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Our Warehouse Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Product Suppliers

With Leelinesourcing, your search for the best and most reliable suppliers worldwide. Buy products from trusted suppliers at COMPETITIVE PRICES.

By sourcing the best-selling products, we reduce your workload by HALF.

Product Quality Control

Our QUALITY CONTROL PLAN ensures your products meet their specifications. We inspect raw materials and each item for defects. ENSURE PROPER PACKAGING will meet international quality standards.

You invest in the right equipment to reap your profit margins.

Product Quality Control
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Products

From SMALL BUSINESSES TO LARGE CORPORATIONS, we provide a customized solution. You get labeled products with your company’s logo.

Present your brand through professional packaging to bring more customers.

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

Leelinesourcing provides order management services, including placing, tracking, and fulfilling orders.

We dropship your brand in LOW market price and save you 40% of your budget.

Dropshipping & Fulfillment

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Best Guide to Know China Warehouse in 2024

China is the world’s FACTORY. I can prove it with the REAL-TIME STATISTICS.

According to Statista, China Manufacturing market size is 4.88 TRILLION USD. What you heard is right, TRILLION USD.

To support B2B or B2C businesses, CHINA warehouse infrastructure has helped a lot. You get safe storage with EXCELLENT tracking.

Leeline Sourcing has warehouses in China. You get FREE 14 days storage. You save BUCKS. Make high profits. And earn more.

Want to know more about the CHINA WAREHOUSE?

Let’s run through the valley of warehouse infrastructure in CHINA and explore it in deep detail.

Best Guide to Know China Warehouse

What is the China Warehouse? 

A China warehouse refers to a building or facility used to store products. With the increase in global trade, you might need to import goods or products from China. After purchasing products, you will need where to store the goods.

Unfortunately, many people want to do business with China, but they know little about China’s warehouses. Some don’t even understand their warehousing operations.

That is why you need to know about warehousing services. It is essential to understand the processes of the fulfillment centers.

Getting a storage facility for your products is inevitable in business operations. You will need a China warehouse to store goods for some period.

Types of China Warehouses


A private warehouse is usually owned and managed by different categories of people. It can be manufacturers, wholesalers, or retailers. They are not meant for public use but for private use.

Private warehousing may be expensive for small businesses. It has a lot of benefits like flexibility and better monitoring. Managing warehousing operations from time to time is also part of the benefits.


A public warehouse is for public use. It is the opposite of private warehouses. Government authorities and other government entities usually own public warehouses.

The need for public warehouses is due to the inability of all to have their private warehouses. Thus, the government caters to storage needs by establishing public warehouses.

Also, private bodies may establish and own warehouses. They can get licenses from the government to operate them. These types of storage spaces offer a low cost of storage.


China bonded warehouses differ from others. It uses rules and regulations.

Taxes apply to the products stored in China bonded warehouses. Government and private agencies manage and control China bonded warehouses.


The central state manages and controls the running of things. The storage space is available for use by everyone.

It is also affordable as the China public warehouses.

What Is Warehouse Management System? 

Warehouse management is not limited only to storing products orderly. It entails activities that embrace the fulfillment of warehousing operations.

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is essential to optimize warehouse management.

The WMS is a core aspect that needs consideration in warehousing services. It refers to a type of software used for controlling warehousing operations. It ranges from collecting inventories to storing goods, packing and picking items, etc.

WMS tracks all stored goods and products going out of the warehouse. It eliminates the use of manual labor for warehousing activities. Also, it optimizes warehousing operations because of the ease of use.

 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shipments from China.

Benefits of the China Warehouse 

Using a China warehouse as a storage room comes with many benefits. Below are some of the benefits of the china warehouse.

Temporary And Long-term Storage of Products and Goods

I have stored my products in the Leeline Warehouses for more than 1 year. Products were under strict monitoring. There was not a SINGLE DAMAGE or loss. That is the BEST for my business.

You can trust China warehouse services to store your goods. It can be for short or long-term purposes.The temporal and long-term storage aids the delivery of products to customers in different locations.

Although some factors may hinder the importation go goods from China. With China warehouses, you rest assured that problems like becomes solved. The China warehouse also takes care of the problem of limited storage. China warehouses have the capacity for long-term storage of products and goods.

