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With our many years of experience in the sourcing arena, our knowledge and skills are sound. We believe we can help you find the right supplier even for the rarest of goods.

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To save you the time and improve your business’s efficiency, we can source different items from various suppliers all at once. Our services include assembling and packaging of the products so that they are ready for re-sell.

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Once we have found your ideal supplier, we will communicate and oversee your product specifications for samples. When the samples have been produced, we will send them on to you. After confirming that you are totally satisfied with the sample, we will then confirm your product run with the suppler.   

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Once your order has been placed, we will oversee the duration of the manufacturing process for you. You can expect honest, real-time feedback and on-time delivery.

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Only once you are satisfied with what we have sourced and quoted, you can confirm your purchase. Our service fee will apply to your order amount. There are no up-front fees before your order production. We have a service guarantee that there will be no additional charges to your order.

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Product Sourcing Ulitmate Guide

Product sourcing is the crucial process of procuring products for business. Wholesalers, Retailers, import-export, e-commerce, and manufacturing business all require source quality products.

It is not as simple to say. It is more than just sourcing products for your wholesale business. Without having the right quality products at competitive rates, you cannot run a successful business.

You need to conduct market analysis, find a reputable manufacturer, and then place an order.Hence, Product sourcing demands planning and negotiation to get sufficient products at the right time, at the right price, and from the quality supplier. Sourcing a product for business is now a global endeavor.

Many businesses around the globe try to find high-value products from international markets. Being a wholesaler, if you can source products your own, then it is pretty good, but it seems unpractical most of the time.

Product Sourcing

You cannot do the whole process yourself. Therefore, businesses get the services of sourcing companies. These companies handle a considerable part of your business relating to procuring products.

Only you need to have a good sourcing company then according to their area of specialization.In this write-up, we will try to uncover the basics of product sourcing.

We will also discuss how sourcing companies can help your wholesale business to pursue quality products. Further, the discussion will include what to consider while choosing a sourcing agent.


What is Product Sourcing?

Simply putting, Product Sourcing is a process to find products for your business that you can sell. It is not about where the source is either international or domestic. It is all about making products available for your business all the time.

If you are a new one in business, then keep in mind that your business must be in the running before sourcing for products.

Otherwise, you cannot sell, and your products will be stuck with you. Some of the things you must have, before sourcing;

  • Registration of your business
  • All business documentation
  • You must define your niche business and market accordingly, etc.


What Is A Product Sourcing Process?

Sourcing a product is not just searching the cheapest supplier on Alibaba or at any other forum and signing an agreement. Almost every business person knows this already. Many of them do not recognize that the sourcing process starts even before searching for a supplier.

Here are some of the influencing steps you must consider in this context;

  • Try to find the exact practices that can lead to successful sourcing.
  • Try to know about all the pieces of the supply chain that fit together for a quality product.
  • Figure out how sourcing agent can benefit you to the maximum extent
  • Enlist the merits and demerits of sourcing from both domestically and internationally.
  • Now to search the supplier from domestic or international markets.
  • Having decided the supplier, then carefully analyze every subprocess from finding a supplier to the shipping of the products.
  • Now you will be in a position to use each step in making smart management decisions.

Product Sourcing Process

Types Of Product Sourcing:

You can source your products in many ways. You can apply one source or more at a time. It is up to your requirements, and you are to decide. Well! Mostly e-commerce wholesalers use a combination of the three methods which are as follow:

1.   DIY Products Or Services:

Have you cut your own hair, sew your own clothes, and manage your personal investment? If yes, then it is the simplest example of DIY products or services. DIY means “Do It Yourself.”

If explained, DIY means you do a task or make goods yourself instead of buying from a store or an artisan.

The most significant advantage of DIY is that you have no or fewer competitors. On the other hand, you must consider some factors like time management and scalability.

DIY Products

2.   Working With A Manufacturer Or Wholesaler:

This option is the best for the wholesalers who do not want to assemble or manufacture their products themselves.  You can scale your business. Speaking differently, it allows you to add more products to your brand.

Working with a manufacturer or wholesaler allows you to manage your time and do business on a higher level. On the other hand, you are supposed to make bulk investments.

3.   Hiring A Drop Shipper:

It is a hands-off sourcing method. It allows the wholesalers to list goods to sell from a supplier and pay for these when these are sold. You need not handle the products at all. You can start an online store and access a variety of products.

The issue with this method is; you have more competition because several wholesalers are selling those products. Further, you will enjoy a lower profit margin.

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Dropshipping Agent

What Does A Product Sourcing Agent Do?

Sourcing Agents are professionals who help and make the sourcing process of an institution or a company. They are the experts in the sourcing process.

