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Leeline Sourcing has the RIGHT EXPERTS to boost your business. We offer RELIABLE eCommerce warehouse services. Quality PRODUCT sourcing. And FAST shipping services to RAPIDIZE your business growth. 

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eCommerce Warehouse

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Our eCommerce Warehouse Services Include:

Sourcing Service

Sourcing Product Suppliers

Do you want to TRADE safely? 

We filter out the TOP suppliers from different eCommerce platforms. Check their MAIN FEATURES. Ensure they deliver the BEST inventory with the REQUIRED quality. You are out of FEAR WHEN working with our chosen suppliers. 

Get 100% RELIABLE SUPPLIERS with our experts.

Product Quality Control

We select a supplier that OFFERS the best quality. To ensure, we visit the FACTOR. Inspect the production process. Get the SAMPLES. Test them in our labs. And receive the products to store them in our eCommerce warehouse. 

Get 100% QUALITATIVE products with excellent margins.

Product Quality Service 9
branded dropshipping

Branded Dropshipping

Do you want to LAUNCH your dropshipping brand? 

We help you get QUALITY products. Customize their packaging. Store them in our eCommerce warehouse. And boost your eCommerce businesses without any EXTRA EXPENSE

Speed up your BRAND exposure to the HIGH market. 

Private Label & White Label Products

We enable access to white-label and private-label products. With these products, you can BRING UP the required changes. Customize the packing or labeling to boost your BRAND exposure. FREE marketing access can even be more EFFECTIVE. 

Increase your brand exposure with the PRIVATE LABEL inventory. 

Private Label & White Label
fulfillment center

Dropshipping Fulfillment

Do you want ALL eCommerce solutions in one place? 

Leeline Sourcing can be your ONE-STOP PARTNER. We not only offer PROPER WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT but also provide order fulfillment services. You get REAL-TIME tracking services for all of your orders. 

PROVIDE high customer experience with our GUARANTEED order fulfillment.

Inventory Management

We have the BEST eCommerce warehouse MANAGEMENT systems. Our experts count the products. Ensure the SUPPLY chain process is PERFECTLY ongoing. Automated security keeps you updated on products left in warehouse data. 

Get ahead of competitors with proper inventory management.

Inventory Management

What Makes Leeline Sourcing Stand Out?

  • 100% QUALITY products. We have a LONG LIST of quality suppliers. They never leave you ALONE. You get only quality products to fulfill your orders. 
  • Automated eCommerce Warehouse management systems. We have IMPLEMENTED cutting-edge technology to prevent any INCIDENT. You get Real-Time information about the products. No backorders can AFFECT your online store. 
  • Excellent customer service. If you are in a Problem, no worries. We are there 24/7. Our dedicated CUSTOMER SERVICE will keep you AWAY from problems. Your problem is now our problem. 
  • Lower Shipping Costs. We have the BEST SHIPPING carriers with lower shipping costs. Moreover, you get GUARANTEED delivery with our experts. 

Hear it from fellow Clients

Leeline Sourcing is great. I have worked with them and recommend everyone to try them. They have helped me with proper inventory control and supply chain management. Efficient warehousing is their best thing. 

– Louie, USA

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eCommerce Warehouse 101: Types, Benefits, Tips

Are you starting an eCommerce business? Answer THESE THREE QUESTIONS.

  • Do you have an ONLINE STORE? 
  • How will you store your inventory? 
  • How will you SHIP? 

HAVE the answers? That is GREAT. 

eCommerce warehouse management is the MOST IMPORTANT. Do you know why? 

Because you have to store inventory for an indefinite period. 

So do you have an eCommerce warehouse? 

If not, no PROBLEM. Leeline Sourcing has eCommerce warehouses. Our warehouses keep your Inventory SAFE. The COMPLETION of the entire supply chain through the China warehouse is feasible. Get out of TENSION with our best eCommerce warehousing practices. 

