Made In PRC: Understanding Labels & Sourcing Strategies

We’ve all come across the made-in-PRC label that usually leaves us SCRATCHING our heads. I mean, which country is PRC? Ah, if that is a question on your mind, worry not. You are in the RIGHT PLACE!

As a seasoned professional in INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, you can rely on LeelineSourcing for answers. This, plus the research that I have conducted on made in PRC means that you know how the label AFFECTS your business. You will be able to position your brand accordingly.

We will introduce you to made in PRC, the legality of the label, Why manufacturers use them, and how to access these products. We also dispel common misconceptions about made in PRC and Chinese goods. So grab your pen, and let’s get to it!

Made In PRC

Understanding The “Made In PRC” Country Of Origin Marking

Understanding The “Made In PRC” Country Of Origin Marking

Almost all goods sold internationally come with a COUNTRY OF ORIGIN marking. This label shows where the product was made and is legally MANDATED in most countries.

So, made in PRC means the goods come from the People’s Republic of China, which is the country’s OFFICIAL NAME. Chinese brands with the marking began popping up in various markets around the world in 2013.

Common variations include made in PROC or made in the People’s Republic of China. So DON’T let that confuse you!

Why are country of origin markings important?

The country of origin label plays a significant role in the following:

1. Consumer awareness: The label guides most consumers In making more INFORMED purchase decisions. This typically includes clear information on where the product was made.

2. Trade regulations: The country of origin marking helps regulators enforce INTERNATIONAL TRADE RULES.

3. Protecting local industries: The label helps drum up SUPPORT for domestic industries. Governments encourage local consumers to buy domestic goods.

4. Ensuring safety and quality: Products made from specific regions are associated with quality. Country of origin markings can be a telltale sign of quality.

Expert tip: Proper branding and marketing strategy can help OVERCOME negative perceptions of Chinese products. In recent times, we’ve seen an acceptance of Chinese brands in Europe and across the Western World.

Leo Wan, Senior eCommerce Product Manager

5. Accountability and transparency: The country label points the way to the manufacturer. That promotes more accountability along the supply chain. No one gets away with POOR QUALITY.

What Does “Made In PRC” Mean?

As noted earlier, made in PRC is a short form for made in the People’s Republic of China. And this label is used to avoid DIRECT CONNECTION with the country discreetly.

Why would Chinese manufacturers do this?

Chinese produces products from many high-end brands. But a lot of people still associate them with inferior quality. Most people DO NOT immediately recognize made in PRC as a Chinese label. That gives the products a chance in the global market.

Therefore, PRC products are crucial in the FAIR market evaluation of goods based on merit. Many Chinese manufacturers are increasingly opting for this PRC label approach.

Made in China vs Made in PRC Comparison
 Made in PRC ❎Made in China ✅
Label explanationMeans made in the People’s Republic of China. Gives a discrete way to mark goods of Chinese originExplicitly shows China as the country of origin without any abbreviation.
Consumer perceptionCould easily hide the origin of the goods, allowing fair evaluation based on qualityDirectly links product products to China. Comes with potential negative connotations as well as positive associations.
Legal complianceLegal for domestic Chinese manufacturers. But Illegal for international business because it has not clearly named ChinaLegally viable in most countries because it clearly indicates the country of origin.
RecommendationIt is not recommended for goods shipped internationally, especially to the USA.Recommended because it is legally compliant and does not cause customs issues

Is Made In PRC Legal And Allowed?

Is Made In PRC Legal and Allowed?

As a manufacturer, you can put the made-in PRC label because it is ALLOWED in China. However, if you intend to export your products in the international market DON’T use the PRC label.

For example:

  • The United States holds that the country name must be stated clearly on the country of origin.
  • US Customs and Border Protection DON’T ACCEPT any product labeled PRC.
  • The European Union and other countries have specific guidelines for using made-in PRC. 

Therefore, do your RESEARCH to ensure the country you are exporting to allows this label. If unsure, just use the made-in-China marking.

Why Do Manufacturers Use Made In PRC Instead Of Made In China?

Why Do Manufacturers Use Made In PRC Instead Of Made In China?

1. Fair market competitiveness 

It is no secret that people globally associate Chinese products with INFERIOR quality. Even recognizable brands have to fight this anti-Chinese bias. As stated earlier, using made-in PRC is a CLEVER way to let consumers judge the product based on quality.

2. To increase sales 

Chinese factories cannot ship a product without the country of origin label. So they have to result to this. The slight confusion creates AMPLE ROOM for companies with quality to excel.

This has been the case in countries such as India. Many Chinese manufacturers have switched to made in PRC products. That has resulted in a bump in SALES for the imported products.