They have a healthy relationship with the manufacturers or suppliers and can negotiate on cost. They also help to develop agreements and eventually help a business grow and become more profitable.

In a sourcing company, they play a third-party role, advise and consult their company, and recommends to upper-level staff members. They can perform duties in various industries and work settings.

A sourcing agent is a specialist in;

  • He has vast experience in providing strategic sourcing services.
  • He has a strong knowledge of Goods Manufacturing practices.
  • He has comprehensive knowledge of Access and SQL Technologies.
  • He is familiar with the sourcing and procurement procedures.


How Do You Do Product Sourcing?

The sourcing process is a way to get ideal products for a particular category of expenditure. Most of the time, this process does not give the expected results in terms of poor-quality products, loss of enormous saving opportunities, or less favorable terms.

When selecting a supplier, the wholesaler keeps in mind its target market or customers. Target customers are actually at the back end while a supplier is sourcing a product. They can influence this process in the following ways;

1.   Specification Development:

Being a wholesaler, you need to know your target customer’s requirements. It will help you to develop the specifications of the products.

2.   Market Assessment:

Once you are clear with the specifications of the products, you can scan the market efficiently. You can formally invite the manufacturers and suppliers for their quotations.

3.   Negotiation:

Once you assessed the offers and quotations of the suppliers, you can select the most promising suppliers for further negotiation. While negotiating, you should focus on clarifying the terms and conditions of the quality, price, and payment methods, etc.

4.   Contract Discussion:

Through negotiation, you reach to the contract discussion. In this phase, you discuss a formal contract with the manufacturer or supplier to source your products.


Where Can I Find Wholesale Products To Sell Online?

If you want to sell your products online for your wholesale business, then there are various forums. These forums provide interaction between buyers and sellers dealing in bulk purchases and sales.

Some of them are trusted and recognized worldwide and are discussed as follows.

1.   Alibaba Group Holding Limited: www.Alibaba.Com

Alibaba Group Holding Limited, recognized as Alibaba, is a Chinese company that is specialized in e-commerce. It was founded in 1999 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

This company provides Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Consumer to Consumer (C2C) sales services through web portals.

It also offers services such as electronic payment services, cloud computing services, and shopping search engines. It helps a diverse array of business-related to various sectors around the globe. It is considered in the most admired companies by Fortune.

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Alibaba Group

2.   Salehoo

SaleHoo is an online directory and community of wholesalers for online traders, traditional wholesalers, and eBay sellers. On this forum, you can find numerous manufacturers, wholesalers, drop shippers for any product you want.

This forum is only for dealing in the wholesale market. It is innovative, and with its usage, you can grow your business exponentially. Furthermore, you can search for more than 1.6 million products from more than 8000 suppliers.

3.   Wholesaleforum

You can find more than 125000 registered members on this forum with almost 500 online active users at a time. It is amongst the most prominent forums for wholesalers available online. This forum deals with nearly every kind of product. You can visit the website to get an idea about how big the forum is.

Their emphasis is on the security of the sellers and buyers. E-sources, largest sourcing company, is used for the verification. You can further find a trend analysis of the products and can discuss it with the suppliers.

Resultantly, if you want to wholesale your product securely, then you must consider this forum.

4.   Cellpex

If you are doing a wholesale business in electronic devices and cell phones, then Cellpex is the best option. But you should know that it is an only wholesale platform for these products. It has more than 100,000 members.

The layout of this website is very good, and you can search out any device of your choice. It is a niche type wholesale platform and is the best choice for electronic and smartphone merchants.

How Can You Find a Manufacturer to Make Your Product?

Finding a manufacturer for your product is very crucial. To find a supplier, you need to figure out your requirements first of all. You can do it, keeping in mind your target customers. After that, you should scan the best market (domestic or international).

There are so many manufacturers of every product. Opting for one of them is very challenging. The Internet is the ideal place to find them. You can use various directories, online websites, portals, and search engines.

Keep listing all those manufacturers who can fit with your requirements. Then contact each and get quotations. Choose the most appropriate manufacturer according to your product quality, required services, and cost requirements.

What Is Amazon Sourcing?

In online business, Amazon is a leading forum where you can buy or sell every product online. There are millions of firms present with their products. It is the world’s largest e-commerce forum.

While we are talking about sourcing, then Amazon cannot be ignored. In previous forums, I did not discuss Amazon. The reason was we were discussing the wholesaler’s forum, and Amazon is a retailer forum. You cannot purchase from Amazon in bulk.

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How Do You Source Products To Sell On Amazon?

There are a number of ways to source products. Some ways take a lot of time, effort, and cost to source the products than others. You should consider all these aspects while choosing among them.

As a wholesaler, you should consider the overall cost (buying to shipping), time spent, cleaning, packing, coordinating logistics when sourcing to selling on Amazon.

