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If You Do Not Have Suppliers Yet

Leeline Sourcing Experts can be a TOP CHOICE to put extra expenditure in a nutshell.

Not only Sourcing. Not only Warehousing. End-to-end product management and shipping, including QUALITY INSPECTION, FACTORY AUDITS, and PRICE NEGOTIATIONS.

You are OUT OF FEAR with our proven services!

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If You Already Have Suppliers

We can still Help. Receive the ITEMS from your suppliers, apply ISO standards and package your item in a MORE PROFESSIONAL and CUSTOMIZED WAY.

You will expand your BUSINESS and increase your EXPOSURE with custom products PACKAGING and FAST SHIPPING from our warehouses.

Additional quality sourcing services

Photography & Graphic Design

We take HIGH-QUALITY images of your products, use PHOTOSHOP, and make them more SUITABLE for product listings. So, MORE customers will visit your product listings and, in turn, BETTER chances for CONVERSION—More DEALS and HIGHER REVENUES!

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Private Label & Packaging

Private Label & Packaging Solutions

Our private label packing team is READY to FASTEN the CUSTOM LABELS with CUSTOM PACKAGING. With private-label products, use UPLEVEL for your business status and increase business exposure. SKYROCKETING of sales is 100% FACT.


We are a one-stop shop. Get the product management, packaging, and shipping services SIMULTANEOUSLY. Relieve your mental stresses and save you TIME—no tension for anything.


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Ready to Grow Your eCommerce Business?

Small Business

Whether sourcing goods, inspecting suppliers, examining the production, or handling order fulfillment, Leeline Sourcing is ALL YOU NEED to grow your eCommerce business.

Medium to Large Business

Leeline Sourcing is your ULTIMATE solution to building extensive product lines and a flawless supply chain. You have peace of mind as we efficiently store, process, pick, pack, and ship your goods.  

Product Development

We have years of experience in assisting businesses to kickstart their business ideas. Our sourcing professionals guide you STEP-BY-STEP in thorough product development.

Benefits of Choosing Leeline Sourcing

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We offer No MOQ( minimum order quantity). You can drop ship even a SINGLE ITEM—no more worries about the minimum purchase.


Various Margins Products

Our professionals are ADEPT at choosing products with HIGHER profit margins. 20%, 30%, or even 50% profit margins will boost your revenues and make your business model MORE PROFITABLE.

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Quality Assurance

We have a PROFESSIONAL QUALITY INSPECTION TEAM ready to SCRUTINIZE products and make them compatible with ISO standards. By selling QUALITY goods, you get 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and turn temporary clients into permanent ones.


Competitive Price

We provide access to COMPETITIVE PRICES. You can get HIGHER PROFIT MARGINS and invest in the RIGHT PLACE to increase your business.

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Reliable Suppliers

Our suppliers undergo a STANDARD for qualifications. Our expert wetted suppliers provide QUALITY INVENTORY. You gain more sales and build trust among consumers.

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Excellent Sourcing Experts

Our SOURCING TEAM is more than a mere EXPERT with a decade of experience. You get the FAST SOURCING TIME with GUARANTEED QUALITY. SAVE time, RUN your store, and MAKE profits with us.

4 Steps To Start Product Sourcing

Step1 : Submit Your Requirements

CONTACT US. You can email us or submit your requirements through our website.

Our CUSTOMER team will respond to your request and assign the agent to you.

Step2 : Get a Quote

Depending on your project, your agent will send the QUOTE within 48 hours.

Before confirming the order, we also do a favor— send the PRODUCT SAMPLES to the customers. You can ensure what you are getting, and it qualifies your STANDARDS.

Step3 : Confirm Order

Wait. Go through the PRODUCT SAMPLE thoroughly.

It’s time for the BULK ORDER.

We will follow up and ensure HIGH-QUALITY end products. Our factories will carry out the manufacturing processes.

Step4 :  Product Management and Fulfillment

You can store your items in our WAREHOUSE until we ship orders. EFFECTIVE product management and FAST SHIPPING puts us among the top services in the WORLD.

High levels of safety are guaranteed in our warehouses.

Strategy of Product Sourcing

The Best Chinese Products Sourcing Agent You Can Choose!

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2000+ Clients Trust LeelineSourcing

I sourced all kinds of stuff for my company for about 1 year with Leelin. They have really good service, their team is polite and trustworthy. I definitely recommend you to work with them.