Expert tip: The change appears tiny but makes a world of DIFFERENCE for businesses. Customers only check if the product has a made in China label. Many local consumers DO NOT avoid the made in PRC label and end up buying the products. – an electrical appliance store owner.

Doris Liang, Seller Development & Management Director at Alibaba Group

Leeline Sourcing knows how to buy from China and can guide you through the process. Alternatively, you let them handle your China SOURCING to get you the goods you want.

How To Buy “Made In PRC” Products?

Buying made in PRC products is relatively STRAIGHTFORWARD. You just need to buy directly from China. Here’s how to go about it:

Evaluate the size of your order, then:

a. If you have a SMALL ORDER, Use a China shipping agent. This will connect you with the tier-one manufacturing plant and oversee your production.

b. If you have a considerable order size, Contact the Chinese assembly plants DIRECTLY. I would recommend you go with tier-two manufacturers. These have about 250 to 800 workers

c. If you’re dealing with BULK ORDERS, work with tier-three manufacturing plants. At this level, businesses will be aggressively bidding for you.

a. The cheaper the particular product, the better it is for your business. You need to weigh the QUALITY of your products in the negotiations.

b. All Chinese Manufacturing Companies deliver similar quality. Do in-depth RESEARCH to get top-quality manufacturers.

c. Businesses should focus on PRICE NEGOTIATION. Long-term relationships win over short-term price cuts.

d. Communicating with Chinese sellers is hard. It’s very easy with the right tools and China Export Agent.

e. Importing is confusing. No, it’s not With the RIGHT PROFESSIONALS. 

Guarantee product safety and ISO compliance with regular inspections prior to shipping. Our team at Leeline Sourcing handles quality inspections on your behalf. We ensure you avoid incorrect labeling, wrong components, and unsuitable materials. 

Expert tip: The Chinese government has created an environment conducive to China’s INFRASTRUCTURE EXPANSION. That has attracted research and development from brands such as Tesla and Apple. And it has centered cutting-edge technology and manufacturing in the country. That results in high-quality Technology infrastructure that you can utilize for YOUR BRAND.

Brenda Jiang, Experienced China Supply Sourcing Agent

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

How To Choose Great Quality Products With Made In China Labels?

How To Choose Great Quality Products With Made In China Labels?

Wondering how to get cheap products from China, but you also want quality ones? Psst! Lean in, my friend. Here is how:

Step 1: Get a legit supplier

Here’s where you begin your hunt for the right China label manufacturer. Go through Chinese MARKETPLACES to filter out the right company based on your needs. 

Like any other marketplace, reading the REVIEWS tells you a great deal. From here, you can spot a fake from a mile away.

Not sure where to start? Here is a curated list of the Best 20 China Online Shopping Sites for Wholesale buyers. Leeline Sourcing can get your business up and running by handling product sourcing for you. We’ll liaise with the manufacturers to get you exactly what you need. 

Step 2: Stipulate your requirements

Understanding exactly what you need goes a LONG WAY toward getting quality products. Be clear about your design, color, fabric, logos, packaging, or other aspects of your product. Communicate this clearly to your manufacturer and ensure that they understand.

If in doubt, Leeline Sourcing can help you get a supplier and MANAGE communication on your behalf. As your REPRESENTATIVE, the company looks after your interest with great care. They have 24/7 customer service to make sure you get what you need.

Step 3: Request samples

Ask your manufacturer for a sample of your product. This helps you ASSESS the quality of the final product BEFORE mass production. If you’re not happy with any aspect, you can change it here. 

Also, check to see if the Chinese suppliers offer you any form of WARRANTY. Several Chinese manufacturers do!

Step 4: Avoid bargaining

I know you wanna SAVE on costs. But FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, stop lowballing Chinese suppliers and expecting premium quality. If you want the best China products to import, be willing to pay REASONABLE PRICES. Quality, even on Chinese products, comes at a price.

Leeline Sourcing offers you fair and transparent pricing to avoid any confusion. We work around the clock to bring the deals and products that meet your specifications. Our extensive supplier network allows us to give you unbeatable value for money.

Expert tip: Forging lasting relationships helps your business GROW in the long run. That is instead of excessive bargaining. You will likely get HIGH-QUALITY goods, branding, and shipping Services.

Shaban Ali, China Product Sourcing Agent

Development From “Made In China” To “Made In PRC”

Development From “Made In China” To “Made In PRC”

While this label change may appear small, it creates a big impact. Let’s check out some reasons behind this transition.

1. Using the Official Name

Many Chinese suppliers feel pride in using the official name of their country. But the full name, the People’s Republic of China, might look complex in everyday conversations.