Start from looking for a product that sells very well on Amazon. You can find these hot products by using various tools like Jungle Scout, Inventory lab, Amazon Scanner app, Amazon FBA Calculator, and Prime Seller.

Once you found the good and hot products on Amazon, you can find the best way to source from the following options

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What To Sell On Amazon

How Do I Start A Sourcing Business?

Products sourcing is a business in which you consult your clients about what and from where to buy. It may look straightforward for small procurements, but things may differ on a higher level.

Although it is a profitable business, you are supposed to make some strategic moves. Here we, will discuss some of those and try to learn how we can start a sourcing business and further how to upgrade to the next level.

·        The Market Research:

It is evident that you are clear about the field you want to start in, but it is of immense importance to know the field statistics. This will help you to understand the underlying industry dynamics, and eventually, you can easily opt for product lines.

You can also explore the target businesses that can buy your sourcing services at this stage. Here, do not forget the proverb “If I am given 8 hours to cut a tree, I will spend 7 hours to sharpen it”. You must carefully spend considerable time on this stage.

·        Identify a Profitable Niche:

In market research, you end up with a list of potential products, buyers, and competitors. However, experts recommend focusing on the smallest possible niche to start. Once it works, you can add more categories to your business.

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·        Meeting Legal Requirements:

It is the first practical step in any business. You must consider all the legal formalities to start a sourcing business specific to your geographical position. It gives you legitimacy and gives your buyers a reason to trust you.

·        Do have an Onboard Team of Leaders:

Even you are a master in any business, you need a team to grow. If you have started a business successfully, you need a unified team to reach the next level. A team has an excellent purchasing experience that can help you the most.

Further, you have to develop secure industry connections. In last, when you grow with time, you can add more niches and categories into your sourcing business. Try to expand!

·        Paying Close Attention to Technology:

In the current era, you cannot deny the importance of technology. At least you must have purchasing and procurement management software to handle your sourcing business. It will help you in many ways and streamline your essential workings of the team.


Why Do You Need A Product Sourcing Agent?

It is a fundamental question in sourcing that why we need a sourcing agent. What a sourcing agent does is the answer.

Sourcing agents are professionals having a bunch of experience. You need a sourcing agent for your wholesale business for a number of reasons.

You need sourcing agent too.

  • Assess the market.
  • Find an ideal product for you.
  • Find an ideal manufacturer or supplier.
  • Negotiate with the manufacturer or supplier.
  • Inspect your products at the workplace.
  • To complete legal formalities.
  • Ship your products to your required place or forum.

Above are some necessary facilities that a sourcing company provides you with. However, this is not the end. Sourcing companies offer you many other facilities according to their terms and conditions.


How Do I Find A Good Product, Sourcing Agent?

We have discussed in detail why we need a sourcing agent and what services a sourcing agent can provide with. Here comes an essential question of how to find the right sourcing agent for your products. You can evaluate your sourcing agent on the following grounds.

  • Experience: The more experienced sourcing agents can provide quality services. The sourcing agents having good experience also do have a healthy relationship in the market. They also have legitimacy and can negotiate with the supplier on your behalf.
  • Knowledge: With experience, we can not ignore the knowledge of sourcing agents about a particular product. A sourcing agent can be more knowledgeable and experienced in another similar niche, than to our products.
  • Location: with time, sourcing agents expand themselves to many parts of the world. Therefore, try to opt that sourcing agent with whom you feel comfortable, and they are present in the location of your strategic position.
  • Background: It is another essential aspect to consider. You can check the background and views of the customer about specific sourcing agents by using social media like Facebook and Linkedin, etc.

How Much Does A Product Sourcing Agent Cost?

Although you cannot search how much a sourcing agent costs but you can consider some factors to guess it. I could not find any sourcing agent who has placed their rates on their website or any other forum yet.

It depends upon the services you want to get from your sourcing agent. For instance, if you want your sourcing agent to find only products and suppliers, then the cost will be minimum.

And if you further require that your products should be inspected, then the price will rise and so on.

Directly speaking, with every facility you want, they will charge it.


Top 10 Product Sourcing Agent:

1.  LeelineSourcing

Leelinesourcing is a leading sourcing agent in China who delivers various services to its customers. They can entertain all small to big orders.

They find the best supplier for your specified products at competitive rates. We will discuss LeelineSourcing and its services in detail later in this article.


2.  Cnsourcelink

China Source Link is known as a global supply chain services provider. They specialized in positioning to US organizations that want to outsource manufacturing to China. They develop (design, prototyping, conceptualization, tooling.

They manufacture and manage the supply chain for existing or new products on your behalf. In manufacturing, they cover procurement, quality, fabrication, assembly, and control.

