services

What is Apparel Fulfillment? 

What is Apparel Fulfillment

Apparel fulfillment is just a MERE term to indicate the order fulfillment process. In the fashion and APPAREL industry, you receive orders. Choose a fulfillment PARTNER. And ship all your PRODUCTS. 

A SEAMLESS experience with an accurate supply chain! 

There are HUNDREDS of fulfillment companies. Most often, all companies do offer SERVICES for apparel shipment. 

You can CONTACT one. SELL the TOP products. And fulfill ORDERS on time. That makes SENSE in a supply chain. 


Read more about the benefits and tips to choose the BEST fulfillment partner. 

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Benefits of Choosing Apparel Fulfillment

Benefits of Choosing Apparel Fulfillment

The general earnings of a GOOD apparel store are in SIX FIGURES. Do you have that TYPE of monthly sales? 

Even if you do not have it, you can get it OVER TIME. A proper fulfillment SOLUTION can offer better results. 

Here are some benefits of a FULFILLMENT center. 

Streamlined Business. 

The more you MAKE your chain smooth, the better the business is. 

A single ERROR in the supply system can BLOCK the flow. The apparel fulfillment center does the JOB of a pipe for water flow. 

You get an ORDER. The apparel fulfillment center CHECKS it. The logistic team grabs the ESSENTIAL information. 

And then finally fulfill orders. That is all. 

The streamlined ORDER system helped me save time. I could make more for my e-commerce business. 

Hassle-Free Order fulfillment. 

The whole system is OFTEN AUTOMATIC. It is possible when you connect your STORE with your Fashion fulfillment centers. 

The shipping team picks the PRODUCTS. Attach the business labels. And ships. 

You do WHAT? 

Wait and watch. That is simple, right? 

I love watching my progress on my laptop. It has saved me HOURS and decreased my mental stress. 

Meet Customer demand. 

Shoppers want what? 

Fast SHIPMENT. A fashion fulfillment service is GOING to do that. 

  • Online merchants process the ORDERS. For example, t-shirts, hats, etc. It takes 1-2 days. 
  • Shippers ship the products. Accurate order fulfillment with eCommerce companies has multiple options. For example, overnight or two-day shipping. 

Higher shipping SPEEDS are going to impress your buyers. Accurate order fulfillment service can be EFFECTIVE in that case. 

I have noticed 90% of POSITIVE reviews from customers for fast shipping. So I choose only top clothing fulfillment services. 

Steps for an Apparel Fulfillment

Steps for an Apparel Fulfillment

Apparel or CLOTHING fulfillment does not TAKE a rocket to space. It isn’t even as COMPLEX as NASA. 

Believe me! It is simpler yet EFFECTIVE.

Want to know the TRUTHFULNESS of my words? 

Check different steps here. 

Step 1: Choose a Fulfillment Company 

A GOOD eCommerce Apparel retailer does the VERY FIRST step. 

You know what that is. 

It is to find a shipping COMPANY with matchless features. 

The BEST STRATEGY to find an EXCELLENT company is given in the following headings. 

Step 2: Integrate Your Online Store 

Do you want to AUTOMATE your sales? 

Automation means everything counts on the logistics company. 

The logistics receive all the PRODUCTS from suppliers. Manage it. And ships it directly from the fulfillment centers. 

You have to Do NOTHING. 

This reason has COMPELLED many sellers to automate their sales.

Here is how you integrate. 

  • Login to the logistics company account. 
  • Open your seller DASHBOARD. You’ll check many marketplaces for integration. A SINGLE CLICK would make your store integrated with your shipping company. 

Step 3: Choose the Different Shipping Options 

Logistics offers you MULTIPLE options to choose from. 

The integration process FURTHER improves your options for each product. A buyer will visit your PRODUCT. When checking out, buyers have to CHOOSE the shipping option. 

Step 4: Receive Orders 

The ordering system is QUITE easy. 

A buyer will visit your product. Read the description. And make the FINAL decision of purchase. 

If the buyer orders, your LOGISTICS will process the address. 

Step 5: Ship products

Once a customer has PLACED an order, the shipping team makes it ready to ship. 

The product shipments occur to the consumers in such a way. 

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Factors to Look for In the Best Apparel Fulfillment Service 

Factors to Look for In the Best Apparel Fulfillment Service

I know you can’t MAKE A perfect choice. But you can AT LEAST get THE MOST suitable company. 

The pricing for the QUALITY shipping, everything should be ON POINT. What else do you even need? 

Here are some key points to look for in your IDEAL shipping company. 

  • Delivery Speed 

Every time you don’t have the EMERGENCY to ship. 

What if you do? 

Delivery speed matters. A good shipping service provides a RANGE of delivery options. Each option has tailored SPEED and time. 

You have to check it. 