Do you want to KNOW more about the right eCommerce warehousing solution? 

Ride the TIDE. We will discuss the eCommerce warehouse management system with multiple tips. 

eCommerce Warehouse

What are eCommerce Warehouses?

What are eCommerce Warehouses

eCommerce warehouse management refers to the process of STORING inventory and managing it. 

Maybe you have MULTIPLE WAREHOUSES in your location. A warehouse is a PERFECT storage space for distribution centers. Shipping companies and eCommerce sellers use them to store and sell products. 

So, how do they do all that, right? 

The process is SIMPLE. Nowadays, technology has DOMINATED and helped online businesses. The RFID system can SORT out the products within minutes. 

Do you want to know more? 

Get a detailed guide about the TYPE of eCommerce warehouses. 

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

What are the Types of eCommerce Warehouses?

What are the Types of eCommerce Warehouses

Types of warehouses? There are so many TYPES. It all depends on the PLACE AND STORAGE systems. You need to get the IN-DEPTH levels to know the EXACT purpose of each type. 


Let’s LEARN about different types of eCommerce warehouses. 

1. Public warehouses 

The NAME defines everything. 

An eCommerce warehouse comes under the CONTROL of the government. They are the BEST option when it comes to choosing the PRICE. But there is one DRAWBACK. 

Their eCommerce warehouse management systems are not VERY MUCH ADVANCED. 

2. Private warehouses 

Inventory management systems are the BEST at private warehouses

Any eCommerce business or distributor has such warehouses. Most shipping carriers’ WAREHOUSES are part of private warehouses. 

They can be EXPENSIVE, but the warehouse management services are the BEST. 

3. Cooperative warehouses 

Many cooperative organizations own such types of warehouses. 

The best EXAMPLES are the farmer warehouses. Only the members can store the inventory. 

They may not be the PART of your eCommerce supply chain. 

4. Government warehouses 

The government owns these. 

eCommerce businesses can STORE the products. If they do not pay the PAYMENT on time, the government takes control of the inventory. 

5. Fulfillment centers 

A fulfillment center is a SPECIALIZED warehouse. Here the inventory remains for a SHORT PERIOD. 

Every country or city has such warehouses. These are distribution centers where the SELLERS store their inventory. In 24 hours, shippers ship the products to the customer’s doorstep. So, a fulfillment center is a GOOD eCommerce WAREHOUSE for a short period. 

You can use fulfillment centers to distribute your inventory. 

6. Smart warehouses 

Do you want the BEST eCommerce warehouse MANAGEMENT system? 

Get a SMART warehouse. Be on track. 

These involve the use of: 

  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Warehouse management software 
  • Robots for picking and packaging. 

You can consider them the most advanced type of inventory management warehouse. 

7. Bonded warehouses 

Are you an IMPORTER? 

If so, the bonded warehouse can save you the FEE for the storage space. 

Imported products are stored in these WAREHOUSES before the shipments. The shippers have to pay the CUSTOM DUTIES but no warehousing fee. 

These are good for short and long-term storage. 

8. Consolidated warehouses

What do you understand by the WORD “CONSOLIDATION?” 

The WORD CONSOLIDATION cracks everything. There is a STORAGE of small units of products until a big shipment occurs. 

These are not ideal for storage purposes. 

5 Best eCommerce Warehouse Companies in China 

Warehouse NameServiceLocation
Leeline SourcingWarehousingFreight forwardingSupply chain managementTailor-made solutionsDigital solutionsQuality controlsRoom 2102, No.568 Hengfeng Rd, Shanghai, China
UFLWarehousing Shipping Custom clearance servicesHong Kong, Kowloon Bay, 21st Floor, Enterprise Square III
MOL logisticsWarehousing Shipping6th Floor, Enterprise Centre TOWER 2, Kerry Everbright City, No. 209 Gonghe Road, Shanghai, China
Shanghai Jinhan International LogisticsWarehousing ShippingPlant 11, 353 North Riying Road, Waigaoqiao Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China
KorChinaWarehousing ShippingSuite 1503, 15/F., Tower 2, Nina Tower, 8 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, NT, Hong Kong

What Happens When you don’t Rent a Warehouse?