On the other hand, they offer three main services in the supply chain. These are contracting manufacturing, quality inspection, and freight forwarding.

3.  Sourcify 

If you need a streamline supply chain, then Sourcify is the solution. You can organize and manage your whole production process using this single platform. Hence, you can keep your team efficient and aligned.

They specialize in matching your product with the ideal overseas factories. They try you to make margins of profit by helping to build better products. So that their customers can grow, they work in four phases.

In the first phase, you tell them the requirement, and they offer the quotations. After deciding manufacture, they provide samples of the product.

In the second phase, you approve the products. In third, they monitor the whole production. In the fourth phase, they receive your products.


4.  Jingsourcing

Jing Sourcing helps their customer find a manufacturer on competitive prices with follow-ups, quality assurance, and delivery of the products to your doorstep. They offer four types of service plans. These are Free, Pro, Basic, and Extra Services.

In Free Service, you can start sourcing products. Then opt the Pro Services, and Jing Sourcing will handle all things from manufacturing to shipping.

If you have a supplier and need quality inspection and shipping, you can choose the Basic Plan. If you want photography, full inspection, packing design, then you can opt Extra Services.

Jing Sourcing has 40000+ Facebook followers, 2000+ happy clients, and 40000+ blog subscribes.

5. SourcingBro 

Sourcing Bro is located in Shenzhen, China, and it is a leading Chinese Sourcing Agent. It is present in the heart of global trade and hence, offers high-volume products to clients in the world.

They have a big network of manufacturers and suppliers and can outsource a variety of products. They deal with every kind of product from handmade to electronics products with a guarantee of quality control.

Sourcing Bro can act in two ways: Chinese Supplier and Trade Consultant. Both options are available with outstanding sourcing facilities.

6.  BlingSourcing

Being an expert purchasing agent in China, Bling Sourcing offers one-stop sourcing services. We work as being a seamless part of your business in China and help you to source the ideal products at competitive prices with being ripped-off.

You have the chance to focus on other essential aspects of your business. Meanwhile, Bling Sourcing takes the responsibility of sourcing. They can offer high-quality products at lower prices and can even help you to create your own brand.

They are the solution to the full purchasing process in China having reliable team members. These team members have the ability to face complex supply chains in China.


7. KeenSourcing 

Keen Sourcing offer services to small business, and Amazon sellers to procure goods from China and have a respectful existence in the line. They guarantee product sourcing at the lowest cost with regulatory compliance.

Their sourcing services include price negotiation, factory audit, supplier verification, lab testing, production monitoring, order follow-up, quality inspection, quality control, and logistics support.

Additionally, they provide comprehensive services for Amazon sellers. They are well experienced in sourcing, having broad familiarity with Chinese culture.

8. Baysourceglobal

They offer themselves a single point in sourcing and provide services from design creation to finished goods. The primary differentiation of Bay Sourcing is quality, timing, and cost.

They carefully review every new project and focus on the material specification with crucial emphasis on the lowest possible cost.

During production Bay Sourcing ensures all agreed specifications being present on site. They let you know the progress report through photos and videos.

They pursue their goal to be the most valuable business development resource by employing honesty, integrity, and transparency into their business and culture.

9. NicheSources

Niche Sources provides its customers with full services from sourcing to product shipment to Amazon FBA Warehouse. If you want to procure goods from China to Amazon, then you must consider this option as a sourcing agent.

They provide you with a free quotation of your specified products from different manufacturers and suppliers, as the case may be.

They deal with a variety of products. Niche Sources provides all packaging services if you are interested in customizing your private label.

Niche Sources look after the complete process of production and then inspect from time to time to ensure the quality. Their freight forwarding services also arrange shipping from China to the Amazon FBA warehouse.


10. Js-Sourcing

JS Sourcing helps their client in growing their business to the next levels. Having a decade-plus experience in sourcing, they are the well-established part of the China Sourcing industry. They streamline your purchasing process by identifying and eradicating disruptions.

You can contract JS Sourcing to accurately identify and scan Chinese suppliers on your behalf and get complete sourcing services. They offer a balanced mix of Eastern-western mindset with transparency on both parts (You and supplier).


How Leelinesourcing Help You Source Product From China:

Having decade-plus experience in the sourcing arena, LeelineSourcing has relevant knowledge and skills. They can help you to find the ideal supplier for your wholesale business. They can discover even rarest products from China.

In addition to sourcing everything in China, they also offer following services;

 Source Product From China


In this article, we had tried to uncover all the aspects related to product sourcing.

We started from the importance and got through the complete product sourcing process.

Further, we discussed the sourcing companies and how these can benefit your wholesale business.

Hence if you are finding answers to product sourcing related questions for your wholesale business, then you will find this article very valuable.

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