Execution of Product Offloading From Suppliers or Manufacturers

When you get the desired products from a supplier and your inventory gets prepared by them. Inventories are then transported to the warehouse.The first thing that comes to mind is what will happen to the inventories delivered?

China warehouses have human and non-human resources to handle offloading products. They also take records of stocks.

Inspection or Verification of Quality of Goods

As an e-commerce business, fulfillment is of utmost importance to your business needs.Fulfillment ranges from getting quality products to shipping to desired locations. It also entails receiving correct orders.

Leeline Sourcing has provided me with the QUALITY INSPECTION of the products. It helps check the quality from the suppliers. And ensure the quality when shipping to the CUSTOMERS. With quality, I can only win customers.

For many warehouses in China, the unloading of the products is not the only service rendered. They do quality control inspections and verification of goods. Inspections like this are an excellent way to save money. They also help customers with product tracking.

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Protected and Secured Medium for Storage of Products

There is a guarantee that your inventories are safe and secure in China warehouses. You may then ask, what if these products get damaged in the warehouse? The warehouse handles it, and necessary compensation will follow.

The stock-keeping unit of China warehouses ensures your inventories are secure. The unit also takes records of stocks to achieve transparency and efficiency.

One of the TOP REASONS for me using the warehouses is the safe storage. I get the STRICT MANAGEMENT AND TRACKING technology to let my supply chain be on the BEST.

Effective Cargo Shipment

You can get China warehouses to handle your shipping. You need to ensure that you are meeting your shipping needs. You can use these benefits accruing from using China warehouses.

You can opt for both storage and shipping services with China warehouses. For instance, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and others offer product shipment to buyers’ locations. You don’t have to worry about dangerous cargo handling with China warehouses.

Services of the China Warehouse

China warehouses offer a wide range of services. Listed below are services you should expect from China warehousing.

Inventory Management and Storage of Products

One of the services offered by China warehouses is inventory management. Via this service, it ensures proper storage of products. Whether this inventory comes from different suppliers shouldn’t be a problem. The warehouse will receive the inventory from your suppliers. It stores them after receiving.

My storage with LEELINE SOURCING has been exceptional. Do you know why? Because they have the SMART WAREHOUSES with the easy storage and tracking. It is great when you need to run the AMAZON FBA business.

Consolidation Services

You may be wondering whether you can get products from different manufacturers. You may also be thinking if it is possible to store the products in a single China warehouse. Even if single storage is possible, you may be thinking, what if there’s is a mix-up. You don’t have to worry about this. China warehouses offer cargo consolidation services for managing and handling mixed goods.

Thus, shipping needs are fulfilled because you can get different suppliers. China warehousing will handle all this.

Keeping of Inventory Records

After product supply, the next thing is to update inventory records. China warehouse ensures the storing of your inventory. Inventory records become updated after the supply of goods by your supplier.

All of my warehouses have been REGULARLY updating the inventory status. They let me know the:

  • The number of stocks left.
  • Number of specific items

It keeps me ordering when one or teo items are getting out of stock.

China warehouses offer the service of supplying relevant data about products. Services like these help many businesses and brands make better business decisions.

Also, taking inventory of your products will reduce cases of wrong delivery services.

Packing and Labeling

It is an essential service offered by China warehouses. After getting your inventories from the supplier, packing occurs after that is labeling.

Product labeling is significant because labels distinguish products from others. It gives a separate and unique identity to your products.

Order Fulfillment by Fulfillment Centers

China warehouses simplify logistics services by offering shipping services. They can receive orders from customers and ship your inventory to their destinations. Order fulfillment comes with reasonable shipping rates.

Why do I love China warehouses? They do the DUAL JOB. Store the products. And fulfill it on time. That is GREAT when you need to ship products on time.

Temporary and Long Term Storage

Wholesalers, retailers, traders, and people have diverse storage needs. Some may only need short-term storage for the products. Others may have to keep their products for a long-term or indefinite period. China warehouses offer temporary and long-term storage services for your products.