I love companies with Overnight shipping. But sometimes, I have large volumes of products. In that case, the company with air and sea shipping is the BEST choice. 

  • Timely Shipping Record 

Has the logistics DELIVERED ordered on time? 

You can TRACK the previous order shipping. It gives you an IDEA to hire a service or not. 

I always check the RECORD. It helps curate a TOP-NOTCH service with a 100% DELIVERY rate. 

  • Shipping rates 

High shipping rates are a HEADACHE for a buyer and seller. 

And it reduces the SALES of a seller also. Therefore, look around. Get a LIST of companies with DISCOUNTED shipping rates. 

Compare prices. Filter out the BEST one. Hire! 

This strategy has RESOLVED tons of problems. My sales have increased by two folds and profits by five folds. 

4 Companies for the Apparel Fulfillment



Leeline Sourcing is one of the BEST services for your FASHION BRANDS

Founded in 2009, Leeline Sourcing is a Sourcing company based in Hong Kong. It has 6000+ happy CLIENTS with over 150 million dollar SELLERS. 

You get FAST shipping to your clients. 

Here are some reasons that I CHOOSE Leeline Sourcing as a TOP priority. 

  • AFFORDABLE FULFILLMENT COSTS. You get discounted shipping RATES over your shipping. No matter what your ORDER VOLUMES are, we ship. You get COMPLETE flexibility with multiple shipping options. 
  • HIGH SHIPPING SPEED. Our logistics team has 10+ YEARS of experience. We know whether to SHIP by air or sea. A smooth combination REDUCES cost with FAST shipping to local and international clients. 

I love Leeline fulfillment services. The great thing about them is One-Stop-solution. They pick, pack, and ship. Great! 



ShipBob is a SHIPPING service based in the US. It was founded in 2014 and had THOUSANDS of brands in contact. 

The great thing about them is their INTEGRATIONS. They offer integrations to Shopify or many other e-commerce channels. 

You get HASSLE-FREE experience with some experts. 

Here is why you should choose it. 

  • Trusted by 7000+ Brands. ShipBob offers the BEST services to its brands. Premium services make its FIRST-time businesses long-term partners. So you TRUST this fulfillment service. 
  • 100% Timely Order Shipment. The Shipbob team is VERY EFFICIENT. You receive an ORDER. It picks the product from the warehouse. Labels them. And fulfills all the ORDERS with guaranteed timely shipments. 

I have TRIED Shipbob. They are great. Fulfilled my orders within time with 100% ACCURACY. Would like to work with them for the long-term. 



eFulfillment service is one of the OLDEST names in the shipping industry. 

Whatever products you want to ship, they help. The eFulfillment service was established in 2001. It has received an HONOR from Multichannel Merchant magazine as a Top 3PL since 2014.

Here are some reasons to choose this service. 

  • Low Shipping Costs. Their costs are QUITE AFFORDABLE. You get bulk discounts over the SHIPPING of multiple orders. An efficient team is READY to pick up the orders on time. 
  • Excellent Customer Service. Have you got a QUESTION? Ask 24/7. You contact them during your business journey as well. 



Shiphype is a US-based shipping company. It was established in 2020 and had a SUCCESSFUL journey of over three years. 

200+ brands trust this SHIPPING service. You start shipping with ShipHype. Here is why; 

  • Fast Shipping. Their shipping services are high-speed. Especially if your CUSTOMERS are in the US or Canada, close your eyes. Next moment you’ll see an ORDER DELIVERED. 
  • Integrations with 10 Online marketplaces. No matter where your store is, Shiphype offers integrations. It streamlines your FASHION BRANDS on multiple platforms. 

 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shipments from China.

FAQs about Apparel Fulfillment Services

1. What products does the apparel include?

Apparel is a CLOTHE. Anything made with it will be the APPAREL industry part. Some examples are: 
· T-shirt 
· Hats 
· Baby Clothing items 
Many things in the fashion industry are part of APPAREL businesses. 

2. Should I choose a local fulfillment service or an international one? 

Are you a customer in foreign countries? If so, then hire international shipping services. For LOCAL customers, you should prefer local shipping companies for HIGH shipping speeds. 

3. Does apparel fulfillment increase your profit? 

Yes. It does. If you own an APPAREL brand, ORDER fulfillment is essential. For example, if you ship T-shirts, good companies charge less. It will increase your PROFIT compared to self-fulfillment.

What’s Next

In the apparel industry, the SUPPLY chain has three essential parts. 

  • Inventory quality
  • Inventory storage 
  • Inventory shipments

Without Effective shipments, you’ll DISRUPT your supply chain. And I don’t think you want that. 

Is that the case? Is it hard to choose the BEST apparel fulfillment companies? 

Leeline Sourcing HELPS you FULFILL your orders on time. Our logistics experts already have the PLANS. 

Call us to get the FREE QUOTE.

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