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Incorrect Labeling


No more wrong labeling on product specifications, serial numbers, or balloon number. We export all the data needed in a standard Excel report, SAVING you TIME and EFFORT.

Unsuitable Materials Used

Materials Used

We guarantee to inspect all parts according to industry requirements. Ensuring to fulfill the BEST standard.

Wrong Placements of Parts

Placements of Parts

We ensure that all the components’ positionings follow your design requirements. Moreover, we make sure they fulfill the SEA standards. We are making your vision 100% live.

Product Quality Consistency

Product Quality

We work CLOSELY with your manufacturer. We assure you that even complex parts of your product reach 100% quality consistency.

Advantages of First Article Inspection


Get all documented requirements inspected and validated.

We’ll check EVERY detail of the essential part. Even in the associated sub-assemblies of your products! Save your time and leave the tedious and repeating work to us.


Establishing the manufacturing Plan of Record.

We ensure you get the BEST quality control by the latest inspection method. Once done, we conduct mass production according to your POR. 

No need to worry about ANY future production run. 

Save money

Save money and resources.

Conducting First Article Inspections ensures quality control when producing parts of your products. 

You identify all the mistakes in the first production run. Then, alter them before starting your mass production process.


Get consultations from experts.

We note down any problems during the FAI process. Get professional suggestions to revise your drawings and products.

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Why Partner With Leeline Sourcing?

  • Years of Experience. We are a professional company with over TEN years of experience and tons of testimonials. We have almost all the answers to your needs and standard procedure to meet your goal.
  • Excellence Customer Support. We put customer requirements as the FIRST priority. Besides, we are always available for inquiries. Get your problems solved INSTANTLY with QUALITY.
  • Professional Documentations. Get your professional First Article Inspection Report done with details and drawings covered. Ballooned drawings are NO longer a burden when working with us.
  • Add-On Services. Get your sourcing needs covered, too, if the product you inspected could be better. We provide sourcing and freight services to find you the perfect profitable goods.

Get Your Professional First Article Inspection With Leeline Sourcing Now!

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I sourced all kinds of stuff for my company for about 1 year with Leelin. They have really good service, their team is polite and trustworthy. I definitely recommend you to work with them.


I worked with Leelin for 2-3 years to build my brand. They check each item and does my customs clearance get into Amazon warehouse. I love their service, it saves me a lot of time. If you are also developing your business in China, they will help you do it smoothly. 


Working with Leelin is really positive, they are honest and reliable. I recommend their services to anyone who has a business that needs to ship products from china or needs to inspect items. 


The Complete Guide to First Article Inspections

You’ve done a mass manufacturing process. But discovered that they’re all not up to your industrial standard. —— The WORST tragedy that could ever happen!

That’s why you need First Article Inspections before any mass production run! We are a company with OVER 10 YEARS of experience. We are dedicated to helping buyers solve quality control problems. We help you SAVE MONEY and TIME

Here’s all that you need to know about First Article Inspection FAI:

  1. What is First Article Inspection FAI
  2. Why does your business need First Article Inspection
  3. How to conduct an efficient Final Inspection
  4. Simple steps to create a First Article Inspection Report FAIR
  5. When do you need it
  6. What should be included in an Inspection Plan

Wait no more. Let’s dive in!

First Article Inspection

What Is First Article Inspection?

First Article Inspection FAI is a business procedure. It’s used to examine a part’s manufacturing process. It ensures consistent production of components that meet correct specifications.

FAI is a thorough examination with stringent regulations in your production process. It starts with raw materials. Then conversion, special processing, and functional testing for one part.

Three to five random samples from the first production line will be inspected. It ensures meeting all requirements.

Why Does Your Business Need First Article Inspection?

Why Does Your Business Need First Article Inspection

First Article Inspections are commonly done within the aerospace and defense industries. Let’s use the aerospace industry as an example.

Imagine getting an opportunity to produce a part of engines for a commercial airline. You signed the contract and promised a timely delivery.

But you don’t inspect any components from the first production run.

Then, you find out that you need to correct all the specifications. All the defective components need to be rebuilt, delaying the manufacturing schedule.

WASTED time and materials.

Not conducting an FAI process is an EXPENSIVE and FOOLISH decision to make. An accurate  First Article Inspection Report helps you detect errors. Moreover, it prevents producing products with wrong specifications.

In short, FAI saves time, money, and resources.

Repairing and replacement need time, and your customers are affected most. In short, any supply chain issue could lead to business loss. YOU could save yourself from the most expensive mistakes.

Inspection, Supplier Audit, Product Testing in China & Asia

We focus exclusively on QUALITY CONTROL. Today hundreds of clients worldwide have selected to trust Leeline Service as their partner for supply chain Management.

How to Conduct an Efficient Final Inspection?