For instance, the Guangzhou warehouse can store products for an uncertain period. I have stored products in Guangzhou warehouse. They charge me for the COVERED area in square feet. There is no LIMIT for the product storage if you pay the fee.

Freight Forwarding Services

Some China warehouses offer freight forwarding services. For instance, the Shanghai Freight Forwarder handles all kinds of shipping goods. They offer these services both in Shanghai and the cities near it.

Thus, you can choose a China warehouse to handle the shipping of your products to any part of the world. Several logistics companies can help you with freight forwarding services.

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

Costs of the China Warehouse 

So far, we have explored cogent information about China warehouses. Information related to the costs of a China Warehouse is also important. Warehouse costs vary based on the storage facility. The nature of services required also determines the cost. The most common costs include;

Storage Cost and Inventory Management Cost

Keeping goods in China warehouses attracts storage costs. These expenses may vary based on the warehousing service you desire. If it is short-term storage, the expenses may be less, but if it is long-term or indefinite, the costs will be more. Free warehousing is possible with some warehouse providers.

Operations or Administrative Cost

These are costs incurred by human and non-human resources used for warehouse management.

Examples are the cost of supervision, packing, and product labeling. Others are costs for warehouse management system operations, taxes, insurance, etc.


These are costs associated with the movement and handling of your products. It may include the cost of loading and unloading. Equipment and resources used for handling products also come with a cost.

General Administrative Expenses

General administrative expenses include office expenses. Costs for the day-to-day running of the warehouse are also part of these expenses.

How to Find the Right China Warehouse? 

Here is a practical guide that will help you search for a reliable China Warehouse.

You can visit China to find Local China Warehouse and Logistic Services

You can go to wholesale markets and interact with suppliers.

Interactions like this will help you get information about inexpensive local warehouse services. You may also be able to get information about China warehouses.

You can also search the internet or use Google Maps to identify warehouses’ locations. You can then visit these locations. Information gathering before visitation helps reduce costs.

I use the GOOGLE. Find the top warehouses. Get advice from the SOURCING companies. And then check the rates and location before making the FINAL DECISION. It gets me the BEST WAREHOUSE in the LOCALE.

Access Information About China Warehouses on Alibaba E-Commerce Platform

When I use browse Alibaba, I check:

  • Warehouse cost
  • Feedback from other customers.
  • Location.
  • Sometimes I talk to the owners.

These aspects bring me to the NUMBER 1 warehouse.

On the online platform, you can access a wide range of China warehouse options. There are reliable and cost-effective warehouses on the site. You can visit the website and pick a warehouse that suits your business requirements.

China Sourcing Agents

I have been using the SOURCING AGENTS for decades. They are exceptional and know which warehouse is the BEST ONE for the products. You can get the best rates with the best storage.

Sourcing agents like LeelineSourcing can help in choosing a China warehouse. Sourcing agents have contacts with supplies and other parties involved in fulfillment processes.

They do the job often. Thus, have tangible information about how the warehouse market operates.

You might consider China sourcing agents when looking for the right China warehouse. They can also help you with other services.

Seek Information Online

The internet is a resource we cannot overlook for information gathering. You can explore information about those who have used China warehouses. Check their reviews on social media. Such information will guide your decision on what and what not to do.

Ask A Friend

You might have direct contact with friends or families that are into e-commerce. They are your best bet. You can get firsthand practical experiences of the information you need. But, they must be trustworthy and reliable enough.

If you do not have direct contact, you can always seek a connection.

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How to Improve China Warehouses Service?

Warehousing is an essential aspect of the supply chain across the e-commerce industry. For the boom in the e-commerce space, warehousing operations must serve individuals well.

Currently, the challenges facing China’s warehousing services are

  • Poor infrastructure
  • Inadequacies in the supply chain,
  • Bureaucracy,
  • Cultural barrier
  • Poor staff training
  • IT problems, etc

The grouping of the problem is as follows;

  • Personnel
  • Administrative
  • Operations management, etc. Below are two basic suggestions.

For personnel management, there’s a need to adopt a workable structure. A structure that will watch and manage personnel from time to time is essential. Such a workable structure should be towards improving the working conditions of staff.

Structures like this will aid effective and efficient work productivity. For instance, communication–managers’ active listening and response to personnel solve such.