I worked with Leelin for 2-3 years to build my brand. They check each item and does my customs clearance get into Amazon warehouse. I love their service, it saves me a lot of time. If you are also developing your business in China, they will help you do it smoothly. 


Working with Leelin is really positive, they are honest and reliable. I recommend their services to anyone who has a business that needs to ship products from china or needs to inspect items. 


Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Product Sourcing Ulitmate Guide

Product sourcing is the primary stage in the importation business.

Many businesses try to find high-value products from international markets. Retailers, import-export, e-commerce, and manufacturing businesses need to source profitable products.

But, it is more than just product sourcing for your e-commerce business. Without having the right quality products at competitive rates, you cannot run a successful business.

Thus, we will try to cover the basics of the product sourcing process.

We will also discuss how sourcing companies can help your Shopify store pursue quality products by allocating a dedicated sourcing agent.

product sourcing

What is Product Sourcing?

Simply put, Product Sourcing is a straightforward process to find marketable inventory for your business that you can sell.

Product sourcing is the process is not about where the source is either international or domestic. It is all about making products available for your business all the time.

If you are a new business, keep in mind that your business must be running before sourcing for products.

Otherwise, you cannot sell, and the products might stay unsold in the storage for a long time. Some of the things you must have before product sourcing;

  • All business documentation
  • You must define your niche business and market accordingly, etc.
  • A well-established product sourcing method
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The Product Sourcing Process

products sourcing process

Sourcing a product is not just searching for the cheapest supplier on Alibaba or any other forum and signing an agreement.

Almost every business person knows this already. Many do not recognize that the sourcing process starts before searching for a supplier.

Here are some of the influencing steps you must consider in this context;

  • Try to find the exact practices that can lead to successful sourcing.
  • Try to know about all the pieces of the supply chain that fit together for a quality product.
  • Figure out how a sourcing agent can benefit you to the maximum extent
  • Enlist the merits and demerits of sourcing both domestically and internationally.
  • Now to search the multiple suppliers from domestic or international markets.
  • Having decided on the supplier, carefully analyze every subprocess from finding a supplier to shipping the products.
  • Now you will be able to use each step in making smart management decisions.

The right process can reduce your expenses while improving your efficiency, while the wrong one can lead to delays, unnecessary costs, and frustrations.

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Types Of Product Sourcing:

You can source your profitable products in many ways. You can apply one source or more at a time. It is up to your requirements, and you are to decide. Well!

Most e-commerce businesses use a combination of the three methods, which are as follow:

1.   DIY Products Or Services


Have you cut your hair, sewed your clothes, and managed your investment? If yes, it is the simplest example of DIY products or services. DIY means “Do It Yourself.”

If explained, DIY means you do a task or make goods yourself instead of buying from a store or an artisan.

The most significant advantage of DIY is that you have no or fewer competitors. On the other hand, you must consider some factors like time management and scalability.


  • You get to learn a new skill for your handmade products business.
  • I have sold many DIY products. It is a low-cost option for small retail businesses. I got MORE PROFITS with less investment.
  • Creating your own products can help you be creative to beat other smaller businesses offering the same products.
  • Handmade products have a huge demand in the business online with a good profit margin.


  • A wholesale supplier running e-commerce business often deals in bulk quantities. Thus, it is not suitable for wholesale suppliers. 
  • You may need to conduct market research and product research, which is time-consuming.

2.   Working With A Manufacturer 

manufacturing company

This option is the best for sellers who do not want to assemble or manufacture their products themselves. 

You can scale your business. Speaking differently, it allows you to add more products to your own brand. Working with a manufacturer allows you to manage your time and do business on a higher level.

On the other hand, you are supposed to make bulk investments.

How Can You Find a Manufacturer to Make Your Product?

Finding reliable suppliers for your own products are very crucial. To find a supplier, you need to figure out your requirements, keeping in mind your target market.

You can follow the below methods to find potential suppliers.

  • Find Potential Supplier on Online Marketplace

You can browse different online marketplaces to find potential manufacturers. Alibaba, AliExpress, DHgate, and Global Sources are some of the existing marketplaces.

Research different suppliers with a request for proposal (RFP) document to get their input. Analyze the responses, read reviews, and order samples for an in-person inspection.

Here you can find the best-selling product at a reasonable price.

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  • Attend Trade Shows

Attending trade shows is another method to find reputable suppliers. Trade shows let you discuss many factors with the manufacturer in person.

