Banggood Dropshipping

Leeline Sourcing PUTS its efforts FORWARD to grab QUALITY products. Our inspectors know how to ATTAIN perfection in QUALITY control. We help you list Banggood products on your dropshipping STORE. 

Level up your Banggood DROPSHIPPING with our experts.

Banggood Dropshipping

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Is Banggood dropshipping profitable in 2023

Banggood dropshipping is a HIGHLY PROFITABLE business. You can keep a FAIR MARGIN of products. Run your STORE successfully. 
Buy QUALITY products. Design your STORE professionally and improve your SALES with the right strategy. You’ll make over 20-30% per product through the dropship program.

Banggood Dropshipping

Our Banggood Dropshipping Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Product Suppliers

We are very CAREFUL when it comes to choosing a supplier. Our team CONTACTS the supplier. Ensure the SUPPLIER is 100% authentic and procures QUALITY. 

We visit the FACTORY and check the PRODUCT samples. Location verification and COMPANY’s legitimate status give us an idea of the supplier. 

Talk only with the RELIABLE suppliers on our LIST for your Banggood dropshipping. 

Product Quality Control

LEELINE SOURCING has a SEPARATE team of inspectors. Only trained professionals VISIT the factory and Check quality control. We test the PRODUCT integrity in our LABs and confirm they are BEST fit. In the case of less QUALITATIVE products, we reject them. You get 100% QUALITY products. 

Generate more sales with our QUALITY control on your Banggood dropshipping store. 

Quality Inspection
branded dropshipping

Branded Dropshipping

Do you have a BRAND? 

If you have a BANGOOD dropshipping brand or are willing to start a BRAND, we help you. Our team is INTEGRATED AND knows how to procure QUALITY. We check Banggood products’ QUALITY. Customize labeling. And give your brand NEW recognition in the MARKETPLACE. 

Get STEEP UPRISING progress of your dropship business.

Private Label & White Label Products

Do you want to get an EXPOSURE to the HUGE AUDIENCE? 

Try the PRIVATE LABEL and WHITE LABEL products. We get the suppliers who provide private label inventory. Our team designs your BUSINESS logo. Attach labels to your PRODUCTS. And makes them ready for AMAZON FBA shipping if you are an AMAZON seller. 

Get FREE MARKETING with our private label inventory. 

Private Label & White Label
fulfillment center

Dropshipping Fulfillment

We have a LOGISTICS team ready to fulfill your ORDERS. Once you receive an ORDER, we will check it. Verify the PRODUCT quantity. Check the QUALITY. And remove the DEFECTIVE products to prevent any BAD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Tracking facilities further improve CUSTOMERS’ CONFIDENCE. 

Impress your CUSTOMERS with TIMELY shipments to their doorsteps. 

About us

Leeline Sourcing Gives Full Suite of Banggood Dropshipping

  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We know what your customers need. Our team brings up the ULTIMATE quality and improves the SHOPPING experience. 
  • One-Stop Solution. We manage stores—transport products. And fulfill bulk orders on TIME. In one place, you can get EVERYTHING without any hurdles in your Banggood dropshipping store. 
  • Ultimate Brand Recognition. If you want to launch a brand in the MARKETPLACE, it can be HARD. We know how to start a brand from SCRATCH. Our step-by-step strategy SECURES success in the FINAL steps. Smooth sales and higher MARGINS make more bucks. 
  • 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We offer CUSTOMER support whenever you need it. Our team is available 24/7 and READY to settle all your BUSINESS problems on time. 

Hear it from fellow Banggood Dropshipper

Leeline Sourcing is marvelous. Their service is excellent. Professional staff always finds the solution. I would love to work with them again. Thanks for your flawless services. 

– Mae, USA

Source Your Products and Start Dropshipping

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Banggood Dropshipping: The Right Way To Make Huge Bucks

“Hey, I FAILED! I am not ABLE to get any sales. It is HARD to start BANGGOOD dropshipping.” 

Have you HEARD these sorts of statements? 

All are TRUE TO SOME EXTENT. And it happens when you don’t have a STRATEGY or don’t know how to start dropshipping. 

Our EXPERTS at LEELINE SOURCING have helped dropshippers. We help you DROPSHIP top Banggood products. Earn 100% client satisfaction. And get an HONORABLE name in the eCommerce industry. 

The central QUESTION is, HOW TO START DROPSHIPPING successfully? 

Want to know a DETAILED answer? 

Let’s get STARTED with BANGGOOD dropshipping. 

Banggood dropshipping

What is Banggood? 

What is Banggood

BangGood is one of the eCommerce giants in CHINA. This marketplace was founded in 2006 and started working as a registered startup in 2009.

Since then, it has SERVED thousands of buyers. It has 37 GLOBAL warehouses and multiple local warehouses in CHINA. Shipping from MULTIPLE warehouses around the GLOBE makes the SHIPPING FASTER. 

