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Leeline Sourcing is ALL-IN-ONE for you. Our team FINDS 100% Quality products. Stores them in our warehouses. Pick them from our warehouse space for your customers. 

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Special Projects for Your Unique Request

Leeline Sourcing has a DEDICATED team to customize the packages. We can reshape the product packages. Repackage the INVENTORY. Add multiple SKUs into a single SUBSCRIPTION box. And save you cost over your subsequent Subscription Box Fulfillment

Create SPECIAL PROJECTS as per fulfillment needs.

Safe Storage

Clean, Convenient, and Safe Storage

We have warehouses to store your INVENTORY. 24/7 security and tracking services keep you UPDATED every second. When shipping the products, you can LOCATE the exact locations. Pallet storage becomes EFFORTLESS with reduced shipping costs. 

Your business grows at a FASTER RATE with us.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Our inventory management services are the NEXT LEVEL. We divide the products into BATCHES. Set up assemblies of the inventory. Know which products are to be shipped with the EXACT DATE. Trace your orders when picking and packing. 

Hassle-FREE Subscription Box fulfillment is with us.


Shipping with Affordable Price

We have LOCAL WAREHOUSES globally. You let us know your customer’s address. We determine the LOCATION of delivery and warehouse. Our in-house fulfillment collaboration with DHL and USPS saves you some bucks.

Save money with our AFFORDABLE SHIPPING COSTS on shipping orders.

About us

Why Partner With Leeline Sourcing?

  • Faster Shipments. We have collaborations with FAMOUS shipping companies. DHL or USPS ship your products with HIGH-cost savings. 
  • Quality Management. Our warehouses have a system best fit for your inventory storage. 100% SAFE MANAGEMENT of the products is our guarantee. 
  • Smooth Supply Chain solution. Our supply chain solutions are WONDERS. You source and store inventory. With this, your Subscription box business touches heights with our fulfillment center. 
  • Excellent Customer Service. Have you got a PROBLEM? Our team is available 24/7 to assist you in managing your orders. We have DEDICATED agents to help your business. You are out of any PROBLEM with us.

Hear it from fellow Client

Leeline Sourcing is the best. I would recommend everyone use their services. I love the team. Their working mechanism is 100% effective. I’ll work with them for my future projects. Good luck.

– Martin, USA

Looking for a Subscription Box solution?

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Subscription Box Fulfillment

70% of sellers FAIL when they don’t have the RIGHT PRODUCT. And 100% fail when they don’t have the FULFILLMENT company. 

Suppose you got 10 SUBSCRIBERS. You need to ship products regularly to them. What will you do? 

Find the Subscription Box Fulfillment, right? 

That is WHERE you have a PROBABILITY of 30% failing your business. 

Getting the right subscription box fulfillment company is 100% CRUCIAL. 

Our logistics experts at LEELINE SOURCING will help you resolve that problem. We sort out your subscribed customers. Ship products to them with accurate shipping times. FAST shipping with the BEST shipping cost is our advantage. 

Let’s learn about the China Fulfillment Process. 

The Benefit of Subscription Box Fulfillment

What is Subscription Box Fulfillment?

What is Subscription Box Fulfillment

Have you ever FULFILLED the curated subscription boxes to your CUSTOMERS? 

Subscription fulfillment is a PROCESS to deliver products to customers regularly. 

For example, a customer wants BEAUTY PRODUCTS shipped to them each Wednesday. The order fulfillment will COME under the category of subscription fulfillment services. 

Most fulfillment companies offer such types of services for a SUBSCRIPTION business. 

What you need to do is to FIND A fulfillment provider. Check the crucial qualities of the subscription fulfillment process. And then hire subscription box fulfillment companies. 

Is that hard? Learn more in detail. 

What are the Types of Subscription Boxes?

What are the Types of Subscription Boxes

If you are CONSIDERING subscription box fulfillment companies, just WAIT. Don’t move. Don’t go ahead. 

Learn what DIFFERENT types of subscription boxes are. 

Curious about LEARNING? 

Here are three significant TYPES. 

Curated Subscription Boxes 

Curated Boxes are a SPECIAL type of box that surprises the customers.

These might include SCIENCE projects or product samples. Vegetable boxes are also an example of these boxes. 

The seller has the MAXIMUM flexibility to set the boxes. The prices and availability determine the EXACT profits for such packages. 

Replenishment Subscription 

Have you heard about AUTO-SHIP? 

The replenishment subscription bundles are the AUTO-SHIP boxes. Products include the standard household inventory, such as Diapers. 

The recurring deliveries occur by the FULFILLMENT teams regularly. This type of box benefits both the CUSTOMERS and eCommerce businesses. 

There is low COMPETITION and regular deliveries in such cases. 

Subscribe and Save 

I am 100% sure you have HEARD of subscribing and saving. 

Amazon and many RETAIL sites allow customers to access this feature. The goal is to DRIVE more sales by promoting the subscribe and save tool. 

With this feature, customers have to PAY the subscription fee. They receive different types of discount offers. 

It is not necessary to use subscription fulfillment. Instead, you can ship in the traditional ways. 

Process of Subscription Box Fulfillment

Process of Subscription Box Fulfillment

Do you have PLANS for outsourcing fulfillment to SHIPPING companies? 

Before you outsource fulfillment, you MUST know the exact process. Here is how shipping subscription boxes work. 

  • Receiving the Subscription Inventory 

Have you HIRED A 3PL fulfillment provider? 

If that is the CASE, first ship products to their subscription fulfillment center. After receiving the products, your shipping company will manage them.  I don’t have to spend time in shipment handling with 3PL solutions. 