Personnel should not feel ‘used.’ Instead, personnel should have the company’s mindset showing interest in their welfare. Personnel will, in turn, deliver optimal services to people.

Checking for lapses in human labor in operations management is a good suggestion. There should be means to introduce innovation and technology to tackle these lapses. For instance, there is heavy manual labor in loading inventories. With advanced technology, there’s a need to provide better working means. Employing these techniques should improve supply chain and operations management.

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Tips to Choose China Warehouses 

Choose China Warehouse

Location of the Warehouse

When I have a supplier in ShenZhen, don’t you think choosing the Guangzhou warehouse is not a GOOD DEAL? That is why I look at the LOCATION. Locations help FULFILL orders quickly.

Choosing a China warehouse based on location may prove favorable in cost-effectiveness. A warehouse with a shipping address within your supplier’s location is essential. It is an excellent way to reduce expenses on transportation.

Likewise, are the warehouses located around shipping ports? Will my products be safe in such a controlled environment? Such questions should help in choosing a warehouse located in China.


In choosing a cost-effective China warehouse, you must consider your business requirements. For instance, excellent services do not mean meeting business needs. Ensure you look out for services suitable for your business.

Thus, is this China warehouse suitable for my business? The importance of this tip is that not all China warehouses offer varieties of services. Hence, you have to do your research well.


An excellent tip to consider in choosing a cost-effective China Warehouse. Service must also be at an affordable price.

You shouldn’t compromise quality based on low pricing services. Instead, you can weigh your options with a balanced approach. Choose what is cost-effective and never settle for less. You should look out for shipping costs.

My aim is to SAVE some bucks to raise my profits. And affordable warehouse prices help me ACHIEVE this goal effectively. I get the LOWER PRICES. And increase profit margins.

Good Security System

Choose a warehouse that has a secure and advanced security system. Such systems will ensure adequate protection of the products.

I have chosen the LEELINE WAREHOUSES. They have ADVANCED technology. Keeping my products safe is no longer a PROBLEM. Choosing a smart warehouse is a GOOD IDEA!

Not all warehouses have adequate security systems. Such may be dangerous for your storage needs. In such instances, your goods are liable for theft or other problems. Ensure you for a Chinese warehouse with a standard and up-to-date security system.

Adequate Personnel and Equipment

It is good to choose a well-equipped warehouse. A warehouse with adequate human and non-human resources aids efficient warehouse management.

A warehouse with poor personnel and equipment is not fit for business objectives.

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SAFE + EASY Importing from China

We do the hard work in China, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.


Does Alibaba have China warehouses?

Alibaba has a warehouse in Huiyang, Guangdong. Here, robots are responsible for moving goods around. The name of this warehouse is Cainiao. Also, Alibaba’s platform provides options for China warehouses. With this in mind, Alibaba’s platform is an excellent option to consider.

What will happen if my goods get damaged in the China warehouse?

The purpose of storing goods in these warehouses is to make them deliverable. Once this purpose gets defeated due to damage, the warehouse is responsible. There’s compensation for the damage.

What are cold storage warehouses in China?

A cold storage warehouse is for keeping products fresh and safe. The environmental conditions in a cold storage warehouse differ from other parts. Thus, it requires temperature maintenance to keep products fresh.
Perishable products are stored in a cold warehouse. Such products include plants, food, drugs, etc.

Can I rent a China warehouse?

Yes. You can rent a China warehouse. You can explore the various warehouses to select the affordable and convenient ones. More than one warehouse gives you access to competitive storage rates.

How much to rent a China warehouse?

The average rent for a warehouse in China is $0.85 per square foot (average warehouse cost). But, the expenses may vary. China warehouses might charge different costs for their services.

What’s Next

Access to information is essential. With all the information in this article, you are better equipped. You can start making good use of this information for your brand business.

As a business owner, employing warehousing services is inevitable. As such, make do with the information to fulfill business goals.

Suppose you need a sourcing agent to help locate fulfillment warehouses. Reach out to us at Leelinesourcing for order processing and use of the Chinese warehouse. We offer warehousing solutions and help search for reasonable shipping rates.

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