Over 200,000 products are available on the LIST to purchase. Wholesale prices and QUALITY products are something you can expect from Banggood sellers. 

Dropshipping Banggood has emerged as a NEW selling opportunity. 

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How to Dropship on Banggood Successfully?

Dropship on Banggood Successfully

So you want to DROPSHIP, right? 

Banggood DROPSHIP program can suffice all your BUSINESS needs. But how to start dropshipping on the BANGGOOD website? 


Follow the STEPS. 

Step 1: Join BangGood 

First, you must have an ACCOUNT for browsing on Banggood. It is a simple process. 

  • Visit the Banggood website. 
  • Signup on the WEBSITE. 
  • Add necessary information.

For dropshipping, you MUST head over to the dropshipping page. Go to the BANGGOOD DROPSHIP center. Login to your account. And then, you find the RELEVANT products available to dropship. 


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Step 2: Choose a Product Niche 

Banggood products are POPULAR. But you have to research them properly. 

  • Find the winning products. 
  • Explore their demands. 
  • Check their SEO features. 
  • And decide whether the niche is SUITABLE for you or not. 

If everything is PERFECT from your business aspects, you can START. 

Usually, Banggood has 14 main CATEGORIES and many sub-categories. Find your BEST products accordingly. My product criteria are simple, I look for winning products with unique features that are not available elsewhere. So my shop is the only place where you find it so less competition. 

Step 3: Find Suppliers 

You must find the SUPPLIERS with the FOLLOWING FEATURES. 

  • Suppliers offer the BEST prices. 
  • Reliable suppliers ready to fulfill your ORDERS on time. 
  • Must offer SINGLE product fulfillment

Hundreds or even THOUSANDS of suppliers are available with such features. Explore Them. 

Step 4: Integrate Your Online Store

Where do you have an Online STORE? 

Shopify or any other platform is NO LONGER a big deal for selling through Banggood. 

  • Log in to your Banggood Dropship center. 
  • Connect your SHOPIFY or Woocommerce store. 

Once you have automated the sales CHANNELS, it becomes easier to synchronize products. You Directly upload and sell. 

Step 5: Sell and Fulfill

Got an ORDER? 

If your STORE is already synchronized with your SUPPLIERS, suppliers will ship. Moreover,  you can Let them know to FULFILL your orders on time. 

I use fixed automation settings while fulfilling orders for automation. Automation will save you TIME and money. 

Banggood Tools Breakdown

Banggood Tools Breakdown

1. Dropship Download Center 

The dropship center has the FOLLOWING features on the website. 

  • 200000+ Products
  • 14+ product categories
  • 800+ Brands
  • No membership fee
  • Personalized product recommendations 
  • Partnership Programs 
  • Selling report 
  • Banggood points

You DOWNLOAD images and the Banggood logo of the products on your DESKTOP. It increases the ease of getting the PRODUCTS in the search results. 

By downloading selling reports, you get an IDEA of the progress of your online store. 

2. eBay management center 

Do you have an eBay store? If that is the CASE, there is a piece of GOOD news for you. 

eBay management center on the Banggood can assist you. 

  • Visit the eBay management center on the BANGGOOD. 
  • Integrate your online store with the MANAGEMENT system. 
  • Synchronize the orders with the dropshipping store on eBay. 

You receive ORDERS on the eBay store and let Banggood ship them. Everything is AUTOMATIC without needing more effort. eBay Dropshipping is one of my thriving businesses with Banggood automation. 

3. API system 

API refers to the APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE. It is a TOOL that helps automate many things. 

For example, if you want to connect your SHOPIFY channel with Banggood, you need an API.

  • There is one specific API key for one account. 
  • An API key is ALWAYS unique and given in the numbers and alphabet. 
  • It helps connect stores and import products. 

With an API key, you get many advantages in your store. It automated my store and helps me to manage orders effectively. 

4. Import orders by CSV 

Have you heard about the CSV file? 

Maybe yes, if you have already worked at Amazon or Shopify. 

Banggood CSV files help import the products. Instead of uploading products one by one, you get the CSV files. These files have bulk items with their UNIQUE ID. It becomes easiest to dropship items on the marketplace. 

You can import orders through the CSV. 

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times on Banggood

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times on Banggood

BangGood ships the PRODUCTS to numerous countries. No matter where you sell, you can check the BANGGOOD warehouses and deliver locally. 

However, an ONLINE store in the respective country is IMPORTANT. 

Banggood offers HUNDREDS of shipping options with different costs and times. I prefer US warehouses for fast delivery but you get better pricing with Chinese warehouses. 

There are three significant OPTIONS for shipping through your dropshipping account. 

Shipping from China Warehouses 

From China warehouses, you get several SHIPPING options. 

These are: 

  • Airmail and Registered Airmail take up to 7-50 days for shipping in the specified areas. 
  • Priority Direct Mail takes 4-15 days. It depends on where your destination country is. 
  • European Direct Mail is for European countries. Time is 7-25 days. 