Conduct an Efficient Final Inspection

Familiarizing yourself with the FAI process flow is the key. Here are the procedures before going into mass production:

  1. Supplier selection: where you research and choose your favorable supplier.
  2. Pre-production: where your first production batch starts manufacturing.
  3. First Article Inspection: where you conduct functional testing.
  4. Summarize the First Article Report: where you list all specifications.

You need corrective action if the functional tests come out wrong. Or the materials are not 100% compliant with your design characteristic.

Make the right decisions To conduct an efficient final inspection. These decisions are about the inspection team & supplier selection. Choosing the right inspection service you need and many more. In my experience, your sourcing company guides you through these processes. 

The manufacturer needs to review what’s happening and address the problems ASAP. Then, they need to rerun the First Article Inspection. The goal is to meet all design characteristics and standards of the final product.

Here are some tips to try:

  1. Standardize your inspection process
  2. Avoid manual data entry
  3. Leverage mobile assessment apps
  4. Determine the optimal inspection frequency

Simple Steps to Create a First Article Inspection Report

Create a First Article Inspection Report

Step 1: Pre-plan Your FAI

Before you start, collect the required documentation for your First Article Inspection, like:

  • Engineering drawings with drawing notes
  • Balloon drawing or Bubble drawing
  • Digital product definition data sets
  • Raw materials list
  • Manufacturing process planning
  • Supplier information

All documentation and pre-planning help in your decision-making. The process gets easier and smoother with having all details previously. 

Step 2: Create an Inspection Plan

Fill out the three forms for your First Article Inspection Report FAIR:

  • Form 1 – Part Number Accountability
  • Form 2 – Product Accountability
  • Form 3 – Characteristic Accountability

Step 3: Manufacturing

Make sure you are recording the processing and inspection outcomes of the products. It includes the manufacturing process and machinery too. If you are dealing with handmade products, then details get more sensitive about the craftsman. 

Step 4: Collect Data

Examine the part following the inspection plan created in Step 2. Keep track of all certified inspection tools so you can refer them to the person in charge. 

Step 5: Create a report

Enter your measurement result data into Form 3.

When Do You Need a First Article Inspection?

Inspection Plan

You need a First Article inspection when introducing a new product. There are two types of First Article Inspection:

  • Full FAI for the first production run.
  • Partial FAI when there is any change that affects the product.

In both cases, the main procedures are the same. Yet, in Partial FAI, they focused on the previous or latest change in the product. The inspector tests all the related functions of that new change. 

Conduct a full FAI when one of the following occurs: 

  • A new component is introduced
  • A change in either the source of materials or the manufacturing location
  • Resuming production after a long gap (usually two years)
  • Upon the customer’s request

Conduct a partial FAI when one of the following occurs: 

  • Any modification was done to the design that may alter the product’s form, fit, or function
  • Any change in the manufacturing process
  • Uses another media program that might alter the product’s form, fit, or function

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

What Should Be Included in an Inspection Plan?

Be Included in an Inspection Plan
  1. Use an Inspection Form
    You can find a suitable template to use that suits your project. It must include the details that matter to you, from quality to specific feature results. 
  2. List Your Task Inspections
    Fill out your form by listing your task inspections. It should include any particular features and steps to follow.
  3. Include Reference Documents
    Having the below documents will ensure smooth and efficient process:
    1. Production part approval process
    2. Contract requirements
    3. Form 1 – Part Number Accountability
    4. Form 2 – Product Accountability
    5. Form 3 – Characteristic Accountability
  4. Make a Note of Responsibilities
    You should be clear about who’s responsible for specific inspections. Assign terms to all parties like seller, buyer, and inspector. First, you must discuss it with them before writing them down.
  5. Display Times and Dates of Inspections
    Keep you on track with the manufacturing progress and take necessary action.

FAQs about First Article Inspection

1. Who is responsible for the first article inspection?

Usually, the supplier will be responsible for conducting the first article inspection. They will need to provide concrete evidence and proof of the usability of their report. You could choose other third-party organizations to perform the inspection too.

2. What are FAI samples?

The products or parts chosen as an FAI sample are also called approval samples or golden samples. They are flawlessly crafted models made before mass production. The inspector will use these samples to compare with the units produced.

3. What is the difference between PPAP and FAI?

An FAI is part of the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). FAI report requires the inspection of only one part. But PPAP requires hundreds to thousands. A PPAP requires formalized documentation for every step of production. 
First Article Inspection Report usually needs three forms: 
– Part Number Accountability
– Product Accountability
– Characteristic Accountability.

What’s Next

First Article Inspections are essential for industries that call for highly precise parts. The benefits are clear: you could avoid WASTING MONEY, TIME, AND RESOURCES.

But, conducting a thorough examination takes work. Not to mention generating a detailed First Article Inspection Report.

That’s where we come in. We are a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED company with tons of testimonials. Get your solutions now on any First Article Inspections issues from us!

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