What Happens When you don't Rent a Warehouse

Haven’t you rented a warehouse yet? 

Caution for you! Many problems arise. For example: 

  • Inventory gets lost 

Do you know the BIGGEST ADVANTAGE of an eCommerce warehouse? 

It keeps your INVENTORY organized and safe. The worst happens without it. 

An advanced system keeps you updated about your PRODUCTS. 

  • Wrong product shipping 

Most customers complain they got the wrong products. 

Does that happen? In what Cases does it OCCUR? 

No WONDERS. When your shipper has to PICK multiple products, it occurs. eCommerce warehousing can prevent such cases by tracking the products. 

It becomes easier to SHIP the right product to your customers. 

  • High Number of Backorders

Backorder refers to the orders that are pending. 

And when does it happen? 

It occurs when you are OUT-OF-STOCK of a specific item. An efficient eCommerce warehouse can protect you FROM SUCH CASES. 

  • You get updates about the PRODUCTS. 
  • Set a threshold to order products from the suppliers AUTOMATICALLY. 

How to Choose the Right eCommerce Warehouses for Your Business?

How to Choose the Right eCommerce Warehouses for Your Business

Do you run an eCommerce business? 

eCommerce warehousing PLAYS an integral role in managing your warehouses. 

Do you want to rent a WAREHOUSE? 

Here are some tips for landing the correct warehouse. 

Market Proximity 

How close is the MARKET? Especially when shipping, you must choose a LOCAL warehouse. 

That is where market proximity comes into play. 

The advantage is the MONEY SAVING features. 

Adequate warehouse Storage space 

Does your warehouse have an enormous space? 

If so, that would be great. Again you have to CHECK the space. Ensure it fits your inventory amount and size. Otherwise, your sensitive products might get damaged. 

Security and management system 

Do you want 100% SAFETY? 

Security is the main thing in that case. Management system defines how the warehouse manages its products. 

A Good warehouse always has the BEST CCTV and robotic management. 

Latest Technology 

We are living in the 21st century. And it is the LATEST technology that defines the value of an eCommerce warehouse. 

The latest tools speed up the PICKING AND PACKING. They come up with the BEST STRATEGY to manage products. 

Excellent customer service

Customer service is essential. 

It will keep you out of any problems in shipping or management. Therefore, check the customer service of the warehouse you are hiring. 

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

5 Benefits of an eCommerce Warehouse 

5 Benefits of an eCommerce Warehouse 

eCommerce warehousing refers to the PERFECT management of inventory and updates. 

Warehouse operations guarantee SAFE inventory management. A big question arises when the INVENTORY goes missing or gets DAMAGED.

Are warehouses a BAD thing? 

Not at all. 

There are MANY benefits to using warehouses. These are: 

  • The warehouse management system is GOOD. 

You get the SMART system. AI manages all your orders. Nothing goes missing if accurately placed. 

RFID technology even makes it easier to find PRODUCTS. 

  • The fulfillment process becomes NO-BRAINER. 

The fulfillment process depends on the ORGANIZATION of inventory. 

And in the warehouse, everything is GOOD and integrated. The picking to shipping is relatively smooth. No flaws. 

  • You get detailed insights. 

When you store products in your home, you do not know the NUMBER. Detailed statistics are often tricky. 

But in this case, it is not a BIG DEAL. You get timely reports. Know what product is AVAILABLE. And what is out of stock? 

  • Saves Time 

The storage, picking, and packing occurs at ONE PLACE. Don’t you think it will save you PRECIOUS time? 

Therefore, eCommerce warehousing is an EXCELLENT choice for eCommerce businesses. 