Banggood Shipping From EU, USA, and AU Warehouses 

Here are the following options. 

  • EU warehouses take 3-10 days for shipping in the UK and other countries. 
  • USA warehouses take 3-6 days in the US and up to 10 days in other American countries. 
  • AU warehouses take 5-8 days to transport locally in Australia. 

Banggood Shipping From French Warehouse

  • German Post Airmail takes 3-8 days for shipping. 
  • DPD Direct Mail takes 5-8 days for shipping. 

Cost depends on the WEIGHT, size, and location. 

Payment Methods on Banggood

Payment Methods on Banggood

Banggood DOES not restrict its business to one or two countries. Instead, it has several PAYMENT options for various countries. Payment CURRENCY varies depending on your COUNTRY. I keep the US dollar as a default currency because it gives better pricing ideas in every country. 

Some payment methods are QUITE popular. Popular methods include PAYPAL or credit cards. 

Here are different methods. 

  • Credit or Debit card payments
  • PayPal payments
  • Wire Transfer payments
  • QIWI payments
  • Cash on delivery (COD)
  • iDEAL payments
  • OXXO payments
  • Sofort payments
  • Netbanking payments
  • Dotpay payments
  • Giropay payments
  • Pagamento com Boleto na Banggood
  • Ebanking payments
  • BGpay payments
  • Parcelamento
  • India Credit or Debit card payments
  • UPI payments
  • Konbini
  • Multibanco
  • WebMoney payments
  • DOKU Wallet
  • ATM Indonesia payments
  • Alfamart payments
  • Dragonpay (e-banking and convenience stores)
  • Klarna payments
  • Pagamento com Cartão de Crédito Brasileiro

Pros and Cons of Banggood dropshipping

Pros and Cons of Banggood

Banggood dropshipping is an EXCELLENT opportunity. For whom, right? 

For EVERY SELLER. If you want the BEST price with QUALITY, Banggood product is an ULTIMATE solution. Here are the PROS and CONS regarding the dropshipping business on Banggood. 


Here are some advantages of DROPSHIPPING on the Banggood. 

  • Quality Products. A Banggood product procures QUALITY. You can IMPRESS your customers with the HIGH integrity of products. In turn, there will be MORE SALES and more business. 
  • Cheap Price. The price is lower. You get a DROPSHIP discount on a specific product. It increases your PROFIT margins. Price changes give more PROFITS to the drop shippers. My profit margins increased with Banggood.
  • Easy fulfillment. Once you receive an ORDER on your online store, leave everything on Banggood. Banggood will PICK items and import them to your customers.  It saved a lot of time of My clients with automated fulfillment to the customers. 


  • No CONTROL over product QUALITY. Many customers have complained about the LOW quality of products. It has damaged the reputation of a MARKETPLACE like BANGGOOD. 

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

What Other Services Does Banggood Offer? 

Services Does Banggood Offer

Banggood offers different types of services to dropshippers. 

  • Complete Shipping Services

When you receive an order, Banggood logistics are there. They PICK up the item for you. Send them to your CUSTOMERS. And help you track your ORDERS. 

 Shipping services improve your reputation. 

  • Automatic Integrations 

They have different tools to integrate your online STORE with Banggood. Their integration helped me to automate Shopify & eBay stores to save time and energy. 

You create an ONLINE store and integrate it for complete sales automation. 

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FAQs about Banggood Dropshipping

1. What products can I dropship on Banggood?

Banggood sells WORK in almost every category. For example: 
· Fitness 
· Electronics 
· Sports 
· Tools 
· Home appliance 
There are many other CATEGORIES of products to trade on Banggood.

2. How do I dropship from Banggood to Shopify?

Banggood API can work perfectly with your SHOPIFY store. 
· Link your store with Banggood. 
· Import products. 
· Sell them. 
It is such a SIMPLE way to sell. 

3. Banggood vs. AliExpress: What is better?

Banggood directly sells the products to the DROPSHIPPERS. It avoids the risks of sham dealing with suppliers. 
Aliexpress is SUITABLE for small orders where you have to discuss the price with sellers. 

4. Can I dropship Banggood to my eBay store?

If you have an ONLINE store, you can link it with the BANGGOOD API system. 
Synchronize all your sales and let the suppliers get SHIPPED your inventory on time. 

What’s Next

Have you got the BANGGOOD dropshipping program? 

It is VERY HARD. Do you know when? When: 

  • You are an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER. 
  • Try to DEFEAT the more significant sellers. 
  • SELL LOW-QUALITY products. 

Do you WANT A SOLUTION for all these PROBLEMS? 

ONLY ONE SOLUTION— LEELINE SOURCING. We have a DECADE of experience in procuring QUALITY Banggood products. Your sales get SKYROCKETED within days. 

Hit us a MESSAGE to get a FREE QUOTE.

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