Thus, they prefer to use the short form of the People’s republic of china, i.e., PRC.

2. Changing the Trademark

Some buyers have a misconception that all Chinese products are often of inferior quality.

So, changing the label to Made in PRC helps Chinese vendors sell their cheap products better.

3. Promotion

Some suppliers believe that it’s hard to promote most products with Made in China labels.

Buyers still consider Chinese made products to be of low quality. Thus, they prefer to use Made in PRC instead.

Suggested reading: China Export Agent

Misconceptions About Made In PRC And Chinese Goods

Misconceptions About Made In PRC And Chinese Goods

Unfortunately goods made in China have been plagued by untrue misconceptions. Here are a few of the common ones that even you might fall prey to:

1. Chinese Manufacturers Have No creativity 

Many people think that China ONLY makes copies of existing goods. This is simply not true. But to be fair, the country makes a number of replica goods. That’s due to the HIGH DEMAND for the products in the international market and the BUYERS who order them. 

Replicas are made with slight modifications and DO NOT infringe on copyright rules. However, in the recent decade, China has established itself as a leader in innovation.

2. China Only Makes Low-Quality Products

Made in China products have been typically associated with low quality. This is, however, a misconception perpetuated by BUYERS’ BEHAVIOR. Companies ordering from China would demand products with different qualities.

As a result, you would get goods with quality A, B, C, and D circulating the market at the SAME TIME. That means both high-quality products and low-quality goods of the same brand.

You can always guarantee quality with 100% inspection in China. Leeline Sourcing offers the best quality inspection services giving the quality you desire.

3. Made in PRC Products Are Easily Breakable

It’s easy to ASSUME that made-in-PRC means flimsy or easy-to-break product packaging. But that is just WRONG. With the right private label packaging, your products enjoy the most DEPENDABLE SOLUTIONS. That allows them to breeze through shipping and handling without breakage. Multiple sourcing companies can deliver your goods with proper packaging.


If you want guaranteed packaging quality, go with Leeline Sourcing. We are experts at providing premium packing for all products. Whether you want eco-friendly or chic, trendy ones, we’ve got you. Here is a list of our 10 types of packaging that makes safety easy for products.   

4. Chinese Companies Don’t Want To Work With Foreigners

Chinese Companies Don't Want To Work With Foreigners

Some people believe that Chinese manufacturers DO NOT work with foreigners. Surely, that is NOT TRUE, as there are a number of internationally known brands in China. Thousands of drop shipping businesses are also built in COLLABORATION with Chinese suppliers. 

This misconception comes from how Chinese people are very particular with their LANGUAGE. However, These people are very WELCOME to foreign business. They even give you easy access to factory audit reports and factory visits. 

Expert tip: Sometimes, smaller manufacturers only communicate in Chinese or Mandarin. So it is better to have a SOURCING AGENT to communicate on your behalf. Bigger manufacturers tend to communicate in English. Always have a factory visit checklist when going to check them out.

Sheng-Hsu Tan, Sourcing and Supply Chain Specialist

5. Only Cheap Products are Made in China

Another prevalent misconception is that China makes CHEAP PRODUCTS of inferior quality. Judging from the number of PREMIUM brands with manufacturing in the country, that is not true. 

They make everything from iPhones to Gucci bags. The country is attractive due to its COMPETITIVE PRICING based on economies of scale.

6. China is Full of Scammers

People automatically assume that Chinese suppliers will DISAPPEAR with their money. WITHOUT proper due diligence, you are just as likely to be scammed in Germany as you are in China.

The country is NOT full of scammers, and there are legit suppliers. You just need to know how to verify a Chinese company.

In case you need help, Leeline Sourcing Offers the best factory audit services in China. Their PROFESSIONALS ensure that you do not get scammed out of your hard-earned cash.

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Looking for the Best Chinese Products?

Leelinesourcing helps you find the Best Products Made in China with high quality at an attractive cost.

Made In Vietnam

Made In Vietnam

Suppliers from Vietnam typically export different products under the made in Vietnam label.

Different products manufactured and exported under the Made in Vietnam label include fruits, vegetables, leather products, and clothes.

However, the language barrier and lack of a skilled workforce are major setbacks.

If you plan to export goods from Vietnam, make sure you check our guide to source made in Vietnam goods.

Made In Taiwan, China

Made in Taiwan, China

Suppliers from Taiwan are also producing cheap products. They add a ‘Made in Taiwan‘ label on their products. Also, they are famous for developing new goods, especially tech products.

You will mostly find electronic equipment with a recognizable label made in Taiwan.