  • Accurate Picking and Packing

Warehouse inventory must be PACKED before shipping. 

Am I right? 

But you don’t have to WORRY. Reply to the warehouse managers. Let them deploy the staff for picking and packing. 

What is the Average Cost of Renting a Warehouse? 

What is the Average Cost of Renting a warehouse

Warehousing cost depends on multiple factors. 

And look, the price changes location to the LOCATION. Here are two fundamental factors in determining the average cost. 

  • The amount of space you need in the warehouse. 
  • Duration for which you want to rent the warehouse. 

A square foot is a STANDARD unit to calculate the amount of space. 

Let’s take an EXAMPLE to calculate the cost. 

Suppose you need a 4,000 square feet area for inventory storage. The monthly cost is 80 cents or $0.80.

In that case, the warehouse cost would be: 

4000 x $0.80 = $3200 

It is a rough estimate. Different warehouses have DIFFERENT monthly or yearly storage fees. It can range from $0.25 to $25.

eCommerce Warehouse Management Best Practices

eCommerce Warehouse Management Best Practices

Look. Poor eCommerce warehousing processes can COST A HIGH value. You lose not only money but also the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. 

Whatever type of warehouse you have chosen, get the following tips. 

  • Use an eCommerce warehouse management system (WMS)

Have you heard of the eCommerce warehouse management system WMS? 

These offer advanced tools to

  • Track the products 
  • Manage the eCommerce store 
  • Check the stock left in the warehouse. 

You can speed up your BUSINESS progress with these tools. 

  • Integrate your eCommerce store with other tools 

You should integrate your eCommerce store with the warehouse management system WMS. 

It will help you: 

  • Automate the order updates and SHIPPING notifications to your customers. 
  • Automatic ordering of out-of-stock products. 
  • Managing inventory across multiple sales channels. 
  • Set inventory minimums 

Setting mandatory inventory minimums can save you from BACKORDERS. 

You can set a THRESHOLD. The product orders will automatically trigger from your suppliers below the threshold. 

That is where you are never out of STOCK. 

  • Test multiple picking systems

A distribution center can FULFILL your orders. 

You have to test the multiple-picking systems at your distribution centers. Your eCommerce business will be BETTER and more effective than before. 

Your fulfillment process will ensure a GOOD customer experience. 

Isn’t it something you would like to achieve? 

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FAQs about eCommerce Warehouse

1. Are warehouses in high demand? 

Yes. eCommerce warehousing is QUITE ESSENTIAL. It is because of worldwide access to sales channels and eCommerce platforms. So you can hire the BEST eCommerce warehousing services. 

2. What is a 3PL warehouse? 

3PL warehouse or third-party warehousing refers to the WAREHOUSES owned by the enterprises. Warehouse operations are PERFECT. They have their rules for managing inventory. 
These are private warehouses. 

3. How does shipping occur through a warehouse? 

A warehouse is a PLACE to store inventory. A shipping carrier will pick up the WAREHOUSE products. And deliver them to your customers. It is such a simple process. 

4. What does warehouse management involve?

eCommerce warehouse management systems involve the 
· RFID management 
· Robotic management
RFID management takes help from QR codes and labels to detect Inventory Levels. Robotic management involves the ROBOTS to manage inventory. 

What’s Next

Choosing the RIGHT eCommerce warehousing is a BIG PROBLEM. 

But there are some tips: 

  • Know whether they implement the new technology. 
  • How is the picking and packing system? 
  • Take a look at the INSIGHTS.

Have you got the right one, then? 

Maybe not. Am I right? 

No problem. We can help you out with the PROBLEM. Leeline Sourcing has multiple warehouse locations around the GLOBE. YOU can store your inventory at our warehouses for FREE. 

Call us to get the FREE QUOTE. 

Do you want a successful import business?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  LeelineSourcing. We’ve helped 2000+ customers import from China.

Do you want a better price on product or shipping?

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