  • Sharing Details 

Who are your subscription customers? When to ship the products? 

You have to SHARE all the necessary details for the products. 

Order management software integration can help you sort this out. 

  • Packing and Shipping 

Your 3PL company got the details? 

Fulfillment operations start from the PACKING and shipping. You can get custom-branded packaging. 

The subscription fulfillment service will collect all the products. Perform QUALITY CONTROL. And then customize its packaging before shipping. 

  • Shipping Subscription Boxes

Once all the LIABILITIES are complete, outstanding! 

The shipping company will DETERMINE the time. Organize the products. Pick them up from the subscription fulfillment center. And finally, ship to regular subscription businesses. My customers receive their boxes within their scheduled time. 

The Benefit of Subscription Box Fulfillment

Subscription Box Fulfillment

Are subscription boxes beneficial? 

There is a BIG QUESTION MARK. Different business owners have other ANSWERS. But you must know the ESSENTIAL benefits. 

These are: 

Timely Shipments 

Subscribed customers want all the PRODUCTS on time. For example, you ship a bunch of PENCILS every Monday. I offer mostly monthly subscription boxes to my customers. 

Timely shipments are GOING to improve customer satisfaction. 

You’ll get more SALES. 

Control over the Inventory 

Another way to impress consumers is through Inventory customization. 

If a CUSTOMER wants special packaging, give it to him. A satisfied consumer will bring more clients. 

You don’t have to MISS THIS CHANCE

Higher Profits

Overall profits are HIGH in subscription boxes. 

Do you know how? 

  • You make sales regularly. It is going to save you MANY BUCKS. 
  • You ship multiple items in a SINGLE PACKAGING. For flat-rate shipping, it is highly beneficial. 
  • Competition is VERY LOW.  It was easy for me to scale my ads without competition. 

So you are happy with HIGHER profits. 

Factors Affect Subscription Box Fulfillment Services

Factors Affect Subscription Box Fulfillment Services

Wondering about the FACTORS that affect the fulfillment process? 

Here are all those FACTORS. 

  • Order Volume and Frequency 

Subscription is open to all the CONSUMERS. 

A subscription option is another critical factor in controlling the order frequency. Suppose you have two consumers. 

One customer wants a product shipped weekly. Another wants a PRODUCT ship monthly. Both are not the SAME. Even the order frequency for one is 4/month and for the other 1/month. 

It IMPACTS the subscription box fulfillment process. 

  • Shipping Dates 

Different consumers need products at other times but regularly. As I need my monthly supplies for my painting hobby. 

Some customers quickly need it while others require a MONTH later. It affects the process a lot. 

  • What is in the Box 

Curated boxes are SURPRISING boxes. 

On the other hand, replenishment boxes allow CONSUMERS to customize. So both are not the SAME. It is another crucial factor to influence. 

  • Inventory Management 

Subscription box companies prefer the Subscription box fulfillment center. But at that point, inventory management is a 100% CRUCIAL factor

You need all boxes to be SAFE until they get shipped. Choosing the right subscription box fulfillment center can guarantee eCommerce business success. 

How to Find the Best Subscription Box Fulfillment Services?

How to Find the Best Subscription Box Fulfillment Services

Is finding a subscription fulfillment company hard for you? 

That is not a BIG PROBLEM. The crux of the matter is finding the BEST company. Can you see that? 

If not, let me help you. You must look at different features. A good company has the following features. 

Extensive Warehouse Network 

The entire process of fulfillment is ONLY possible when: 

  • When you have a warehouse. 
  • Implement multiple solutions to manage your inventory. 
  • Ship from nearby locations to the right customers. 

Do you have that? You can’t have that. 

So you must FIND A company that offers all the FEATURES. Multiple subscription fulfillment centers around the GLOBE can resolve several problems. I first look at my big number of customers and then find warehouses around the location. 

A nationwide network is another KEY FEATURE of such companies. 

You should explore such companies. 

Efficient Labor Management 

Only management is not ENOUGH. The company has to ship products to the clients. 

And there is a LABOR essential to fulfill all your ORDERS. 

CHECK OUT whether your company has enough labor. What are the requirements? How big is the fulfillment? 

All these factors get you the RIGHT company. 

Affordable Shipping Costs

Every seller wants an AFFORDABLE solution for regular shipping. And a good company offers all that. My choice is to choose 3pl solutions because it includes shipping as well. 

Ensure you get additional services at the BEST possible prices. 

FAQs about Subscription Box Fulfillment

1. Can you resell products in a subscription box?

Yes. If you purchase products from a trademark holder, you can resell them. Ensure you design SUBSCRIPTION BOXES uniquely. They make profits for you. It is a GOOD BUSINESS idea.

2. How many items should be in a subscription box?

Look. There is NO EXACT amount of products for the subscription boxes. However, 5 to 10 items are ENOUGH in your subscription boxes. You can keep more, but it might cause fitting problems.

3. How much does it cost for a subscription box fulfillment service?

Usually, it costs around $1.5 per item in the Subscription box fulfillment. The order fulfillment price VARIES according to the given situations. So keep everything in mind. 

What’s Next

Subscription fulfillment services can be FAKE. 

I have heard someone saying that. Do you know it is TRUE? 

It is 100% true when you get the WRONG. Check the QUALITY CONTROL. Ensure they offer subscription box services with guaranteed fulfillment. 

Got that company? 

If not, we are there. I mean, LEELINE SOURCING. We have logistic experts ready to become your fulfillment partner. We provide what customers expect. 

Call us to get the FREE QUOTE for your subscription box fulfillment. 

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Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  LeelineSourcing. We’ve helped 2000+ customers import from China.

Do you want a better price on product or shipping?

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