Besides, made in Taiwan label is pretty much noticeable on cutlery items, hand tools, clothes, spare parts, etc.

You can read our informative guide on sourcing made in Taiwan products.

Made In USA

Made in USA

We find the ‘Made in USA‘ label on items manufactured in America. This label shows that the product has been developed and manufactured in America.

The product must be fully made in America to qualify for this label. You can read our guide to learn more about Made in USA products.

Made In Germany

Made in Germany

It is a label that we find on most goods of European brands. This label indicates that an item has been fully produced in Germany.

After ‘made in the USA’ and ‘made in the UK,’ it is the most recognizable label for high quality goods.

We have already covered all information about Made in Germany goods in our post.

New Strategy: Made In China 2025


Many of you have heard about the ‘Made-in-China 2025’ strategy by now. It is a strategic program created in 2015 to upgrade the Chinese industry thoroughly.

1. Efficiency

The aim is to make the Chinese industry integrated and more efficient. This strategy will promote the technological manufacturers of China in the worldwide market.

2. Innovation-driven Production

The main principles of this strategy are to change the overall face of the manufacturing sector.

The suppliers will focus on innovation-driven manufacturing and accentuate quality over quantity.

3. Eco-friendly Policy

Besides, this strategy also includes green development. Made in p.r.c means the manufacturers will now include more environment-friendly products in their production lines.

In short, this strategy is sure to bring many positive developments in the manufacturing sector and global supply chain.  I have seen significant progress related to eco-friendly products in China. They are coming with new standard procedures and certifications.

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 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shipments from China.

People Also Ask About Made In PRC

1. Why Do Some China Manufacturers Shift from Made in China to Made in PRC?

Many buyers misunderstand the ‘made-in-China’ label with poor quality products.

Thus, the transition from Made in China to Made in PRC is part of a marketing strategy.

With this, Chinese companies can promote their Chinese products worldwide, boosting the global economy.

2. Are Made-in-PRC Goods Any Good?

Yes, made-in-PRC goods are often high-quality, long-lasting, and low-cost goods.

Most consumers, even though many local consumers equate Chinese-made products with inferior ones. However, our best advice would be to buy them from a genuine supplier.

If you already have a good relationship with Chinese sellers, you won’t find it difficult to get premium quality made-in-PRC products.

3. Can Made-in-PRC Bring More Sales Like Other Brands?

Some buyers tend to avoid buying China produced products. Thus, it brings a considerable loss in sales.

That’s why some manufacturers prefer to replace the label. Buyers yet don’t understand the meaning of PRC.

Thus, they usually buy products labeled made-in-PRC, thereby increasing sales.

However, Apple, Tesla, and Prada demonstrate that luxury brands have also found a market in China.

4. How to Choose the Right Product With the Made-in-PRC Label?

Make sure you cross-check the product specifications or visit the official factory.

You can compare these specifications with the China products of other Chinese brands that are using an ingenious trick to sidestep Indian hostility New ways to deal with the hate. .

Remember, the made-in-PRC tag is just a label. If you find a trustworthy company, you don’t have to think or worry about the quality product.

5. How to Ship Made-in-PRC Products?

You have ocean, air, and express shipping options. The made-in-PRC products belong to China suppliers.

Thus, you can consider all shipping methods that apply to made-in-China products.

Moreover, the shipping charges and documentation also remain the same.

6. Is It Safe to Buy Made in PRC Products? 

China produces products in many parts of the world. In China, virtually every high-quality products can be produced according to price. There is a perception that Chinese products produced are of poor quality due to low price expectations for imported products.

There are quality checks at every step. From the purchasing of raw materials to the final product being manufacturer, quality checks are done.

7. How Did Made in PRC China Become Famous Worldwide?

A data from United Nations Statistics showed that in 2019, China accounted for 28.7% of the world’s manufacturing output. It explains why China is higher than the United States compared to product output. This has become an advantage to China and made them famous worldwide. Foreign buyers outsourced their products due to several advantages, like Japanese market and other countries.

What’s Next

But now you are familiar with made in PRC, country of origin label. You know a bit about WHY this marking is important. You know what PRC stands for And how it compares to Made in China. 

Also, the LEGALITIES of exporting made in PRC goods to the US are a bit clear. Additionally, you know how to buy goods and how to choose the RIGHT QUALITY. Lastly, some common MISCONCEPTIONS made in PRC and Chinese goods are dispelled. It’s time to make those orders.

International trade can be a little confusing. At least Made in PRC is out of the way now. Our team of SEASONED EXPERTS has conducted extensive research to answer your questions relating to the same. So, if you have any questions regarding IMPORTING from China, hit up our WEBSITE for answers.

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