Wix Dropshipping

Are you looking for an EXPERT-VETTED shipping partner for your logistics wants? GREAT!

Leeline Sourcing helps you build a PROFITABLE brand from the ground. And handle all the work, including packing, shipping, and fulfillment. So you make more money, working less!

Wix Dropshipping

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Leeline is your trusted dropshipping business partner in china

Is Wix dropshipping profitable in 2024

Yes, 100%. 

Wix is FAST, gaining popularity in the dropship industry. And soon will overtake the bigwigs in the eCommerce industry. 

What’s the hype about? 

  • LITTLE TO NO STARTUP COSTS. Wix is a Free website builder. Just sign-up. And create your seller account in seconds. They also offer monthly subscriptions starting at $27. So you can enjoy PREMIUM features and dropshipping applications.
Wix Dropshipping

Our Wix Dropshipping Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Product Suppliers

Leeline Sourcing has been around for the past decade. And we’ve built a portfolio of RELIABLE suppliers worldwide. 

We’ll connect you with the BEST suppliers with AFFORDABLE rates. And eliminate the stress & anxiety of working with UNRELIABLE or FAKE suppliers.

Product Quality Control

PREMIUM PRODUCT QUALITY is our core priority. Leeline Sourcing, ENSURES you get the PREMIUM ITEMS for Wix dropshipping. 

Plus, our RIGOROUS product inspection system weeds out any DEFECTIVE goods. So you never worry about delivering faulty products to customers. EVER. 

Quality Inspection
branded dropshipping

Branded Dropshipping

Do you want to take your Wix dropshipping store to the next level? At Leeline Sourcing, we help you build a POWERFUL brand. That DESTROYS any competition. Never to be heard of again!

We help you manage your store, source winning products and fulfill orders.

Private Label & White Label Products

Leeline Sourcing offers private & white-label products for ALL wix dropshipping entrepreneurs. 

You get to collaborate with the BEST suppliers in the game. And establish yourself as an authority in this competitive marketplace. 

Private Label & White Label
fulfillment center

Dropshipping Fulfillment

At Leeline Sourcing, we grunt work for YOU. These include finding products, packing, and shipping. YOU NAME IT. 

That lets you focus on finding leads to your Wix dropshipping store. And scaling it 10X.

business partner

What Makes Leeline Sourcing Stand Out?

  • 100% TRUSTED. Leeline Sourcing has served thousands of clients under the sun. And we’ll give you the BEST strategies. That helps flood your store with a torrential downpour of buyers.
  • 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Our customer service team is just a phone call away. Hit us up in case of any clarification. And our team will be in touch within the shortest time frame. So you don’t have to wait months or years before you get a single clarification. 
  • UNMATCHED SERVICES. Leeline Sourcing ensures you get TOP-NOTCH logistics experience. And that all your legal documents comply with the state rules. To avoid any future law restrictions.

Hear it from fellow Wix Dropshipper

Leeline Sourcing gave me the best shipping experience I have had in a while. My items arrived days before the deadline. Plus, their customer service team is too professional. I definitely recommend them!

– Gary, USA

Source Your Products and Start Dropshipping

We offer the best price and dropshipping services to help you improve your dropshipping business. View More Products to Dropship

How To Start Wix Dropshipping Like A Pro

Hello, dropshipper!

Are you currently struggling to find a RELIABLE Wix dropshipping guide?

Well, it ends now…

At Leeline Sourcing, we’ve been in the dropshipping industry for the past decade. And we’ll show you how to make money on Wix. And become the next mega dropshipping guru on Wix. 

Here’s what we cover in this guide:

  • Why is Wix dropshipping popular?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using Wix as a dropshipping platform
  • How to start a Wix dropshipping business
  • 5 Best Wix dropshipping suppliers

Let’s dive in…

Wix Dropshipping

Why is Wix Dropshipping Popular?

Why is Wix Dropshipping Popular

This is a MASSIVE oversimplification, but we think it will be very useful. 

Wix is a cloud-based platform that lets you build a high-quality eCommerce store, 100% FREE. 

But what’s so special about Wix drop shipping?

Good question; we’ll explain…

Wix gives you an UNLIMITED opportunity to customize your dropshipping store. With INFINITE easy-to-use templates.

Do you know what else is infinite? Premium dropshipping apps! All you need to automate processes, outsource fulfillment, etc. 

(Whatever you can think of!)

Plus, they have a user-friendly interface. So you can navigate your Wix dropshipping store pages EASILY.

This now brings us to…

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

Pros and Cons of Using Wix As A Dropshipping Platform

Pros and Cons of Using Wix

Now, we have some good and bad news about the Wix dropshipping marketplace. 