You can talk about the selection of raw materials, costs involved, quality control, shipping challenges, etc. So it’s always a nice place to mingle in search of new private label products, manufacturers without an online presence or product ideas, new to your target market.

In short, an in-person meeting helps manufacturers understand exactly what specifications you want. This way, you can have complete control over the production.

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3.   Hiring A Drop Shipper


It is a hands-off product sourcing method. It allows the wholesalers to list goods to sell from a reliable supplier and pay for these when they are sold.

You need not handle the products at all. You can start an online store and access a variety of products.

I am a dropshipper CURRENTLY running a PROFITABLE store. Everything counts on the supplier. I just make sales and TAKE my products. Very easy to do.

The issue with this method is; you have more competition because several wholesalers are selling those products. Further, you will enjoy a lower profit margin.

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We can MADE Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

4.   Working With A Wholesaler


Purchasing products from a wholesaler is a proven model to find trending products.

I have made deals with many WHOLESALERS. The good thing about them is their pricing. You can MAKE bigger profits by just margining your prices effectively.

You can find wholesale Chinese suppliers in trade shows and on eCommerce platforms. Many wholesalers often give great discounts, plus they also have trending products in stock.

Thus, independent retailers who have their retail stores in flea markets can purchase products at once.

In short, you can buy high-quality products from wholesalers at low prices. After that, you can sell products locally at good profit margins.

Where Can You Find Wholesale Products To Sell Online?

If you want to sell your products online for your wholesale business, then there are various forums. These forums provide interaction between buyers and sellers in bulk purchases and sales.

Some of them are trusted and recognized worldwide and are discussed as follows.

  • Alibaba.Com

Alibaba Group Holding Limited, recognized as Alibaba, is a Chinese company specialized in e-commerce.

This company provides Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Consumer to Consumer (C2C) sales services through web portals. It also offers services such as electronic payment services, cloud computing services, and shopping search engines.

It helps a diverse array of business-related to various sectors around the globe. It falls among the most admired companies by Fortune.

  • Salehoo

SaleHoo is an online directory of wholesalers for online retailers, dropship suppliers, and eBay sellers. On this forum, you can find numerous manufacturers, wholesalers, drop shippers for any product you want.

This forum is only for dealing in the wholesale market. So, with its usage, you can grow your business exponentially.

You can search for more than 1.6 million products from over 8000 suppliers.

  • Wholesaleforum

You can find more than 125000 registered members on this forum with almost 500 online active users at a time. This forum deals with nearly every kind of profitable product.

Their emphasis is on the security of online sellers, buyers, and their personal data.

E-sources, the largest sourcing company, is used for the verification. You can further find a trend analysis of the products and can discuss it with the suppliers.

  • Cellpex

If you are doing an online business in electronic devices and cell phones, then Cellpex is the best option. But you should know that it is a wholesale platform offers these products. 

The layout of this website is very good, and you can search out any device of your choice. It is a niche type wholesale platform and is the best choice for electronic and smartphone merchants.

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5. Hire a professional sourcing agent

sourcing agents

Sourcing Agents are professionals who can create a product sourcing strategy for you. They are the experts in sourcing products.

They also help a small business grow and become more profitable. They can perform duties in various industries and work settings.

What Does A Product Sourcing Agent Do?

A sourcing agent is a specialist in;

  • He has vast experience in providing strategic sourcing services.
  • He has a strong knowledge of Goods Manufacturing practices.
  • He has comprehensive knowledge of Access and SQL Technologies.
  • He is familiar with the sourcing and procurement procedures.
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How to Source Products For Your Business?

Products sourcing is a business in which you consult your clients about what and from where to buy. It may look straightforward for small procurements.

Although it is a profitable business, you are supposed to make some strategic moves.

1. The Market Research:

I always do the MARKET RESEARCH. It helps me find:

  • What product is trending?
  • How many sales can I generate?
  • Is the product suitable for my store or not?

All eCommerce retailers must do adequate research on the existing product. Check factors like the minimum order quantity, how much inventory upfront you need, online demand, etc.

Remember, every successful eCommerce business starts with good research. So, make sure you follow more than one product sourcing method to carry out an in-depth analysis.

2. Identify a Profitable Niche:

In market research, you end up with a list of potential products, buyers, and competitors.

When I am conducting a MARKET RESEARCH, I land the BEST NICHE with the competitive profit. It indicates how much REVENUE I can make by just selling the products.

