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China Sourcing Agent Fees

Lowest China Sourcing Agent Fee

Lowest Price

All product price we quote is supplier’s price, which can be EXW(Ex Works) price , FOB or CIF terms(terms depend on you).

Free Service

Our sourcing service is free.If you like our service and the price we offer , then you place order.

As Your Staff

We only charge reasonable percent of product amount as service charge, and we will follow up producing  and shipping. We can work as your own sourcing department in China.

China Sourcing Services Prices

No upfront fee is charged when we start the sourcing service, we only charge when you are satisfied everything with us from sourcing, quotation, order following to shipping. We are committed to source high quality products with a best possible cost via a complete transparent process; NO HIDEEN FEE will be charged.

By Paying the fees show as below, we help you coordinate between suppliers and you from product sourcing, factory audits, order follow-ups, quality inspections and shipping support to make bringing product from China to you easier.

Order Amount

Service Charge

Payment Term

Less than $1,000



100% payment when place order.









30% deposit and balance against before deliver.





$20,001 upwards


Tips:If your order is big enough and amount is far higher than $50,000,service charge and payment terms are negotiable.


Total amount less than $6000 we only accept 100% T/T payment when order is placed.
For over $6000 order we accept 30% T/T as deposit and balance paid before loading.


Bank Name: Citibank
Account Number: 77722190221042496
ABA Routing Number: 031100209
Account Name:Leeline Innovation Technology Co. Ltd
Bank Address:111 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005, USA


Account Name: Leeline Sourcing Technology Co., Ltd.
Account Number:346030100100377209023196
Account Bank:Industrial Bank Co.,Ltd,Chongqing branch
Bank Add:No.1,Honghuang road, Jiangbei District,Chongqing city, China
Swift Code:FJIBCNBA580

Tips:Above are our company accounts.We will not offer you other bank informations for transfer.If you are informed our bank informations are changed,please double check it by phone to avoid being cheated.

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