Zero Shipping logistics

One of the GREATEST flexes of Wix is that you don’t have to do all the donkeywork. I love their AUTOMATED PROCESS of selling and managing orders. It includes picking, packing, or shipping orders. 

Your dropshipping supplier handles all these and ships DIRECTLY to the customer. 

The cool thing is you make so much money with little work. Plus, you have more time to focus on income-generating activities like marketing. Pretty awesome, right?

Little upfront investment

Wix is HANDS DOWN, the best platform to launch your online store. For sure. 


For as little as $30, your dropshipping business is up and running. 

Alternatively, you dropship via other online marketplaces. (e.g., eBay). At little to no cost.


Lacks flexibility

Yes, Wix is easy to use, and yes, it’s free!

But here’s the catch…

You can’t really customize your Wix website compared to Shopify. This is due to limited themes and apps compared to Shopify or Squarespace.

Limited control over shipping

Basically, dropship suppliers handle the entire shipping process. Thus, you have limited control in case of delays or lost shipments. Which might affect overall customer satisfaction leading to low sales.  

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How to Start a Wix Dropshipping Business?

Step 1) Find your Niche

One of the HARDEST things in the business is NICHE selection. I was totally bamboozled in the START. It looks confusing but research can do the task.

What dropshipping products do you want to sell on Wix? Are they profitable? Do they have the potential to rank very fast in the marketplace? 

To be honest, it’s HARD to choose a specific niche when starting online businesses. Many online entrepreneurs want to feature a bit of everything in their Wix stores. (DON’T TRY THIS!!)

EXPERT TIP. Ensure your items fall under a specific category. For instance, apparel for women. Or unisex sunglasses. 

Start a Wix Dropshipping Business

Alternatively, you can read our guide on trending products to sell in 2023. That guarantees profitable sales.

Step 2) Register for a Wix online store

Alright, now let’s make a wix store.

Wix is a bit more philanthropic compared to other eCommerce platforms. 

You get a free version that gets you (***DEEP BREATH***):

  • 35 GB storage
  • Professional logo
  • Social media logo files
  • Customer care
  • Custom domain
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Free SSL certificate

Just head over to Wix and click create your store on the top right corner.

Start a Wix Dropshipping Business

All you need is a valid email address.

Alternatively, you can use your Facebook or Apple account to sign up. 

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Step 3) Select a dropshipping app

You are probably pumped up about scaling your online store to the moon. 

But there’s one more thing…

A dropshipping app. Think of them as sales channels. Where you’ll find winning products and reliable suppliers. 

Some of Wix dropshipping apps include:

  • Modalyst
  • Spocket
  • Doba
  • Printful- for print-on-demand selling

To connect them to your store…

Head over to the Wix app market. Find the dropshipping app you want. And click ‘Add to Site.’ EASY PEASY!

Start a Wix Dropshipping Business

Here’s an example of an app on Wix’s app store

Step 4) Set up shipping

Just like any other dropshipping model. You don’t handle shipping directly on Wix ecommerce. Your chosen dropshipping app handles ALL that!

NOTE. Shipping costs are not transferred to your Wix store when you import products. Hence you need to set them manually on your Wix dashboard before you start selling online.

That allows you to set favorable shipping prices. Or increase product prices to cater to shipping costs, so you provide free shipping. And still, maintain high-profit margins. 

My sole PURPOSE to increase the shipping price is to GENERATE more profits. And it is 100% effective in generating profits.

Step 5) Set up legal requirements

You need to tick ALL legal boxes for you to sell online. And avoid any legal penalties that might arise in the future.

Congratulations! You are now OFFICIALLY a wix dropshipper. 

Which brings us to…    

Tips to Succeed As A Dropshipper on Wix 

Tips to Succeed as a dropshipper on Wix 

Here are some of the best-kept secrets to succeed in Wix dropshipping: 

Prioritize marketing

Marketing is the MONEY MAKER in the dropshipping industry. 

I invested $100 in the ADS. You know the results? I made over $10K with the sales using the MARKETING ADS.

It’s how you attract customers. And make them spend money on your product…even if they hadn’t planned it!

We recommend…

  • Ads include paid Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and TikTok ads. This is an EXCELLENT way to bring customers to your store. Plus, you get immediate, trackable results (i.e., what’s working and not). 
  • Search engine optimization. Did you know that the average conversion rate for online stores is about 2%? Hence, if you get only 100 visitors to your store– you probably won’t make any sales. (#yourstoreisdead). 

But SEO is a proven way to rank high on Google search results. And suck in leads like a vacuum cleaner on steroids. You improve your SEO by optimizing web pages and creating blog content. 