Businesses work direct when they are looking for niche products, but it’s harder to manage. However, experts recommend focusing on the smallest possible niche to start. Once it works, you can add more categories to your online business.

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3. Keep your products meeting legal requirements:

You may also need to consider legal formalities before sourcing items. It includes tasks like ensuring product quality, paying customs duties, etc.

Handmade products sold at craft stores usually get discounts in taxes. But every product crossing the border needs to undergo verification and documentation processes.

Many times, sourcing companies handle this task on your behalf. Product sourcing companies often have a separate team to tackle legal processes.

4. Order a sample

Make sure you evaluate manufacturers based on their work ethics and other factors. One such aspect is ordering a product sample. Dropshipping supplier often give a product sample to assess quality.

Some wholesale manufacturers don’t provide this facility. But if they have high minimum order quantities, you should ask for the sample.

You don’t have to face this situation when working with product sourcing companies. They can ensure product quality by visiting factories.

My Tip: I choose 5-10 suppliers. Get SAMPLES from them to TEST the quality. And finally, make a TRADE if I am sure about the QUALITY.

5. Paying Close Attention to Technology:

In the current era, you cannot deny the importance of technology. At least you must have purchasing and procurement management software to handle your sourcing business.

It will help you in many ways and streamline your essential workings of the team.

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product sourcing

1. What Is a Product Sourcing Business?

Product sourcing is nothing but a process of sourcing products at reasonable prices for reselling. Once you find products to sell, you can contact a dropshipping supplier or wholesale manufacturer.

There are many product sourcing methods. You can get products from the supplier directly or a trading company.

You can also contact sourcing companies to streamline the successful product sourcing operation.
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2. Do I Need an Online Store to Source Products?

There is no need to own an online shop to start sourcing products. Of course, you may need products to sell online.

Even an individual having a local store can source products for local buyers.You can source products through different product sourcing methods.

However, one must meet the minimum order quantities to start sourcing items.

3. How Do I Approach a Supplier to Source Products?

You may need to create a decent product sourcing strategy to smoothen the process. Once you identify products to sell, start your hunt for business partners, i.e., suppliers.

Make sure you have product specifications ready. You can communicate specific needs to the supplier.

4. Do Suppliers Allow Product Customizations?

Yes, many Chinese manufacturers allow product customizations to meet your needs. But you may need to talk about it in the beginning. 

Do you own a particular brand? Are you sourcing products from other brands? A supplier might ask you these questions upon requesting product customizations.

Note that some dropshipping suppliers don’t allow product customizations. Or they do it at an extra charge.

5. Is Product Sourcing Easy?

Product sourcing may not be an easy task, especially for beginners. It is not as easy as estate sales that complete in a couple of steps.

You can contact sourcing companies to do it on your behalf. These companies can select the best product sourcing method for you.

They can also handle all legal formalities and shipping challenges.

6. How Do You Source Product Materials?

If you plan to sell your products, look for raw materials suppliers in your area (to reduce shipping delays). Browse online directories to locate nearby partners, then approach them directly. For some types of materials, online marketplaces can also suffice to purchase product materials in bulk with less hassle.

7. How Can You Find Suppliers Who Offer The Best Price?

Product sourcing app Like DSers, Printify has a free plan that you can use to find a supplier. Dropshipping sources: DSers, you can add products to your store and start marketing them. After you receive the order, the source will get a notification and they’ll ship the product for you.

Also, you can contact the agent. We simplify your product sourcing process by collating all the key details about a supplier and help you find the right products for the Amazon marketplace. You get supplier information to compare the prices of options that fit your business goals. Don’t discard individual makers in your community.

Having more than one supplier for a product ensures that not only is the retailer getting what they need, but consumers are as well. When Amazon FBA product sourcing, give your quality products the benefit of multiple sources.


product sourcing

In this article, we had tried to uncover all the aspects related to product sourcing. We started from the importance and got through the complete product sourcing process.

Further, we discussed the sourcing companies and how these can benefit your wholesale business. Consequently, the more money you invest upfront, the larger your profit margins will be — called ‘economy of scale.’

Hence if you are finding answers to product sourcing-related questions for your online business, you will find this article very valuable.

Want to connect suppliers?

Leeliensoucing helps you find best suppliers, inventory management, quality control, and fulfillment service with better prices. Even if you are global buyers, You will receive a quote within 48 hours. Instant access to our website and Contact us now!

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Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  LeelineSourcing. We’ve helped 2000+ customers import from China.

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