Automate most of the dropshipping processes

Automation is the BEST EVER thing I have used. Integration of DROPSHIPPING apps enables easy fulfillment.

Unlike traditional dropshipping, which requires you to do everything manually. And takes lots of painstaking research to fulfill orders. You can automate most of the processes. So you have more time to focus on building that leads funnel you’ve been postponing. 

You can use AutoDS to automate ALL processes. So you make more money even when on vacation.


Even the kids get it…

Also, it’s an EXCELLENT way to make passive income. And still, keep your 9-5 job.

Always create amazing deals

Customers enjoy buying from stores with compelling offers. For instance: the Friday Flash sale, where you reduce items by $5-$10. Or ‘Buy 3 get 1 FREE offer’. 

That’s a BRILLIANT way to get more repeated, profitable sales to your store. 

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

4 Best Wix Dropshipping Suppliers



AliExpress is arguably the best dropshipping supplier, HANDS DOWN. I have drop-shipped tons of products using the ALIEXPRESS DROPSHIPPING app. Automated processes REDUCE your efforts.

We recommend it to eCommerce entrepreneurs who just want to get their feet wet. And find high-quality products at low prices.

Speaking of prices…

Suppliers can sell items for as low as $0.49 (wholesale prices). 

AliExpress is definitely superior to other suppliers in this list. With more than 100 million product offerings. ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF– AliEXpress provides. Hence, saves you the time of finding products from multiple suppliers. 

AliExpress’ BIGGEST downside is its shipping time. C’mon AliExpress, who still wants to wait for their delivery to arrive in 15 – 45 days?



Alibaba is one of the BIGGEST AliExpress competitors. With over 150,000 sellers and 5,900 product categories.

It’s the RIGHT eCommerce platform if you are serious about scaling your online business. 

Unlike AliExpress, Alibaba offers FAST shipping solutions ranging between 3-10 business days. So you don’t have to deal with emails from angry customers regarding their delivery. 

And the best part? 

You can integrate Alibaba to your Wix dropshipping stores using LitExtension. A plugin that lets you transfer data, including products, to your eCommerce website.

Click here to read our full review of Alibaba. 

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Leeline Sourcing


Leeline Sourcing is a BEAST in the dropship global market. 

With more than a decade of industry experience, you can wrong-sourcing from Leeline. 

Plus, they handle ALL the dirty work for YOU. Including sourcing winning products, sorting, packing, and fulfillment solutions.

Also, Leeline Sourcing offers:

  • 1 MONTH FREE WAREHOUSE STORAGE for all your goods
  • 24/7 customer support
  • SAFE and FAST shipping
  • EXPERT advice on growing your online stores to seven figures and beyond
  • Prices are very AFFORDABLE. So I have paid less for more. And GUARANTEED quality! It has BOOSTED my business growth.

Prices are very AFFORDABLE. So you actually pay less for more. And GUARANTEED quality!



Aside from having the BEST name in the market, Salehoo is an EXCELLENT supplier. 

It’s a GREAT platform for beginner dropshipping entrepreneurs. But we can’t recommend it for scaling your store to millionaire status. 

Yes, they offer QUALITY products and LEGIT merchants. But prices are too high, thus reducing your profit margins.

What makes Salehoo stand out? 

Good question! 

Salehoo has a world-class market research lab that helps you find trending products. So you don’t end up stocking slow-moving items on your Wix site. EVER.  Check out our articles about Salehoo!

FAQs about Wix Dropshipping

1. How much does it cost to dropship on Wix?

Creating a Wix dropshipping website is 100% FREE! But if you want more features and plugins, you MUST upgrade to their paid solutions. That will cost you between $27-$59/per month. 
Plus, you can opt for a custom domain name at $5-$20 per year. 

2. Can I dropship from Alibaba with Wix?

Yes, you can dropship from Alibaba to Wix EASILY. 
Just download the LitExtension plugin to your Wix account. And import all your data from AliExpress with just a click of a button. 

3. How many products can I sell on Wix?

You can sell/list up to 50,000 products in your dropshipping store. These include physical or digital products.
However, you can only offer 5 products if you are on Wix’s Free Plan. 

What’s Next

One last thing…

Building a successful dream allows you to manifest your CRAZIEST dreams. And there’s no BETTER place to start dropshipping than Wix. 

Don’t listen to the naysayers preaching that Wix dropshipping is dead. You can do it! Just remember to put in the work. Have a BRILLIANT marketing strategy. Find winning products. And watch how Wix dropshipping transforms your life. 

Are you looking forward to working with RELIABLE Chinese dropshippers? Or do you want to find your next BEST SELLER? PERFECT! Hit us up at any of our service pages. And our team will be in touch in NO TIME!

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